20 Reasons Why A Meet And Greet Is A Better Idea Than A Baby Shower

For a lot of expectant mothers, they can’t wait to meet their little bundle of joy. After all, they’ve been cooking that bun in their ovens for well over nine months and the moment they give birth to their baby, is when the excitement truly begins. A lot of parents would agree that one of the biggest gifts in life is parenthood. But at the same time, it’s also one of the most challenging jobs as well.

Thankfully, moms and dads have two options: they can either have a baby shower or they can have a baby meet and greet (or a ‘sip and see’) after the baby is born. But according to a lot of new parents, it looks like they prefer having a meet and greet over a traditional baby shower. That’s because these parties tend to be too much stress, too much of a hassle, and in some cases too much drama for some people to handle!

With that being said, here are 20 reasons why you should consider having a baby meet and greet after your baby is born over a baby shower. Of course, it all depends on personal preferences and what you prefer.

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20 You Can Save A Lot Of Money

For a lot of new moms, having a baby shower just don’t make any financial sense for them. Why? Because in some cases, they have to foot their own bill for their party! Unless you have very generous family members and friends who are willing to pay for the party (and let’s get real here, they do tend to be expensive), it’s just not worth the cost. And on top of that, you end up getting gifts that you really don’t need or aren’t on your baby registry. Plus, the stress of even planning it while you are pregnant is hard enough!

19 Everyone Actually Gets To Meet The Baby

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For a lot of new moms, they prefer having a meet and greet, because this way their closest friends and family actually meet the baby. And for some, that’s more important and more special for them than actually getting “showered” by gifts while they are still pregnant and in some cases, uncomfortable and miserable. This mom wrote on What to Expect, “I like the idea of getting it over and done with so my house isn't a constant petting zoo full of visitors... but it would be once she's a little older and immune system can better fight all the germs that would be there.”

18 There’s No Pressure On You

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When you have a meet and greet, there’s less pressure on a pregnant mama to look a certain way. That’s because everyone knows she’s just given birth and needs her time to rest and relax. Before the pregnancy though, you are expected to get all dolled up for your baby shower! Meet and greets can also be very informal. This mom wrote on Baby Center, “I'm having one as well a month after he's born. I also have only ever known it was a sip and see so we'll be having drinks and BBQing probably. My suggestion for not having the baby passed around would maybe be wearing him/her in a wrap or set him in the car seat or something.”

17 There’s No Family Drama

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Let’s face it: baby showers can often be very dramatic, especially if you have one side of the family wanting things a certain way and the other side of the family wanting things their way, too. No matter what, you just can’t make everyone happy! This mom said on Reddit, “I was talking to a girlfriend the other day about how I just cannot wait for the baby to be here so I can buy all the gender specific things (bedding, clothing, etc). She suggested having my in-laws hold off on their June shower and have it 2-4 weeks after baby is born so the baby can receive more gender specific items.”

16 The Meet And Greet Feels Much More Meaningful 

For a lot of new parents, having meet and greets are just more intimate gatherings. You can do several during the course of a few weeks (or however long your maternity leave is), and have one or two guests come over, invite several girlfriends at a time, or in some cases just have a backyard party where everyone can come and see the baby. Of course, a lot of parents do worry about germs being passed around. But that’s the beauty of a meet and greet: you can do it on your own terms and when your baby is old enough to meet his or her new family or community of friends.

15 Some Soon-To-Be Moms Are Not In The Mood For A Big Party

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Not everyone loves to party. And when you are pregnant, the last thing you probably want to do is party, especially if you’ve been achy and tired and just grumpy, especially during the home stretch of your pregnancy. This mom wrote on What to Expect, “Some friends want to have it at our house so people can see our new place and the twins I said it depends on when they come and if I'm organized enough and have had offers to help with what needs to be done to have it at our house. We'll still call it a shower because I see the purpose as being to shower the child with love and if you get gifts that's great but it shouldn't be expected. A sip n see sounds like your putting the child on display to me.”

14 There Will Be No Petty Family Arguments

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Like we mentioned about, family drama can get real, especially when there are two sides that have very opposing views of what needs or should be done for baby showers. You might as well nix the whole idea and just tell everyone that you will be doing things your way, whether they like it or not. After all, it is your pregnancy! This mom said on Reddit, “We're doing both. My husband's family lives 2 hours away and I did not want to travel when I'm 8 months pregnant for shower for his side. I'll have my shower with my family in January and then do a meet the baby party with his family in spring.”

13 It’s Like a Baby Shower, But After The Birth

Now, we don’t want to see baby showers are a bad idea. There are a lot of people who still love the tradition. There’s just nothing wrong with having a baby shower after you’ve given birth, too. This mom wrote on What to Expect, “We are doing one about 3 weeks after the baby is born. However, it will also be like a baby shower (men and women) as we didn't do one before. Both my family and his family preferred to do it this way, and we're just happy that anyone is offering! Plus hoping it'll give us some peace and quiet for the first couple weeks.”

12 Everyone Already Knows The Gender

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One of the trickier parts about having a baby shower is not knowing what to get the new mom and her baby, especially if you don’t know the gender. Well, that’s not a problem anymore after the mom has given birth, right? This person wrote on What to Expect while she was still pregnant, “We're not finding out baby's gender either. We also already have 2 girls, so we are going to do an "arrival shower." This way if we have a boy we can get boy clothes and so people can meet the little one. I think it's a neat idea, especially with a large spread out family. We're also Catholic and will most likely couple it with the baby's baptism.”

