20 Pregnant Women Who Went Way Too Far With Their Demands

Pregnancy can do some crazy things to moms-to-be sometimes. While there are many biological reasons for this, it's still an unspoken rule that if a woman is pregnant, then she has a free pass when it comes to bizarre behaviour. The process of pregnancy is essentially a whopping nine months of relentless hormone releases, cravings, and, well... some equally kooky demands. Anything from food to paint colors is fair game, so we're digging up the down and dirty scoop on how far moms have really gone in order to soothe their raging emotions.

These stories aren't pretty and are each mildly hilarious in their own ways. At the time, we're sure that all of these new moms were thinking their behaviour was perfectly justifiable. Upon recalling these slightly off-the-wall moments after giving birth, however, most reactions were pretty embarrassing on second thought. Many may even still be discussed in hushed tones if talked about at all.

Just as Law And Order opens with a brief introduction about the crimes the squad deals with, we're starting this off with the same dun-dun as we take a stroll through the hectic mind of a pregnant mom-to-be. "In the mom system, hormone-based offenses are considered especially humorous..."

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20 This Mom-To-Be Demanded An Audience... Of Her Husband's Entire Chain Of Command


When it comes to having a baby, it's usually expected that the partner of mom is nearby and ready to shower her with support. In a military family, this is sometimes challenging when a partner is called away on duty.

For one woman, this was simply not a good excuse for her husband to miss witnessing the birth of their child. It was so inexcusable, in fact, that she went as far as demanding that each one of her hubby's superiors -- who were responsible for his absence -- be in the room while she gave birth.

In the face of adversity, she feared no man or country, and lo and behold her demands worked... Because really, who could say no to a woman in labour?

19 It Has To Be A Salad From McDonald's- At 2 AM


We all have our cravings but the term takes on an entirely different meaning when a woman is pregnant. Craving anything goes far beyond the normal 11 PM ice cream run and it instead becomes something more akin to an obsession.

For one mom-to-be, the ice cream in question was actually salads. She tells of how they were her constant craving for nine months and she'd even go as far as refusing a Big Mac for a salad when eating at McDonald's.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the chain stops making salads at a certain point in the day. In a totally appropriate response to her denial of a 2 AM craving satisfaction, she ended up in tears at the drive-thru.

18 Cravings Are Normal...But Requesting Dryer Lint Is A Bit Much


We've heard of strange cravings and unusual combinations, but we're pretty sure that craving something entirely inedible goes far beyond normal pregnancy issues.

Some moms do end up with stranger cravings than others, though, such as this one... who happened to be all about her dryer lint. While she claims she didn't actually eat it, she did admit that one or two nibbles may have been enough to soothe her unnatural cravings.

Obviously, dryer lint is packed with harmful chemicals and shouldn't ever be eaten, especially while pregnant. The point is to empty it into the garbage, not into your stomach.

17 But Craving Hand Soap Is Even Stranger


While it is strange, it's not the first time that someone has craved the sudsy, chemically basic mixture. We're not sure what it is about soap that would draw someone to eat it, but one woman claims that she had an affinity for bar soap, in particular.

While this is also not safe to eat because it can be extremely harmful to your organs, it's not unusual to experience a strange craving such as this. Pregnancy does many things but that doesn't mean we need to act on all of our impulses.

We're pretty sure a bite or two was enough for this mom-to-be to realize that eating soap would be reminiscent of poor childhood behaviour, rather than a gourmet meal.

16 Pregnant And Lonely? The Cure Is Buying A Pet Fish

via SheKnows

Strange cravings aside, some women get hit with overwhelming feelings of sadness during their pregnancy. It's common to feel lonely, especially for those who have taken a leave of absence from work and are prone to spending some hours by themselves during the day or at night.

In order to soothe this loneliness, one woman had a bit of an unusual demand. Rather than requesting a cat, dog, or some other type of cute, furry pet, she requested a Beta fish. That's right... her newly appointed friend was destined to be a form of aquatic life. It didn't last very long, however, as her fish was found belly-up, resulting in a round of waterworks.

