20 Reasons Why Mom And Dad Should Go On A Beach Vacay (Without Baby)

When someone is a first-time parent, they always want to do everything with their baby. One of the reasons might be because they simply don’t want to miss out on any of the firsts – like the first word, first steps, or even the first smile – and important milestones in their child’s life. But at the same time, we tend to forget that our lives are just as important. As much as we love our children (and we really do), we tend to put them over our own personal needs. And yes, we also confuse what it means to have children our entire lives versus making them simply a part of our lives.

Now, that’s not to say that parents should neglect any of their parenting duties and responsibilities. It’s without a doubt that we should all be hands on moms and dads, or at least try. But we should also give ourselves a break, too. Our kids don’t have to be part of everything we do and they certainly shouldn’t go on all of our trips, too. With that being said, if mom and dad are planning a beach vacation, here are just a few reasons why their baby shouldn’t go (especially if they are on the fence about it).

20 All Inclusive Resorts Aren't The Place For Babies

If you are planning on visiting an all-inclusive resort (like someone in Mexico or the Caribbean), we can tell you that you are better off not bringing your baby. We know that sounds harsh, but let’s just go over some of the logistics here. At an all-inclusive resort, you get to eat, drink, and be merry as much as you want.

Yes, babies are always welcomed, but you don’t get to enjoy as many of the perks if you are bringing your child along.

What’s the fun of being an adult when the only thing you are allowed to do is ‘adulting?’

19 There Will be Too Many Restrictions On Mom And Dad

Again, we know that this is going to sound pretty harsh, but if you bring a small baby or toddler along with you on your beach vacation, you might have to face some restrictions. And no, we are not talking about hotels that won’t allow your child to stay (unless it’s an adults only destination), but the restrictions that your child will put on you.

Because let’s face it, it’s their vacation, not yours. They will tell you when you get to eat, drink, and be merry on their schedule, and not yours. As a parent on vacation, you basically revolve around your child’s life and their needs.

18 Mom And Dad Can Actually Spend Quality Time Together

A lot of moms and dads will agree that being a parent is perhaps one of the best roles of their lives. It might be the hardest job you will face, but at the same time, it’s also one of the most rewarding, especially if it’s done right. But at the same time, we can’t forget that we also have partners who have needs, too.

They want our attention as much as our kiddos do. With that being said, having a beach vacation with just your bae might do your relationship a world of good. It might also help spark a little fire between you guys, if you know what we mean.

17 Mom Can Take Advantage Of The Spa

Sure, many hotels and resorts have on-site babysitting, but what you really need is a little mommy day care time instead. And by that we mean a full afternoon at the spa. You are not going to enjoy your facial, massage and chocolate body wrap treatment as much if you know that your kid might be giving a hotel attendant a hard time at the on-site day care center next to the spa facilities. Why? Because your mind will be with them, and not in a state of complete Zen.

Mama, with everything you do at home, you need this “me time” just for you. Trust us.

16 Catching Up On You Time

When is the last time you actually got to spend a little time on your own? And no, we are not talking about the two minutes you had to yourself in the bathroom before all three of your kids came barging in (without even knocking first). Enjoying a beach vacation with just your loved one might also give you an opportunity to catch up on a little “you” time as well.

Remember, mama can’t take care of her cubs if she’s not taking care of herself. Everyone needs time to recharge, refresh and relax, even if it’s just for a couple of days at a time.

15 Let Grandma Babysit

There’s a reason why we call her “grandmother” and that’s because most grandparents are truly grand people. After all, they’ve been in this business for several decades now, so unless they really don’t know what they are doing, they can technically be trusted, right? Plus, one of the best gifts in the world that you can give a grandparent is the gift of bonding with a grandchild.

These are priceless memories that your child will cherish for a lifetime. Let go of the wheel and let grandma spoil the kids for a weekend while you and your bae are away.

14 Other Family Members Can Also Bond With The Baby

If the grandparents don’t live close by, consider leaving your child with another trusted family member that you know will treat and love your child like their own. We all know that family is everything and that kids deserve to know who their aunts, uncles and cousins are (especially if the relationships are already good between you and your relatives).

If you have a trusted aunt who is willing to take the lead and babysit, by all means, let them enjoy your baby. Remember, you will most likely be gone for just a few days, not a few weeks or months.

13 The Relationship Will Be Nurtured And Maintained

A lot of people will tell you that in order to have a successful family, you need to have a successful (or at least a solid) marriage first. Before you build your dream home, you need to make sure that there are no cracks in the foundation. The same applies to the relationship with your spouse.

You need to make sure that you guys are on the same wavelength at all times (as hard as it is) and give each other the same time and make the same effort you did before you had kids. And what better way to do so then to get away on a beach vacay for a few days, right?

12 Being On Your Schedule, And Not The Baby’s Schedule

Now, we don’t want to make mothers narcissist parents, but instead just remind everyone that they need time off for themselves. When you are on a beach vacation, it might be the only time that you get to be on your schedule and not your baby’s schedule and trust us, that means a lot.

You don’t have to worry about their naps, if they are going to wake up cranky or not or if they are going to fall asleep in the middle of your Zumba session on the beach. You don’t want a vacation worrying about your child all the time, do you?

