20 Pregnant Women That Went Way Too Far With Their Hospital Bags

One can really tell a lot about a mom by taking a peek inside her hospital bag. It really reveals a lot about their personality. Some moms pack tons of games and entertainment sources - like iPads, playing cards, and even board games. Others focus on the thing which gives them the most relief. That might be tasty snacks, delicious desserts, or other amazing foods. Or it could be beauty items, like makeup or even rosewater spray. After taking a look on the web, we've seen women who have packed all kinds of different things in their hospital bags.

And we have to admit - some moms just go way too far when it comes to their hospital bags. When moms are bringing kettles, air conditioners, and even yoga balls into their hospital rooms, it's fair to assume that they're going a little further than most women. In fact, the majority of moms out there look back on their time at the hospital and realize that they seriously overpacked. A lot of moms out there don't even change out of their hospital gowns the entire time! They also might not have time to eat snacks or watch Netflix on their iPads. But still, maybe it pays to be over-prepared... At least that's what these 20 moms thought...


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20 She Brought Her Laptop 


Most people don't think about working when they're packing their hospital bag for giving birth. But this woman made sure that she brought her laptop. Why? Because she wanted to get some work done during her time at the hospital! This is some serious dedication, and we think that it's fair to say that this mom went a little too far when she packed her hospital bag. Here's what she had to say about it:

"Clothes didn't happen for me, I felt too miserable and was perfectly comfortable in the gown. I took my laptop because I'm crazy and worked during and after labor."

19 She Totally Overpacked


This mom knows that when you're packing a hospital bag, it's easy to go overboard. And yes, she's speaking from personal experience. When she gave birth, she just packed way too many things - mostly clothes. And she found out that she pretty much just stayed in her hospital gown the whole time, so that was pointless!

"To be honest you don't need much. I totally overpacked and it made going home ridiculously hard when it didn't have to be. I packed all kinds of clothes but just stayed in the hospital gown the whole time anyways. Maybe take a robe in case you get cold."

18 She Packed Tons Of Fruit And Never Ate It


When packing a hospital bag, most women tend to bring a few items of food. Hospital food might not always be the best, and moms never know if they're going to have the opportunity to snack when they want. These moms also want to snack on the food that they want, not the food that's given to them. But in the case of this mom, she packed a bunch of fruit and never even ate it!

"I packed fruit and barely cared to eat during the 4.5 days I was gone and I forgot about it so it was all gross when I got home and unpacked."

17 She Brought Way Too Many Clothes


One of the most common items moms bring in their hospital bags is clothing. Some moms bring only one or two changes of clothes, others go the whole nine yards. One mom who seriously went too far ended up bringing a total of three changes! While this might not seem like a whole lot - consider the fact that she actually didn't wear a single item... She instead just stayed in her hospital gown the whole time!

"I brought three changes of clothes. Seriously did not wear a single thing. Wore home the same outfit I wore there. And just wore either a hospital gown or my robe the whole stay."

16 She Brought Snacks And Didn't Eat Any Of Them


Tons of moms also load up on snacks when packing their hospital bag. But as one mom admits, that might not be the best idea. This mom found out that the hospital food was actually a lot better than she expected, and she didn't actually eat any of the snacks that she brought!

"I brought tons of other snacks beyond granola bars and Gatorade. We brought a LOT and didn’t eat any of it. The food at the hospital was decent and I didn’t have much of an appetite until the last day, anyway. Every list said 'BRING SNACKS' so maybe we just overdid it here!"

15 She Brought A Hairdryer, Mascara And Lip Gloss


Most moms accept that giving birth isn't exactly a glamorous affair. In fact, most moms don't even give a second thought to their appearance when giving birth. But one mom made sure that when she packed her hospital bag, she brought all of her beauty essentials, including a hairdryer and lip gloss!

"For my second baby I brought things for me like a hairdryer and makeup. It made me feel great to take care of myself after going through hell, plus when the professional photographer came I was happy I could put a little mascara and lip gloss on, etc."

