• 20 Products Millennial Moms Can't Live Without

    A set of unprinted rules run the mom world. These rules start operating the minute a first-time mom realizes she is expecting. That is when she suddenly gets a surge of the shopping hormone. Up until then, her little hormone 'problem' for shoes would have been nothing compared to the surge she suddenly experiences when a bun appears in her oven. Women will use every excuse to go shopping and with a baby on the way, it’s no longer an excuse but a legitimate reason to paint the town red.

    A cursory look through any department store or online at Amazon and one gets the real picture of just how big the baby business is. From playpens to onesies, yesterday's model is not as good as today's with a new addition to practical products to ensure they sell more and faster. Millennial moms, just like any mom around the world, want the very best of these baby products and they will go to any length to ensure that her baby is among the trendiest babies; from his dressing to the toys he plays with.

    These millennial moms subscribe to various online shops and stores where they keep up to date with the new products on the market. A millennial mom’s life has been simplified and raising a child is slowly turning from what our parents termed as a cross to bear to an exciting journey, thanks to these 20 products millennial moms can’t live without.

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    Cute Camera For Those Cute Baby Pics
    Via: YouTube

    Millennial moms are social creatures who believe in posting every aspect of their lives on social media -- right from the minute they wake up to when they fall asleep at night. These mothers document their baby’s first breath, all the way up to baby’s first boo-boo. And what better way to do this than to get a cute camera that has the best resolution to capture those cute freckles the newborn came into the world with?

    With this camera at hand, there will never be a dull moment and those precious moments are always documented. And in case they are accidentally deleted, they are already on the Internet.

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    iPads For Them
    Via: Hollins University

    Most of us own a pre-baby iPad with all the features and functions that all the manufacturers said we needed an Ipad for, and that we have no idea how to operate. For most of us, the excitement over the iPad gets extinguished the first day after we realize our phones do the same things.

    Millennial moms share in our predicament but for them, even if they do not use the iPad, baby most certainly does, turning into an essential commodity for this millennial mom. By downloading ‘Pingu and Sophia the First’ on the Ipad, mom gets a few minutes of rest each day.

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    Leggings For Both
    Via: Etsy

    Millennial moms and essentially every new mom needs a pair of comfy leggings for those down times. This can be worn under an ironic tee to pass a message or paired with a cute blouse for those afternoon strolls in the park with the baby.

    Leggings are a new mom’s best friend and they provide her with all the comfort she requires as she goes through her day without too much of a fuss. Leggings are perfect as the stylish and well-tailored leggings can be styled well and worn to the office on a casual Friday without looking too casual.

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    Can't Live Without The Baby Swing
    via: babygearblog.net

    Millennials don’t really have that much patience, having grown up in a culture that values instant gratification. Having the patience to rock a baby for hours on end does not come easy for them and that is why the baby swing is big business in their generation.

    According to Baby Bjorn, a young baby can be overwhelming, for which reason the baby swing is highly recommended as it comes in various versions with some coming with music and dangling toys to keep the baby entertained. The rocking motion of the swing mimics the mother’s arms and it can even rock the baby to sleep, with a disclaimer never to let the baby sleep in it.

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    Mommy-And-Me Clothing
    via: sandyalamode.com

    The clothes business is now booming when it comes to mothers and their babies. From tees to leggings and even denim, the mommy and me clothing market is enough to peak the mothering instinct in ny woman. Millennial moms are in their element when it comes to clothing with picture after picture appearing on Instagram as they try to outdo and out fashion each other.

    Getting a cute pair of matching mother-child clothing is no longer hard and every new mom now boasts of a pair or two of these cute outfits. Twinning for a millennial mom is serious business and shopping expeditions are now a mommy and me affair.

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    Play Pen Confinement
    via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXZI8OrZi_c

    Decades ago, babies just played on our laps or the couch and for the lucky who had a baby nursery, play time was relegated to the baby's room. Even back then, the best invention would have been the playpen. This is a huge cage like enclosure that can be placed in the living room and filled with baby toys to entertain the child.

