20 Questionable Things Parents Outside The US Are Feeding Their Kids

There are a lot of very important details when it comes to raising children. One of those details that expecting parents should discuss before the baby makes their arrival is how and what the child is going to be fed.

There are some mothers out there who choose to give their children formula, and then there are also moms who decide that nursing works best for them. Furthermore, it is easy to see why they would feel that way, as nursing has a lot of natural health benefits for both the mother and the child.

No matter what a mother chooses to feed her baby during their first few months of life, there will come a time when they need to be introduced to solid foods. That can be quite hard to do, but according to scienceofmom.com, there are some very helpful tips to make the process easier.

However, some moms might be surprised to find out that babies are fed some very interesting (and sometimes questionable) things in other countries. There are a lot of moms in various countries that feed their children food that is not necessarily bad, but it is very surprising, to say the least.

20 Rice And Beans Can Make Any Child Gassy


There are a lot of dishes that come from Mexico which contain rice and beans; however, when moms think about starter foods, they usually do not think about beans. Unless, of course, they are in Mexico, where this is apparently a normal thing. Rice and beans are usually alright for adults to handle, but one of the things beans can cause for people of all ages is gas.

Many men and women who have eaten this kind of food can confirm that it sometimes causes gas. According to verywellhealth.com, the reason for this is because of a sugar that is found in beans. Gas can hurt, and therefore giving a child beans may cause them some discomfort and make them a bit fussy.

19 Honey Can Bring On Botulism


When babies are still very young, their bodies are not quite ready for certain foods just yet. In fact, we now know that one of those foods that parents should avoid feeding their little one before they are older is honey.

Honey seems fairly harmless to most of us, but the truth is that it is not good for infants. But something that is extremely surprising is the fact, according to wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com, is that there are still many places where babies are given honey at a very young age.

Jamaica is one of these places. Moms in Jamaica give their babies small amounts, but even that is dangerous, as it can cause botulism (bacteria) in infants.

18 Fish Is One Of The Top Allergens


There are a lot of extremely delicious foods out there, so it can be exciting for parents to introduce some of them to their children. However, one very important thing to remember when feeding a young baby is the fact that infants cannot eat everything we eat.

One of the foods parents must be careful with is fish. According to babycenter.com, children need to be introduced to other things first and then wait a bit before trying to eat fish.

That is because of the fact that fish happens to be one of the top allergenic foods. However, something that can be very surprising is the fact that some mothers in China feed their children fish along with a dish called congee.

17 Chili Powder On Fruit Is Too Strong For Our Babies' Stomachs


There are a lot of places outside of the US that are very famous for their food. Mexico is certainly one of them, and that is true for a couple of reasons.

The people of Mexico have created some of the most wonderful, colorful, tasty, and fun dishes to look at and to eat. Furthermore, they have also created some of the spiciest meals that I can think of.

Some of those meals are so spicy that they are hard for many adults to handle. But a surprising fact is that babies in Mexico start eating spicier things at a young age. According to fitpregnancy.com, mothers in Mexico often sprinkle chili powder on fruit before giving it to their children. Considering the fact that spicy things sometimes make our stomachs upset, it could be too harsh on a baby's little stomach so soon in its life.

16 Khichdi Can Be Too Filling For Babies, Making Them Not Want To Eat Other More Nutritional Things


There are quite a few things that most people think are good for babies to eat. One of those things is rice. Many foods are fine when they are eaten in moderation, which is is true for rice, but there are a lot of places that really push parents to feed their children a lot of rice, and India is one of them.

In fact, according to shishuworld.com, there are various recipes for khichdi (rice and lentils) that are made with babies in mind. But it really is not good for babies to consume a lot of this stuff. Firstly, infants need nutrients, which rice greatly lacks. Secondly, since rice is so filling, infants may not feel like eating the other things that are typically served with this, including vegetables.

15 The Cameroon Dish Pap Can Be Too Filling


There are a lot of foods that look great, and they taste just as good as you would imagine. But, on the other hand, there are also foods that either look wonderful and taste offputting, or they look offputting and taste wonderful.

But then there is one more category. There are some dishes that taste just as gross as they look, and some things babies eat around the world are no exception to that. One of those dishes is called pap, and according to voanews.com, it is something that little baby girls and baby boys eat in Cameroon.

