20 Products New Moms Don't Think They Need, But They Really Do

There are plenty of ways for expecting moms to prepare themselves for everything that may take place after their new little boy or girl arrives. Usually, there are plenty of parents who are willing to give advice, whether it is wanted or not, to those who are expecting a baby, as well as to those who have just recently had their baby.

Furthermore, books that are about parenting can also have a lot of very useful information that many moms and dads can use. But, every person’s situation is different. Not all mothers are the same, and not all babies are the same. So, there may be numerous ways in which expecting mothers can find out what exactly they should purchase before the baby is born, but it is hard to know for sure which items will actually be useful, and which ones will be barely used and collecting dust.

These days, there are so many different products out there that are marketed towards new parents, that it can get it bit confusing figuring out which items to invest in, and which ones to leave at the store. Furthermore, having a growing family can be a bit on the expensive side, so sometimes parents try to cut cost as much as they can. However, there are some items that new mothers should definitely not skip over when deciding what they will need for themselves and the new baby. Feature image courtesy of Sweet Orange Fox.

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20  Mom Should Have A Nursing Pillow

To some people, this product might just look like an over priced pillow. But it is not an ordinary pillow at all, and the truth is, nursing pillows can be extremely helpful for mothers who are not planning to use a bottle to feed their baby.

Without this particular style of pillow, it can be pretty hard to hold the child up. Plus, one must taking into consideration the amount of times mothers need to feed their babies, which is every couple of hours. Furthermore, sometimes babies nurse for a while, so the pillow seems to make every aspect of nursing a new child easier for the mother.

19 Cups Are Good For Her Chest


Nursing a new baby sounds like it can be a pretty simple task, but the truth is that it is not, at least for the mothers who are new to it. One issue a lot of moms encounter is that some of them are unable to produce as much milk as they need to, and yet they leak.

So, milk cups, which also tend to have other names as well, can be a good for mother to have after they give birth. The purpose is to catch any milk that might leak out so they can store it and put it in a bottle to feed their baby at a later time.

18 White Noise Machines Sooth Babies

Mothers and fathers who have a newborn baby are undoubtedly going to have a lot of long nights ahead of them. Any parent will tell you that babies can be quite fussy, and it is usually not that easy to get them to settle down and go to sleep.

But, there is something moms can buy that may help with that issue. White noise machines are pretty magical in the sense that they tend to be very helpful in getting children to fall asleep. There have even been some babies that were sleeping within five minutes of listening to the machine.

17 Sleep Sacks Are Better Than Loose Blankets

Keeping a new baby warm is very important. However, some people say that having loose blankets near them while they are sleeping is not a good idea, so this is where sleep sacks come in.

Typically, these are considered to be much more safe for a new baby than other kinds of blankets. They are a great way to keep the child from getting too cold. Additionally, sleep sacks allow the baby to have their arms free so that they are not constricted. Furthermore, there are also other versions of sleep sacks that give mothers the option to tuck their child’s arms in it, or leave them out.

16 A Functional Diaper Bag Is Good To Have

Some may consider the diaper bag to be just another bag, and therefore they might skip buying an actual diaper bag and go for something else instead. Sure, other bags or backpacks will be able to carry some of the stuff moms will need to carry with them, but they do not have the benefits that real diaper bags have.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a diaper bag over any other type of bag after the baby is born. A couple of good reasons for this are that the lining can usually be wiped clean, and they usually have a lot of pockets on the outside to make it easier to find stuff.

15 Travel High Chairs Are Useful


There are some pretty useful items that moms need to invest in before the baby is even born, and those are usually things that she will need to use right away after the birth. But on the other hand, there are also some very helpful items mothers can wait a bit to buy, such as a travel high chair.

Part of what is so awesome about these chairs is that they can taken out of the house. High chairs are not always available in certain places, so having one that can be accessed at any time is a great idea.

14 Disposable Pads Are Good To Use On The Changing Table

One fact about having a new baby is that things are bound to get messy sometimes. So, having a product that makes cleaning up after changing a baby’s diaper a bit easier is definitely something mothers need to invest in.

Disposable pads that fit on changing tables are great to have. It can keep the table from getting dirty, and when the mother is done changing her baby’s diaper, all she has to do is take the soiled pad off of it. Furthermore, some of them are designed to absorb liquid, as well as keep the baby’s skin from being moist.

13 You Can Never Have Too Many Onesies

Having a lot of onesies for a newborn baby is never a bad idea, as long as they fit. Additionally, moms may want different styles of them depending on what the weather is like when their babies are wearing them.

Moms should have plenty snapsuits. These are also referred to as rompers, as well as one pieces. Overall, they can be extremely versatile. In the summer, these things are good to wear without other articles of clothing. During cooler weather, they can be used for added layers to keep the baby warm. These are definitely an item mothers will want to have a lot of.

12 Moms Should Have A Yoga Ball

One of the most difficult parts of having a newborn is figuring out how to calm them down when they get fussy. There are a lot of methods that seem to work, as well as some that are not so successful.

An item that many people do not think about when considering what they will need once their child arrives is a yoga ball. Also, there are additional benefits that come with using a yoga for this purpose.

Yoga balls can be used while the parents are watching television, or having a conversation. Additionally, the constant bouncing can be a pretty good workout, and it gives the mom a moment to sit down.

