20 Reasons Why Farrah Abraham's Daughter Is Unlike Any Other Celeb Kid

Reality television sensation Farrah Abrahams is a household name all because she allowed the world to watch her journey into motherhood unfold several years ago. Farrah was one of the original MTV gals to give us all a glimpse into what life as a sixteen-year-old pregnant teen was like. One decade after we watched her grapple with pregnancy, labor and delivery and the early days of parenthood, we are still watching her and her only child Sophia take on new chapters and adventures in life.

Farrah is one of the only teen moms to have stopped at baby number one. She and little Sophia have restarted life in Texas where they live life on their own terms, growing empires and snapping suggestive selfies. The pair travels the world and makes no apologies for how they live their lives. Plenty of people out there disagree with how this mom and daughter duo operates, and usually for a good reason, but Farrah and Sophia keep on doing them.

Sophia might be growing up under a microscope, like so many other celebrity kiddos, but her life is unlike the lives of so many of her counterparts. Here are twenty reasons why Sophia Abraham's life is like no other celeb kid's life. This girl marches to the beat of her drum to be sure!

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20 Forever By Her Mother's Side

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Even celebrity kids need to spread their wings and make meaningful connections and friendships that are all their own. Maybe children to celebrities have a more carefully vetted process when it comes to allowing others into their inner circle, but they should be playing with peer-aged pals nonetheless. We rarely see Sophia hanging with the gals and running off to community-run sports and activities. She is more likely to be photographed running around town with her mother and engaging in more adult activities. Sophia is never far from her mama's side. The pair seems pretty inseparable.

19 Red Carpet Ready

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Sophia Abraham is a professional red carpet walker at this point. When her mother gets jazzed up and ready to strut her stuff for fans and paparazzi, Sophia can often be seen right next to her, where a date would typically be. This little girl is forever ready to get glammed up and mimic her mom's eccentric looks while they sashay along for all of the world to see. Are these appearances something that Sophia wants to be a part of, or does her mother need her by her side when she appears in public? It's hard to know.

18 Sophia's Grief Is Displayed On Social Media

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Farrah and Sophia recently experienced a sad loss when their sweet Pomeranian pup Blue passed away. While the speculation as to what indeed happened to Blue remains hanging in the balance, one thing is sure. Sophia's sadness was put on social media display. This stunned many people who believe that a child's grief is a private thing, not to be shared with the entire world to see and judge. Because Sophia has lived her whole life in front of the public eye, she might not even know that sadness is something that doesn't always have to be shared.

17 She Is Homeschooled, But Not By Educators

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Sophia is currently receiving her education in a non-traditional way. She is being homeschooled, which is not abnormal among the celebrity population, but it isn't by professional educators and tutors. Sophia is gaining her knowledge from her mother, Farrah. The primary reason for the homeschooling is so that Sophia can travel the world with her ever-busy mother. This arrangement has many people wondering if Farrah's knowledge if the world is enough for Sophia, or should she maybe have more qualified people behind her learning.

16 Grandma Is Trying To Gain Custody From Farrah

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For those who have witnessed the strained relationship between Farrah and her biological mother Debra, it is no surprise that Grandma Deb thinks she might have a better chance of giving Sophia a stable life. After Farrah's most recent run-in with the law, Debra made it crystal clear that she should be the one Sophia lives with, surrounded by family and going to school full time with kids her age. Grandma is no fan of the high life that her daughter has Sophia living and if it were up to her, little Sophia would be living under her roof full time.

15 She Has Had Her "Own Life" Since She Was Four

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All parents take space from their families at one time or another. Perhaps they leave their kids with dad or grandma for the day and head off for an afternoon of shopping and coffee with girlfriends. Maybe they let Grandma take the reins as they pamper themselves for a couple of hours. This act is nothing wild, but Farrah takes the mommy time out phenomenon to a whole other level. She let the world know that she and Sophia have their own lives and that Sophia does her own thing and Farrah does hers. The bizarre thing was at the time of this comment, Sophia was only four years old.

14 She Gets Pulled Into Celebrity Drama

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Most celebs keep their squabbles between them. Rarely do we hear of young children getting dragged into the drama. Not only is it unhealthy, but it's unethical. Farrah has a well-known beef going with rap queen Nicki Minaj, and that beef should have stayed completely out of Sophia's mind and mouth, but Farrah thought otherwise. She drew her little girl into the issue and let her sound off. Farrah shared a video of her (then) six-year-old calling the uber celeb names. Not very cool to bring your young daughter into an issue that she has no way of truly understanding.

13 She Has Social Media Accounts

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Kids these days are growing up in an age of social media sharing. While most of us spent our early years playing with dolls and legos and riding bikes around the neighborhood, kids these days become glued to their social media accounts. Sophia is not even ten years old and already has her own social media accounts that she frequently uses and shares, too. Internet freedom has many fans wondering, are these social media accounts being appropriately monitored and is she too young to have them at all? The bottom line is her mother is the final say here, and she seems to think it's perfectly fine.

12 Negative Photos Abound



Farrah loves herself some photoshoots that we know. It isn't startling that Sophia wants to take pretty pictures like her mama, but what is jarring is the kinds of images that are deemed appropriate for a little girl to have. Farrah and Sophia have images of one another that are questionable. While many would say that this is fine because they are mom and daughter, others don't think anyone should ever take pictures of kids that may be questionable. If the images are kept on a phone or other device, this gets even more iffy. Phones get lost and taken. No one would want the images to fall into the wrong hands.