15 This Mom Forbade Her Hubby From Drinking Her Mountain Dew


Some women demand that their partners remain in the delivery room with them while others demand to be left alone... It's all part of the process.

One woman, however, made her choice based on something that could only be hormone-related. Her online recount begins with explaining that she was a fiend for Mountain Dew throughout her pregnancy, something that also caused her to turn on the person may need the most during labour -- her husband.

When she caught him drinking her mountain dew supply, she kicked him out of the room in a defiant act of rage. Silly hubby, don't you know not to mess with a pregnant woman's soda?

14 The Risk Of Tanning Products Made This Mom Demand Answers


Obsessions come and go when a woman is pregnant and there's no shortage to stories circling the interwebs about them. One mom, who was set up for her babymoon, became hooked on the effects of self-tanner on an unborn baby.

While many of us know that a product such as this likely has no effect on a child growing in the womb, this mom became determined to know the facts. She took the internet by storm and posed the question literally everywhere she could before eventually realizing that there's little to no harm in the process... All that effort for a bit of a sun-kissed glow.

13 This Husband Should've Held It In A Bit Longer


We couldn't help but chuckle a bit at this mom, who clearly had it in for her husband's natural bodily processes. It's no secret that certain smells can set off a pregnant mom's nose and, apparently, gas was this woman's particular trigger.

Although she told her husband to hold in his urge, it seems that he either didn't listen or didn't take her seriously (which was a major mistake on his part). The result was a good 'ol blow-up, complete with the fury that only a mom-to-be can produce. We can imagine that he either imploded from holding in all future methane or simply had his colon removed to prevent future animosity.

12 The Demand For Home-Grown Fruits Is Strong With This one

via twitter

Okay okay, we're all well aware of the fact that craving fruit is definitely not unusual during pregnancy. Heck, craving any type of food isn't unusual during pregnancy.

What is unusual, however, is requesting that your hubby not only go out of his way to find a banana tree but that he go out of his way to actually plant it. In the backyard.

We're not sure, but this woman may actually be our new hero. In response to a wicked banana craving, she decided she was fed up with grocery store trips and that, instead, they'd just need to grow their own bananas. She updated her story post-birth to say that they are, in fact, enjoying homegrown bananas weekly.

11 This Mama Wouldn't Let Her Hubby In The Kitchen


The need for independence while pregnant is one that many can relate to, especially since it can sometimes feel restrictive. A mom-to-be may have taken this need just a tad too far when her husband offered to make her mac 'n cheese one night.

The craving for the cheesy, gooey and delicious carb-city meal is well-known to many a mom. But most of the time, they don't mind other people making it for them. This new mom decided that her husband was crossing the line just a bit too much and raged on him for even offering. We get it, though... The wrong ratio of butter to milk can totally screw up the creamy factor.

10 This Husband Should've Cleaned Things Up Better


Yet another strange hormonal response, albeit one that we somewhat agree with.

No one enjoys cleaning up after another person and that feeling only seems to be amplified when it comes to laziness. This is something that one man found out the hard way when his pregnant partner completely lost it on him after what was intended to be a kind gesture.

The need for ice cream was strong and he delivered, but he lost points when it came to ensuring all trash made it to the garbage... Rather than get up to toss an empty ice cream container, he left it on the bedside table. You can imagine the rest.

9 Just Paint The Nursery Or Deal With The Preggo Wrath


One woman had an absolute conniption over the fact that her child's nursery was still left unpainted toward the latter end of nine months.

It's totally understandable that most of us would be ticked off by something like this (despite the fact that, you know, our partners have jobs and are not always available to paint an entire room right away). However, the difference between the average person and a pregnant woman is hormones, and these certainly took over in this story.

Along with a colourless nursery, this hubby had to deal with the aftermath of waterworks and scorn that were to follow.

8 No One Likes Going To The DMV... Especially Pregnant


Public outbursts are the worst and definitely tough to look back on when acknowledging that they did, indeed, happen.

This mom-to-be in question simply couldn't control her 'tude when it came to a trip to the DMV. The teller informed her that the ID photo on her license needed to be retaken and, to make things worse, it was something she did not anticipate. Her husband's photo was fine and that only seemed to amplify this new mom's rage, and all of those emotions need to go somewhere, right?

