19For Dad: I've Been Stuck With Mom All Day

Just like adults don’t like to do the same thing all day long, toddlers don’t like to be with the same person all day long. It’s nothing against whoever they are with, it’s just that they require constant stimulation and, let’s be honest, one adult can rarely do the job


With the exception of strangers, toddlers are thrilled when someone new comes to play because it's a change of pace. So, when a toddler is home all day with mom (who is right alongside him counting down the minutes until dad gets home) and that garage door opens and he realizes who is about to walk in the door, he’s crying for daddy.

This can sometimes make moms feel unappreciated for their efforts, but that’s not the case. Toddlers love playing on the floor for hours and all the other fun things they get to do while dad’s away. However, they would also love to do those things with a variety of people, not just mom.

So, whether a mom is at home alone with her toddler five days a week, or it’s a weekend where dad has plans, it doesn’t matter how often the toddler gets an extended period of time with mom. He will be excited to see a different (but familiar) face because it’s an opportunity for more fun.

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