20 Rarest Baby Boy Names That Will Dominate 2018

Among the labyrinths of joy and fear of pregnancy, parents have a major worry on their mind: baby names. Some moms-to-be pick a name the moment they know the gender of their baby, others don't have a clue until they hold the little one in their loving arms. Often moms and dads name their baby after relatives... or even celebrities. And we can even witness people arguing about baby names.

Names are important not only to the people who receive them but to the people who give them as they walk beside people from birth until death. Okay, one can change their name, but names have a crucial influence on life, history, and society. Ancient origins, magical letters and powerful numbers mixed in one. On top of that, there are cultural differences and exotic vibes: Romany traditions and Christian virtues in one? Why not?

So, if you're bored of all the old-fashioned and traditional names out there and you don't want to name your little boy after your grandparents or the Kardashians, have a look at some of the rarest baby boy names that will make the biggest come back in 2018.

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20 Croy

Croy is a beautiful name, a variant of McRoy. The origins of the name can be found in the ancient secrets of green and magical Ireland. In Scotland, the word 'croy' is used as a location name for certain areas. It's interesting to mention that the Gaelic word for red is 'ruadh', or 'roi.'

Babies called Croy love arts and crafts and tend to create a beautiful environment around them. At the same time, they are good at creating solid foundations and also, at managing the material world that surrounds them. In other words, babies call Croy will balance between spirituality and practicality.

Baby Croys will become great individuals. With a little Croy at home, parents will have peace and harmony all the time. This name is definitely a wonderful option to consider.

19 Theo

Theo is a rare and powerful baby boy name. Its origins can be found in mystical Greece. Close your eyes and enjoy a sip of divinity! In fact, the name Theo means 'God given' or in other words, 'a gift from God.' Often parents who've been trying for years give their baby boy the name Theo, showing that the little one is a pure blessing. Boys called Theo tend to inspire people in a higher cause. They are creative and communicative.

According to numerology, their influential numbers are 11 and 3, which means that little Theos are full of energy, often directed towards artistic activities. Not surprisingly, baby boys called Theo have the potential to become powerful adults.

Some variations are Theodosius, Theodore and Theodor. Maybe your little Theo can become the next Theodore Roosevelt and change history. Who knows?!

18 Craig

Craig is a wonderful name which roots date back to ancient Gaelic times. Aww, green and free Scotland! In fact, the name derives from the Gaelic word 'creag', which means rock. Craig is a popular Scottish name and just like an impressive crag, it stands strong and resilient in the lush fields of life. It's perfect for strong and independent boys that can resist all challenges of life.

Its numerological meaning is also impressive: kids called Craig have great leadership abilities and independence. At the same time, little Craigs are idealistic and spiritual.

Some variations of the name are Greg, Craigo or Creg. It's funny that some of the unfortunate villains on the big screen are often called Craig. Do you remember Craig from the iconic show “Malcolm in the Middle” and his unlucky attempts to seduce Lois?

17 Felix

Felix is another wonderful baby boy name on our list. It comes from Latin and it means 'happy', 'prosperous' and 'lucky.' With such gifts from Mother Nature, baby boys called Felix can succeed in life and inspire everyone around them.

According to the numerological power of the name, boys named Felix are adventurous, influential, and spiritual. So, if you want to travel the world with your little one or fight for a world cause, Felix is a great name for your baby boy.

Also, it's interesting to mention that Felix is a name of a saint. It's believed that Saint Felix of Nola was helping the poor in Italy and died for the Christian faith. Oh, by the way, do you remember the funny and iconic cartoon character Felix the Cat?

16 Desmond

Desmond is another name that is a wonderful addition to our list. Desmond is a beautiful Anglo-Saxon baby name, which means 'gracious defender.' Boys called Desmond love justice, arts, and spiritual activities. They can become great leaders loved by many. Although the name is known in America, Desmond is a popular name mainly in Scotland and Ireland.

In fact, the name means 'from South Munster' ('Deas-Mhumhain'), one of the provinces in Ireland. Actually, the Kingdom of Desmond was a historic kingdom with powerful rulers and ancient traditions.

A famous bearer of the name is Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is known for his tireless efforts and beautiful speeches during the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Do not be surprised if your little boy becomes a famous leader fighting for equality and human rights around the world!

15 Hamish

Hamish is another unusual baby boy name that can conquer your heart with an ease. In fact, Hamish is a popular Scottish name. It's curious that a common variation of the name Hamish is James, or Seumas and Seanius (in Gaelic). Also, note that the name Hamish derives from the Latin Jacomus, which means 'Supplant.'

