20For Mom: She Left The Room - Where'd She Go?!

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This is when moms typically start thinking of Regina George’s famous line, “why are you so obsessed with me?”

When mom steps out of a room and out of her kid’s sight, suddenly the child develops what seems like a very intense abandonment issue. When mom comes back, the toddler in question will calm down, and it is as though mom had never left the room in the first


While these moments can make moms borderline-crazy, there is an actual reason for them. When children see their parents leave the room, they can get overwhelmed with separation anxiety, which is what causes the outburst. According to Parents Magazine, toddlers are still too little to understand the concept of time. This essentially means that for them, there is no difference between four hours and four minutes. So, when a mom walks out of the room, they see their primary caregiver walking away and leaving them alone and they panic because they have no idea when she will be back, if at all. This is scary and sad for kids, so they act out and cry for mom.

The good news, though, is that for most kids this is a phase and, as their brains develop, the outbursts will lessen. By the time that toddler goes off to college, chances are good mom won’t have to peel him off her legs as she’s trying to leave; no promise it won’t be the other way around, though.

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