20 Reasons Being Pregnant is the Best Time of a Mom’s Life

Women often hear about how difficult pregnancy is! From dealing with morning sickness, constant bloating, and not being able to move around like mom is used to, there are definitely a ton of downsides to growing a little person. Moms will often tire more easily and (thanks to all the hormones) they are likely to be a heck of a lot more emotional.

With that being said, there are also tons of reasons why being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life! Every pregnancy is different, which means each time it’s a unique experience. It’s an incredible opportunity for a mom to bond with the baby, and to grow closer with her partner and her own parents. Beyond that, pregnancy is the ultimate excuse. Moms finally have a reason to eat what they want, shop for clothes for both her and baby, and wear leggings all day if that’s what she wants.

We’ve rounded up 20 important reasons why being pregnant is one of the best times of a woman's life! As tough as it can be during certain times, just remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience because, even if a woman is pregnant multiple times in her life, it’s different with each one!

20 You Always Have An Excuse To Nap


Let’s face it- pregnancy is tiring! Given that you’re literally growing life in you, you’ve never had a better time to take a nap.

Studies have actually proven that taking regular naps while expecting might lead to a healthier birth weight. “Low birth weight is one of the feared outcomes of pregnancy, and novel insight into risk factors is welcome,” said Dr. Ghada Bourjeily, a sleep researcher at Brown’s University, told Reuters magazine.

“Sleep, its quality, and duration are emerging as risk factors for various perinatal complications,” she added.

19 You Can Eat What You Want Guilt-Free

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Cravings are a real thing while you’re pregnant!

Considering that you have another little human to feed, no one has the right to tell you what you can and cannot eat. If you’re craving McDonald’s at 2am in the morning, then you go for it girl. Putting on weight is obviously unavoidable during pregnancy, so take this time to not stress for once about how many calories you’re putting in your mouth.

With that being said, it’s still important to still eat relatively healthy during pregnancy! Do research into what are recommended foods to eat and stay away from, which can change depending on your trimester.

18 You’ll Get To Throw A Party (Or Two)

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Who doesn’t love to party? Aside from getting married, getting pregnant is probably one of the best reasons to throw a party.

Nowadays, couples are holding tons of different bashes to celebrate the birth of their impending arrival. You can host everything from a baby shower to a gender reveal party to a “0” birthday party (one that’s held right after labour to celebrate your little one’s first birthday ever).

Obviously, if you’re not a fan of parties or would get too stressed out by this, then there’s no need to host anything big or elaborate. Do whatever is going to make your pregnancy the most enjoyable and memorable!

17 No One Judges You For Wearing Sweats

While leggings and sweatpants may not be acceptable everyday attire on the regular, when you’re pregnant they become your unofficial uniform!

No one wants (or has the money) to spend a small fortune updating their wardrobe with maternity wear, especially since you’d only be wearing them for a few months at a time. That’s why we recommend sticking with your stretchy clothes for as long as you can, both to save money and make sure you’re extra comfortable.

You should never feel bad for wearing comfy clothes while pregnancy. Pregnancy is already uncomfortable as it is!

16 You Don’t Have To Deal With Aunt Flo

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Everybody knows this, but no one says it: periods suck!

Sure, they’re the reason you’re able to get pregnant in the first place. But that doesn’t mean it makes dealing with them most of your teen and adult life any easier. That’s why one of the best perks of pregnancy is that you’re not going to have to deal with it for at max 9 months.

With you might get some spotting during pregnancy you for sure won’t get a full-blown period. Goodbye, tampons and pads… can’t say we’re going to miss you!

15 Strangers Are Generally Nicer To You

For the most part, pregnant women find that strangers were nicer to them while they were expecting than before or after.

Most times, if someone notices you’re expecting, they’ll offer to help you out, whether that’s by opening the door or giving you their seat on the bus. Strangers are also more likely to act friendly and strike up a conversation. There’s just something about a pregnant woman that looks welcoming!

