20 Products That Have Been Recalled Because They Might Be Unsafe For Babies

Babies are precious. From the moment they take their first breath, parents want to do everything in their power to protect them. Moms lose precious sleep to ensure that they are still breathing through the night, and they baby-proof the house better than anyone in the army could do. Parents are willing to do any and everything possible to make sure no harm comes to them.

Part of this includes buying items and products that claim to help them stay safe and protected. We only want to buy them the best and nothing is too expensive, because we can not put a price on the well-being of our little ones. All these items are man-made, either by hand or in a factory and they are all subject to flaws. Flaws that may mean recalls. A recall is done when something is deemed unsafe, and hundreds of items are recalled every week. Even items for adults are recalled: anything from food to products to drinks are at risk for being faulty or contaminated.

Parents tend to pay attention to baby items that are recalled. These are items that parents buy on blind faith for their children, whether it be a toy, stroller or formula. We buy them with the good faith idea that these items have been tested for safety and are OK to give to babies. Then we hear in the news that these items we trusted have been recalled and are no longer safe. Even if a mom's baby is fine, she can’t help but think about the ‘what ifs’ that could have been.

Social media has been a great help in warning parents, as we all normally find out our information there first and then we can simply share it with one click, warning all our mom friends. Here are 20 products that have been recalled because they have been found to be unsafe for babies. The range in seriousness is there, and some of the items may surprise.

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20 Graco High Chairs: Back Legs Collapse

Unfortunately, not even high chairs are safe. Even though they've been around for decades and have long been a standard in every household, apparently the technology has not been perfected yet. The next recall on our list is the Graco Table2Table 6-in-1 High chairs. This is another hit for the mega company Graco as well. High chairs are essential for any family, especially when your baby is old enough to start solid foods and starts to explore. They are also great places to put your kid while you do a couple things around the house.

This particular model was recalled in March of 2018 and over 39, 000 units were affected.

The problem was that the back legs were defective and have the potential to break. If the back legs break, the unit will completely fall back with your baby strapped inside of it.

The company had received 38 incidents of wobbly back legs and five reports of children falling out, resulting in bumps and bruises. Thank goodness there were no other more serious injuries. Customers are asked to contact Graco for a free repair kit, however I think I would feel safer with a completely new model to be honest.

19 American Red Cross Cabinet Locking System: They Don't Lock Anything

There is a reason why we spend so much time making sure our home is safe for our little ones. Once they start crawling and walking around they have an insane ability to get into just about everything. They always tend to go directly to the most dangerous spots in our home, and those are the areas that we spend so much time baby-proofing. The world has come a long way in helping parents make sure their home is safe, and they have come out with a lot of devices mom and dad can buy to put on their cabinets, stairs and electrical outlets.

The American Red Cross came out with Cabinet Swing Locks that were ultimately recalled. These locks were defective and had children getting into cupboards that they really shouldn’t have been.

These could be cabinets with dangerous cleaning products or other hazardous material. When we place these locks in our home, we do go on blind faith that they will work and keep the children out. It is always important to check your locks from time to time to make sure they are still working properly. Even if there is not a recall, these items could become loose after some time, making them vulnerable to little hands that are smarter than we realize.

18 Paw Patrol Costume Hat: Attached Flashlight Overheats

I would like someone to find me a child that does not like Paw Patrol! It is a show that has taken over the world and parents are getting sick of hearing it and watching it. When a child loves a show, they want everything to do with that toy, but parents need to be wary before running out and buying that toy. There was a recall for the Paw Patrol Marshall Hat And Flashlight not too long ago.

The recall happened on April 5, 2018 and over 21, 000 of these toys were recalled. This helmet was part of a Halloween costume that was sold in every popular costume store. As what normally happens, sometimes Halloween costumes get turned into toys after the event is over.

The problem is that the flashlight attached to the helmet had a high likelihood of overheating.

