20 Reasons GOT's Leda Headey Is #QueenOfMoms

Someone as cold, vengeful, brave, and powerful as Cersei Lannister is not to be messed with. Game of Thrones Queen Cersei stands down to no one and definitely is one fierce fighter. Her electric personality on screen makes fans wonder who she really is as a human.

But, the lady hiding behind the hours of makeup, the blond wig, and lavish costumes is the complete opposite. Lena Headey is a beautiful, natural, and raw mom. She is the epitome of a strong lady and an amazing example to all moms out there. Lena Headey shows up for her children day after day and still nails it at rehearsal. She cares about the world she is raising her children in and strives to make changes. She is goals!

But what makes her the definition of #goals? The GOT actress is real. She is honest in interviews about parenting, she shares mommy stories that others can relate too, and speaks out about her personal issues. We love her for this. Underneath it all is a mom who cares about her children, makes mistakes, and owns each aspect of her life. Although she may not be as powerful as Queen Cersei is on screen, she is one powerful woman! And for that, she is goals!

20 She Is Open About Postnatal Depression


It takes a tough woman to open up and reveal her troubles. It takes a powerhouse of a mom to share it with the world. Lena Headey spoke out about her PPD after giving birth to her baby boy. During this tough time in her life, she was juggling being a mom and a Game of Thrones queen.

Headey told People Magazine about how difficult it was to realize what was occurring and deal with her emotions. Luckily, juggling her on-screen character and real mom issues have taught her exactly what she wants for her little babies. The queen herself said, “What I want for my children is for them to be kind and conscious and happy and that’s it, really. I don’t want them to think, ‘You have to achieve that in order to have that,’ because that’s not true anymore.” Right on!

19 Alway Last Now


Two things Headey has learned about being a mom is you are last to get a shower, and if you get to do a facemask… winner! Headey shares on a #mumtakeover video she created and posted to social media all about how being a mom means you are last for everything!

She is so honest about how just trying your best is good enough! She says in her video, “It’s life changing, isn’t it? It means you come last in everything in the nicest possible way.” Oh, and she lets you in on the secret that you will never go potty alone, ever again!

18 Cheering For Her Daughter


When Queen Cersei says something, the people listen! Headey made a parenting pledge back in 2015 to her unborn daughter at the time. She vowed to let her daughter be whoever she wanted to be!

Headey wrote, “My daughter will have freedom of choice. She will be free to dance, to sing, to be educated in the fields that spark her passion, to marry if she wants, to marry WHO she wants, to remain single, or to fall in love with another woman.”

Seriously moms, this is setting your child up for success. Can you imagine growing up knowing there is no pressure to be perfect? Obsessed with you Lena Headey for paving the way for your girl!

17 She Tells The Paparazzi To Buzz Off


We give Lena Headey so much credit for telling the paparazzi off! Right after she announced the birth of her little girl, she kindly asked the photographers to stay away and let her enjoy this time. What mom wants to be stalked right after popping out a human? Seriously! All she wants is a little R&R and time with her kids.

We think this is a totally fair thing to ask, especially since she went about it in a mature and kind way. Let’s hope the photographers stayed away and let her bond with her precious new baby girl.

16 She Is The Queen


If GOT was anything like trying to survive in the world of parenting, Cersei may be even more frightening than let's say, Regina George. This Queen is beyond intimidating. Although Cersei may be power hungry and the most intense human alive, she does have one thing in common with the lady that plays her character, Lena Headey. That is smarts.

Just like Cersei, Headey is an educated woman. She also makes smart choices as an actress. In the recent season, Headey made the choice to have a body double do her nude scenes. Now that’s what I call respect, lady!

15 She Keeps Her Kids Away From The Media


Some stars chose to fill their social media accounts with their post about their kids, and others we have never seen. Lena Headey is one of those mommies who want to protect her kids from the photographers and media.

Headey introduced her second baby with a simple tweet in 2015, “Hello peeps. All good. Just fallen in unconditional heartbreaking divine love for the second time.” Fans are still unsure of who her little girl's father is. Headey is very private about her life and children and that is a-okay with us!

