20 #PregnantMomHacks To Survive The Third Trimester

Pregnancy is hard, can we get an amen? No part of it is easy. Each trimester has its challenges. The first trimester is full of morning sickness, fatigue and intense headaches. The second trimester is a little better when moms start feeling the little one move around. Nothing can prepare a woman for the third trimester. It is the worst!

The third trimester is when that little baby is rapidly growing, so that means that mom is also growing. This brings a whole bunch of side effects that are anything but pleasant. There is the heartburn, the night sweats, and mom can forget about sleeping at night. It seems like this baby will never come out and mom is just longing for some relief.

The good news is that women have been surviving pregnancy for years and years, and along the way we have figured out how to solve a lot of our third trimester problems. Where there is a will there is a way, and we want to share all these tips and hacks with all the moms out there who are nearing the end and are just ready for it all to be done.

We know how desperate all moms are in the third trimester, so we want to try and make things as easy as possible for all the ladies out there. Nothing is every guaranteed to work, but it may make each day a little more bearable. We have found 20 hacks to help mom survive the third trimester!

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20 Heartburn: Slow Down


Heartburn is one of those things that always manages to creep up on pregnant women. Sometimes it is completely unavoidable as it is caused by pregnancy hormones and your growing abdomen. Both of these factors are agents in assisting that stomach acid from rising up into your throat. If one has never experienced heartburn before, she may feel like she is having a heart attack. There are countless over-the-counter medications that are safe to take; Tums is a pretty popular one, but there are also other little tips mom can try first.

Heartburn tends to happen at set times and is triggered by different actions. A lot of women notice that they tend to get a lot of heartburn when they are eating or immediately upon finishing. This is most likely because they are eating too quickly! That’s right, the first hack is super easy.

All mama has to do is slow down when she is eating and take smaller bites. It takes our bodies a little bit longer to digest food when we are expecting, so don’t rush it.

This tip will also help if you find yourself throwing up after meals due to eating too much and too quickly.

19 Heartburn: Stand Tall

A lot of people say that the best thing to do after dinner every night is to take a short walk. I am sure they meant it for the sake of burning off all the calories that you just ate, but it is also helpful when it comes to battling heartburn and indigestion. Immediately after you eat, it may seem tempting to lay down on the couch for a bit, especially if it was a big meal. However, this is a mistake and this will likely lead to a raging bout of heartburn.

You want to stay upright for at least half an hour after you finish a meal. It would be a good idea to take a short little walk at this time. The reason staying upright is important when we are trying to battle and prevent heartburn is all about gravity.

We need to make gravity work for us and by staying upright, we can help the acid stay down, where it needs to be. It may not always work, but it should definitely help. If you add this with eating slowly with smaller bites than chances are you can make it through a meal without feeling your chest and throat is on fire.

18 Heartburn: Flat Is Bad

While we are on the topic of gravity and how we can make it work for all the women out there in their third trimester, it is important to never sleep flat. Heartburn tends to creep up just as a woman is trying to snuggle in and get ready for bed. One of the reasons heartburn creeps up is because the pregnancy hormones cause everything in the body to slow down. This means that the muscles that keep that stomach acid down are not working as they normally do so it allows it all to come creeping up.

When you are laying flat, it is much easier for the acid to make its way up into the throat causing the burning feeling. This is where we need to rely on gravity again.

If a woman is constantly suffering from heartburn at night she needs to prop herself up for sleep.

It doesn’t need to be in an upright sitting position, just enough to allow the acid to stay down. Even just one more pillow under your head will work. If this does not work for you, try sleeping in an armchair. This will not only help ease the heartburn, but a lot of woman find it more comfortable in the later stages of pregnancy.

17 Did You Know Milk Helps?

All the hacks that we have been talking about have involved physical activity as well as certain positions. The reason medications such as Tums work so well for heartburn is because of the ingredients in them. Tums and other similar over-the-counter medications include an ingredient called calcium carbonate. This means they are an antacid that also works as a calcium supplement. If this is your way to go, then make sure you don’t take more than the recommended dosage labelled on the back of the package.

If we are paying attention, we may have noticed that the main ingredient in these medications for heartburn is calcium. What else has calcium? Milk!

Milk is something that a lot of people have in their fridge and it is a quick, easy and cheap hack to get rid of that heartburn. Pair a large glass of milk with your dinner or drink a glass when you feel heartburn creeping up.

It is also a perfect hack for the mom who finds herself out of Tums or other antacids and needs a quick fix until she can get to the store. There is no easier hack than a nice glass of milk.

