20 Rarest Baby Boy Names That Didn’t Even Make It Onto Charts

Choosing a baby name is a very fun and enjoyable part of expecting a baby, there are endless possibilities of names. But sometimes baby name books and website lists are full of generic names when parents are just looking for something unique instead. So what do you do when that perfect baby name is so far out of reach? Well hopefully this list can help out, for baby boys anyway (or girls, that would be very different!).

Names like Zeke, Nixen, Almus and more - this list is full of some wonderfully unique names that are being picked up like hot cakes! None of which has made a top baby name chart or is typically considered anyone's favourite.

These names are often not even thought of when trying to choose a little one's name - to most some of these names are unheard of. But today we will change that by bringing attention to the names that are always in the shadows.

Including background on names, location and opinions from a survey, this list has 20 beautiful rare names and everything anyone could possibly need to know about them. Who knows maybe this is where that perfect name for baby is found -lets hope so!

Here are 20 Rarest Baby Boy Names That Didn't Even Make It Onto The Charts.

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20 Zeke

Zeke (pronounced Zeek), a Hebrew baby name meaning God strengthens or may God strengthen, is the first name on our list of rare baby boy names. A shortened version of the name Ezekiel, Zeke could be the perfect unique name for your little man. It is often used as as cooler, quirky version of Zack. Names beginning with Z are often rare but this may be one of the rarest of all.

There were some very positive responses to the name Zeke from the surveys I conducted. "Zeke is actually kind of cute, grows on you", "I like that one!" and "Zeke is in the book Divergent, I love it!" were some of the comments it received. There was however one slightly negative response. "I really don't like the name Zeke, reminds me of a dog's name".

19 Maddox

Maddox, a creative name derived from the Welsh surname "Madoc", has never been on the top of a baby boy name chart. Famous actress Angelina Jolie named her adopted, now teenage, son Maddox but still, that has not made its popularity rise by any large amount. Despite this, it is a very beautiful name for a little boy to be called.

The survey revealed many like this rare name, maybe even being the most likeable name on the list. "I really like the name Maddox because it is really quite unusual and kind of cool as well" and "I love, love, love the name Maddox" being just two of the many responses this name received. Maybe it will rise in popularity after all but for now it is still rare so grab it while you can.

18 Nixen

Derived from England, Nixen, meaning 'Son of Nick', is low on the popularity scale when it comes to baby boy names, so for those looking for an unusual name this might be perfect! Nixen is a name that I had never heard before, which is also what I found from the survey I conducted. Large numbers of people were telling me they had "never met anyone or heard of anyone with that name". To me, this makes it's uniqueness even more profound and therefore more appealing to those looking for such a name.

Not to be confused with the similar and more popular name of Nixon, Nixen is a quirky twist on this name, one letter can make all the difference. Not the one for you? Don't worry we have lots more unusual names to come.

17 Giovanni

A name straight from the beautiful country of Italy, Giovanni. According to my survey many relate this name with love and romance, with one person humorously stating "this sounds like the name of my future husband" and another said "It sounds so lovely". So if you want an unusual name that will set everyone's hearts a flutter, this might be the one.

Giovanni, meaning "God is gracious" or "God has shown favour", clearly has a religious background. Although it is the name to some famous faces ('Giovanni Pernice', dancer on UK tv show 'Strictly Come Dancing" and 'Giovanni Ribisi', actor and film director starring in films such as "TED" and "The Gift") it is not as popular as you may think. Which is why it has made it onto this list today.

The most beautiful baby boy name on this list perhaps? Read the rest and you can decide for yourself.

16 Almus

Reminding a lot of people of the Harry Potter character "Albus Dumbledore", Almus is again a name that is less popular than its close cousin but just as awesome. This Finnish name has been of low popularity for many years now, meaning 'powerful' and 'complete' this name could give your baby boy a strong start in life.

Comments from the survey found that the name may add years onto a baby. One person commented, "It sounds like a very mature name, not one I would think of for a baby". With maturity can come wisdom, so may this be a wise choice your making by choosing this name? Respectful and different. We can't believe this name is not more popular.

Want a name a bit more preppy, upbeat and youthful? Wait till you hear the next one.

15 Giuseppe

The Italian version of 'Joseph', Giuseppe sure does sound like a preppy, happy name. Imagining your little boy with this kind of personality? Why not give him the name to match.