14 Being A Mom Is Hard Work


This GOT mom doesn’t lie about how hard parenting is. While supporting BBC Radio’s #mumtakeover she said, “Every day is funny. I’m trying to potty train my daughter now and she took a giant [poop] in her leggings and it was like a big [poopy] mudfest in our bathroom. And I giggled all the way through.”

Poop and all, she knows how to keep it positive. My favourite thing is when she mentions to moms, "You’ve got to allow yourself to be incredibly vulnerable as a mum and that’s really tough, but it does reap the rewards if you do.” Yes, yes, yes!

13 Giving Birth Is Not Easy


She also talks about childbirth during her #mumtakeover. Headey said, “One of the most awful moments was when I had my second baby and I’d had a cesarean. Let’s not judge anybody anymore for caesareans [or natural] births. Anything we have to do to deliver children safely should be applauded.”

Thank you for owning the fact that it isn’t a stroll in the park! She is so honest and says, “The bodily thing is the hardest thing, not being in control of your body for a year or so until you get all your strength back. That used to make me feel sad and out of control." Many moms don’t want to talk about this issue, but Queen Cersei is not hiding from anyone!

12 She Even Goes The Distance As a TV Mom


Lena Headey is a mom in real life and a mom when she is Cersei. There is no doubt she is a fantastic mom to her son and daughter, but she also has been seen going the extra mile on screen as a mom. The GOT mom is protective of her children despite her mistakes and often times, cold heart. Cersei made the choice to send Myrcella to Dorne to live with Prince Oberyn. She beheaded the dwarf who she thought harmed her son. And she loved her son, Joffrey, even though he wasn’t the best kid. Clearly, Cersei knows how to be a good mom just like Lena Headey.

11 Her Kids Do Normal Things

If you haven’t caught on yet, Lena Headey is a normal mom. She is raw, authentic, and natural. She leaves the house in sweatpants and baggy tees. Many GOT fanatics may not recognize this queen without her wig, makeup, and tattoos covered up, so she is able to slide under the radar a bit more than let's say Kim K!

Her kids are normal, they ride scooters in the street, play on soccer and baseball games, and go to school. She also lives five minutes away from her parents. So her kids get tons of Grandpa and Grandma time! Spoiled rotten!

10 She Gives Back To The Community


As evil as she may be on TV, the women behind Cersei only wants to make the world a more wonderful place for her children to live in. Headey is very involved in charity work and is a part of the International Rescue Committee which is a non-profit for aiding refugees.

The star met Marwa and her family in 2016 while filming with GOT and was reunited with her family again in 2018 on a trip to Germany. Headey says it was an emotional and incredible experience. The GOT actress has also been known to do work with PETA, and the fight against dementia. She will do anything to help others, which is an outstanding quality.

9 She Is Funny!


This mom is not your normal celebrity mom. She doesn’t care how she looks when exiting the house or if a tantrum occurs in the mall. She owns it all. Other than Headey’s hilarious tweets about life and parenting, she is also a fun mom. This mom is tatted up! Not just a little tatted, like obsessed with tattoos. The GOT actor has a large lotus flower, crazy colourful birds, and butterflies all over her back. The mom might also have her ex-boyfriend Jason written in Thai on her arm- oops!

I am sure the Game of Thrones makeup crew doesn’t love her spontaneous tattooing and obsession! She told MORE, “I always want more, it's a terrible thing. I'll be outside a tattoo shop and hear the needle and think, 'I could just get a little one that nobody would see.'" We love that she owns her body, self, and life.

8 She Is A Fan Favorite!


If you are not a Game of Thrones fanatic, then you are out of touch with today’s generation. I kid you not, I have never seen people so excited and frantically waiting for the release of another season. People are nuts about this show.

Thanks to Cersei, the show is full of twist, turns, war, and love. Lena Headey plays a savage character in the hit TV show and will do anything to get to the top. She definitely is a character that needs to be watched and not crossed. Cersei is a fan favourite because she is frightening, powerful, and knows how to play the game.