16 Still Throwing Up? There’s A Hack For That!


Morning sickness is an evil creature. It is poorly named, because it does not always happen in the morning, it really should be called all-day-sickness. It is another myth that by the end of the first trimester that the morning sickness goes away, that is not always true. Some women continue to be sick for their entire pregnancy. When a woman enters her third trimester, there are a few reasons why she is still throwing up. Maybe she ate too fast and too much, or maybe she over-exerted herself, these are both valid reasons as to why a woman may continue to throw up.

So, what can we do about this?

The best thing to do throughout your whole pregnancy is to eat smaller, more frequent meals. It is better to snack throughout the day instead of having the standard three meals a day.

The same rule goes with liquid, small amounts and try not to pair it directly with the food. If you are still experiencing food aversions and smell aversions, it is best to steer clear of them until that baby is born. Another great hack that a lot of women will appreciate is that it helps to eat some salty potato chips before the meal, it will help keep your stomach settled.

15 Too Tired To Function?

Pregnancy likes to play awful tricks on us. We go from being extremely tired in the first trimester as our body goes through so many changes and as so much is going on developmentally while creating this new little life. Then the second trimester comes, and you get this rapid burst of energy and you feel happy, glowing and like this pregnancy thing isn’t too bad after all. Just when you are getting used to the way you are feeling; the third trimester hits and you are sucked back into a world of fatigue. This is due to the sheer exhaustion of growing a human. It is hard to carry that little one around all day.

Many say that the sleep deprivation you encounter in your third trimester is nature's way of getting you and your body ready for the lack of sleep you will receive when your little baby is here.

There is a hack and a way of getting through this period, and it is quite simple: rest! Allow yourself the time to rest and give your mind and body a break.

This doesn’t always mean sleep as we know this can be difficult if you are a working woman or a mother of small children already. Sometimes just laying down is enough to get you through.

14 Gotta Go? Limit The Intake …

There is very little in this world that is more annoying than having to go to the bathroom every five minutes. What makes this even more annoying is when it happens throughout the night and when it causes a woman in her third trimester to constantly be getting up as if that is not difficult enough. How can we possibly stop this? Well, there are a few things we can try, but this nut may be hard to crack before a lot of it depends on how the baby is laying.

Hydration is important when a woman is pregnant, especially if she is pregnant in the summer months. You do want to put some form of limit on your fluid intake.

Drink all the liquid you want during the day, but once evening and night start to roll in you want to cut down.

This will mean you will still be going all the time during the day, but it will at least give you some relief at night. You also want to make sure caffeine is not one of your go-to drinks if you can. Caffeine is harder to hold in and it can make you run to the bathroom even more.

13 But Don’t Hold It In!

We are going to stay on the topic of frequent urination for a little bit longer because we know just how hard it is and how uncomfortable it can be. Imagine this scenario, you finally get up and make your way to the bathroom. You do your business and make your way all the way back to where you were sitting. As soon as you sit down, the inevitable happens, you have to go right back to the bathroom. We all have those days in the third trimester, and they are annoying.

It will be very tempting to just sit there and hold it all in, to refuse to get up and go to the bathroom one more time. As annoying as it is, it is important to never hold in your #1. Of course, there are situations where you may have to wait a few minutes, but if you can go it is always best to go.

You want to make sure that you do not get a UTI or other infections that are caused by holding in your #1.

It also could mean that you did not fully empty your bladder, so this stream is a continuation of the one you thought you just finished and we will help prevent that later.

12 Lean Forward!

A lot of women in their third trimester find themselves running to the bathroom multiple times in just 10-minutes. This does not mean that they are digesting liquids a lot quicker and they need to go again, it normally means that they did not fully empty their bladder the first time. There are many reasons why this could be, they are inpatient and don’t wait for their bladder to empty or there is unexpected pressure that interrupts the flow.

The trick to making sure your bladder is completely empty is quite simple, lean forward.

When you are sitting on the toilet and you think you are done, lean forward and that should release some pressure and allow you to fully empty your bladder.

It is always a good idea when you are in your third trimester to carry an extra set of bottoms with you. Even with all the hacks out there, there may still be problems with controlling your urine and every woman is one sneeze away from having a little accident. It is nothing to feel shame or embarrassed about, it is normal and just another testament to that beautiful growing baby inside of you.

11 Backed Up Problems

It may seem ironic, but women normally have no problem going number 1, but number 2 seems to be a problem. A lot of women experiencing pregnancy experience constipation throughout their whole pregnancy, and even worse in their third trimester. The main reason constipation happens is due to how our body works when we are growing a baby. Food moves a lot slower through our body, which is good; it means that our body is taking its time to absorb all the nutrients and good stuff. On the flip side, it means that it is harder to relieve yourself.