Generally speaking, baby boys with this name are usually dedicated to put things in order and replace any chaos with the solid foundations of their principles and practicality. Although they may seem sometimes too conservative, they appreciate justice and truth. Aren't these great qualities for any child?

A famous bearer of the name is the American actor Hamish Linklater, known for playing Matthew Kimble in the popular sitcom "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

14 Dario

Dario is a beautiful baby boy name. It's popular in Spain and Greece. It means 'rich.' In Latin, dario was a royal title, and probably this fact influenced the meaning of the name throughout the years.

According to its numerological powers, the name is influenced by two numbers: 7 and 11. That gives another wonderful aspect to the name. Boys called Dario love analyzing their inner universe in order to understand the world around them. Being able to think and create, little Darios may become great leaders, spiritual gurus and successful politicians. They'll carry their name as a title.

Some beautiful variations of the name, suitable for baby girls, are Daria and Darina. Last but not least, a famous bearer of the name is the Macedonia national footballers Darko Tasevski.

13 Metho

Metho is another cool name for a baby boy. The name comes from Ancient Greek: “methodos”, which means 'between' or 'thereafter', and “hodos”, which translates as 'the way' or 'journey.' That means that boys called Metho are able to find a way to join things, events, and people, while traveling through life with an aim.

An interesting variation of the name is Methodius, which, let's admit, sounds more than exotic. We should mention that Saints Cyril and Methodius were Christian missionaries among the Slavic people and created the Glagolitic alphabet (developed in the first Bulgarian Empire), which influenced today's Cyrillic alphabet (used by various countries, such as Russia).

In other words, if you want your baby boy to become an influential intellectual and spiritual leader, Metho should be on your list.

12 Yavor

Yavor is another unusual name on our list. The name Yavor can add some exotic charm to the wonderful personality of your little boy. The origin of the name is Bulgarian; in fact, the word 'yavor' translates as 'maple tree.'

The natural vibe of the name may add some balance to your little one. Just like a maple tree, he can grow tall and beautiful, seeking for a spiritual life; at the same time, baby Yavors need their roots and family. Isn't that wonderful for a child?

The name Yavor is perfect for families who love hiking, gardening, and nature, as it can reveal all the secrets of Mother Earth to the little one. So do not hesitate and put this wonderful name on your list.

11 Fitim

Fitim is another exotic name on our list of rare names that will make the biggest come back in 2018. Fitim originates from Albania and translates as 'profit.' Fitim is a popular name not only in Albania but Kosovo.

Other interesting variations are Fitimi, Faton, and Fatean. Boys called Fitim are practical and knowledgeable. At the same time, they are very hard-working and teachers adore them.

Also, just like any person from the Balkans, little boys called Fitim will be free, passionate, and resilient. Although the overall popularity of the name is not high in the U.S., be sure that Fitim stands out. For parents who do not like traditional names, Fitim is the right choice.

10 Allen

Allen is a beautiful Celtic name, which means 'harmony.' Kids called Allen are handsome both inside and out. The name means also 'noble' and 'fair,' and kids often show moral and emotional resistant later on in life.

Last but not least, Alen means a little rock and kids called Allen show persistence and stability. According to numerology, kids love being around other people and adore the company of their loved ones. At the same time, kids named Allen are practical and great businessmen who may obtain great wealth.

A cute nickname is Al. Other variations are Alan, Alain, or Alanus. Maybe you can consider also the Arabic name Ali, which translates as 'elevated.' To sum up, Allen is a wonderful baby boy name, which is definitely a hit on our list.

9 Ryker

Ryker is an American surname, which is suitable for a first name as well. It means 'becoming rich.' In numerology, the name Ryker is ruled by the number 5, both soul urge and expression.

Kids are adventurous and happy, and can show great levels of independence. Although they do not follow traditions, little Rykers create their own unique path. Boys called Ryker are smart and energetic, and with their rebellious soul, they can make significant changes in life.

Another variation is Riker. In fact, Riker is used as a surname in the iconic Star Trek. William Thomas Riker is the main character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. So for everyone who loves Star Trek, Ryker is a great name that can take your little boy to another dimension.

8 Reeve

Reeve is an original name, which means "bailiff/steward." In medieval England, a reeve was a person elected each year to supervise lands. Reeves had to make sure that everyone was working and serving the lord. Did you know that the today's 'sheriff' comes from the word 'reeve': in fact, shire reeves had to prevent crime and guarantee people's safety. So babies called Reeve can become brave and strong men.

According to numerology, people called Reeve are creative, courageous, and proud - all perfect qualities for a young man.

