20 Reasons Why Baby Kulture Is Primed To Outshine Cardi B

Cardi B's baby daughter was born on the 10th of July in 2018. The baby's full name is Kulture Kiari Cephus. Kulture's dad is Migos rapper, Offset. In the summer, Kulture will hit the one-year mark and she may start to walk by the time she's nine months old. Babies grow up so fast. This famous baby is going to be in the spotlight for as long as her parents are. This may be a very long time, as Cardi B's career has never been hotter and Offset is also hugely successful.

Kulture is already a star. Whether she goes into music or not, she's celebrity offspring and there is so much curiosity about the kids of famous people. Anyone who is a Cardi B fan will enjoy this list. It's packed with fun facts about why baby Kulture is already a star. It's also filled with fascinating information about the life and times of Cardi B.

Cardi B was born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar in October of 1992. She's currently 26 years old. She's a fairly young mom who is trying to juggle a lucrative music career with motherhood. She's come so far from her poor upbringing in the Bronx. And we can't wait to see Kulture go even further! Check out why we think that could happen...

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20 Mommy's Career Is Red Hot


America really loves Cardi B. In fact, this hip hop diva is beloved all over the world. Her honesty, talent and glam definitely resonate with music fans.

She's won a trio of Music Awards, as well as a slew of BET Hip Hop Awards. She's even set a couple of Guinness World Records. Right now, she's sold more than thirty-four million records, just in America, and she's really just getting started.

Since she's only 26, she has so many good years ahead. Kulture's mom's career is red hot. As long as everyone cares about Cardi B, Kulture will be a star, too.

19 Kulture Has Two Famous Parents


Cardi B and Offset seemed ideally suited, but they ran into some turbulence. Like many male rappers, Offset has trouble resisting temptation.

He married Cardi B, but may not have been the type of husband that she hoped to have. She did throw in the towel. After she gave up on the relationship, he tried to win her back. His efforts are working. They have been spending time together again.

Only time will tell if this famous couple, who are Kulture's mom and dad, live happily ever after or go into the long-term co-parenting mode. Since Kulture's parents are so famous, Kulture is a star, too.

18 Kulture Is So Much Like Her Mom


Pictures of Kulture are rare. There are a few pics out there, but Cardi B has really held back in terms of posting photos of her baby.

This is pretty smart. Kulture is an innocent infant and Cardi B probably doesn't want to expose her to a ton of publicity too young. Cardi B may also want to avoid negativity from trolls.

The most famous pic of Kulture features the baby wearing a "Kulture" bib. Kulture does seem to resemble her famous mom in the pic. Maybe Kulture will end up being one of those babies who looks just like Mom. If so, people are going to want more and more pics as Kulture gets older.

17 Cardi B Pretended To Bring Kulture Onstage


Cardi B played a cute and harmless trick on the public, by appearing to bring her new bundle of joy onstage during the MTV VMA Awards in 2018. Cardi B came onstage in a scarlet dress, with a short and chic hairstyle. She was carrying a pink baby blanket.

However, the blanket concealed a Moon Person trophy instead of baby Kulture. Stunts like this just make people more interested in Kulture.

Cardi B won a trio of awards that night and Offset said that he felt angry when he saw Cardi B with the "baby". It seems like Cardi and Offset had an agreement not to show their daughter to the public just yet and he thought that she broke the agreement.

16 Cardi B Talked A Lot About Pregnancy


Cardi B made Kulture a star before she was even born by talking about her pregnancy. This built up anticipation for the baby's birth in July.

Cardi B was straight up about the highs and lows of pregnancy. She wasn't trying to pretend that she enjoyed every single minute. Cardi said that she had a lot of weird dreams during pregnancy, probably due to hormone shifts.

Plus, she was still attending events, some of which she performed at, where her growing baby bump was on display. To make the scene on the awards circuit, she wore some high glam maternity gowns, including a gorgeous, baby pink evening gown from Tom Ford, with cool metallic sleeves.

15 Cardi B Shares Her Parenting Highs And Lows


Upfront about the downside of pregnancy, Cardi B has also been very candid about the ups and downs of parenthood.

