20 Questionable Places Parents Actually Brought Their Kids On Vacation

Ask any parent if having a child changed their life, and they will answer with an overzealous yes. Taking care of a mini-human is a herculean effort for the most part. It means factoring in variables that those who are solo and childless can do without.

Even people who have said, "I would never take my child to X, Y or Z," wind up doing it because it could help their children get used to having adventures. There's also the fact that having a family unit then doesn't impede everyone from taking a vacation or having a family outing.

If you can do, it, then go ahead! Many parents on this list took their children to places they felt would be enjoyable, only to find out that it would mean answering a lot of questions from youngsters who realized the world is full of interesting and weird things!

Other times, these vacations and family outings meant children didn't always understand the places they were standing in. But overall, we can revel in the hilarious stories these family vacations have given the world.

Just FYI, these places aren't questionable in a negative way. These anecdotes were chosen because of the context of the story, and some minor logistical issues (such as ancient stairs and no wifi) made the situations questionable. We're sure every place is actually a great place to visit.

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20 The Endless Lines At Disney World


Disney World is wonderful and it can totally be a child's dream come true. But it can also have endless lines for rides, food, and the bathroom.

The park actually does a great job of accommodating people of various needs. But one mom wrote a blog post highlighting how her toddler reacted to Disney World.

It turns out two-year-olds don't have the patience to wait for a show to start. Her daughter still wanted to take a nap at her regular schedule and mom forgot to pack a sippy cup too!

The moral is that Disney World in Florida gets very warm and crowded—not fun for a toddler.

19 Lloret De Mar, Catalunya, And Their Overcrowded Beaches

Travel Family Blog

Jennifer Howze explains that some parts of Europe are known as havens of debauchery for people who want to have a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Lloret de Mar in Catalunya is one such place. Though Howze mentions that it can be a great place to visit once this peak season is over, she doesn't recommend taking your kids there if you want to keep listening to party animals.

Obviously, not everyone can control the time of year when they can go on vacation, but Howze is on to something. After all, it's not always good to be put in a position where you have to explain why *some* adults are so immature.

18 Hong Kong At 2 A.M. With A Grumpy Child!


Henley Velasquez went to Hong Kong with her family. To be fair, Velasquez said Hong Kong is family friendly, but she would have planned her arrival a little better.

Everyone in the family got jet-lagged because they went from New York City to Hong Kong. However, her young daughter at the time really took it up a notch by waking up at 2 am until she readjusted.

Velasquez also forgot to pack snacks the first time around. She learned the joys of entertaining a toddler until the kitchen opened for breakfast. Other than that, Hong Kong was a great experience for her family.

17 A Beautiful Cottage In Ontario, Canada—And A Car That Thinks For Itself!

Title Gods

Ted Hastings took his family to a beautiful cabin in Ontario, Canada. Like anything having to do with babies, things didn't go as planned when his baby turned out to have colic. They arrived at the cabin in Hasting's very new and shiny Audi.

He parked close to the lake, and his wife sensibly asked if maybe they were too close. He left the car as is, they had a colicky baby to care for, right?

A while later, a neighbor and his dog let Ted know something was floating on the lake. Turns out Audis can float well in lake water.

16 Spring Break In Key West, Florida: Family + College Kids Are Not The Best Mix

Crazy Family Adventure

Spring break in Key West sounds great. Beaches, snorkeling, and great weather can be great for a family—until you factor in Florida's history as a destination for college-age patrons.

Going to the beach may result in answering a lot of questions about what the college students are doing. Even in the best-case scenario, one Tripadvisor commenter warned families not to stay at certain hotels during spring break.

University students walking in at all hours while they're not at their best behavior can do a number on your family's sleep cycle. The commenter gave families a stern warning so they won't go through what he did.

15 A Green Pool In A Turkish Villa

A Test Run of PBL in Warrensville - WordPress.com

One family wrote to The Guardian about their experiences in a beautiful Turkish villa. Well, at least that's what they expected.