A whirlwind of fury was let loose in the DMV that day and we're not sure they ever recovered. After all, she was in maternity clothes with no makeup and messy hair... Give the girl a break!

7 Invalid Coupons Will Only Lead To Tears At The Check-Out

via Twitter

This story was only made sadder by the fact that the mom-to-be in question admitted that she is a Christian woman, which is completely the opposite of what she portrayed. Not only did she have one coupon that was rendered invalid at the checkout, but she had two that both the cashier and store manager said were null and void.

The reasoning behind why is vague, but let's just say that the screaming match resulted in this mom explaining the difference between a pineapple and a blueberry. We can only assume that the coupon was expired, lest the entire store staff was oblivious on how to tell a fruit from a berry.

6 Demanding All Green Stoplights Is A Bit Much

via Pinterest

Sometimes, the emotions are just too hard for us to handle and we feel the need to give into them. If you're pregnant, then chances are you give into these emotions multiple times a day.

Road rage and everything that comes with it is far more intense and, as one pregnant mama found out, it doesn't even need to involve another person... just repeated red stoplights.

When she neared the end of her patience, one woman says that she actually broke down and had a crying fit at the last and final red light she came to, all but begging it to be green. Mildly embarrassing, but totally understandable.

5 This Mom Should've Made A Reservation


Many moms will realize that being pregnant allows them to have guts they didn't even know existed. Not only do many women gain the power the cut in front of a line of 20 to use the restroom, but some even do the same while waiting in a restaurant line, too... such as this mom.

Her story starts out seemingly normal until she admits that, upon hearing the wait time of 55 minutes, something in her just broke. The resulting action was a storming march to the kitchen of the establishment and demanding a table immediately. We can't speak for the line wrapped outside the door, but we can imagine they weren't too happy.

4 No Milk For Acid Reflux Means A Hysterical Mom At 30,000 Feet


Acid reflux can make you feel as though your esophagus is burning from the inside out. While pregnant, this feeling can be even more intense and potentially lead to some desperate measures to get rid of it.

One mom had a simple demand while on a red-eye flight that simply couldn't be met: Milk. Apparently, there was no dairy on her flight and that's when it all hit the fan. Tears, tantrum, and anger all reared its ugly head as an innocent flight attendant had to be the bearer of bad dairy news. While the demand is not unusual, it's definitely out of place while 30,000 feet in the air.

3 All She Needed Was A Bit Of Room In Bed... Not A Pillow Fight

via Video Blocks

If there's anything we can all agree on -- pregnant or not -- it's that men have a wicked habit of hogging the bed. Whether it's a genetic design flaw or just a selfish habit remains to be seen, but it's definitely something that's cause for a riot when dealing with a hormonal woman.

The mom-to-be responsible for a messy, not exactly PG-rated pillow fight tells of a small request to her husband: simply scoot over. When he refused, she went full-on Spartan and went at him with her pillow. We're pretty sure that he never crossed the line of no return again.

2 Never Block A Pregnant Woman's View At A Football Game


The idea of angering a hot-headed fan at a football game is one that many of us are not keen on, but angering a pregnant woman at a football game is apparently worse.

When faced with a taller crowd in front of us, many times we either find a new angle or swap seats with a taller person in our row. This mom-to-be decided to go straight to the source, requesting that the people in front of her squat or sit the entire time so that she could see over them.

When they refused, a fit that was described as rivalling a Super bowl loss commenced, embarrassing both her and the innocent party in front of her.

1 Of Course, Demanding All Husbands Be Mind-Readers Is Totally Reasonable


You can't help but feel sorry for this poor mom who only tried to do a nice thing. In a bizarre twist, this pregnant mama heated up dinner for her hubby, put it on the table complete with a glass of water, and assumed he'd know it was his. In the microwave sat her dinner, which had slightly more food.

Upon returning downstairs, she says that she witnessed her husband eating the food from the microwave, unaware that the plate on the table was hers. The rest, as we say, was emotional, tear-filled history as she could do nothing but sob at the fact that her husband had not gained ESP that night.

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