20 Questionable Things Celeb Parents Have Actually Bought Their Kids

Many of us moms dream of living the wealthy celeb lifestyle, because being rich would give us the power to buy our kids the best of everything. The thing is, a lot of stuff that rich and famous parents buy their children is a bit questionable. It's not necessarily necessary. Sometimes, it's way over the top. Overindulging kids with costly items and services may be a big mistake. It may breed a sense of entitlement which makes it harder for children to develop empathy and respect.

Some kids will handle being from wealthy, famous families better than others. A lot depends on the values that they are taught by their well-known parents.

The celeb parents on today's list haven't held back when it comes to giving their children things that most parents really can't afford to buy their children. These famous parents use their millions to indulge in their celeb offspring. Time will tell if their children grow up to be well-adjusted adults who contribute to their communities in positive and meaningful ways. Hollywood upbringings are different, though. Kids who are raised in the show business worlds of their parents definitely have unique experiences.

Read on to see which questionable items 20 celeb parents have bought their kids. Would most parents buy the same items if they could?

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20 Katie Holmes Gave Suri A Very Extravagant Playhouse


Suri Cruise is getting the Gossip Girl type of upbringing in New York City because she has very wealthy parents — both of whom have very high profiles. Suri is often photographed wearing expensive designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. She was also gifted with a lavish playhouse by her mother, actress Katie Holmes.

Most kids play "house" in playrooms. They pretend they're running their own household. Suri had the power to go out in her own backyard and play "house" in a real house. According to Huffpost.com, the house cost a whopping $24,000. It's equipped with heat, electricity, and running water, as well as a media room!

19 Elton John Bought His Baby Son A Condo

via:Daily Mail

Elton John seemed so thrilled to become a father. It was like all of his dreams came true. There are so many cute pics of Elton doting over his sons. To make sure that his son, Zachary, had the ultimate nursery, Elton bought a whole condo and then converted it into a nursery for his first-born, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website.

Elton splashed out £1.3 million for the condo when he was 63 years old.  Two years later, Elton and his hubby, David Furnish, welcomed their second son, Elijah. With an estimated net worth of half a billion bucks, Elton can afford to buy whatever he wants for his children.

18 J. Lo's Twins Received Shetland Ponies

via:Page Six

J. Lo adores her twins, Max and Emme, and this Bronx-bred dancer/actress/singer/entrepreneur doesn't shy away from spending some of her hard-earned money making them happy.

She's known as one of the celeb mom big spenders, according to Celebsnow.co.uk.

She bought the twins a couple of cute Shetland ponies and that just scratched the surface. She also spends on high-fashion clothes for the kids, such as designs from posh fashion house Burberry, and went all out when on the twin's nursery when they were babies. Each crib featured bedding made from luxurious Egyptian cotton.

Nothing is too good for Max and Emme!

17 The Beckhams Treated Their Kids To A Redwood Treehouse

via: DailyMail.co.uk

Soccer legend David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham have money to burn. They probably couldn't spend it all if they tried, although their resources are being poured into financing Victoria's struggling fashion house, according to Theguardian.com.

To make sure that their kids had a great place to play on their estate in England, they shelled out big bucks for a tree house made from redwood. There was a bit of a problem, though. The fancy tree house was built before the Beckhams received formal planning permission, according to Dailymail.co.uk, so it eventually was approved and didn't have to be moved off the property.

16 Brad Pitt Spent A Fortune On Clothes For His Kids While In Paris


Brad Pitt is a permanent member of Hollywood's A-list, just like Angelina Jolie is. Although this high-powered couple is no longer a duo, they used to travel the world together, with their large brood in tow.

On one trip to Paris, Brad was happy to treat his kids to shopping sprees that didn't happen at Target or Walmart. According to Madeformums.com, he dropped $10,000 buying clothing for his children. His daughter Shiloh wanted boys clothes, while her sister, Zahara, preferred to stock up on dresses from exclusive retailers. If I had the same money, I'd probably do the same thing for my kids, too!

15 Gwen Stefani Has Paid For Hair Bleaching For Her Oldest Son


I think children's hair shouldn't be colored unless it's some temporary dye that doesn't dry out their tresses. What do you think?