This is extremely scary, as parents do not want anything on their child’s head that has the ability to overheat and catch fire. Four incidents were reported, but none of those included fires being started. If you happen to have one of these laying around from Halloween, contact the manufacturer because you are entitled to a full refund, and throw the helmet away immediately, no matter how many tears you get.

17 Drop-Side Cribs: Drop When They Shouldn't

The baby’s crib is one of the biggest purchases new parents make when they are expecting their little one. They spend hours picking out the right style and colour to make sure that they fit in to the baby’s nursery. How often do parents think about the safety of these items? It is scary, but cribs can be a trap for children for multiple reasons. They spend a lot of their time in these items, and most of it is at night when the whole house is sleeping, so it is important to make sure that what they are sleeping in is safe.

Drop-side cribs have been banned in Canada for a long time now, but there are still some parents who choose these in the US and other countries. They are seen as helpful, because the one side drops down, making it easier for mom or dad to reach in and pull their baby out. There have been 90, 000 Bassettbaby Drop-Side Cribs that were recalled, because they were shown to not be safe for infants and children.

The problem with these cribs is that the latching system can be defective, meaning that a little one can put some tension on the side and the side will drop.

This could mean that your baby could fall out of the crib, or even worse, get their little head stuck in the side.

16 Graco And Metro Lite Strollers: Neck Hazard

A stroller is a necessity when it comes to our babies and children. It is an essential product that a lot of parents can not live without, how else would we cart our little one’s around? This is what makes a stroller recall very scary, but it happens. Over 2 million Graco strollers were recalled due to the risk of entrapment and strangulation. The strollers that were in question were the Graco Quattro Tour and the Metro Lite strollers.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission received four reports of infant strangulation when they were in these strollers.

They are also aware of five other reports of young babies becoming entrapped in the systems, resulting in cuts and bruises. There was even one report of an infant who was having a hard time breathing. There are baby brands that parents tend to trust more than others. Graco is one of them, they have been producing baby items for years now, and it is one of the companies that a lot of parent’s trust. A piece of that trust is always broken when we hear of stories and recalls like this. The truth is, we can never really trust anything, we just need to monitor and watch our baby items closely.

15 Munchkin Bathtub Submarines: Suction Cuts And Bruises

Bath time can be scary enough without worrying about the recalls that are made on the toys our little ones play with while in the bath. Munchkin is another popular baby brand that produces a lot of items intended for bath time use. Little babies and children sometimes do not like taking a bath, and toys are just one of the ways that mom can get bath time down with little screaming and tears. Even if your child likes the bath, it is always more fun when there are little toys in there.

Munchkin did recall about 34, 000 bathtub submarines from shelves and homes after a very scary realization.

It was found that the small hole at the bottom of the toy, mostly used to suck up water and squirt it, had the ability to suck up loose skin, meaning there was a chance of cuts and bruises happening to children.

Unfortunately, the company has become aware of 19 incidents as described above happening to little boys' private area. We all thought the only thing we had to worry about with these toys was the risk of mold growing inside of them. That itself is enough of a worry that moms might want to ditch bathtub toys altogether.

14 Britax Car Seats: Defective Harness

A lot of parents are nervous about taking their little ones in the car, we hear of so many fatal accidents in the news that we are suddenly fearful of driving. We are worried ours or someone else’s mistake could end up in severe injury, or even death, to our children. We only feel a little more protected because we have car seats. Car seats have come a long way when it comes to keeping our children safe when they are in motor vehicles. That is, unless they have been recalled.

Britax, which is a huge car seat manufacturer had announced a recall on over 14, 000 Chaperone Infact car seats.

This was done in complete cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of a serious defect in the harness adjuster. Thankfully, no injuries were reported due to this error. The issue was that the rivet used to attach the harness adjuster was not properly installed. This means that it could have completely detached from the seat which means the straps would not be holding the infant in the seat as they should have been. This is surprising to hear from such a large and trusted company. When it comes to baby safety products, it's important that moms take note of the brand and models they're using and keep an eye out for announcements.

