20 Questions That Turn The ObGyn's Cheeks Red

The world of a woman changes once she decides she is ready to have children. In fact, some individuals may argue that this is when the fun really starts as it is no longer a case of me, myself and I. Quite the contrary actually, as it is a moment of deep thoughts, feelings and questions that are looking for answers and are showing up on the surface.

“To have or not to have a baby”...no, that isn’t the question anymore for most women. The questions most first-time mums are asking their OBGYN involve body parts, fluids, breastfeeding, and what actually happens after giving birth...after all, they are first-timers. And even mums who have had several children are also asking questions and demanding answers, this is because every pregnancy is different from the other. One mum might have a relaxed first-time pregnancy and after some time when she finds out she’s expecting again she might start feeling quite ill and differently from her first time around.

OBGYNs have to be very responsible and respectful towards their patients as they are often more emotional than ever before. Continue reading to find out what questions can turn their OBGYN’S cheeks red!

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20 Do Babies Feel Full With Colostrum?

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Many first time mums have never heard of the word colostrum before they got pregnant. In fact, many soon-to-be-mums think that breastfeeding is an easy thing to do. It turns out breastfeeding can be complicated if not done correctly.

As Today’s Parent explains, colostrum or liquid gold is designed to feed your newborn baby according to their needs, it helps to protect him or her from infections, and, even though some mums report they don’t have much colostrum, even two drops of this liquid will help feed a newborn baby, as they have very small stomachs. So yes, babies will feel full with colostrum.

19 Can I Just Google My Symptoms? 

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Before having a positive confirmation from a pregnancy test many women decide to go onto Google to find out if the symptoms they are feeling are a match to the symptoms described by so many people online.

And as Julie's Married explains, if questions about problems, symptoms or illnesses come to your head at all times and there is a recurrent need to google everything, then why don’t you simply do it the old way and go ask a doctor about it? Make a list of your questions and then have a chat with the doctor, as they might calm you down so you can stop panicking about things.

18 Is It Okay To Go On The Pill Soon After Giving Birth?

The NHS has written an extensive list of recommendations about birth control practices to be done soon after giving birth. Even though it all depends on what you and your partner are looking for, the two of you could possibly start taking care of this business from the moment you have given birth.

Moreover, doctors tend to love this question as it leads them to talk to their patients and explain to them about all the different possibilities of birth control. Do remember, though, women go through so many changes after the delivery of a baby that they are usually asked to wait for 40 days before engaging in any playful routine.

17 Is This Milk Enough For My Newborn?

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This is one of the most-asked questions OBGYNs receive, and some of them are left with their cheeks red because they don’t know how to address it! How can they measure the breastmilk of a mum if she’s not pumping it?

In any case, as Very Well Family explains, if the first-latch of a newborn baby is not done correctly, then they might end up eating less and less each time, which in turn could mean the milk the mum is producing is not sufficient for the newborn. This is why the first-latch is everything, so make sure to get it right!

16 Should I Groom Before My Appointment?

All women have asked themselves this question - at least once in their lifetime - but surely they haven’t asked what their OBGYN thinks about this grooming down there phenomenon? Is it necessary? Is the pain worth it? Is the money spent on grooming habits justified?

As Net Doctor states, it is definitely a personal choice and the most important thing doctors want is for all of their patients to feel completely comfortable when they are at their appointments. Do remember that you are not the first woman they have examined, so rest assured they have - literally - seen quite a lot! We’re sure that being relatively clean will be appreciated, though.

15 Can A Doctor Guess The Baby's Gender?

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Doctors are scientific people, as they are trained to perform properly and under pressure. Some pregnant woman ask their OBGYNs if they are able to guess the gender of their baby, even before the first ultrasound is performed!

Moreover, as WebMD states, some people argue they know when a pregnant mum is having a boy because her belly is ‘low’ or they are having a girl because ‘they have been sick throughout their pregnancy.’ Most old wives’ tales are fun to hear, but a doctor is unlikely to be guessing the gender of a baby by simply looking at the baby bump.

14 Can A Doctor Tell The Gender In The First Trimester??

via: sciencemag.org

This is a tricky question because, as Parents explains, since parents-to-be usually have to wait until they reach the 18 or 20 weeks’ mark in order to have an effective ultrasound where a doctor can determine the gender of the baby. However, there are many exceptions to this rule!

During a routine ultrasound visit, an OBGYN could possibly see the gender of the baby if they are in the right position. But every woman is a different world, so some babies will move around inside their mum’s womb and will let the doctor see before the 18th week of gestation, whereas others are likely to make their parents wait longer!

13 Is There Anything Off-Limits During Pregnancy?

Most OBGYNs get asked this question all the time! And it seems like soon-to-be mums are more active, healthier and more determined to do several activities while they are pregnant. And even though this is great news, mums need to be extra careful whenever they are exercising so pregnancy can go smoothly.

12 Does My Chest Look Normal?

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It is a fact that OBGYNs don’t like to compare bodies and it can make them feel uncomfortable. They don’t like it when their patients ask them this kind of question as they are going about their jobs since they are not trying to decide who of their patients has a better-looking body.

As Self describes, each body is different and women are beautiful all the same. Some females will have bigger or smaller breasts, while some others will have different colours for ‘their girls,.' But either way, unless a woman is really concerned about it, it is likely your breasts are normal-looking.