Another name with a religious background, Giuseppe means 'God shall add'. This name has not been popular since 1967, when America seemed to take a liking to it. Apart from that it has remained on the unpopular list, which is good for those wanting a name a bit different and unique.

This name is not only unpopular to the general public but high profile people and celebrities as well. However, there are a few famous faces that have this name who you may recognize. One of these celebrities being "Giuseppe Verdi" an Italian romance  composer, famous for his operas in the 19th Century.

14 Astrid

Surprisingly many of these names that are unpopular/ rarely used have religious meanings. Including this name, Astrid means "Godly Strength". Originating from Scandinavia, Astrid may be rarely used in the 20th Century, but for hundreds of years in Norway it was used for many members of their royal family. There wasn't much reaction, positive or negative, to the name Astrid but one person did say "I love the name Astrid!".

Although the name Astrid is not well known or often used, it was the name of a character in a recent children's film, "How to Train your Dragon". The character of Astrid was a strong FEMALE viking, a very powerful character in the film. Also showing this name is unisex.

7 names down, 13 names to go! So don't worry if you haven't found that perfect name for your little man yet, there are plenty unique and unusual names to come!

13 Abeeku

A name of African origin, the name Abeeku has a very interesting and straight to the point meaning: "One who is born on Wednesday". So if you are the type of person to wait until your baby is born to decide on their name then this could work for you, if your baby boy is born on a Wednesday and you want them to remember that forever. Abeeku is sure to remind them of that. But of course there is no guarantee thatWednesday will be the day.

Pronounced "Ah-bay-koo', this name is not of high popularity anywhere in the world including the place it originated. This may in fact be the most unusual of all the names on this list, but that is for you to decide. Fingers crossed that your baby boy is born on Wednesday if you love this name (although you could use it anyway despite the meaning).

12 Crockett

This name has been used over many years for very different reasons. It originated from England and as well as being used as a name there, it has been used to describe someone with a certain hairstyle - curly. Your hair was 'crocket' if it had a 'large curl', this slang however is little to rarely used now. In Scotland, Crockett was used as a first name and in the language commonly used in Scotland, Gaelic it means "Son of Richard".

Crockett, is rarely used nowadays hence why it has made it onto our list. But back in 1974 it was quite well known due to it being the last name of actor, Affion Crockett. Starring in films such as "The Wedding Ringer" and "A Haunted House", this name may now be more known as a surname but not as a first.

11 Creed

Now often associated with the boxing film franchise 'Rocky' or the film "Creed" itself, you would think this name would be more popular, but in fact it is not, so here it is as number 11 on the list. The name, Creed is Latin and means "Belief".

Creed, has never been in the favourite baby names charts, at least not for many centuries. It did just make it onto the list at number 1000 in 2016 (as I said, most likely due to the sixth Rocky film "Creed") but has again dropped. It had it's 15 minutes of fame, but back to reality now, leaving it, again, a rare baby name up for grabs. Could it be for you?

10 Egbert

The name, Egbert sparked some humorous responses when seen in the survey. Here is what one person had say:

"I really don't like Egbert, it reminds me too much of eggs. But then again, I do like eggs?" I would say this was some what of a confused response. Most people responded to Egbert in the same way and agreed it was definitely a rare name.

This name originated from Germany, England then also took it under its wing leaving this name with different spellings/pronunciations. 'Ecgbert, Egbert, Ecgberht, Ecbert, Ekbert' and so on, there is a multitude of varieties to choose from, leaving even more room for originality as I am sure one of the spellings is rarer than another.

9 Flem

"Disgusting", "can't believe someone would name their child that!", "Flem? Who would do that to someone", and "reminds me of phlegm", are just some of the not so positive reactions to this abstract name. It may not be to everyone's taste but for someone who likes a something a bit unusual and controversial, this name could be just right.

Flem originated from England, it peaked its popularity way back in the 1920's. From then it's popularity has come plummeting down as far as it NEVER being used in the United States of America since the 1950's (according to statistics). It means "From the elder tree", Flem doesn't only sound unusual but the meaning is just as mysterious. Love it or hate it, you cannot deny it is unique.

8 Buford

I found it quite difficult to find information on this name other than it derived from England and possibly has some French ancestry. But apart from that the details of the name (including meaning and any famous faces who this name may belong to) was very few and far between, if that's not rare and unique I don't know what is.