13 Hyland Teething Tablets: Mislabeled Chemical Dosage

Teething is not fun. It is miserable for he babies and hard for the mom and dad. It can lead parents looking for anything that can help soothe their poor baby’s gums. Hyland is a company that deals with homeopathic medicine, and they had a teething tablet that they said would help the little one’s deal with the pain of getting new teeth. Their teething tablet products went under a major recall and for very good reason. There were two types of teething products that have been directly linked to the passing of 10 children.

The FDA had investigated this and concluded that the products were mislabeled, and the amount of belladonna alkaloids were too high. Since the labels were wrong, parents had no idea that they were giving their children something so dangerous, something that took the lives of 10.

This is one of the more serious recalls on our list and goes to show just how scary it can be when dealing with a product recall. The company has since stopped making these tablets and has ceased delivery across the entire United States. Mom and dad must be careful when it comes to medication they are giving their children, and it is always best to talk to your doctor about all specific medications before giving them to their children.

12 Magnetic Sorting Board: So Many Little Pieces To Swallow

A lot of us can’t wait for the day when we get to buy or little ones toys to play with. Of course, newborns are hard to shop for because they don’t really need too many toys to play with. Once they get a little older, we are all at the toy store looking for toys that will entertain them and maybe impart a little bit of education in there as well. Sorting boards are a great idea for children, and it helps them recognize colours, letters or shapes as they match them together. When it is magnetic, it is even better, unless it is this particular one.

This is the Discount School Supply Magnetic Colour Sorting Board (that is a mouthful).

This item was recalled in 2014, and there were some huge safety concerns with this item. The magnet in the wand can detach and become a huge choking hazard. The plywood backing was cracking and releasing small metal balls that were sandwiched in there.

Even if the baby did not choke, the ingestion of both a small magnet as well as a metal ball can cause havoc on their internal system. The paint that was used in this toy also had much more lead than the federal law said it could. The system was cracking, and small pieces of painted wood were being ingested by small babies and children. No serious injuries were reported from the use of this, but the risks outweighed the benefits for this toy.

11 Cuddle Doll: Gets Way Too Hot

If you have a little baby girl in your life, or even a little boy, chances are you have a couple of dolls hanging around. Dolls are one of the most common and loved toys for little children and it is amazing to watch our little ones take care of their new ‘babies.’ Many parents even use a baby doll when they are expecting a second child, to get the older one used to the idea of caring for a little one. It is a great idea, just don’t use this doll.

This is the My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Doll. It appears to be a doll that comes with tools so that our little ones can take care of it when it is not feeling well. Seems like a good idea, to teach our children to care and take care of someone when they are not feeling their best. This doll was commonly sold at Walmart and was recalled in 2014. The reason behind the recall is quite scary.

The doll, apparently, had a circuit board in the chest of the doll and this circuit board was prone to overheating. We don’t expect any of our children’s toys to heat up to the point where it can cause burns.

Walmart had received 12 reports of incidents involving this doll, including two reports that children had received burns to their thumbs after playing with this doll.

10 Grumpy Cat: Eyes Can Come Off

Even though his presence has faded over time, I am sure we all know and love grumpy cat. The small, cute cat with a permanent scowl on his face. His popularity has resulted in a wide range of merchandise one can purchase with his face on it. Anything from books, to clothes to stuffed animals. Babies and children love stuffed animals. They are warm, soft and perfect for those cuddles and their parents love grumpy cat, so this seems like the perfect purchase for our children.

The specific grumpy cat toy in discussion was made by Ganz, a world leader in all things stuffed animals.

The toy was recalled in 2014 after it was found that the little cat’s eyes could become detached, making them an extreme choking hazard.

The company had received 6 reports of the eyes detaching, however there were thankfully no injuries reported. When purchasing stuffed animals for the little people in our lives, it is important to just steer clear of any eyes or other parts that are sewed on. It is best to stick with animals that have eyes made out of thread instead. This way there is no risk of the beads coming off and being ingested by our curious children.

