20 Questions Dad Might Have That He's Afraid To Ask

Having a baby is usually pretty natural for moms because there are hundreds and hundreds of books out there geared towards helping mom through such a delicate and challenging time. There are books out there for new dads, but not nearly as many, and most of the time, dads want to learn by doing rather than reading.

Often, dads also have this stigma that they need to know everything automatically and don’t need to be taught. They feel as though they need to provide for their family, which includes understanding how to take care of them from the beginning without having to do any learning. This leads us to believe that new dads everywhere have a whole lot of questions about what goes on throughout pregnancy, during labor and delivery and then when the baby comes home. Some of those questions might be out of nerves or fear—that they should know these things—but others may be genuine because if it is their first baby, chances are nobody ever took the time to tell them anything they needed to know.

It is important to remember that not all dads have as much support and time to learn as mothers do—some women dream of having children from a young age, while it takes some men take a while to decide that they want a child—so any questions daddy may have should always be answered.

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20 How Do I Change My Child Without Getting Wet?

Family Friendly Daddy Blog

Boys are a lot different than little girls when it comes to changing them because of all the parts that girls don’t have. Often, when the diaper comes off of a little boy, they automatically tend to go number one, and it usually ends up on or in the face of mom or dad.

According to Baby Med, there are several ways to avoid being peed on. Covering the area until the new diaper is on, or allow him to pee after the diaper is off before trying to change him. It is almost a rite of passage for new parents to peed on at least once after bringing a baby boy home from the hospital, but these are the steps to take to avoid it happening all the time.

19 Why Does My Baby Have Acne?


Although you might not expect a brand new baby to get something that tortures many adults in their day to day lives, baby acne is widespread. This usually affects babies that are about 2-3 weeks old and is seen in about 40% of newborn children.

The critical thing to remember here is that it doesn’t bother a baby in the way that it may hurt and scar us, which is why it should not be so worrisome. The pimples are usually caused the hormones in a newborn's system from mom, but can also be caused by being dirty because a child's pores are not yet fully developed, according to What To Expect.

18 Why Am I So Impatient With My Newborn?

Medical News Today

Being frustrated and angry with a newborn is normal to some degree. New parents are not used to the constant crying when something is needed, as well as having to take care of a child 24/7. According to Parents Magazine, a new mother especially is raging with hormones after giving birth, so her emotions might be all over the place, which can, in turn, affect dads as well.

It is essential to understand that it is entirely okay to set the child down—either with the other parent or in a safe, secure environment—and leave the room to take a few deep breaths and recuperate.

17 How Do I Comfort My Baby In The Middle Of The Night?

Beyond Organic Baby

A new dad should know that most new babies do not sleep through the entire night. For the most part, they usually sleep on and off while needing to be changed and fed in between their small naps. Although there might be times that mom has to care for the baby in the middle of the night with her breast milk, there will be times dad can soothe the baby back to sleep as well.

According to Mother and Baby, it is essential first to identify why the child is crying and try to meet those needs before anything else. This could mean they need to be fed, changed or just comforted.

16 How Do I Get Sleep With A Newborn?

Direct Advice for Dads

It is really important to avoid using caffeine to wake yourself up while caring for a newborn all hours of the night and day. Although the use of coffee or energy drinks keeps us awake, it also disrupts our ability to sleep in the future, according to GQ.

A new parent needs to be able to sleep on cue whenever the baby is sleeping, and if there is still caffeine coursing through our bodies most likely we aren’t going to be able to sleep quickly. New parents should be using natural supplements to keep them awake, if anything at all, to avoid the damage that caffeine does to a body that needs sleep.

15 What Does Breastmilk Taste Like?


There is a stigma out there that dads are very interested in how breastmilk tastes. It is entirely reasonable for them to be curious. According to What To Expect, there are a plethora of dads out there who are interested in trying the milk that comes from their wives and girlfriends. Some will say it’s bitter and they didn’t like it, while others will say it’s sweet and delicious.

Breastfeeding a child is a very intimate moment between mom and baby, and sometimes dads want to be included in moments such as these by testing the milk, which is why they are often so curious.

14 When Can I Go Out With Friends


It is very common for dads to be less involved in taking care of a new baby than moms. Some dads are left wondering if they are ever going to have a social life again. A healthy relationship, according to Parents Magazine, consists of both parents taking turns going on social outings, or going out together when they have someone they trust to watch the baby.

There is a stigma that looks down upon new parents who want to go out, but in reality, going out once in a while is okay. It is healthy for parents to take a step back and go have some fun every once in a while. They need these moments in order not to go crazy while caring for a new baby.

13 How Expensive Are Babies?

FONA International

Money can quickly become a sore subject for new parents, especially dads. Often fathers feel as though they need to be the sole breadwinners when a child is born because their wives are taking care of the child. According to Parents Magazine, it may feel as though you are never bringing home enough money to meet all the needs of your new family.

Babies can be pretty expensive if you don’t plan for them. The beauty of them, though, is that for most parents, once a pregnancy is announced, there are at least nine months to prepare. It's essential to collect things that will be needed little by little to not be stressed out about buying everything at once when the baby arrives.

12 Where Can I Find Other Dads To Talk To?

Terra Centre

It is easy for mothers to find other mothers to talk to within their families, at the hospital, on social media, etc. Dads are often much more macho and feel as though they can do everything on their own rather than talking to others that are going through the same things.

For those out there who feel comfortable talking to others, Dads Talking is a forum specifically dedicated to dads—it’s a place for them to socialize and find answers to questions they find themselves asking all the time. It’s important for dads to know that it is perfectly reasonable to ask questions and seek help when needed.