11 The Tooth Fairy Is A Huge Deal

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Plenty of famous moms and dads are trying their best to keep their children grounded, even though they are wealthy in name and family. Farrah is not one of those people. She wants her daughter to know that they have money and she isn't afraid to shell it out. Farrah played tooth fairy to her little girl recently and gifted her girl a whopping six hundred dollars for the two front teeth that she lost. Six hundred dollars!?! Most kids get a few bucks per tooth, not an entire paycheck worth? Talk about being completely over the top there Farrah.

10 On Camera Name-Calling

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Moms get stressed, frustrated and angry and sometimes those emotions come flowing out of them in the most unsavory ways. It's nothing to be proud of, but moms are entirely human and can't be perfect all of the time. Farrah let her rage loose on camera calling her little girl "too stupid" to get ready, and that wasn't her problem. Whoa. Backlash ensued, but Farrah made no apologies for her cutting remarks. Truthfully, when does she ever. Sophia wasn't in earshot when the comments got made, but she will likely grow up to learn about her mother's less-than-pleasant comments.

9 Sophia's Forced Interactions With Farrah's Fans

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Having fans and admirers is all a part of the fame game. Farrah has plenty of nay-sayers, but she also has a pretty strong fanbase who back her life choices. Farrah chose to live a life in the limelight, but her daughter didn't. Many people believe that because Sophia is merely along for the ride, she shouldn't have to engage in the fan interactions that Farrah does. The truth is Sophia is required to take pics and shake hands with the fans even when she isn't in the mood for schmoozing. Her mother explained her reasoning for the requirement to Cosmo magazine, but still, people disagree with her point of view.

8 Beauty Treatments Start At A Young Age

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Childhood is a time for purity and innocence. The adulthood years will provide plenty of time to fixate on the perfect hair, body, and wardrobe. Farrah seems to be in a bit of a rush when it comes to applying the adult components of glam to her young daughter. She gave little Sophia's bushy brows, (which we all think are too cute for words,) a trim up before Sophia could even spell her name! Mama Farrah sees no reason to wait until her gal is older to start transforming her into a living doll. Brow maintenance begins early on in this family. We wonder what other beauty treatments geared toward adults Sophia has already Started indulging in.

7 Is She Growing Up Too Fast?

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Different strokes for different folks we suppose, but is Sophia growing up a little bit too fast? If images like this are any indication of the answer, then probably. Eight and nine years olds are normally playing with bikes and Barbies while wearing hot pink stretch pants and t-shirts, but Sophia is more apt to be starring in a glammed up photoshoot fit for grown supermodels. Everything from the make up to the pose in this picture says I am an adult. It might be time for Farrah to try and put the brakes on her gal's activities and slow this chapter of her life down a notch. After all, you only get to be a kid once right?

6 Sophia Is Encouraged To Diss Family

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Farrah Abraham has a notoriously torrid relationship with her mother, Deborah. We have seen these two go at each other fiercely on several favorite reality shows. Sadly, Sophia is often seen taking the side of her mother and shunning her Grandma, even when she has zero clues as to what the adult beef is all about! Adult arguments should never draw in children, especially where family is involved. Sophia may grow up to regret not having a relationship with her Grandma. The two used to be so close, but now little Sophie is commonly seen dissing Deb at the encouragement of her mom.

5 Her Mother's Relationships Get Forced Onto An Awkward Sophia

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Occasionally Farrah lands a man, and that man lands in Sophia's lap. While most of the guys who grace Farrah's life aren't brought immediately into the fold, once he is in, he is all the way in. Boyfriend Simon was one of these fellows who Farrah deemed an important enough character for her daughter to meet, and she desperately wanted to forge a bond between her kid and her love. The forced relationship was awkward and uncomfortable to watch, and both Simon and Sophia looked as if they needed a lot more time to become comfortable with one another. We wish Farrah would have let these two find their way organically, but such is not her way.

4 Sophia Loves Makeup, And Her Momma Approves

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Plenty of little girls mind their momma's makeup fascinating. They try it on, experiment, and then get their faces cleaned up when playtime is over with. Farrah is all about Sophia putting on a pretty face. She doesn't just let her gal play with makeup; she allows Sophia to slather it on and slay the day. Nine-year-olds in full makeup isn't something that we commonly see. Makeup is something often reserved for adult skin. Again, Sophia is a little person that seems to be living a very adult life sometimes, so it is no big surprise that a full face of makeup is approved by her parent.

3 Too Young For Free Rein On Social Media?

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Kids these days are growing up in the age of social media, and it poses the question: how old should kids be before they are allowed to enter the age of the internet? We want to protect them from the dangers that dabbling in social media can pose and we want them to be mature enough to navigate this new world of technology and engagement and interaction. Plenty of moms and dads would not consider eight or nine old enough for children to have several social media accounts, but Farrah feels that they are all okay. Sophia has more than one social media account and can be seen actively engaging on all of them. Yikes.

2 Sophia Has The Power To Fire Employees

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Nothing like putting the power in the hands of the young. Hiring employees and releasing them from their duties is almost always an adult responsibility. In this little family, however, Sophia can fire the staff almost as easily as Farrah can. She has been given a massive amount of say when it comes to who works for the Abrahams. Imagine losing your job because a nine-year-old didn't like something about you on any particular day! Sophia is the boss lady in her world, so staff needs to try and make her happy at all times if they want to receive their paycheck.

1 Launching Boutiques While Still In Single Digits

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Farrah is a whole lot of things, including a businesswoman and accomplished entrepreneur. She considered herself to be a powerhouse in the business world and runs several successful lines and boutiques. She is such a believer in women in business that she has already pushed Sophia into running her own show. Farrah opened a children's boutique that Sophia was apparently in charge of running. It is said that Sophia chose what went on the shelves and who worked in her store. Is it any surprise that the business ended up folded a few years after it initially opened its doors?

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