Reeve is a cool alternative of Reese, which is also a popular surname. Keanu Reeves is one of the famous and handsome people who were lucky enough to be called Reeves. And let's admit it, many boys would love to be like Neo from the Matrix!

7 Fox

Fox is one of the names which popularity can never fade. The name has an old English origin and most likely, it refers to a fox-catcher. Fox is a perfect name for playful kids that will grow up free and close to the secrets of the Earth.

They'll be great with animals, realizing that all creatures need to be respected. As we know, foxes are smart and adorable, so kids named Fox will also inherit awesome traits, such as high intelligence and charm.

Fox is also a surname, with its variation Foxx. Jamie Foxx and Megan Fox are a couple of the famous bearers of this sweet name. Oh, and let's not forget about Fox Mulder from “The X-Files” who's inspired many generations to find the truth out there.

6 Julian

Julian is a wonderful name that means 'youthful.' With a drop of their powerful and artistic spirit, little Julians can keep you always entertained and young. The name Julian is a Latin name, and in fact, many emperors were called Julian. It's interesting to mention that in the Middle Ages the name was used for girls as well.

Julian is a popular name in Spain and France where people enjoy life to the fullest. Little Julians are artistic and fun and at the same time, they like discipline and order.

Last but not least, it's believed that it was a man called Julius who saved St. Paul during a life-threatening journey to faith. So don't you think that Julian is a wonderful name for your little man?

5 Twain

Twain is another amazing name that should be on your list. It means 'cut in two.' Babies called Twain combine two sides in one wonderful personality. The name has many symbolic qualities. It's believed that kids called Twain can become great leaders who always focus on important issues and people's rights.

They are also very independent, which is something crucial. Kids called Twain value justice and discipline and all they start is marked by success.

Twain is also a popular surname. One of the most famous bearers of this unique name is the English writer Mark Twain whose work has changed both history and literature. Who knows, maybe by naming your boy Twain, destiny will give another talented and loved poet to the world.

4 Sergei

Sergei is an unusual name, which brings exotic vibes and feelings. It's a popular name in Russia. It means 'protector' and 'shepherd.' Saint Sergius is one of the beloved military martyrs in Christianity. Also, the name Sergei has its roots in Latin, meaning 'attendant.' Some cute nicknames for Sergei are Serioja and Sergi. Sergio and Sergey are other variations of the name.

Although the name is common mainly in Eastern Europe and Russia, in particular, there's nothing to worry about. Little Sergeis can conquer the world. They are passionate and romantic; they have the magical ability to attract people. In fact, they are so generous, that a humanitarian career will be perfect for them.

Oh, and according to occultists, girls will fall in love with their intuitive and sensitive nature.

3 Tavis

Tavis is another wonderful name that will rock 2018. Tavis is a common name in Scotland and it means 'twin.' Not far from Scotland, Tavis is popular in Ireland as well. In fact, Tavis comes from the word 'teeve,' which means 'hillside.'

Tavis is a lovely name for kids that combine many qualities and positive traits in one. Babies called Tavis show high levels of independence and organization.

Another variation is Tavish. Cute nicknames are Tav, Tevin, Tavish, Tavi, Tevis, and Tavon. Unfortunately, some people may confuse Tavis with Travis. However, remember that Tavis is a unique name with some cozy and ethical appeal, so do not hesitate and put it on your list. Baby boys called Tavis are as charming as their cool name.

2 Django

Django is a name that stands out. Django is a Romany term, which means 'I awake.' Kids called Django are free-spirited and creative, and just like the Romany people, love traveling, music, and love.

At the same time, they are hard-working, resilient, and connected to their traditions and culture. So your little Django will always have space for his family in his big heart.

Not surprisingly, many musicians are called Django. The Belgian jazz guitarist Jean Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt, the American Ska musician King Django, and the British composer Django Bates are only a few of the great people named Django out there. So maybe your little baby boy Django will also become a famous musician who'll be floating on the wings of harmony.

1 Winton

Winton is another name that's old and modern at the same time. The English meaning of Winton is a wine's farm. It's perfect for kids that spend days and days playing under the sun or look after plants at their trendy apartment.

Just like wine, kids called Winton can make your life playful and excited. Babies called Winton are dynamic and free. Just like a wine's farm, they need a lot of energy and love. Although Wintons may change easily and even become rebellious, they'll always have a lot of love to give. A loving child is more than a gift.

Also, according to numerology, the name Winton is marked by optimism and happiness. Note that Winton is also a popular surname. Winton Blount is a famous bearer of the name.

Choose a rare name and remember that your little boy needs lots of love sprinkled on his name.

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