Super-glam celeb mom Gwen Stefani does think that it's fine to bleach her children's hair. Her son, Kingston, was spotted with bleached locks that matched Gwen's own platinum 'do. The top of Kingston's hair was dyed while the bottom remained his natural brown, thanks to CafeMom.

Gwen has access to one impressive glam squad and she's a creative, fashion-forward person, so it's not surprising that she wants a creative hair look for her son. Bleached hair can be cut off eventually, so it's not the end of the world if it does get very dry.

14 Angelina Jolie Bought Son Maddox A Motorbike


How young is too young for a motorbike? These vehicles are nicknamed "donorcycles" for good reason! Motorbikes are dangerous. Riders are not shielded as they would be in cars. When something goes wrong, riders may get hurt, or worse.

Angelina Jolie and her then-hubby Brad Pitt bought their son, Maddox, a motorbike when he was just 11 years old, according to the CTV News. These famous parents gave him the motorcycle on his birthday. Brad Pitt supervised the creation of a trail on family property in France, so little Maddox could go for motorcycle rides whenever he wanted to.

13 Christina Aguilera Spent A Bundle On A Posh Nursery


Christina Aguilera has earned $160-million bucks over the years, based on information from the Networthbro.com website, so it makes sense that she'd feel comfortable spending a bundle on a nursery for her baby son.

Christina is a pop diva who had a son Max on the 12th of January, 2008. To give Max' spacious nursery pizzazz, Christina went for large scale toys and motifs, including a moon that measured 11-feet in length. There were also Nintendo video game characters and Paddington Bear! While Christina is no longer with her baby daddy, Jordan Bratman, she credits him with the design ideas for their son's nursery.

12 Farrah Abraham Bought Makeup For Her Child


Few celeb moms get as much shade for their parenting as Farrah Abraham. When it comes to rules for her daughter, Sophia, she tends to make unconventional choices, some of which practically break the Internet. For example, Farrah is fine with her daughter wearing makeup to school and has allowed her to do so since she was just 7 years old, according to Refinery29.com.

Farrah actually had to fight for her daughter's right to wear makeup to class, because it wasn't permitted. Farrah buys her daughter makeup and also spends a lot of money on expensive stuff for Sophia, including a pricey laptop and a pony.

11 Tori Spelling's Mom Used To Hide Jewels In The Sand For Tori To Find


Tori Spelling and her mother Candy don't really have the best relationship. They struggle to get along and they've both taken digs at each other through the press. Tori's father, Aaron Spelling, was a very famous producer. When he passed on, the world expected Tori to inherit a huge amount of money... more than enough money to live lavishly on for the rest of her life. Instead, Tori received $800,000, according to En.wikipedia.org.

Tori apparently already spent that money and now has financial problems. Her current financial situation is a far cry from her childhood when her mom used to hide gems in the sand for her to find.

10 Lil Wayne Splashed Out Major Cash For His Daughter's Sweet 16 Party


Celeb dads like to spoil their babies, just like celeb moms do. Even when their babies get bigger and become teenagers, the spoiling doesn't let up. Lil Wayne is one celeb dad who went the extra mile to give his daughter a truly extravagant and exciting sweet sixteen party, according to Popbuzz.com.

His daughter is named Reginae and she was the star of the sweet 16 of her dreams during November of 2014. At her party, Nicki Minaj gave a performance and the birthday girl received a couple of sporty cars, rather than just one. Is all this too much for teens?

9 Mom And Dad Bought Shiloh Jolie-Pitt A Skate Park


Brad and Angelina do seem to be very generous when it comes to their children. When Brad and Angie were still an item, rather than just co-parenting, they purchased a skate park for their daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, according to the Dailymail.co.uk.

There are a lot of kids out there who could only dream of having personal skate parks on their parent's properties. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt definitely isn't having a normal childhood. Mom and dad are famous and very rich, so they are able to provide perks that typical kids don't get. Whether rich kids like Shiloh are any happier is another question.

8 North West Gets Diamonds From Kanye And Kim


North West is already dripping in diamonds, even though she's just a little kid. Bear in mind that some of the diamonds are given as gifts. Kim and Kanye don't buy them all; sometimes, they come from friends.

North West did receive an impressive pair of diamond studs from a jeweler friend of Kim's, according to Eonline.com. Each diamond stud earring is half a carat. The earrings were a first birthday present from jeweler-to-the-stars, Lorraine Schwartz.