Caring for a baby is hard work and Cardi B found the process of caring for her newborn daughter exhausting. New motherhood was also, unsurprisingly, cramping her style when it came to the glam.

She admitted on social media that she had puffy eyes and was unusually pale because she was so tired. She wasn't too happy with the look of her hair, either. This stuff makes her relatable. She's willing to be real by being imperfect. She's sort of like Drew Barrymore that way. Her honesty also makes people care about Kulture.

14 Mom Is The New Queen Of Hip-Hop


Nicki Minaj considered herself the queen of hip hop, but maybe she's been dethroned by Cardi B. There's a good reason why Nicki is always needling Cardi B, although they are supposed to have a truce now. It's because Cardi B has the right elements to be the queen. Nicki knows this and doesn't like it.

Nicki's star has fallen a bit thanks to poor tour sales and other missteps. Meanwhile, Cardi B is setting records. Since Kulture's mom may well be the new queen of rap, her daughter is a hip hop princess. In North America, famous people aren't so different from royalty, are they?

13 Cardi B's Strong Opinions Make Headlines


Cardi B supported working people when she weighed in on the whole "shutdown" controversy. She said what was already on a lot of people's minds. A lot of people were impressed that she was courageous enough to express her views. She won new fans and maybe some enemies, too.

Since Cardi B is quite comfortable expressing strong opinions, she is a big-time influencer. Her thoughts matter to people. She has a lot of power and this power transfers to her daughter. Kids who are the children of stars like Cardi B grow up in their parent's shadows, but also get plenty of perks.

12 Celeb Offspring Are Subjects Of Fascination


Why are we so interested in celebrities...and their kids?

Sometimes, we relate to celebs because we love the creative work that they produce, or we love their sense of style, or both (or something along those lines). Sometimes, we read up on celebs online because it's a nice distraction from our own lives and problems. There are lots of reason why celebrity culture thrives.

Cardi B's daughter will be growing up in the social media age, with a mother who currently has 40.6 million followers. She'll be growing up with a mom who brings crowds to their feet. Cardi B and Offset have already trademarked their daughter's name. They know she's a famous baby!

11 Cardi B Posts About Kulture On Social Media


With over forty million and a half followers online, Cardi B has a huge audience. Everything she posts gets seen by so many people. When she posts about her daughter, which she does do sometimes, her posts get noticed, shared and commented on. They end up being displayed all over the web.

Offset also has a big audience of 10.4 million followers. He has three other kids, besides Kulture. So, Cardi has two half-brothers, Jordan and Kody, as well as a half-sister, Kalea. Offset does post about his kids online. All of this social media buzz has made Kulture a star.

10 Kulture Has Her Own Cereal Box


Celebrity offspring get spoiled with swag. They get free gifts because companies want to please their famous parents.

Kulture received her own custom Honey Nut Cheerios box from General Mills. It said Kulture right across the front. That's kind of a cute idea. It also brought General Mills a ton of publicity because Cardi B shared a pic of the cereal box on her social media accounts.

When companies woo celebrities with gifts, they tend to get a great return on their investments. I'm sure the cereal box just scratches the surface in terms of what this famous baby has received from companies and Cardi B's fans. Kulture will get more swag in the future.

9 Cardi B Might Lead America Someday


Will Cardi B be leading her country someday?

Some people would love it if that was the case. When she waded into the shutdown controversy, many people really appreciated the fact that she was brave enough to take a side. She sided with common people, rather than the establishment.

Cardi B didn't grow up rich. She understands the problems of the poor. She knows what it's like to not have money. She'll hopefully teach Kulture that being rich isn't the only way of life. Kulture will grow up wealthy. Things are going to be a lot different for Kulture than they were for her mother.

8 Mom And Dad's Relationship Gets So Much Press


When Cardi B and Offset started having big problems, a lot of people thought that the relationship issues were fabricated just to drum up publicity...but how much more publicity do people like Cardi B and Offset really need?