With that being said, many expectant mamas have also said they’ve felt their privacy invaded when a stranger asks too personal a question or attempts to touch their bump. But, for the most part, you can expect people to be kinder.

14 It’s A Unique Time To Bond With Your Baby

Given that your baby is stuck in your tummy for the next 9 months, pregnancy is an awesome opportunity to bond with your little one in a way you’ll never get the chance to again.

“Prenates can see, hear, feel, remember, taste, and thing before birth,” Dr. Carista Luminare-Rosen told WebMD. “When there’s a healthy attachment between baby and parent, the baby comes to believe that the world is a safe place. This is the beginning of the establishment of trust.”

Through simple things such as talking to your bump, massaging it, or listening to music, you can bond with your baby before he or she is born!

13 It’s An Excuse To Pamper Yourself

Pregnancy is hard work! That’s why you’ve got to make sure you’re treating yourself every so often.

If you’re feeling tired or dragged down by the stress of being pregnant, treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Do a facial and paint your nails. Take a long, luxurious bath, and do some reading or another activity that you enjoy. You can even call up some of your friends and have a fun day out. Or, if you’re feeling too tired to leave the house, call them over for a movie night.

With all the work you’re doing in terms of being pregnant and getting ready for the baby, you deserve a spa night every night!

12 Pregnancy Glow Is A Real Thing

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Chances are, you probably feel bloated and not very sexy during your pregnancy, especially the farther in you are. But most people do notice a change in women while they’re expecting- and that’s what we call the pregnancy glow!

For sure, some women experience worse skin while they’re expecting, as your fluctuating hormones can cause dry skin and even acne. But, other mamas-to-be may produce extra oils, which leaves their skin with a soft glow.

"In some situations, that's going to produce more of a glow and make the skin look soft," says Dr. Jenny Murase, a clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco told WebMD. "In other situations, people start to get acne."

11 Telling Everyone The News Is So Exciting

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First of all, just finding out you’re pregnant is exciting by itself! But the next best part is telling all of the other people in your life!

Many expecting women go to great lengths to tell their partner that they’re expecting, from sending them a sweet text message to planning a whole prank surrounding it. There have also been tons of creative ways expecting couples have broken the news to their parents and siblings- just take a gander at YouTube to get some inspiration.

Even if you’re not planning on doing something elaborate, just seeing the look on everyone’s faces when you tell them makes it one of the best parts of pregnancy!

10 You Have A Reason To Shop For Baby Things

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One of the best parts of expecting is having an excuse to shop for tons of cute baby items!

Especially if its your first child, then you need to stock up on all the essentials, like baby blankets, clothes, and toys. Oh, and of course diapers, too! It’s honestly even more fun than shopping for yourself because you get to sort through the adorable baby-inspired patterns and clothing that makes them look like a mini adult.

There’s no reason to spend a ton of money when baby shopping. Shopping on sale or going to consignment or thrift stores is more budget friendly, but will still be the same level of fun (or maybe even more!).

9 And A Reason To Shop For Yourself

As much of an excuse being pregnant is to buy for the baby, it’s also an opportunity to treat yo’ self.

Since you’re doing all of the physical work when it comes to creating this baby, you have no reason not to indulge yourself if you want to and can. While there’s no need to go crazy with a new maternity wardrobe, pick up some pieces that make you feel confident with your growing bump.

Maybe treat yourself to that purse you’ve been wanting or that cute pair of shoes you’ll be able to fit into once the baby comes. There’s no reason to wait until your partner gives you a push gift- you can reward yourself!

8 It Can Bring You Closer To Your Partner

Pregnancy and having a baby is a unique experience for partners- one that can make or break the relationship!

The two of you become one through your child. Thus, it’s an awesome opportunity to work on strengthening your relationship with your partner, so you’ll be better than ever once the baby arrives.