11 How Do I Know If My Wife Is Dealing With PPD?

UW Medicine Right As Rain

Postpartum depression is a severe problem that affects many mothers after they give birth. It is imperative that fathers or partners be able to recognize signs of PPD. This disorder will look similar to depression for those who know what that looks like.

According to Psychology Today, there are a lot of things a dad should say that can help his partner through this—and there are a lot of things he can say that will make it worse, which is why being educated about the situation is imperative. The critical thing to remember is that women need all the support they can get during this time.

10 How Do I Stop My Baby From Crying?


Dads will often feel as though they cannot comfort their baby as much as a mom can. According to Baby Center, there are plenty of ways that dad can soothe his baby. The important part is first to figure out why the baby is crying in the first place—this will give him an idea as to how to stop the crying.

Many dads are good at being funny and making children laugh, which might not work with a newborn baby, but it does begin to build a bond. There are also a lot of other things to try for a crying baby, including walking around the house, car rides, etc.

9 How Do I Bond With My Baby?

Direct Advice for Dads

Usually, when a new child is born, mom takes on many responsibilities that involve taking care of the baby. For dad, they often have difficulty finding the time to bond with the child while they are taking the time to support mom in everything she is doing.

According to Boppy, the best way to bond with baby is to take time out of every day to spend a good amount of time with the baby. This can be bathing the baby whenever they need it, or putting the baby to bed every night—anything that can be done often specifically by dad, which gives them time to bond.

8 What Is Normal Sleep Like For A Newborn?


The most important thing to note for new parents is that an odd sleeping pattern for a newborn is entirely normal. New babies usually sleep all the time, off and on during the day and night. Many parents find this hard to deal with because we are so used to sleeping through the night and being up all day, but it takes a while for a child to get a schedule down.

According to Stanford Children’s Health, a newborn baby sleeps about eight hours during the day and 8 hours on and off throughout the night as well. If they are sick or premature, they might be sleeping even more, which will allow them to continue developing.

7 How Do I Support My Wife Through Labor?

Heidi Biddle's Doula

Labor and delivery is a stressful situation for most dads because they don't always know how to support their laboring wife. According to Parents Magazine, the first thing to remember is to be completely calm and collected at all times. If mom sees you freak out, then she is most likely going to stress out as well.

It’s also essential that dad is educated about the laboring process—what could happen, what might not happen, etc.—because this way mom can focus on birthing the child, rather than having to relay all the specifics of what is going on to dad. Be positive the entire time; this will go a long way in the delivery room.

6 Why Is Breastfeeding So Important?


Sometimes dad might get a little jealous of the bonding time between a mother and a child during the feeding process. This may lead dad to wonder why breastfeeding is so important for a new baby.

Although it is normal for them to be formula fed, a child gets more nutrients when they are given a mother’s milk than when they are given regular formula. If a mother can breastfeed, it is essential that the child get this form of food, because it will help them to grow so much more at the beginning of their life, according to WebMD.

5 When Will The Baby Stop Sleeping With Us?

Mommy Thoughts Daily

Co-sleeping is something that parents often do with their children for at least the first year of their lives, and sometimes longer, depending on the situation. For single mothers, they might co-sleep much longer, but for a couple, it can take a toll on them if the child is sleeping with them for too long.

According to Today’s Parent, it is entirely reasonable to keep kids in the bed and or bedroom with you for at least the first six months because SIDS is very real. But after six months to a year, the transition to their room should be started if the parents want them to feel comfortable in their rooms.

4 How Long Will She Breastfeed For?


For dads, breastfeeding can either lead them to be jealous or happy that mom is bonding so easily with baby. But after a while, they might be asking themselves how long their child will be breastfeeding. Many women start solids with a baby around six months of age, and as that stage starts, breastfeeding can gradually go down. But some mothers choose to breastfeed well into the toddler years.

According to Psychology Today, this is a bittersweet situation because breastfeeding continues to give the child all the nutrients they need but dads can become jealous if it goes on too long.

3 Why Won’t Mom Let Me Do Anything?

The Bump

A mother oftentimes feels as though she must do all the taking care of a baby by herself, which leaves dads sometimes feeling useless. According to The Bump, a dad needs to be able to have a turn taking care of children because they need time to bond just as the mother does.

There are plenty of areas in which dad can help, such as feeding with a bottle—even if mom is breastfeeding—or bath time and dad should have time to cuddle the baby just as much as mom. Not only does it allow them to bond, but it gives mom a much-needed break—which she needs, regardless of what she says!

2 Can I Have Help?


Help can be seen as a very negative word, because parents everywhere may feel as though they are a failure by asking for a little bit of help. The critical thing to remember is that parents are not required to know every single thing there is to know about a child and taking care of them.

There are going to be times when having a new baby in the house becomes too much, especially when you also have to juggle a job or other children, and it is okay to ask for help in these situations. According to Parents Magazine, those who ask for help when they need it are much more likely not to have breakdowns when things get tough.

1 How Do I Make My Other Half Feel Good About Herself?

Jodi Carol Photography

After giving birth, moms are often insecure about their bodies and being able to bounce back. It is essential that dads take all the time necessary to make a new mother feel good about herself in every way. Things such as taking her shopping for new things, calling her beautiful all the time, giving her massages and just taking time to spend just with her will make a big difference in her self-esteem.

According to Life Hacks, it takes a lot of strength for a mother to go through being pregnant and having a supportive husband there to make sure she feels comfortable and beautiful is essential.

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