7 She Is Exhausted Too!


Headey won’t deny that ageing stinks! She posted an all natural selfie of herself in tears while watching a TV show about orangutans.

Her caption read, "To those who feel free to tell me I look haggard, 100 years old, that my beauty is fading.... that I look tired/exhausted (you’re right !!!! Parenting is a full time exhausting beautiful thing ) THIS IS ME! Sung to the tune of The Greatest Showman, obviously! I love that my experience sits on my face, that my eyes can tell a thousand stories, that you can watch my work and enjoy it, and when I give you real me, it’s too real. Get used to it folks, this face will only get older and realer."

Own those baggy dark circles, sleepless nights, tears, and smiles. That is the joy of parenting!

6 Single Mom Power!


According to Elle Magazine, Headey and ex-husband, Peter Loughran, ended their marriage in 2013. Loughran is the father of Headey's first baby, Wylie. Lena Headey also had a love triangle with GOT actor Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on the show.

According to the report, this relationship went south and the two are not on speaking terms. The star got married last year to filmmaker, Dan Cadan. Cadan and Headey have been childhood friends. Cadan is the father of Headey's daughter, Teddy. Although Headey has an extra hand around, I think it’s fair to say she crushed it as a solo parent!

5 Self Care & Self Love


Headey is a huge advocate for self-care and speaking out about anxiety and depression. As someone who deals with it herself, she tweeted out, "Anxiety is a beast. You have to talk to beasts. Release them back into the wild. Easier said than done, I know, but still. Good to practice."

In an interview with self.com, she talked about how anxiety is taking over so many of us. She really stresses the importance of seeing a therapist and to not be ashamed of this! She said it perfectly, "[We're] tricked into thinking you don't have enough. You're not enough. Pretty enough. Thin enough. Rich enough. Capable enough. Successful enough. Well here's the truth. You are enough... In fact, you're who you're meant to be which is BEAUTIFUL."

4 Divorces Are Tough On Everyone


A divorce is a divorce, regardless of the money you get from it, the amount of therapy you go through, and help you have. It isn’t easy. Lena Headey will be the first one to say it and doesn’t want to act like it was a happy time.

She told More magazine about her split with ex-husband Pete Loughran, "There's a lot of hurt and sadness and disappointment. Grief. Massive grief. It's a mourning process, and yet nobody's died." She nails it again with truly being honest and real about life events that happen to everyone. We love you, sister!

3 Her Fixer Upper Home Is Beautiful


Okay, remember how we keep saying this mommy is the real deal? In 2014, the mommy purchased a home $790,000. Yes, that is still a lot to us folks, but that is pretty “normal” and humble for this GOT queen. Headey fixed up the modern home and now is selling it for over 2 million dollars!

Since Headey is used to living in the UK where homes are shoeboxes and double the price, she was in awe by the homes in L.A. According to apartmentthereapy.com, “The mid-century home was stripped to the studs and rebuilt with the original concrete block and reclaimed hemlock.” Seriously, she could compete with HGTV with her style.

2 She Plays With Her Kids


Sure, you can hire a nanny to play with your kids, but that isn’t Lena Headey. I am not saying she doesn’t have a nanny, but this mom balances her time right. When it’s time to work, she works. When it’s time to be a mommy, she gets down on the floor and does whatever game is happening.

She posted this adorable picture to social media of her tied up to the stairs because she was the dog. She made a few silly comments about how her daughter left her some water and the umbrella and would be back shortly. Now, this is the parenting we love to see!

1 She Is Real


News flash people, celebrities are real humans. They have feelings, get zits, cry, and can get their feelings hurt! Allure Magazine shared the story of when Headey went into a press conference for Game of Thrones and got slammed hard. The actress went in seven months pregnant into the battlefield of journalists.

A reporter stood up and went, “Uh, I just want to say that you're really disappointed in real life. And is that your real hair?' And I went, 'Yeah,' and he said, 'The wig is much better. I like you as a blonde.'...I was like, 'OK.' I was just crushed. How is that alright to say?"

My point being, she is human. Just like us, things crush her soul and hurt her feelings too. It is not okay for people to treat anyone like this. Have a little respect!

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