9 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon: Seats Cause Falls

Wagons are a big part of a lot of people’s childhood. We all remember taking a ride in them with mom or dad pulling the handle, or just having a place to sit down and eat lunch or hang out together. Wagons have come a long way, they are not made out of wood anymore, they have comfortable seats and cup holders and a lot of them come with a canopy to shield little ones from the sun. A wagon is always a good investment when it comes to carting our children around.

The Step2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon sounds like it is a ball of fun and the perfect wagon for you, but it may be a trap with the possibility of a serious injury. The specific wagon was recalled in 2013. As you can see in the picture, the wagon has convenient blue plastic seats that are higher in the back to provide comfort for all who ride.

However, these blue seat backs were found to be detaching from the stroller, which was leading to children falling out the back when they were being pulled.

This could result in a serious fall and head injury to little ones riding in the seats.

8 Rocking Horses: Long Reins Are A Hazard

A rocking horse is a classic toy that has been around for ages. Children love these animals that you can get on and just rock away pretending that you are out in the wild west and chasing some robbers. These seem like harmless toys and it worries parents when they find out that these have even been the victim of recalls. A company in Buckeye, Arizona named Rocking Horse Depot had to voluntarily recall about 1, 200 of their rocking horses under the direction from the U.S. Consumer product Safety Commission.

If you are wondering why a rocking horse could be recalled, the answer may surprise you. After some investigation it turns out the reins on the rocking horse bridle were too long. There are certain standards that companies have to follow when they make a toy that has a string or rope of any kind. This is to make sure that children do not strangle themselves.

The bridle on this rocking horse was too long, and it was easy for children to get their necks stuck in it and posed a strangulation hazard.

There was one report where a 21-month old girl who had become entangled in the reins of one of the horses. She suffered no injuries from the event, as her parents came to her rescue in time.

7 AND Horse On A Stick!

If you are now nervous about buying your child a rocking horse to play with, you may be thinking a good alternative would be one of those horse-on-a-stick toys you see. They are quite simple a stuffed horse head on a long stick. The child can place the stick between their legs, and their imagination does the rest. Before you know it, they are off riding in a stampede or a horse race. Unfortunately, these items have also gone through a recall.

The company is called, Horse-On-A-Stick Toys and this specific recall was made in 2010. The reasons for the recall are similar to the rocking horse recall, actually they are exactly the same.

The company did not do the proper testing and protocol when looking at the reins because they were also found to be too long and had the potential to strangle a child. Customers who had this horse, were instructed to either cut the reins in half or completely remove them in order to prevent an accidental strangulation. The company received a report of a 2-year old boy who had become entangled in the reigns, his mother intervened before he sustained injury.

6 Evenflo: Crash Test Failure

When we are talking about brands that all parents trust, Evenflo is another one that had always earned the gold seal of approval. Well, they did, until now. Evenflo had recalled 14,000 Maestro combination child booster seats.

This recall was made after they had done crash tests that showed the seat cracking and failing a simulated crash going only 30 mph.

Most major roads and highways have a much higher speed limit, so if the seat was faulty at 30 mph, we shudder to think what could happen if the car was going much faster.

The crack the seats had was found at the front of the car seat. This would interfere with the harnesses and make the child vulnerable to being thrown out of the car during an injury. The job of a car seat is to hold the child securely in if there ever were a crash. This would mean that there would be less risk of a serious injury. After the recall, the company sent out a reinforcement place and repair instructions to every family that had this seat. A lot of parents, understandable, just decided to purchase a new seat from a different manufacturer. Some risks are just not worth taking.

5 Wild & Wolf Xylophone: Choking Hazard

One of the cutest toys you can get for you child is one of those small xylophones. They may make a lot of noise, but children all over the world have a great time banging on the keys and hearing all the different sounds that it makes. It also helps when they come in such adorable shapes and sizes, like this one. This is Wild & Wolf’s Petit Collage Toy Xylophone, and while it may look adorable, it was actually part of a huge recall by the company.