North West has also been photographed wearing a thick and expensive gold necklace of her father's. Suffice it to say, she has plenty of fine jewelry to play with at home.

7 Blue Ivy Gets Luxury Pedicures From Beyoncé And Jay-Z


Blue Ivy is the daughter of one of the music industry's most revered power couples. Her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, have so much money and so much influence. They are happy to treat their daughter to all sorts of luxury items and services, including diamond-encrusted Barbie dolls, designer clothes, and relaxing pedicures, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

In one pic of a Blue Ivy pedicure, a bottle of pricey Chanel nail enamel is resting on a nearby table. In the world of the Carters, everything is so high-end. Moms with less money find cheap or free ways to make their daughters feel like princesses.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Preparing To Hand GOOP Over To Daughter Apple


Giving a daughter a pedicure or playhouse is one thing. Giving her a very successful company is quite another. Gwyneth Paltrow has made it clear that she'd love to hand over the reins of her lifestyle and wellness website/company, GOOP, to her daughter Apple, according to Dailymail.co.uk. Apple's dad is Chris Martin of Coldplay, so I can't imagine him wanting a different line of work for his daughter.

Gwyneth and ex Chris also has a son Moses together, but maybe Moses isn't showing much interest in the GOOP brand. Apple is interested in it, however, and since her parents are so wealthy and connected, Apple will have tons of opportunities in life. She's a bit young to pick a direction right now.

5 Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith Give Jaden A Huge Allowance


Will Smith has made jokes about the downside of giving his kids such a lenient upbringing, according to Theindusparent.com. Will and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, are very into giving their children freedom. One way they made their kids feel free is by providing them with generous allowances. For example, their son Jaden gets a hefty allowance, which gives him the power to indulge in costly clothes and accessories, not to mention fine jewelry.

Jaden's earning some cash of his own these days but had it so easy before he started working. He's been spotted with rings from Cartier in his hair, shining as decorations for his braids.

4 Suri Cruise Has A Multi-million Dollar Wardrobe


Suri has a fancy playhouse, plus a pretty sophisticated wardrobe. Wealthy moms like Katie Holmes shop at designer stores and pick up stuff for their kids while they are there. Since they're rich, they're able to buy clothes that cost thousands of dollars, or even more, like the rest of us buy cups of coffee from Starbucks.

Children of celebs are rarely not indulged. It's more commonplace for them to have the best of everything. According to Glamour.com, Suri's wardrobe has a retail value of $3-million dollars. That's really over the top, don't you think? It's a bit much.

3 Khloe Kardashian's Daughter Is Treated To Burberry Clothing


Khloé Kardashian's daughter True is just a baby, but she's already getting to know the perks of the glam celebrity lifestyle, thanks to her mom and dad. Her mother Khloé Kardashian dresses her in Burberry from head-to-toe sometimes, according to Cosmopolitan.com. These little outfits are s0 adorable, but they don't come cheap. Of course, like many celebs, Khloé gets a lot of free swag, so she may not pay for everything that her daughter wears.

True has also been playing with her mom's makeup lately. There's sure a lot of makeup to play with, but True doesn't wear the face paint out in public, of course.

2 Mason Disick Gets To Fly In Private Jets


Mason Disick surely has to put up with the downside of being a part of the whole Kardashian fame phenomenon, so let's not begrudge him some private jet flights. Mason is the son of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian. He's used to the spotlight even though he's very young. He's old enough to know that mom and dad keep the money rolling in because they are willing to share details about their lives—and kids—online, and on reality TV.

Mason does get some luxurious perks, including the private jet rides and designer clothes from trendy labels like Supreme, according to People.com

1 DJ Khaled's Son Got A Watch Worth $100-Grand


Do toddlers need diamond-encrusted wristwatches worth $100,000? DK Khaled thinks so. Khaled's son Asahd is the owner of a $100,000 watch from Franck Muller of Switzerland, according to Billboard.com. This watch was a present from daddy, who bought it for Asahd for the baby's first birthday.

Baby Ashad owns a lot of good stuff already. He's definitely being spoiled. DK Khaled is very into being a dad and loves spending time with his son, in addition to buying him expensive things. The baby gets a lot of pricey gifts, too. It looks like dad is priming his son for a life in the spotlight!

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