    The beauty of a playpen is that the baby can see mommy or his caregiver but cannot get out unless he is let out. With a playpen, mommy can save a bundle from baby proofing, as well as reduce any unwanted accidents.

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    Smart Tech: Baby Monitor with Phone App
    via: engadget.com

    Baby monitors are not a new thing and they truly are a genius invention meant to keep the mom at ease as the baby sleeps or just plays in his playpen as we cook. Millennial moms have it a lot easier than moms of yesteryear.

    While the monitors of the past were akin to a walkie-talkie with not much to write home about, the new-age mom has a smart technology baby monitor that comes with a phone app so that she can notice anything untoward seeing as she is always on her phone. Being an app monitor means that mom can monitor the baby even when she is out using her phone’s technology.

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    Multi-Purpose, Stylish Diaper Bag
    Via: Sandy A La Mode

    Millennial moms do not do frumpy and nothing will do for their precious bundles of joy unless it is top of the line and in a class of its own. Multipurpose diaper bags that are stylish and trendy allow the mom to transition from a trip to the pediatrician to the mall and straight into the office without raising eyebrows.

    The bags are trendy and resemble a stylish tote. The baby product manufacturers have awoken to the demand for these types of diaper bags with new and supposedly better bags appearing in the market each day.

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    Via: syoknya.my

    Breastfeeding has gained popularity over the years with new research showing that breastfed babies have a higher IQ and that they are able to withstand most diseases as they have better immunity. Most offices these days follow the breastfeeding act to the letter and have installed space for the breastfeeding mother to pump some of this precious gold.

    It is rare to find a millennial mom who does not boast of a breast pump. Be it manual, electric or both, with some preferring to leave no margin of error in case of a blackout. Once a mother has pumped the milk, proper storage and preservation is advised to ensure it gets home as fresh as it was pumped.

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    Diaper Rash Cream
    Via: milizzeea.blogspot.com

    Because of the hectic lives these mothers live, it is quite easy for a millennial mom to forget a diaper change, probably because she was busy posting one of those mommy selfies and thought ‘I will change him in a minute,’ only to find that diaper change completely slipped her mind leading to devastating outcomes for both her and the baby.

    Diaper rashes are quite painful and it is imperative to ease the discomfort by use of a good diaper rash cream. Remove the baby’s diaper and allow him to stay bare for a few minutes so that the air can dry all the nooks then apply the rash cream and repeat for every diaper change. Keeping him diaper free if possible will ensure the baby heals faster.

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    A Handy Baby Carrier
    via: muscatmums.com

    Babywearing is gaining popularity too and the millennial mom will be seen strolling around town with her baby strapped on her bosom. While babywearing was not so popular before, the trend has become a thing, probably because it comes with a high recommendation for preterm babies and it has been found to increase bonding between a mother and her child.

    According to My Registry, carriers come in all shapes and sizes and the baby can snuggle close to the mother in an upright position and get all the warmth she needs while leaving mom’s hands-free to do other things.

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    Only The Best Baby Bottles
    Via: Choice

    Our mothers bought baby bottles and no home is free from these tiny gadgets that make it easy to feed the baby. The millennial mom has baby bottles, but unlike our mother’s bottles that offered practicality, the millennial mom has baby bottles that promise the feel of a breast with a soft teat that mimics a mother’s nipple.

    She gets the very best baby bottles that are BPA free, a component most of our mothers had no idea existed. But, as reported in Parents.com, the Canadian Government is so wary of it that it has banned all baby products that come with BPA. The design is not the only selling point here, the color has to be just right as no millennial mom wants anything interfering with her baby theme.

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    Deluxe Strollers
    via: thebump.com

    Baby’s first day out is a statement-making trip and what better way to make that statement than to cruise around town in a baby stroller that costs more than our house rent. While it may appear to be a little bit pretentious, this mom knows that sadly, the cheap strollers are a waste of money and being money conscious.

