20 Rare Pics Of The Kardashians Before They Became Parents

Oh, the Kardashian Clan. People either love them or loathe them. But no matter which side of the fence we are on, there is no doubting that this family is sticking around for a while. You know who they are. We have mama Kris and her six children, some of whom have their own children, making Kris a mom and a grandma.

Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie are the kids from oldest to youngest. We have Kourtney with three kids of her own, as well as Kim who also has three children with husband Kanye West. Khloe just had her own sweet baby girl, as did Kylie. Rob, he has a daughter, too. That leaves Kendall as the only child-less Kardashian! But that is perfectly okay.

The media is abuzz with all the photos of the next generation of Kardashian kids, along with their parents. It almost makes us forget that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was super popular before all these babies and toddlers were running about. Do you even remember what everyone used to look like? Have no worries, because we have some pics for you! Read on and check out some rare photos of the Kardashians before they became parents (or famous, for that matter!).

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20 Who Is This Fresh-Faced Beauty?

Is it? Could it really be? Yes, that is the one and only Kylie Jenner.

What? You don’t recognize her?! Kylie has grown up quite a bit since this photo was taken, that is for sure. We think she looks pretty good here. We also bet she does not like these older pics of herself, but she really should. She was pretty. She was like the girl next door. She decided she did not like this look, and has since made a few changes. Now, Kylie is a young mom of that cutie-pie, Stormi. It seems she is a pretty good mama, too.

19 A Girl Who Could Be Our Friend

Khloe Kardashian during Player Magazine Presents ""Player's Guide to the Holidays"" Hosted by Kim Kardashian at Sideways Supper Club in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Enos Solomon/FilmMagic)

Khloe, girl! This is the Khloe we all know and love, don’t you agree?! Not that we do not still love her, but, like her little sister, Kylie, this Khloe was like the girl next door. The one we sat next to in class. The one who could be our dear and trusted friend.

This photo was taken long before Khloe wanted a certain image. Long before she became a mom to her adorable baby girl, True. And, like her little sister, this is the type of photo Khloe does not want anyone to see. She wants people to see how she looks today – like the hot mama she is!

18 She Has Her Eyes Set On Success

The leader of the pack has arrived! Yes, this is an old, rare photo of the legendary mom-ager, Kris Jenner. Once known as Kristen Houghton, Kris had her eyes set on success from the get-go.

Believe it or not, Kris was born in 1955, making her 62 years old today. This photo from the 1970s is clearly from the time before she was married and became Kris Kardashian, and before she had any of her six children. What a beauty she was, though! Clearly, this clan has incredibly good genes. After all, Kris looks as good now as she did 40 years ago!

17 Hey BFFs!

Come on, this is totally the group you hung out with in high school! Can’t you just picture yourself among the members of this cool group? Look at all the flannel (wow, remember when flannel was so in!).

Kim K shared this photo to social media. We see her in the front, looking surprised that someone snapped this pic of her with her sisters and their friends. We wonder who was behind the camera? We've got to admit that this is a great candid shot; it really shows just how, ahem, normal this family used to once be, way before those girls had their kids.

16 Let's Go To The Mall!

Here is Kourtney Kardashian, long before she became a mom to three little ones. She is hanging out with her best friend, and it almost looks like they could be at the mall trying out clothes. See their similar outfits?

We know that you could picture yourself right there with them, scoping out the cool clothes and checking out hot guys! That is likely exactly what Kourtney and her bestie were up to, don’t you think?! But just look at this teenage Kourtney. That might be the one Kardashian gal who has hardly changed a thing (or aged for that matter!).

15 Braces, Chokers, Oh My


When you’re done hanging out with Kourtney, you can go hang with Kim! These girls really did love their '90s trends! Both Kim and Kourtney seemed like fun girls to hang out with, while also being girls that we all could actually hang out with (unlike now!).

Kim is hanging out with one of her best girlfriends in this black and white snap. Kim is like a regular teen of the times, she’s got her braces on and they both are sporting chokers that, can you believe it, are actually making a comeback! Remember how cool chokers used to be?!

14 We Spot Some Mischievous Faces

What a sweet family of five the Kardashians once were! We really love this rare photo of the family because, if you look, everyone has a different expression on their face!

You see Kris and Robert (who, unfortunately has passed), looking like they are just trying to hold things together. It even looks like they are talking to each other out of the corner of their mouths! Then the kids… go ahead and look at that face on Khloe! She was always up to something. Gotta love her for that. Baby Rob looks pleased as pie, while sisters Kim and Kourtney seem to want to get it all over with.

13 We All Go Through Phases

Gotta give Kylie some credit. She does try to make herself known!

In this phase of Kylie, she dyed her hair and had that rebel look. We kind of like it! Kylie really wanted to stray from the nice girl image of her youth, so she pulled all stops to put on a show for everyone by giving herself a look that could wow anyone. This was before Kylie became a mom. At 20 years old, Kylie had her sweet baby girl, Stomi, who was born last February. Think Stormi will one day go through this kind of phase and want to dye her hair?!

12 What A Look

Hey there Kourtney! Look at that face. Something is not sitting right with our dear Kourtney, before she had her three children with then-boyfriend, Scott Disick. They dated on and off for quite some time before going on to have a little family of five.

Maybe Kourtney knew all along he was not the right guy for her? Perhaps. They are no longer together, and let’s just say, Kourtney no longer has this look anymore! Although, one could agree the way Kourtney looks today, after having three kids, is definitely a great look!