There are various things you can do in order to bring yourself closer to your partner during pregnancy. Communicating effectively is the number one, but it’s also important to have realistic expectations and to be prepared to listen to your partner. Make sure both of you are engaging in self-care together and as individuals.

7 You’ll Be The Center Of Attention

You will be the star of the show wherever you go while pregnant!

All of your friends and family will be interested in asking you a million and one different questions about your new addition, from whether you have a name picked out, when your due date is and how pregnancy has been, and your stance on different parenting topics. Prepare to always be caught up in conversation with someone, and to be the center of that convo, too!

With that being said, not everyone is a fan of attention. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to tell people what you need!

6 Feeling The Baby Kick Is The Coolest Thing

Want to know the best part of being pregnant? Feeling the baby kick!

It’s a truly unique experience feeling your little one moving inside you- something that no one else will get to experience with your child. And, it’s definitely something you’ll miss after you’ve given birth.

You can usually feel movement within 16-25 weeks of pregnancy. Genevieve Howland for Mama Natural explains, “First-time moms may not notice movement until closer to 25 weeks, or may not know for sure if what they’re feeling is really a baby. Experienced moms tend to notice sooner.”

5 You’ll Feel More Motivated Than Ever

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If there was ever a reason to get your life together, it’s being pregnant!

Many people credit becoming pregnant to helping make big life changes. Whether that means something major like quitting a bad habit, or something simple like becoming more serious about the future, bringing a child into the world forces you to grow up and get things in order.

You’ll feel more motivated to get the house prepared for your new addition- and perhaps to even start nesting! Likewise, you’ll feel motivated to cut negative energy out of your life, so you can focus all your attention on your little one. In short, you’ll be motivated to put you and your baby first above all!

4 The Anticipation Will Keep You Excited For Months

It’s an incredibly exciting yet stressful time being pregnant. But, we’re betting that the anticipation of meeting your little one is going to keep you pumped up throughout your whole pregnancy.

It’s always an amazing feeling to have something to look forward to, whether it’s a tropical vacation or starting a new job. Given how major having a baby is, you can expect that the anticipation is going to be 10 times more powerful and exciting than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Whenever you’re feeling down or anxious during pregnancy, just remind yourself about what an exciting time this is!

3 You'll Feel A New Appreciation For Your Parents

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You don’t really understand just how much your parents have done for you and how much they love you until you become a parent yourself!

During your pregnancy, as well as after you’ve welcomed the baby, you’ll develop a new appreciation for your parents that you never thought was possible. You’ll suddenly begin to see things from their perspective, and will hopefully see all the sacrifices they’ve made in raising.

This is a great opportunity to bring yourself closer to your parents or other parental figures in your life, or to even mend broken bridges.

2 You’ll Realize How Powerful YouAre

Before becoming pregnant, you’ve likely never understood how powerful the female body is.

While we may not be as physically strong as men when it comes to lifting weights, we’re on a whole different level of strongness due to the fact we can create and then push out a little human! And that’s something to be impressed by.

The female body is going through tons of things you may not even notice during pregnancy. Curing the 9 months, your blood volume increases, your pelvic muscles begin loosening up, and you stop shedding as much hair. And, of course, you’re growing an entire person inside of you, including all of their organs to their fingernails. How cool is that?!

1 Pregnancy Is The Ultimate Excuse For Anything

Now, we’re not recommending you use pregnancy as an excuse to solve all of your problems, but it can sure come in handy during the most random of time!

Just think about it- f you don’t want to do housework or yard work, then you don’t have to! Being pregnant takes a physical toll on you and makes you feel increasingly tired, so it’s more important to put your feet up than to keep working. Being pregnant means you have a reason to wear whatever clothes you want so long as their comfy.

And, most of all, it’s a reason as to why your partner should be extra nice to you! You’re dealing with all sorts of hormonal changes, so you have an excuse to be a bit more emotional than other times. And no one can say anything about it!

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