14 She Brought A Swimsuit For Her Husband 


This is definitely one of the strangest additions we've ever seen to a hospital bag. This mom made sure to bring a swimsuit for her husband! Why? Apparently she packed it so that he could shower with her if he wanted. When we really think about it, this is actually pretty sweet.

"They gave us a good exhaustive list which included chapsticks, warm socks, sandals and bf/husband swimsuit (in case he wants to come to the shower with me)! A towel and soap, maternity pads, snacks and money to buy food after. Obviously, something loose and comfy for after! Boyfriend is taking care of entertainments (Netflix, games, etc.)!"

13 She Brought Men's Undergarments

What?! She brought mens underwear? Hold on. Let her explain. When she gives her reasons for this decision, it actually makes a lot of sense. When most women pack their hospital bags, they make sure to bring "granny panties." But one woman decided that if she wanted underwear with a lot of room, then mens underwear was the way to go. We can't really argue with her logic! Maybe more moms should do the same!

"I bought a pack of mens underwear instead. So much more comfortable than women's, and the extra [...] space is great for pads."

12 She Packed A Bluetooth Speaker 


A lot of moms also think about possible entertainment sources when they pack their hospital bags. Is this really necessary? It really depends on how long it takes. Some women are only in the hospital for a few hours, while others might end up staying there for several nights. For long stays, entertainment essentials such as Bluetooth speakers definitely make sense.

"Bring a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music, audio books, white noise. Some hospitals provide them, but our hospital kept having theirs stolen so we brought a speaker and used it nonstop. I was listening to my Spotify birth playlist all through labor. It helped to have something else to focus on."

11 Her Chocolate Fudge Melted In Her Bag 


Some women go overboard when it comes to snacks in their hospital bags. This one mom wanted to bring all kinds of chocolatey goodies - including fudge. But when she realized that the chocolate would probably melt in her bag, she changed her tune. Eventually, she came up with a much more practical solution.

"I wanted to put some dark chocolate in my bag but it's so hot that it might melt. Actually, it probably will melt. So, I stuck with fudge pudding and a spoon in a ziplock bag... And Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk cookies. A bag of Oreos. Cans of soy milk & Thai Tea (I can always find ice somewhere)."

10 She Brought Tons Of Gummy Bears 


Another treat that one mom packed in her hospital bag was gummy bears! Honestly, we can't really blame her for this one. Yes, this might be taking things a little too far, but honestly pregnant women deserve a few little treats here and there.

"Gummy bears! I thought they’d be easy to sneak during labor. Didn’t end of up eating them until after. My son had to be on oxygen and because of my epidural I couldn’t go see him yet. The gummy bears were a distraction. And I remember talking with the nurses about which colors went with which flavors. I craved them this pregnancy and I have a bag ready to go for kid #2 for sentimental reasons."

9 She Brought The Best Camera Possible 


One of the first things a lot of couples do when they've successfully delivered their little one is to take a few pictures. Most couples are fine with their camera phones. After all - cameras on smartphones are incredibly advanced these days. But one couple made sure that they brought the best camera possible in their hospital bag. Is this really going overboard? Maybe not. But how about just enjoying the moment, without worrying so much about taking a picture?

"A really good low light camera. Our first little guy was born during the night and the had the room dimly lit. No good pictures of him right when he was born. For the second baby, we came prepared."

8 She Brought So Much Stuff


You won't believe how much this mom managed to stuff into her pregnancy bag. She really went overboard. But looking at what she chose, these are all pretty logical choices... For the most part. But this woman even brought a second bag, complete with stuff for her husband! Now that's some serious luggage!

"PJ's, 2 x sets of comfy clothes, 1 x Nice-ish comfy outfit for visitors, 5 x pairs of undies, 3 x Nursing bras, 1 x Nursing singlet, Breast pads, [...] Mini Toiletries including Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, deodorant, Face Wipes, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Hair Brush, Hair Straightener, Slippers, Ear Buds, Maternity Pads, Moisturizer, Lip Balm, Headphones Hospital record, Camera, Charger, Compact version of my Makeup and a pack of mints... I also Have a second bag for bub."