    She understands that in the end, cheap is expensive.

    So she cruises around town in a crowd-stopping stroller and feels great as she and baby stop the traffic. The comfy stroller is great as the baby gets to sit in a great seat and mom is comfortable pushing the designer stroller.

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    Organic Everything

    We are the health-conscious generation and with the wealth of information we have on our fingertips, the millennial mom has a lot more to panic about than our moms ever did. Most of the diseases in the world today are as a result of our lifestyles and by extension, the chemicals and pesticides used to grow some of the foods we consume.

    The millennial mom, in line with her vow to give the baby the very best, ensures he does not come into contact with any harmful chemicals by giving him organic everything. From his purees to his milk, these babies are protected.

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    Boppy Feeding & Infant Support Pillow

    Millennial moms foster independence in their children and they are not so big on holding the baby on the lap all the time. What better way to ensure that the baby gets used to sitting up on his own than to get a support pillow to plop the baby on as we do some house chores?

    Because they are readily available and not that pricey, the millennial mom argues that it is better than placing the baby on the edge of the couch. Plus, the best thing is that it goes into his feeding chair, lifting him and making it possible for him to share meals at the big people table.

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    The Trendiest Swaddle
    via: etsy.com

    Baby swaddling has been practiced over the years and it has been praised for fostering the womb-like feeling that most people say helps the baby feel secure and sleep better. Swaddling is controversial though, as according to Baby Center, improper swaddling can lead to hip dysplasia in infants.

    Parents still try to master the art and since it is not an easy tactic to master, manufacturers have found an ingenious way to give the millennial mom a dose of the swaddle without having to take the lesson. The swaddle comes predefined and all one needs to do is slip the baby in.

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    Baby Wipes For Everything
    via: videoblocks.com

    These have been a woman's best friend since their invention, baby or no baby. Babies are prone to accidents and sometimes they can be explosive. Since the millennial mom now does not lug as many baby clothes around unlike our mothers, the baby wipes have proven to be a lifesaver.

    As long as the mom gets the best wipes and especially those that are unscented, she will have an easy time with her baby, even when he accidentally spills his juice on her classy top. Some babies are allergic to scents and like everything else, remember the scent is there because of an infusion of chemicals.

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    Baby Tub

    This one will only be used for a short time, but is a necessary evil for when the mom needs to bath that eel-like tiny creature. Babies have been known to slip right out of the mother's arms and into the tub, sometimes even drowning.

    Getting a baby tub with these odds in mind is an investment every millennial mom is willing to make. Getting a tub doesn’t have to be an expensive affair as all one needs is a tub where the baby can recline during baths. This will also save the mothers back, especially for those who are still recovering from a C-section.

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    Ironic Message Tees

    The number of times a new mom rushes out of the house to get to the store for a can of formula looking like she just escaped from a detention camp are many and frequent. That is why every millennial mom who has been there and is tired of the looks of disapproval and judgment, gets herself an ironic message tee to answer all the nosey Nellie’s without the danger of giving them a slap to go with it.

    According to Monostatic, there are cool tees with messages like ‘Hug Life," "I Woke up like This," "We Don't Sleep," all meant to answer anyone with a pressing question.

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    One-Time Diapers
    via: scienceofmom.com

    Our mothers brought us up on cloth diaper and they somehow seemed to have the time to wash them each morning and ensure that the pee smell did not linger in the house and they are never discolored. They seemed to have no issues with soiled diapers but the millennial mum wants none of that.

    These days, the numbers of children who use cloth diaper are few and far between and moms now need stacks and stacks of disposable diapers for those formative years. The diaper market has now become a huge business with the best diapers leaving a literal hole in one's pocket.

    References: Momtastic, Myregistry, Babycenter, Parents, Babybjorn

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