The most basic thing you can do is to involve more fibre in your diet. Some good options are fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Some fibre substitutes are acceptable, but make sure you speak with your doctor before taking anything medically.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, as this will help loosen everything and get it flowing. You also want to make sure you go to the bathroom when you feel the urge, try not to hold it in if you don’t have too. This will make you feel even more backed up and will make it harder to get out.

10 One Leg Up Will Help The Back

A sore back is almost inevitable when you are pregnant. In the third trimester it has become an accepted side effect and something that women just think they have to deal with; just suck it up and get on with your day. It makes sense that we would think that, in the third trimester your baby is growing rapidly in this last stage, and when you are pregnant it is like carrying around a duffel bag full of bricks for the entire day. You can’t just put it down and give yourself a break.

The baby is all on the front, which means that you are putting a lot of strain on your back. It is constantly having to make up for all the weight in the front and that is bound to lead to back pain. Another problem is that a lot of pregnant woman are working still and working jobs where they have to stand up for an extended period of time, which can be hard.

What can help is to prop up one leg on a step stool or box. This has been proven to take some of the stress and pain off your back. It is a good hack for any mom who are cashiers or similar professions.

9 There Is A Right Way To Stand Up!

There are a lot we do in life that we don’t even think about, we just do it. We wake up and we just breathe, we think, and we get out of bed without even thinking about the skills it takes to do these acts. That is, until it becomes difficult to deal with. Once something becomes difficult, we start to think about how we are actually doing these tasks. One of the hardest things for a pregnant woman to do is to get into a standing position. Whether she is sitting on the floor or on a chair it becomes very difficult for her to propel herself into a standing position.

There is a right way to stand up, a way that will make it easier and will take a lot of strain off your back.

When you are picking things up, you want to squat down and keep your back straight instead of bending down at the waist. If you bend forward to pick something up than gravity is going to be against you and you will end up falling over.

When you squat, you are maintaining your center of gravity taking a lot of pressure off your back. If you are laying down, you want to roll on your side and then push up with your hands! Of course, a heating pad and a good back rub never hurt either, time for your partner to do some work.

8 Itchy Belly – No Problem!

A lot of women experience an itchy belly when they are pregnant, and it normally comes on full throttle in your third trimester, why can’t we just be comfortable? An itchy belly could be due to a lot of things, but the most common reasons for an itchy belly is due to all the stretching. The belly goes through a lot of growth in the third trimester because that is when the baby is putting on the pounds. This may mean that stretch marks are appearing. When we gain stretch marks, it is quite common for the are to itch quite a bit.

Unfortunately, we do not have a hack to prevent stretch marks because a lot of the time genetics plays a big part on if a woman will get them.

The best hack to help give you some relief of the itch is to keep the skin hydrated. You want to make sure you have a good moisturizing cream to keep that skin refreshed.

There are instances where excessive itch can mean something serious, so it is always important to bring it up to your OB and have them investigate any other causes. Always better safe than sorry!

7 Hacks To Get Some Rest! (While You Can)

We mentioned earlier how hard it can be to sleep in your third trimester. You are always tossing and turning and you seem to get up every half an hour to go to the bathroom. While this may be good practice for the sleep habits of a newborn, it doesn’t help a mom who really needs her sleep now while she can. There are a few hacks to help mom get through the night with minimal interruption. One of these is to do something active right before bed. We are not expecting any woman in their third trimester to go for a run or hop on a bike, but even a nice walk right before bed may help you wind down enough to get a good solid chunk of sleep.

Also, stay away from electronics. We know that a lot of women like to go online and read about how their baby is developing or do some last minute online shopping, but it doesn’t help us unwind at the end of long day.

Experts even state that we should be shutting down all electronics one to two hours before we plan on going to bed. It also helps to make sure that your room is comfortable. Make sure it is dark and on the cooler side as we all know women in their third trimester tend to be running a little warmer than the average person.

6 Restless Leg? No Problem!

Restless leg syndrome is something that effects a lot of pregnant women, about 25% of them, and they all seem to suffer the most at night. Restless leg syndrome is when there are strange sensations running up and down your legs, making it almost impossible to sleep or get any rest at all. This annoyance also usually appears in the third trimester and that is due to the drop in iron and folic acid levels, something your baby is needing and draining from you. Not only do they eat what you eat, they also take bits of what had been yours.

The best hack for this one is to continue to take your prenatal vitamins which have both of these vitamins in them. Bring it up to your doctor who may be able to prescribe you some more vitamins to help try and ease this sensation.