11 The Original Family of Six

Look at this rare but beautiful picture of the Kardashian family! This is actually quite a sweet photo. You have mom, Kris and her then-husband, the late Robert Kardashian, with their four adorable kids. Long before those kids grew up and made some changes and began having kids! We have Khloe as the apple of her dad’s eye as she sits on his lap. Kim is squeezed in next to them, while Kourtney sits between both of her parents. And that cute baby? Yep, that is Rob! Don’t they all just look so innocent. Like a normal family, you could say.

10 Brother-Sister Bonding

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Khloe Kardashian wife of Los Angeles Lakers Lamar Odom #7 and her brother Rob Kardashian follow the action during the NBA basketball game against Atlanta Hawks at Staples Center on November 1, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Who knew Khloe and Rob are (or were) so close as brother and sister? In fact, rumors used to swirl around that Khloe and Rob were so close that they were really too close. Well, we think it is great these two once had (and hopefully still do) a positive relationship.

We know that the Kardashians are always full of drama, whether wanted or not, so it would be nice to think that the bond a brother and sister shared before kids would transfer to a bond that they shared with their children as well once they both became parents.

9 Blonde Beauty

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie. The girl is often changing her looks. Whether it is for the better or not, there is no denying that Kylie greatly evolved throughout the years prior to her becoming a mom, and continues to evolve now that she is mama bear to that sweet little girl, Stormi.

We have seen so many photos of Kylie, but we can all likely agree that she always looked great! Before you had your baby girl, you were beautiful. After you had your adorable bundle of joy, you were beautiful. 

8 Momager On Her Mind

Do you notice something? In so many photos of super mama bear Kris Jenner, no matter how old or young she is, she always seems to work the camera, or stare right through it! In her early days as a mama, Kris always had momager on her mind.

But, perhaps the best part of this picture is Kim! Like her mom, she knows what’s up! She looks so young, yet still trendy and smart in the social sense in this photograph. This was long before Kim became a mom to her three adorable little ones, North, Saint, and Chicago. And look at cuties, Kendall and Kylie!

7 Best Friends Back In The Day

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton during "Entourage" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet at Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

You can bet (and likely remember!) that Kim K was one fun gal back before she had her children. Heck, she is likely still pretty fun to hang around, we can imagine.

In this pic, we see her with her then good friend (or good party animal companion!) Paris Hilton. The pair look fresh faced, and, um, like they have been partying the night away. Jealous? We might be. They probably had a great night, as usual. Now, besides looking a bit different, Kim spends her days and nights, at least most of them, with her three adorable little ones.

6 The One We Once Loved

Khloe, come back to us! Yes, folks, this is a photo of Khloe before she had a baby and decided to totally transform her look.

Now, we aren’t saying that Khloe does not look good now. But back before she had her sweet baby, True, Khloe was like a regular gal. She was like one of us. Out of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloe was probably the most relatable. Some still feel that way, but others, they do not, ever since Khloe amped up her game to change her complete look. Well, Khloe, you are still beautiful either way, including in this picture!

5 A Classic Beauty

If there is one Kardashian sister who seems to have never changed, it is Kourtney! Kourtney has three children with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick. They are Mason, age 8, Penelope, age 6, and Reign, age 3.

Looking at photos of Kourtney, it is hard to tell which were taken before she became a mom, and which were after! The girl has always been beautiful, and has really kept her natural beauty from the time she was a single woman to being a single mom of three kids. Keep it up, Kourtney, because we know you will always look totally amazing!

4 Freckle-Faced Cutie

Who is this young lady? Do you know who this fresh faced freckled little girl is? If you guessed Kylie, you are right! Before she became a mom to her baby girl, Stormi, Kylie was a sweet looking young woman.

She is hardly recognizable! It is really hard to believe that the image we see here, is the one and only Kylie Jenner, who has really made a name for herself. Kylie is very successful, and is also well known for making certain changes to her look. For the better? For the worse? Ultimately, that is up to Kylie to decide.

3 She Knows Exactly What She's Doing

Kim Kardashian at the Christian Audigier Grand Opening in South Beach on November 17, 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Rodrigo Varela/WireImage)

If there is one thing that Kim Kardashian has always known how to do, is it working it for the camera! It is clear that whether before kids or after becoming a mom, Kim always enjoyed the spotlight.

Here she is at some sort of event where she was chosen to cut the opening ribbon. She knows how to pause for the camera to ensure they get a shot of her good side! She definitely looks younger in this photo, which was taken before she became pregnant with her eldest child, who is now 5 years old, and is a sister to two other little ones.

2 The Entire Clan

Just look at this pic! Can you even believe this family is the one we all know all too well today?!

We have Bruce (now Caitlin) Jenner with his then wife Kris Jenner. This photo does have Kendall or Kylie in it, either they were babies or were not yet even born! But we do see (from left to right) Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, and Kim. We know exactly what you are thinking, too! Back then, they almost looked like normal, everyday kids. This was before any changes to their appearance.

Come on Kardashians, bring this side back to us! We could all relate to you then!

1 All The Kids Growing Up

This adorable Kardashian-Jenner photo shows the six siblings long before any of them earned the title of mom or dad. You have, from left to right, Khloe, Rob, Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall. Don’t they all just look like, well, former versions of themselves? They all sure look different today. This photo was taken at some sort of event that all the siblings attended together. We wonder if they will ever get along like this in the future? Now, they are busy with their lives as parents – that is, all of them except Kendall! But her day may come eventually!

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