The recall happened just this past April, and over 3,000 were recalled. There is nothing actually wrong with the base of this model, what is worrisome is the stick that it comes with.

The stick has a small ball attached to the end, that would be used to make the music. This ball was found to be faulty and was coming off making it a very serious choking hazard.

Thankfully, it only happened once, and no injuries were reported but the company was not taking any chances. Customers who had this model just needed to contact the manufacturer and they would receive a replacement stick. Simple as that! Compared to others on this list, this is a pretty safe one.

4 Reduce Hydro Pro Water Bottle: Lead-Based Paint

Summer is finally here and that means that dozens of children in your neighbourhood are outside playing every day. Summer can be fun, but it comes with its own risks as well. It is important that our children stay hydrated with a lot of water during the summer months. Due to the fact that we live in an age where we are protecting our environment, a lot of parents are opting to buy their children a reusable water bottle. This specific water bottle, the Reduce Hydro Pro Furry Friends Water Bottle, had a recall placed on it not too long ago.

The recall happened April of 2018, and about 2, 000 of the water bottles were recalled.

It may be hard to imagine happening in this world, but the company accidentally used a lead-based paint when creating this product for children.

Really, lead-based paint in 2018? The pink paint used on this bottle specifically, so only the bear bottle, contains a lead level that well exceeded the federal standards and can harm kids if swallowed. These bottles are exclusively sold at Costco and Amazon and can be returned for a complete refund or a switch to one of their friendlier models!

3 Vornado Space Heaters: Overheat

We all want our babies to have the perfect environment. We don’t want them to be too cold or too hot, but there is only so much we can do. A lot of it has to do with where we live, and what the climate is like plus the housing we live in. Some people can not get their homes warm enough no matter what they try so they rely on space heaters to keep their babies nice and warm. Vornado Air Electric Space Heaters recently went through a very serious recall that everyone should be aware of because it was not that long ago.

The recall was first issued on April 4, 2018 and it involved about 350, 000 unites. The big problem with this unit is it has the ability to overheat and catch fire.

A house fire is a lot of people’s worst nightmares, and it can happen at any time for any reason. Anything we can do to prevent a fire from happening should be done. There were 15 reports of house fires being started by these units. They stand about 8-inces tall, come in seven colours and they can be returned for a full and complete refund.

2 Dr. Brown's Pacifier Holder: Defective Snaps

A lot of parents swear by pacifiers, they love the ability they must calm a fussy baby. A newer trend among parents are pacifiers that are attached to objects. It started with Wubbanub, the pacifier that was attached to a small stuffed animal. Now, you can get pacifier holders in all shapes, sizes and colours. One would not immediately think that this could ever be a dangerous item, but we have one that was recalled that we need to warn you all about. Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders was recalled on March 15, 2018.

Over 600, 000 items were recalled for having faulty snaps. 67 units had been reported to have defective snaps that posed a huge choking hazard.

There have not been any reported injuries from this defect, which is a great relief. Consumers who purchased these items can contact the company for a full refund, and it is advised to dispose of the item immediately. Even if there is not a recall, it is always important to inspect your infant’s toys ever now and again. You want to just make sure that nothing has come lose, or that nothing looks broken.

1 Radio Flyer Wagon: Engine Runs With No One Operating

We have another wagon to add to our list, and it may be a wagon that attracted a lot of customers because it has an engine. Radio Flyer Wagon is one of the newer models on the market, and yes, it has an engine meaning that one could press a button and it would go on its own. This item was recently recalled in March of this year, and it involved about 5, 000 units. The reason for the recall had the potential to be extremely dangerous.

It has an engine, and in order to make the wagon go, one must push a button or a pedal. There was a flaw when designing this and an error when wiring that would cause the wagon to go on its own with no one pressing anything.

This is extremely dangerous. If kids are playing in it outside and the wagon starts to move on its own, there is always a chance that it could roll on out into traffic or other dangerous areas. When we are putting our children in anything, we want to make sure that we have full control of the item at all times. Customers who purchased this are eligible for a full refund.

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