11 The Baby Needs Teething Toys


Something many parents know is that babies love to put things in their mouth. This is especially true when they are going through the teething process.

Since teething is an unavoidable thing, mothers and fathers definitely have to make sure they purchase toys that are designed for teething babies. Sometimes children put toys in their mouth as a form of getting relief when their teeth are coming in.

However, they also do this for other reasons as well. Doing this can make the baby more aware of the parts of their mouth, and it can encourage them to move their tongue. It also helps with speech development as well.

10 It's Good To Have A Baby Swing

Babies are certainly tiny, but they do require a lot of care and attention. Furthermore, they also require a lot of items.

One of the things that is definitely a thing moms should try out is a baby swing. Some babies love them, and some do not care for them at all, which is pretty normal since every baby is different. But for the most part, a baby swing can be an awesome thing to own.

A major benefit is that most babies will be lulled to sleep once they are put in the swing. However, parents should not leave them in it too long, especially if they are going to be leaving the room for any period of time.

9 Mom Should Have Two Different Strollers

Just like when a mom is shopping for a diaper bag, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when deciding on what strollers to use. These are pretty important, because parents are going to be pushing their kids around in strollers for a really long time.

One of the things parents should keep in mind is what activities the parents will be taking part in when they will need a stroller. There are a couple of different styles, which is why it is good to have at least two because they are designed with different purposes in mind.

8 Parents Definitely Need A Baby Carrier

There are a lot of very useful things that some moms might miss out on because they feel they don’t need them. In the case of some products, it is true that they are not really needed. But others can be quite essential, and this is where the baby carrier comes in.

Babies like to have a lot of attention, and usually they want it the most when their mothers are busy taking care of things she needs to get done. Baby carriers allow parents to have the baby with them while doing other things at the same time. This product is especially great for mothers and fathers who are always busy.

7 Mom Needs The Best Pump For Her Milk


Expecting mothers who plan to nurse their babies once they are born may wonder whether or not they actually need to buy a pump. Pumps are definitely an important product that mothers should at least consider putting on their shopping list, or baby registry.

There are a lot of benefits to using one of these. It is likely that mothers will normally be around their babies when it is time to feed them, but sometime life is unpredictable, and things happen that we do not expect. So, moms who need to be out of the house during a time when they would usually be feeding their child do benefit from having a pump, because it allows them to have milk stored in bottles for later use.

6 New Moms Need Receiving Blankets That Are Good For Swaddling The Baby

New babies need things that will keep them warm, particularly items that will give them the same warm, comfy feeling they had while they were in the womb. This is why blankets are such an important detail mothers should not skip over when deciding what their new little boy or girl will need.

Receiving blankets are definitely helpful in this scenario. The soft fabric will keep the baby from being too cool, and the comfort of it will help them relax and sleep. Furthermore, they are also pretty stylish, as they come in a lot of different colors and patterns.

5  Toy Straps Will Keep The Baby Toys In Place

Babies and children in general love toys. They not only help the child relax and have fun, but they are also beneficial to the mental growth and development of children, so getting some time to play with toys is an important thing for kids.

When it comes to babies, they tend to drop things fairly often. This is because, depending on how old the baby is, he or she may not have a strong grip yet. So, a good product to have for a new baby is toy straps, which will hold the toys in place while the baby is playing with them.

4 Moms May Find A Lactation Massager Useful

Not all mothers choose to nurse their babies, and some are pretty much forced to bottle feed them because they are unable to nurse. Nursing a baby is not an easy thing to do, so anything that can help those who have trouble with it is a great thing to purchase.

One of the issues nursing mothers may have is plugged milk ducts. This is a pretty painful thing to have, so something that can help is a lactation massager. The purpose of the massager is to apply light pressure to the moms chest, and gently massage it until her milk flow is restored.

3 Board Books Won't Get Damaged As Easily As Regular Books

Reading is great for anyone to do, but books are especially important for babies and older children. A lot of young children love having their mothers and fathers read them their favorite stories, but sometimes this can be hard to do with babies because they enjoy playing with the book, or trying to hold it themselves, which can damage regular books.

That is why mothers should purchase board books. These books are especially designed for young babies, as they are the perfect size for babies to hold. Additionally, they are hard so that babies cannot damage them on the inside or outside.

2 Moms-On-The-Go Need A Portable Baby Monitor

Being able to keep an eye on one’s baby is quite a big deal. There are a lot of things dangerous things that can happen, especially when children are left alone. It is for this reason that mothers should have some form of baby monitor with them when the baby is in another room.

There are many different kinds of baby monitors. One that is awesome for those who have to leave the house and not take their child with them is a portable baby monitor. This is particularly awesome for mothers who are going to be working outside of the home, that way they can see their baby at all times.

1 Mobile Changing Stations Make Changing Diapers A Bit Easier

Spending time with a new baby should be time of bonding and making wonderful memories. However, something that can be particularly stressful for parents who have a young child is searching for a place he or she can have their diaper changed while they are in public. Moments like that one are inevitable, so anything that can make it easier is an essential item to have.

This is why mobile changing stations are important. One of the benefits to having one of these is that toys can be attached to some of them, which is good for babies who tend to get fussy when having their diaper changed. Furthermore, this makes changing a diaper in a vehicle so much easier.

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