The best hacks are always the easiest and cheapest, and sometimes the best thing you can do for restless leg syndrome is to have a prenatal massage, stretch and keep your legs elevated.

When you are sitting down, make sure your legs are propped up and you may even be able to get a little nap in there since you are comfortable finally!

5 Let’s Control The Swelling

If you thought that the only thing that swells up when you are pregnant is your belly, you would be sorely mistaken. It is not uncommon for women to experience swelling in their face, hands, wrists and feet. Swollen feet are one of the most common complaints among women in their third trimester, and it seems to be worse among women who are in their last stretch during the summer. There are quite a few interesting tips to solve this.

The first one seems like it shouldn’t work, but it does and that is to stay hydrated.

Especially in the summer months, mom wants to make sure that she drinks a lot of water. This will help with the extra swelling. She will also want to keep her feet up as much as possible, gravity makes all that extra liquid pool in our ankles and feet, so we want to keep them horizontal. The most interesting hack that a lot of women swear by is frozen socks. If you feel like your legs and feet are about to swell or have already started, place some knee-high socks in the freezer for about 4-5 minutes and then put them on. This will help soothe and lesson the swelling.

4 Even Maternity Clothes Don’t Fit?

Every woman who reaches the end of her pregnancy has a hard time fitting into her clothes. Yes, her maternity clothes. They just don’t seem to stretch anymore and no matter what we do, there always seems to be skin poking out. The hack for this one may be not buying maternity clothes anymore. Don’t go and try and find more maternity clothes in bigger sizes. This is likely to be a waste of money, because maternity clothes are very expensive

Instead, head to your local Walmart or Target and do some cheaper shopping to get you through the last stretch of pregnancy.

If you normally wear a size medium, try going up by a few sizes. The shirts will most likely be longer, and the waistbands will be bigger.

Make sure you try them on first to make sure, but this hack should be good enough to get you through the last little hump, and you won’t break the bank. Another hack is to just not care anymore. Flaunt that belly that’s sticking out and wear it with pride, it is carrying the new love of your life. Moms don't have a lot of time to be pregnant, compared to the rest of her adult life, so she may as well take advantage of the new fashion options and looks available to her.

3 Baby Won’t Settle Down In There

One of the highlights of anyone’s pregnancy is when she starts feeling that little baby move, roll, kick and punch. Women normally start feeling these moments in their second trimester and it is all cute and exciting, but that gets old fast. Once you are in your third trimester, that baby is much bigger and much stronger. The movements you cherished and loved not too long ago are now uncomfortable and painful. It can even make a woman lose her breathe when her baby kicks in the right place.

The best hack to get that little one to settle down for just a little bit is to move around. You may have noticed that the little one is most active at night time, or when you are finally relaxing.

That is because when we move around, our hips also move, and it works in the same way rocking them to sleep would. When we stop providing the rocking motion, the baby is awake and ready to go. If you need a little break, stand up and take a walk or do some laps around your house. Your little one should nod off to sleep and give you a few moments of peace and calm.

2 Spa Day For Swelling

Since we know how much swelling can happen and how it can interfere with your daily life, we have another hack for those poor feet and ankles that doubles as a spa day for mom. Salt is known for taking away moisture, so if we use that logic we know that salt should help pull out all the swelling.

What mom will want to do is to fill a small bucket with two parts boiling water and five parts of cold water. Then add 3-5 spoons of salt. Just place your feet in the water and relax. Pull out your favourite book or magazine and just relax.

When that is done, call over your partner to give you a nice massage, and all of a sudden you have had a perfect spa day. We need to get those in while we can, so enjoy every minute of this hack to reduce the swelling in your feet. After all of this, just remind yourself that it is almost over and while it all may be very uncomfortable, it means you are so much closer to meeting your little one and holding them in your arms and once you see them it will all have been worth it.

1 Grown-Up Time Help!

Contrary to popular belief, there are very little reasons a couple can not stay romantically active when they are expecting a child. There are some medical reasons that can prevent this, but as long as you have not been told otherwise by your doctor, all exercises can be resumed as normal. While we can do it, doesn’t mean we will always want to do it. In the third trimester, women are uncomfortable, sore and not always in the mood. However, we want to keep the romance alive, so we try and engage as much as we can.

The biggest problem is finding a way that is comfortable. Nothing kills the moment more than grunts and groans of a woman trying to get comfortable. Woman on top is one of the most comfortable positions for you, because it gives you the control with nothing pressing down on your belly. Another good position hack is to lay sideways, almost like you would in a good spoon-cuddle session. This also allows mom to remain in a comfortable position. Remember, the baby has no idea what you are doing and if you are near your due date this may actually help induce labour!

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