11 Mom And Dad Going Alone Means There Will Be Less Packing

When you vacation on your own (or just with your partner) you can get away with just bringing one carry-on luggage, depending on how much you bring and how long you stay (it’s not like that one little bikini takes up much space anyhow, right?). With a child, it’s not like that at all.

You have to bring extra clothes, extra diapers, extra toys, a play pen, a car seat, his or her favorite pillow, everything in your diaper bag, electronics, crayons and books. And yes, you are going to have to pay the excess luggage fee while you are at it, too.

10 Lugging That Car Seat Around Won't Be An Issue

Actually, make that lugging the car seat and the stroller around the airport, the shuttle, and the hotel lobby before you even make it inside your room. Who needs a hotel gym when you are pushing weights on your own vacation?

Unless you want to pay extra in fees (fees being the keyword here lately), you have to bring your child’s car seat if you plan on moving anywhere from Point A to Point B on your beach vacation. Try it. We dare you. We know that while it’s possible, it’s in no way convenient, fun, or something that you or your partner want to put up with.

9 Mom And Dad Can Soak In The Vitamin D

Now, we are not advocating that anyone sit in the sun for eight hours a day (unless you have plenty of skin protection, a hat, and eyewear), but if you are planning on a beach vacation, we are sure you are also looking forward to getting as much Vitamin D as possible, right? After all, the sun doesn’t always shine where you live and it’s the one thing that makes everyone feel bright and happy.

But with a baby in tow, that’s not going to happen. Why? Because your baby’s ‘beach vacation’ schedule won’t let you even read a book by the resort pool.

8 There Will Be No Worrying About Your Baby’s Sun Exposure

With all of that being said, you might also spend a lot of time worry about your child’s sun exposure. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a sun burn – on your baby’s skin no less – and all of the painful crying that comes with it. Needless to say, there is going to be a time and a place for everything.

You’ll have plenty of years to come for your child (or your entire family to enjoy a beach vacation with you). Seeing how stressed you are and how crazy life is during these first crucial years, you are better off going on vacation with just your partner right now.

7 Mom And Dad Won't Need To Chase The Baby Around All Day


Not only can too much sun be a problem, but if you bring along your baby, you will have to constantly worry about your little tyke in the sand and surf. Because we sure as heck know that almost every little child likes to put sand in their grubby hands and in their mouths (or they can’t stand the site of it). And a lot of them are curious about the ocean surf, too.

This means that you’ll be spending more time chasing around your energetic toddler in fear of their safety rather than dozing off in your beach chair.

6 There Will Be Less Ocean Time If Baby Comes

One of the best things about going on a beach vacation is being able to spend some time in the ocean. After all, a lot of people say that the water does have a very calming effect on you (especially if you are a stressed mama, am I not right?).

But if you have your tyke in your arms, there’s a good chance that he or she will a) want to spend the entire day in the water or b) will be over it the moment they dip their toes in the ocean. They choose what how you get to spend your vacation days, not you.

5 There Will Be Less Foodie Time

Another great thing about spending a beach vacay at an all-inclusive resort is that you get to eat, drink and be merry all that you want. But that might not be the case if you have your kids with you. That’s because we all know that babies and toddlers have a five-minute time limit at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, unless they are the ones that are starving, of course.

You can forget about all of those romantic dinner options at the resort unless you want your baby to tag along (because there’s a good chance that the babysitting and daycare services will all be done for the day).

4 If The Baby Comes, There Is Less Nap Time… For You

If there’s one thing that all of us mamas can agree on, it’s that we definitely don’t get enough sleep. Sure, your baby or your toddler might be sleeping through the night now, but there’s a good chance that you’ll use some of that time to relax on the couch and no nothing with your partner.

If you take your baby on a beach vacation, you won’t be able to take a nap – ever. Your mind won’t be able to shut down (because you will be on constant mom mode) and your body certainly won’t be able to get the rest and the relaxation that it desperately needs.

3 Having Baby Around Means There Will Be No Time For Activities

Speaking of what the body needs, you can sure as heck forget about all of the fun activities that the resort has planned for its guest, because there’s no way that your baby will let you have your freedom. Remember how we mentioned Zumba on the beach? Forget about it!

Your baby doesn’t want to be cooped up in the resort day care facility with a bunch of strangers when he or she could be latched on to your arm or leg for the entire day instead (giving you that nice two-toned pale white/sun-kissed back calf that you’ve always wanted, right?).

2 Mom And Dad Can Meet New People

A lot of couples also love to meet other couples whenever they are on vacation. It’s so much fun meeting people from all across the country and in some instances, from all over the world, too.

But do you think your baby will allow you to have a riveting conversation about all of the eco-friendly resorts that are in Bali or the best safari tour groups that you can one day take to Africa? Nope. Because with a baby by your side, adult conversations are simply not going to happen – ever. Go back to your hotel room and watch Paw Patrol, mama.

1 There's No Need To Feel Any Guilt

It goes without saying that if you go on a beach vacation without your child, there’s a chance that you might miss your baby at home and feel incredible mom guilt over it. Yes, we’ve all been there and yes, we know exactly how it feels. With that being said, we will repeat this over and over and over again until we have to: just because you are a mom, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to be “you” anymore.

You can be a dedicated, loving hands-on mother every day of the calendar year. But first, you need to be a dedicated, loving, hands-on person to yourself, and what better way than to do so on the beach, right? There’s no room for argument here.

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