As for reactions on the poll, most were dismissive. "I hate that name", "What is that name?" and "No thank you!" were the responses it received. Don't let that put you off however, this just means there won't be anyone stealing it from you.

And that is all there really is to the name 'Buford', take it or leave it.

7 Ishmael

The name Ishmael is a Hebrew baby name primarily used for males. Another name with a religious meaning, Ishmael has the Hebrew meaning of "God listens". Pronounced "Ish-may-el" or "Ish-mee-el", this unique name could definitely help your baby stand out from the crowd.

Another religious link apart from the meaning of the name is that, in the Bible, Ishmael was the son of Abraham. But even if the religious side isn't for you, this name could still fit your perfect little boy.

There were a few different responses to this name in the survey including "I don't like it", "It sounds very biblical and religious" and "I like it but I wouldn't use it for my children". Not an overwhelming amount of support or dislike, quite neutral.

6 Hobert

With the lovely meaning of "intelligent" or "bright", Hobert could be just the name to give your little boy - especially if brains are important to you. Originated from Germany, Hobert is primarily used around the world as a male name although this is a name quite rare to be used at all.

Hobert, peaked popularity years ago in the 1920's but since then, as I have already mentioned, just dropped and dropped until it was pretty much unused in the 2000s. But you could stop this trend and let your baby carry on the name of Hobert.

Other variations of this name include Hibert or Hobart, again originating from Germany. "I hate the name Hobert" being one of the responses this name received but please do not let that put you off. This name could be great!

5 Lars

This one is actually a personal favourite of mine. Lars is a beautiful and unique name, perfect for a quirky little man (or woman- this name can be unisex).

The name Lars is derived from the Roman name, Laurentius. Lawrence and Laurence are from the same origin. Very rarely used now, but in the past it has been popular in Sweden, Germany and Norway. Lars has the fascinating meaning of "victory/victorious". Having a baby is definitely a victory so yes, it is perfect.

This name got rave reviews on the survey with responses such as "I love that name so much!" and "Lars is so beautiful and unique". So I advise taking this name before it becomes popular and therefore not as unique, as it seems to be looking like many people now like it.

4 Montgomery

People usually know this as a last name, but Montgomery (someone suggested Monty for short/as a nickname) can be used as a first name and a very cute one at that. A big name for such a little person but I am sure they will grow into it and eventually yes, they will be able to spell it out.

No famous or historical figures that I know of possessed this as their first name, but Bernard Montgomery (1887 - 1976) was a British army commander during World War 2. A historical figure that many British people will know of.

We are down to the final three name entries in today's list! Lets hope one of these final three pull at your heart strings if none have already.

3 Norris

"Norris is actually kind of cute" and "Norris, I think it's growing on me" being two of the responses from the survey. Many people saying it sounded like "an elderly man's name" but that just adds to the "cuteness".

The name Norris originated from England but has been used in a lot of countries as a name meaning "from the north". Countries including Scotland, France and the United States of America, if you were named Norris it would mean you were from the north of said country.

Famous faces with this name include the well-known actor 'Chuck Norris' from films such as 'The Delta Force' and 'Missing In Action' and British soap, Coronation Street, character 'Norris Cole'.

2 Squire

Squire, a name of French origin, was a common surname many years ago but not a first name. It was introduced in England as a 'status name' for a young male who was from a good family and therefore being put forward as an assistant to a knight. Most of the time hoping to go from 'Squire' to 'Knight' themselves one day. A name with much historical background.

Squire wasn't used as a first name until the 19th Century. Since then it has been used in many variations such as Squier and Squyre, but the original spelling being the most popular.

It is a very uncommon first name, its highest ranking being number 664 in the United States of America in 1889. Since then it has not ranked at all.

1 Vance

The final name on this list, Vance. The less common version of Vince or Lance, Vance is derived from Old England many years ago. A strange meaning of "someone who lives in marshland", Vance ranked as number 886 in 2015 in the United Kingdom but has since dropped back off the list. The reason why it has made it onto this list.

The survey showed that this name was quite popular especially as an alternative to the common names I mentioned above. Responses such as "I love this name for a baby and a grown man", "I adore this name", "A good alternative to Chance/Lance or a nice way to honor a Vince but with a twist" and "My good friend has this name", were given.

Sources: Babycenter.com, Nameberry.com, SheKnows.com

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