Honestly, it is soft and mushy — the way a starter food should be. But if someone looked at it without knowing what it is, the chances of them wanting to feed it to their child are not very high. This mushy porridge does not have much appeal, and could make your child too full to eat anything else.

14 Seaweed Can Be Home To Too Many Toxins


There are a lot of things out there that many people would never really consider eating. Furthermore, some of those things are actually found in a lot of dishes around the world, which can be rather surprising to those who come to visit such places.

One of those things is seaweed. There are a lot of people who would never even dream of feeding it to themselves, much less their children, simply because of that fact that eating it just sounds very strange.

However, according to positivehealthwellness.com, seaweed can be found in many dishes in China. Furthermore, parents there begin feeding it to their babies pretty early. This is surprising to some of us, because seaweed is super absorbing, absorbing toxins which can be bad for our babies' health.

13 Gbegiri In Nigeria May Make Your Baby Bloated


There are many interesting things that Nigeria is known for, and one of them is the tasty food that is often served there. The people that live there definitely has some awesome things to choose from when meal time comes around.

Furthermore, even the infants there have some foods that people in other countries may not be familiar with. In fact, one of those things is a dish called Gbegiri.

For those who do not know, this dish is very soft and mushy. According to allnigerianrecipes.com, this stuff is often paired up with some other things to make it more appealing.

However, when it is served on its own, Gbegiri looks pretty unappetizing. Furthermore, it is made from beans, which can have a negative effect on the digestive system.

12 Shrimp Are Just Too Thick & Chewy To Swallow Comfortably


It seems that every place around the world certainly has some very unique dishes, and that fact does not change when it comes to baby food. In fact, some babies even eat shrimp that is not pureed.

According to babycenter.com, there are a lot of moms out there that like to puree their baby’s food in order to make sure the child can handle it well. However, some parents may be surprised to find out that parents in Vietnam often serve their little ones thinly sliced shrimp.

Just because something it sliced into small bits does not mean in it soft or mushy enough for a young baby to eat. However, those in Vietnam often serve the shrimp with soups.

11 Hawaii's Poi Might Be Too Strong Of A Probiotic


There are a lot of things that people think about when they are discussing Hawaii. They often picture beautiful beaches, water, palm trees, pineapples, and volcanoes, as well as some of the delicious food that is often served there.

Furthermore, there is one particular food that has only ever been made in Hawaii, and it is called poi (fermented root). According to wonderopolis.org, this is one of the first solids a baby is introduced to on the island.

While it does not sound particularly bad, it also does not look very good. Furthermore, it is made with the idea that little ones will be sticking their fingers in it, which kind of makes it seem even less appetizing than it already did. It is made from fermented—and later cooked—taro roots. It looks like a less appetizing version of chocolate pudding and is a great probiotic for adults, but not for kids.

10 Lugaw In The Philippines Is Far Too Salty


Babies eat a lot of different things around the world. One of the things mothers have been known to feed to their infant boys and girls in the Philippines is something that is called Lugaw.

There are various versions of this dish, but for the most part, all of the ingredients remain the same (rice porridge). This is a food moms should serve with caution, as it does contain salt, which can be unhealthy for babies.

According to babycentre.co.uk, there really is not a reason to ever add salt to your infants’ meals. Babies under one year old are only capable of handling a tiny amount.

9 Cheese Has Too Much Diary For Young Ones


There are a lot of awesome things that France is known for, and food is definitely one of them. Parents in France certainly do things their own way, and feeding their children is no exception to this.

According to frenchfoodbaby.blogspot.com, children start eating different kinds of cheeses at a very young age there. In fact, babies are already having cheese before they are even one-year-old.

However, parents in other places usually wait a bit to bring cheese into their kids’ life. Cheese contains milk protein, which means that it might cause an allergic reaction in some babies. If a baby was already diagnosed with a food allergy, has eczema, or an immediate allergic reaction to a food in the past, he or she should see a doctor before eating cheese.

8 Eating Potatoes Before A Baby's Teeth Are Fully In Could Be A Hazard


Rice is a food that is often found in a lot of different dishes, and the same is true for potatoes. One fun fact is that mashed potatoes are actually considered to be a solid food when it comes to babies and their diets, according to canigivemybaby.com.