11 Can I Come To The Appointment With My Period?

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It has happened to most women at some point in their lives...and even though most women tend to avoid going to the OBGYN when they are on their periods, some others decide to still attend their appointments if they’re not in bed with cramps.

As OB Gyn WC explains, around 30 percent of women have irregular periods, so they really can’t be sure when to book an appointment when they aren’t going to be in the middle of their menstrual cycle. And, in any case, OBGYNs are used to blood, so there’s nothing to worry about. The main thing is that it won’t interfere with the outcome of your exam.

10 What Do I Do If I Start To Sweat Down There?

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According to Bustle, there are a couple of times when a woman must be aware of her sweats ‘down under.’ For example, if the weather is cold but she’s still sweating, or if she gets a lot of yeast infections then she needs to go to her OBGYN immediately.

However, if it’s just an off-thing where a woman is sweating or has sweat marks around that, then there’s nothing to worry about, as this is more common than what everybody thinks. It could be a sign of stress, though, so if this happens to you or any of your friends, do try to relax and takes things easily.

9 Does Everything Look Normal Down There?

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As Planned Parenthood states, there is no such thing as a normal looking part as everybody is different and unique. In fact, how a woman looks down below is almost as unique as how her face is. There are definitely not two of the same when it comes to that! This may be a weird comparison to some, but you get the point.

Furthermore, OBGYNs have been asked thousands of times whether or not a patient is normal down there. But, wait, what is normal? And why do people need to feel like they conform to what society says is normal? Diversity is amazing!

8 Is It Okay To Be Close When On My Period?

via: healthywomen.org

One can almost see an OBGYN rolling their eyes each time a patient asks them this question! According to Planned Parenthood is perfectly fine to be close with your other half whenever you feel like it, even during that time of the month. In fact, some studies have suggested it could even relieve women from dealing with period pain.

OBGYN’s cheeks turn red whenever a patient asks this because it is still a taboo to some people. Some find it disgusting, while others are ok with it. Others think a woman can’t get pregnant during that time- however, that isn’t true, so take the normal precautions.

7 Is Grooming Okay?

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It is fair to say that a gynecologist has seen it all! As Seventeen explains, an OBGYN’s office is a place where no one should feel judged or looked down upon, as doctors are professional people who are there to help out, not to criticize or judge.

So, whatever grooming habit a woman has is perfect for an OBGYN, unless it is harmful to the patient. If the patient is happy with how she is then the doctor will be too. Moreover, what matters the most is to have an honest appointment where the relationship between the doctor and the patient is respectful and honest.

6 Why Is My Libido Down?

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This is definitely one of the top-asked questions OBGYN’s get all the time: why is a woman’s libido so down after giving birth, especially if they are breastfeeding? And you will be surprised to know that not wanting to be close to your partner isn’t your fault, in fact, your hormones are in charge of this one!

According to Baby Center it is perfectly normal to experience a decrease in the levels of one’s libido after giving birth, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time mum or have 5 children already. It can happen to most women. Hormones are still ruling the roost, so just give it some time.

5 Will It Go Back To its Normal Size After Givng Birth?

Even though this question might turn OBGYN’s cheeks red, it is definitely your duty to ask them to show you - or at least explain it to you - how to exercise that area so your muscles can go back to how they were before giving birth.

4 Is This Odor Normal?

via: healthjade.com

“Can you smell that?” is definitely not a question you would like to answer, especially when they are talking about specific odours from the ‘downstairs department.’ Every woman has a unique body and physiognomy, so it is only normal for everyone to have a different scent in the private area, as Cosmopolitan suggests.

Trust your instincts and if you think the smell is too bad then ask your OBGYN. Even if their cheeks go red as they may not feel too comfortable with this question, if it is of concern to you, ask. Just bear in mind they are there to help you!

3 Does A Bowel Movement Happen During Birth?

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When a woman is about to give birth, a lot of things happen in her body, mind and soul. From thinking about her baby to keeping in mind a list of everything she needs to take to the hospital, it is definitely her body where most changes occur.

It is almost impossible for a pregnant woman to think about labour and not think whether or not she will have some bowel movement. In fact, it is a frequently asked questions to OBGYNs that just makes them blush all the time! And in any case, if a woman does have a bowel movement, then it means she’s using the right muscles to push out the baby, as She Knows suggests.

2 Is Leaking Normal?

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A lot of first-time mums ask their OBGYN’s this; “How am I going to go to the bathroom after giving birth?” In fact, some women are more concerned about this than worried about what happens after birth. This is often due to the fact that there is still so much taboo around a woman’s body and bodily functions in general.

According to What To Expect, leaking from down there, especially soon after giving birth, is something most new mums experience, as their bodies have taken a lot of stress in order to deliver the baby. In fact, women can expect a change in their bladder.

1 Can My Unborn Baby Feel Everything?

via: kuer.org

OBGYNs are still trying to keep their face straight when a patient asks them this question. Not because they feel embarrassed by it, but because this question is often asked by first-time mums who are pregnant and haven’t really ‘swallowed’ the fact that they are expecting a baby.

As Get Fit For Birth suggests, a mother’s emotions definitely alter and affect how a baby feels inside of her. What’s more, a couple of studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between having a positive attitude during pregnancy and having a healthier and happier baby. So yes, an unborn baby can feel everything!

References: WhatToExpectScaryMommy LalecheWeHaveKidsSelf

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