It's true that drama sells. People surf the Web, looking for information about the latest hip hop beef and gossip. If celebs manufacture drama, they're sort of "feeding the beast" that keeps them rich and famous. Cardi B and Offset do not seem to be on a permanent break. They're more on than off lately.  Only they know if their relationship problems were real or faux.

7 Cardi B Is Teaching Her Confidence


Cardi B is a confident person. She says that people have always gravitated towards her. She developed a strong sense of self early on. She used her natural charisma to get ahead. Now, she wants her daughter to grow up confident, too. She'll teach Kulture to be proud of herself and project an air of confidence.

Of course, there's always the chance that Kulture's personality will be different from her mom's. For example, Kulture might be shy, with little desire to be in the public eye. Kids may look like their parents, but it doesn't mean that they are the same inside. Kulture is a star, but she may wish she wasn't when she's older.

6 Pics Of Kulture Are Rare And This Makes People Curious


We've seen a few pics of Kulture, including a cute picture of her tiny hands. Overall, Cardi B's fans are left wanting more when it comes to seeing Kulture. Cardi B actually waited quite a while before introducing her daughter to the world. She is considering her child's privacy.

Cardi surely has a ton of baby pics of her daughter that she's chosen not to share with the world. A source revealed that Offset's father was upset with Cardi B for showing a pic of Kulture. Offset's dad said that Offset planned to use that pic for an album cover before Cardi B posted it to social media "out of spite".

5 Kulture's Going To Dress In High Style Soon Enough


Cardi B takes plenty of risks with fashion and it's all of lot of fun for the fans. Most of us don't put on wild animal print coasts and matching boots when we go out. We have to wear practical things sometimes. With celebs like Cardi B, anything goes.

Soon enough, Kulture will be developing her own sense of style. Cardi B will make sure that she has the coolest kiddie wardrobe. Cardi B is involved in the fashion world. She knows how to find the best of the best for her daughter. Like Blue Ivy, Harper Beckham and other celeb offspring, Kulture will have the wardrobe of a superstar.

4 Offset's Antics Impact Kulture


Offset seemed a bit off balance after Cardi B let the public know that she'd had enough of their relationship. He seemed to have some regrets about things that he did that pushed her away.

He tried to get back in her good graces by crashing one of her shows with a bunch of flowers and apologies. Cardi B seemed very uncomfortable, although a lot of people think that she was involved with setting up the whole thing.

Offset's antics impact Kulture. All of the things that mom and dad do are things that Kulture is going to read about when she's older.

3 The Paparazzi Are Already Standing By


Cardi B has to deal with the paparazzi. She's one of the most popular stars in America right now. This means that photographers go out of their way to track her movements and capture new images of her.

Media outlets like TMZ.com are known for having a lot of roving photographers on staff. TMZ isn't the only media outlet that wants fresh pics of Cardi B.

When Kulture is a bit older, Cardi is going to want to walk around in public with her. The paparazzi will be waiting. It's actually too bad that Kulture is going to have to deal with these aggressive photographers.

2 Even Kulture's Dolls Are Famous


A week after her daughter was born, Cardi B recorded a couple of videos which she posted to social media. She utilized her baby daughter's toys, including a very cute doll, to let the world know how she was adjusting to being a new mother.

Cardi B featured the doll because she was exhausted and didn't want her fans to see her looking so tired. She said that no book or advice can prepare a woman for the realities of being a new mother.

It's true. It's something that you have to experience, although reading up will definitely help a mom-to-be learn about pregnancy and proper baby care.

1 Everyone Wants To Watch Kulture Grow Up


Celeb offspring seem to grow up so fast. One moment, they are in their cribs or fancy strollers. Before we know it, they're modelling for Burberry.

People expect celeb offspring to stay in the spotlight. This is why everyone looks forward to watching Kulture grow up. She'll be part of the next generation, which includes Beyonce's kids, Gwen Stefani's kids and the Kardashian's kids.

These celeb offspring will be famous into adulthood. Kulture is a star, whether she wants to be one or not. Her mom and dad are not shy people, so maybe she'll be like them and thrive in the spotlight.

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