7 She Brought Coconut Water


You can really tell a lot about a mom by what she puts into her hospital bag. And from the sounds of this one, we can definitely come to the conclusion that this mom is a bit of a health nut. She packed coconut water, after all! She also made sure to pack pure pineapple juice, as well as granola bars. Even when she was about to give birth, she was still very health-conscious. She might have gone a tad overboard, but hey, we've got to admire her dedication.

"Coconut water (super hydrating), Pure pineapple juice (anti-inflammatory properties), Granola bars/nuts for snacks, Tablet to watch Netflix in the middle of the night when you are up feeding."

6 She Brought A Kettle And An Air Conditioner 


This isn't even the whole hospital bag. What's listed here is JUST for the actual hospital room. Yes, they brought their own air conditioner... and their own kettle. And to top it all off, they even brought a yoga ball. How did they even get all of this stuff into the hospital room?

"We brought the following JUST for the room: An air conditioner (blower heater with hot/cold function also works!), facecloths, hand soap, toilet paper, electric kettle, cups, beverage of choice (tea, Nescafe, whatever), hot water bottle, towel/valence cover, food (can be arranged via visitors), filtered water, yoga/birthing ball if wanted."

5 She Brought Gifts For The Nurses 


This mom might have gone above and beyond what most women bring in their hospital bags, but we have to admire her for it. She wasn't thinking about things to bring for herself, but rather those who were helping her on her pregnancy journey.

"We brought something small for the nurses whether its a box of mandarin oranges that they can grab one from when they leave the room to go on break or a bag of candy etc. Your wife is totally allowed to be demanding and verbal, but I think it's the dad's job to be polite to the nurses (the ones that deserve it anyways) because the more they like you the better your experience will be. They are hardworking humans and if you treat them well they'll go above and beyond for you on the most memorable day of your life."

4 She Went Overboard With Snacks 


Here's another example of a mom who might have gone a little bit too far when it came to packing her hospital bag. She mostly focuses on bringing tons of snacks, but she also made sure to bring lots of entertainment as well. We're talking Netflix, blackjack, and much more.

"I brought LOTS of food. Crackers, juice, coffee energy drinks. Bring several changes of clothes. Also bring stuff to entertain you and your SO, like cards, iPad, etc. My wife and I went in to be induced at 12 AM on a Sunday and gave birth via c-section on Tuesday so we had to watch Netflix, play blackjack, etc."

3 She Even Brought Rosewater 


Here's another mom who likes to seriously pamper herself. We can tell that right away from looking at her hospital bag. After all, not many moms out there would think to bring rosewater spray! She also made sure to bring a seriously good camera, which tells us that this mom definitely thought long and hard before packing this hospital bag!

"The things I found super helpful that you usually don't see on a list: a spritz bottle filled with rosewater/toner water to spray on yourself during labor, a legit camera (don't forget it! cell phone photos aren't quite the same...I'm still bummed we forgot ours with my son), and hair ties!"

2 She Brought A Notepad To Remember Who To Thank


Here's another mom who really wanted to go the extra mile for the people who helped her give birth. This is a really awesome thing to see, and it's something that a lot of other moms probably don't even consider when they're packing their hospital bag. This mom brought something pretty simple - a notepad to write down people's names - those who had helped out during the pregnancy in a big way. This is definitely going the extra mile - in a really good way.

"Bring a notepad and write down the name of everyone who is present so you can write thank you notes/leave feedback."

1 They Brought Uno And Bananagrams 


One couple had the opportunity to experience just how boring a hospital room can be - back when they had a false alarm. So when they packed their hospital bag, they went a bit overboard when it came to packing sources of entertainment. They made sure to pack tons of games - including Uno and Bananagrams! Many moms out there can probably attest to just how helpful it can be to distract and entertain ourselves with something as simple as Uno.

"We had a false alarm earlier this week and got really bored while under observation, so we ended up making a ball out of an exam glove and playing volleyball. So I've packed Uno and Bananagrams."

Sources: Reddit.com

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