Though nothing else seemed to go wrong, if you go to a villa with your children and are really looking forward to using the pool, then having it turn green while you're there is a downer.

This is exactly what happened to this family. The father felt too shy, but the pool's greening continued, so his wife made a mild complaint to the owner.

The owner of the villa obliged the family by adding a powder that ensured they'd now swim in a green pool with a mysterious product. Great!

14 Bangkok, Thailand: A Land Of Tough Questions!


Bangkok is a beautiful city with history and good food, but it can be hard for some children to hang out there. Granted, there is a lot to see and do, but it's important to be prepared.

Sierra Zamarripa enjoyed her trip but felt she didn't receive enough information once she arrived. First off, many travel blogs often spoke about resorts and kids' clubs, but she and her partner wanted to stay in hostels and backpacking with their daughter.

She also had to learn a lot about negotiating cab fares, and she was able to find things to do. Thankfully Sierra and her partner fared well.

13 The Bar-Laden Streets Of New Orleans's French Quarter

Travel Family Blog

Nadia went to New Orleans and mentioned it went great. Except that she booked a place to stay in the middle of Bourbon Street.

Sure, they had a great time and there was plenty of great food, an amazing aquarium, and other activities. Without going into detail about what they saw, Nadia said her children's eyes "turned into saucers" when in Bourbon Street.

Well, at least things went okay, but Nadia had a lot of questions to answer thanks to the place she chose for her family to stay. The moral of the story is: you need to pay attention to the hotel location.

12 Amalfi Coast, Italy, And Its Rugged Landscapes

The Amalfi coast in Italy seems breathtaking. It has an ancient history and the way it was constructed makes it hard to travel with a young child.

Annie mentioned that she spent a lot of time climbing up and down stairs while either carrying or chasing after her toddler. To be fair, in an area that historical, it's possible that locals have tricks for how to deal with children.

Plus, it seems like the perfect opportunity to work up an appetite and taste Italian cuisine. However, we do understand that rugged towns and cliffs are different for parents and childless folks.

11 The Many Ruins Of Tulum, Mexico


Nestled in the Mayan Riviera, Tulum has beautiful ruins next to the beach that could probably make every kid feel like they're Indiana Jones.

Blissmersion published a family's recount of what they could've done better when visiting Tulum with their baby.

First off, the ruins are great but they're nearly impossible to navigate with a stroller. A baby-carrier can go a long way in climbing up and down the stairs so the entire family can have a great experience.

Renting a car seems to be the way to go, but families will learn the hard way that beaches in Tulum have no parking spots. Enjoy!

10 Cusco, Peru: Altitude And Kids Are Not A Fun Mix!

Travel Mad Mum

Cusco is yet another beautiful town. It was the capital city of the Incan Empire in Peru and it's actually quite family friendly.

The main things to worry about are the many hills and stairs, and its altitude. At about 3300 meters above sea level, Travel Mad Mum took her children, and her baby got a mild sunburn!

She mentioned that in her favor, she visited during low tourist season—always a great idea for parents! Of course, parents who go to Cusco should teach their children that llamas might spit on them. Oh, and everyone should carry toilet paper around.

9 Kids Like To Be Warm When They Ski


Brave Ski Mom talked about everything that went wrong when she took her 3-year-old skiing for the first time. She forgot to dress her son in warm clothes, so he was freezing throughout the ordeal.

She learned that children get colder faster than adults, which would've probably been nice to know beforehand. Not only that, she learned that children might not want to ski for several hours.

Her blog mentioned that a toddler may only stick around for 30 minutes—if that. She also talked about lowering her expectations, you might love skiing and snow, but not all kids will be amenable to this type of vacation.

8 Machu Picchu, Peru, And It's AMAZING, But Endless Stairs


Machu Picchu is situated at the start of the Amazon forest. It seems like an epic place to take a child, right?

The idea is kind of questionable once you realize that even if you take the bus up (to skip the 1800 stairs you'd have to climb), the city has a ton of stairs!

Bebe Voyage writer Michelle went to Peru by herself, and this included visiting Machu Picchu with her 10-month-old baby.