However, some moms and dads might be surprised to find out that there are parents in other places who actually do not mash their child’s potatoes up. In fact, in Vietnam, many mothers give their little boys and girls potatoes that they have cut into very thin slices, but they are still not mashed. That is strange to some other parents because it seems as though that would be hard for the baby to eat and digest.

7 Beets Are A Natural Laxative


Introducing a little one to new things that they have not yet tried can be very fun for parents. That is especially true when it comes to foods. To prove this, there are some pretty hilarious videos on the Internet showing babies try to eat sour things like limes and lemons for the first time.

However, for the most part, there are a lot of parents that take it slow when introducing their babies to new foods. But, on the other hand, according to parenting.blogs.nytimes.com, there are a lot of parents in France who bring many new foods into their children's’ life at once — and that includes beets.

To those who live there, that probably does not seem all that strange. But others might think it is off because of the fact that beets are known to have a laxative effect. Let’s just say if a child eats them often, he or she might be visiting the bathroom a lot.

6 Eggplant Can Cause Skin Irritations


Eggplant originally came from India, but these days it can be found in numerous places around the world. Therefore, there are a lot of dishes in various countries that contain eggplant, which is not too surprising as it can actually be quite beneficial to a certain extent.

However, there are also some negative effects for those who eat a lot of it. For example, there are reasons that pregnant women are told not to eat it. Furthermore, according to goodhealthall.com, consuming eggplant can cause allergic reactions in some people.

However, there are still some people who choose to feed it to their babies. In Asia, eggplant is sometimes smashed and blended with rice, and then given to infants.

5 The Ginger In Dalia Can Upset Other Meds


There are quite a few delicious dishes that are served in India. Furthermore, some of them are made to feed to babies.

That last sentence would probably lead one to believe that the ingredients in the dish are safe for babies. However, the surprising part is that that is simply not true.

One of the dishes that has been known to be served by mothers in India is something called dalia (also known as bulgar), which actually looks and sounds quite good. But, according to indianmoms.com, one of the ingredients in it is ginger.

Ginger can be great for a lot of things in adults, however, it is considered to be unsafe for babies who are under the age of two. A large amount of ginger root can interfere with meds and cause an upset stomach. It is best to consult a pediatrician before feeding this to a tiny baby.

4 Tortillas Are A Little Too Thick To Chew


There are many places around the world that are known for having some of the most interesting and delicious meals one can imagine. Furthermore, Mexico is one of those places.

The people of Mexico often have things such as refried beans, tacos, and soups. Additionally, they also eat tortillas. These tortillas are actually not that harmful when they are eaten once in a while, but according to paleohacks.com, tortillas are eaten quite a bit there.

They can be rather unhealthy to eat often, along with being a major choking hazard. So, some people might be surprised to find that there are children in Mexico who regularly chow down on this stuff.

3 Too Much Olive Oil Can Cause Diarrhea


Sometimes when someone thinks about what children in Italy eat, they might think they consume pasta every day. However, that is not true, especially when it comes to babies who are just beginning to eat solid foods.

Moms and dads in Italy actually serve their children things that babies in other parts of the world also consume. However, sometimes they do add some olive oil to the dishes that they serve their babies.

Olive oil can be relatively harmless. However, it is also not something that babies should consume a lot of, according to healthline.com. That is because of the fact that it has a laxative affect.

2 Peanut Butter Early On Could Lead To Spontaneous Allergies


In the US, mothers and fathers wait quite a while to introduce their little babies to new things, especially when it comes to certain foods. However, other countries have some slightly different attitudes where baby food is concerned.

A great example is Israel. One of the foods babies get to eat there when they are making the transition from formula or their mother’s milk to solid foods is peanut butter.

That is often a huge surprise for mothers in other countries, but especially those in the US. That is because peanuts are one of the top eight allergenic foods that are the cause for over half of allergic reactions in the US, according to momtricks.com.

1 Hummus May Have Too Much Garlic In It


One of the most interesting places that has some very unique food is Egypt. One thing that many men and women seem to enjoy eating there is hummus. Furthermore, there are different versions of it, some of which are mild. Other versions are slightly more spicy.

However, some parents in other parts of the world might be surprised to learn that hummus is not only eaten by adults and older children because of its soft and creamy texture, it is also given to babies when they are starting to eat solid foods.

However, moms should definitely be careful with this food. That is because hummus contains sesame seeds and oil. According to canigivemybaby.com, those things can cause allergic reactions in some people.

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