11 You Have A Better Idea Of What You Need

When you are pregnant, you really don’t know what to expect, especially when it comes to your babies’ needs. That changes though, once the baby is born. This mom pointed out on What to Expect, “Been to 7 or 8 baby showers over the past 2 years and honestly what you get in the shower most of the time aren't the real necessities. They are usually items that will become more useful around the 3 or 4 month mark. So the necessities you'll have to buy on your own anyway (think car seat, crib or bassinette, newborn jumpers, diapers, nursing pads, bibs, wash tub, bottles, breast pump/formula), so you will have to buy what you need anyway!”

10 Your Inner Circle Comes First

If you have a baby shower while you are pregnant, there’s always the pressure to invite people that might not be in your inner social circle. Many family members insist that they have their own co-workers and friends invited. Mother-in-laws tend to invite their friends and their neighbors. Your distant cousin might want to bring her best friend, someone you have never met before. But with a meet and greet, you get to eliminate all of that. Your inner circle comes first. The beauty of not having a baby shower is that you are in control of who gets to see your baby.

9 You Can Forget Those Pinterest Parties

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Another reason why so many moms want to nix the idea of having a traditional baby shower is because there’s so much pressure to making it Pinterest-perfect for social media. And let’s face it: no one has the budget for that! Trying to replicate a baby shower that a Hollywood star or celebrity had is almost nearly impossible. A lot of new moms would agree that most of these parties only add more pressure and stress, which are two things they certainly don’t need during the home stretch of their pregnancies. Plus, who needs hundreds of flowers at their party anyway?

8 It’s Common Practice In Other Countries

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Believe it or not, having a meet and greet is more common practice in other countries. Some moms don’t even have traditional baby showers at all… and don’t want them, either. This mom wrote on Reddit, “I'm 100% Italian (first generation from Sicily) and for some reason, it's considered bad luck in my grandparents eyes to have a shower until after a baby is born. I always liked the idea of a baby being there so everyone can meet him/her and it adds extra to the party so it's more about the baby then games (which I've had trouble planning). I love the idea.”

7 You’ll Even Get Some Help

With a meet and greet, there’s a good possibility that your friends and family will even give you a helping hand with your baby. This mom said on What to Expect, “My sister just gave birth 4 weeks ago and has barely time in between her diaper changes/feeds to even eat herself let along plan a shower for me, by the time I give birth her baby will be 4 months old so hopefully by the time her baby is 3 months old she'll have more time to plan. Other friends are volunteering to help but still it's the sister/mom who do the most.”

6 You’ll Feel Less Nervous

The beauty of having an intimate meet and greet with your closet inner circle of friends and family is that you’ll feel less nervous. That’s because it’s more likely that it will happen in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You’ll be in your own setting and it will just feel like having a friend come over to hang out, watch a little Netflix and feed your newborn baby while you are at it. And who knows, you might be able to score a little nap while your friends are around to entertain the baby, too! You can’t beat that.

5 You’ll Feel Less Lonely

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A lot of new moms would agree that those first few weeks of motherhood can feel awfully lonely. That’s because there’s a good chance that you are sitting at home all day with your baby while your partner and your family members or at work or at school. Having scheduled meet and greets during those first crucial weeks will help fill the gap and give you that company you may need. After all, there will be days that you won’t feel like leaving the house. But having your friends come over – with a side casserole, too – will fill your home and your heart with gratitude.

4 It’ll Be Great To See Your Family And Friends Bond With Baby

Also, it will be great to see your family and friends bond with your baby. After all, he or she is the star of the show! This person wrote on Baby Center, “I think it's a fantastic idea to do a meet the baby party. I know germs are a concern, but for the most part, people aren't thoughtless and will bow out if they are ill. Just put out a few bottles of hand sanitizer. I always feel like I need a break from my babies after they're born, so it'll be nice to see your friends and family fight over holding your new LO. I say go for it but make sure you have someone else do the majority of the work for you, so you can enjoy the day.”

3 You Can Even Schedule A Date With Your Partner

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to even sneak in a little scheduled date with your partner. Meets and greets are great, but do you know what’s even better? Friends and family members who are ready and willing to babysit. Plus, you might need a little alone time with your partner, your baby daddy, or your husband, especially after the baby is born. It’ll be a great reminder that your relationship is still important and that you need to keep that flame going for as long as you can! After all, that’s how you got here in the first place, right? Ha!

2 You’ll Have A Better Idea Of Appropriate Sizes

After your baby is born, you’ll have a better idea of what gifts and clothes you will actually need for your baby. If there is one thing that you can’t predict correctly, it’s how small or how big your baby will be after he or she is born. This person wrote on Baby Center, “Good thing we waited, because he turned out to be a 9lb 4oz SHE! We had nothing for a girl, so she wore the boys' old clothes for the first 6 weeks (along with blue and green bows, of course!) then we held a meet and greet where people brought gender and size appropriate gifts.”

1 Out Of Town Visitors Can Meet The Baby, Too

With meet and greets, out of town visitors can see the baby too without the added pressure of trying to make it for a one-and-only baby shower date. This mom wrote on Reddit, “We are doing a meet the baby party a when the baby is a few months old. We are a military family living 3000 miles from home, so when we go visit next spring my SIL and best friend are hosting a party for family and close friends so we can show off our little man. It's really not about the gifts, just about celebrating our addition.”

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