She went during Peruvian winter (August) and dealt with the wind, lack of high chairs, and even lack of car seats. Though it was hard, Michelle says her baby carrier saved her life.

7 The Grand Prix And Child-Unfriendly Lavishness In Monaco


Monaco is a principality and the world's second smallest country. It is in the French Riviera and is well-known for hosting Grand Prix races, its regal atmosphere, and for being super fancy.

One mom wrote about the time she took her three children there. She mentioned that it can work out as long as you make do with the fact that you will forgo many of its libations and casinos.

The country has a great waterfront and many activities, and though this mom reported no major issues, going somewhere else for much less cost and hassle of arriving is a better idea.

6 A Four-Month Honeymoon With Kids—What Could Go Wrong?


Honeymoons are a time for a newlywed couple to enjoy a few days on their own. One brave Swedish couple (Erika and Stefani) not only decided they'd go on a 4-month honeymoon, they decided to take their baby daughter along for the journey.

What could go wrong?

Thankfully they kept records of their adventures, some of which included getting stranded after a snowstorm on December 2010, and then being greeted with five more natural disasters.

This included experiencing the wonder of monsoon rain in Bali, and ending their trip with a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in New Zealand. There were a fire and flood, too!

5 The Extreme Heat Of Puglia, Italy

We Go With Kids

Italy has great food, amazing culture, and beautiful landscapes. One parent wrote about how they overestimated their parenting skills on a vacation to Puglia, Italy.

The Guardian explains that this writer took their entire family to Puglia, which included an 11-week old baby. They decided to go to the middle of nowhere, as one does with an 11-week-old.

It gets very warm in this part of Italy and instead of enjoying the sunny weather, they had to spend their days hiding from the sun as their baby didn't enjoy the sun's rays. We can all go over our heads sometimes.

4 Aspen, Colorado: Kids Get Over Snow Very Fast


Elizabeth told Yahoo! about her trip to Aspen, which didn't go as planned. Her family of five had to deal with a canceled flight and couldn't be placed in one for several days.

Then they had to battle for seats on the United bus just to try to get some time in their destination. This was after seeing all of their options, including the possibility of paying $1300 for an Uber.

Elizabeth and family finally got to Aspen after a 22-hour trip, complete with scarce food and water, drained battery devices, and a 9-hour bus ride. And then there was snow.

3 A Romantic B&B At Berkshires


Some couples want to share the joy they felt when they were dating, and Ellen wants to share with you why you shouldn't try. She and her husband went on a getaway to the Berkshires along with their 1 and 3-year-old.

It went as beautifully as you can imagine. The couple stayed at a B&B that's geared toward—duh—adults. The pool wasn't kid-friendly and it was too deep for her babies to use on their own.

A night out at a classical opera show turned into a proverbial whine-fest because young children just don't find orchestras so appealing. Yikes!

2 Las Vegas, Nevada: The Perfect Place For A Child To Relax, Right?

Little Feet Big Adventures

The City of Sin is known for its casinos, buffets, and other activities. Las Vegas has actually stepped up to be family-friendly and if you plan well, you can have an enjoyable family vacation there.

Heather recanted that her family stopover at Las Vegas actually went quite well. But she did have to be mindful of the many pamphlets her children kept getting. At the time, her kids were less than 10 years old, and her family was doing an RV trip.

Heather really stepped it up a notch when it came to looking for family-friendly options, but she emphasizes being vigilant about free handouts.

1 Spring Break In Cancún With The Kids! (Not!)

Little Feet Big Adventures

Cancún is a great beach town in Mexico and has something for everyone, but Stephanie learned a few things on her trip. She took her family there during spring break, presumably because this was the only time they could travel.

Wanting to avoid the spring break crowd, she and her family had to stay in two different hotels. They still couldn't avoid hearing or seeing of the college-age activities that ended up occurring there. She learned that college kids begin their spring break itinerary around 2 pm every day.

They often had to leave the pool by then just so the kids could have a G-rated time.

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