20 Rules Candace Cameron Imposes On Her Kids (That She Never Had To Follow Growing Up)

Fans of the long-running '90s sitcom Full House are big fans of Candace Cameron Bure, too. The actress played older sister D.J. Tanner who dealt with the typical problems that any junior high and high school student faces. It was always enjoyable to watch D.J. hanging out with her cute boyfriend Steve or her quirky best friend Kimmy Gibbler. Now that Netflix has revived the show with Fuller House, we've been able to see D.J. as an adult and watch her bring up her own kids.

Candace Cameron Bure is now in her 40's and is married with kids. She married Valeri Bure in 1996 and the couple has three children: 2o-year-old daughter Natasha, 17-year-old son Lev, and 17-year-old son Maksim.

While it seemed like it was great to be part of the Tanner gang, they weren't really the strictest people around. Sure, Danny liked the house to be kept sparkling clean at all times, but he was more interested in doing the cleaning himself than asking anyone else to. And Uncle Jesse and Joey were too busy cracking jokes and helping the kids out to impose any rules.

In Candace Cameron Bure's own family, she does have certain rules and boundaries. Here are 20 rules that Candace Cameron imposes on her kids that she never had to follow herself.

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20 She Is Social Media Friends With Her Kids' Pals So She Can Monitor

Today Show

Candace Cameron Bure was born in 1976 and is 42 years old. Since she grew up in the '80s, social media wasn't a thing so she didn't have to follow any rules about that subject.

Things are different with her own kids: according to Lifeway, Candace Cameron is social media friends with the people that her children are spending time with. She told the publication, "I'm also an online 'friend' with as many of my kids' friends as will accept me. This helps me form a better opinion of the people my kids want to hang out with and what those kids are like outside of parental supervision. This is one of those areas where balance is guided by boundaries, which is all informed by knowledge. We have to understand the temptations as well as what our kids' friends are like in order to set appropriate boundaries and balance."

19 She Checks Her Kids' Phones And Computers

OK! Magazine

Parents know that it's tough to impose rules about computers and cell phones. Some families have screen time rules and others take it day by day. In Candace Cameron Bure's case, she may not have grown up using her own laptop all the time, but she has imposed this rule on her children: checking her kids' phones computers whenever she feels is best.

Candace told Modern Wellness Guide, “We reserved the right to check their phones and computers randomly, at any time, and we do. This helps keep our kids accountable to themselves and us. If the rules aren’t followed, we follow through with consequences.”

18 She Took Away Her Teen Daughter's Clothing


What do you do when your teenage daughter gets into trouble? For Candace Cameron Bure, she decided to take away her daughter's clothes. Many moms are probably thinking that this seems like a pretty unique thing to do. Other moms ground their teens or take away their phones.

Candace told Lifeway, "Recently, we couldn't seem to find anything that was effective for Natasha, so I did what any mother of a 15-year-old girl would do. I took away all her clothes, shoes, and accessories and left her with one pair of tennis shoes, one pair of jeans, one pair of workout shorts, two T-shirts, underwear, socks, and one set of pajamas." Candace explained that she had three filled massive plastic bags and she put them at a neighbor's place. When she felt that Natasha had "earned" it, she returned everything.

17 She Believes In Grounding And Losing Car Privileges

Us Weekly

Speaking of grounding... As it turns out, Candace Cameron Bure does believe in grounding her kids, and she also will decide that her kids can't use the family car for a while.

As Candace told Modern Wellness Guide, “For example, if they aren’t home by curfew, they will not have access to the car for several weeks or be able to hang out with friends until that period is over."

Candace hasn't spoken publicly about the methods of discipline that her own parents used when she was growing up, but it seems like since she was a child actress, it might have been tough to ground her. After all, she would have to get to the set of Full House, right?

16 She's A Mom, Not A Friend (And She's Tough)

Entertainment Tonight

Every mom has to ask themselves this question: do you become best friends with your children... or do you stay the authority figure? Some moms and daughters are just like Rory and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls and could never dream of having a more formal relationship. Others like to keep some boundaries. Candace has decided that she's their mom, not their friend.

Your Teen Mag quoted Candace as saying, "Well, if you ask my kids, I think one of the first things they would say is that I am strict. My fourteen year old would definitely say that. I think I am a fun mom, but I am not trying to be their friend. I don’t confuse that."

15 Her Husband/ Their Dad Is The Head Of The Household

Us Weekly

Candace Cameron Bure has talked about how she has a traditional marriage and that her husband is the head of the household.

Candace told She Knows, "And we compromise on things, but ultimately he makes the decision. I know that makes him feel respected as the man of our home.”

Candace's mom Barbara Cameron has spoken about how she was in a traditional marriage, too, but once her kids were working actors, she wanted to have more of a say. She told Christian Women Online, "I was exposed to a whole new world. I became more confident. I began making my own decisions, expressing myself more, and managing their careers. I was now a businesswoman, able to draw an income and have money of my own. It was tough on our marriage, which began to spiral downhill."

Of course, Candace is a working actress, too, and she has spoken about being independent, but it seems like she does have her husband make the decisions.

14 She Believes In Discipline


Ever since Fuller House premiered in 2016, the spotlight has been on Candace Cameron Bure, and many people have been talking about the way that she raises her family.

One thing that has come up a lot is that she believes in discipline. She has talked in many different interviews about how children need rules and boundaries.

Lifeway quoted an excerpt from Candace's book Balancing It All: "If I want my kids to learn to live balanced lives, I need to set limits to help them. If kids didn't have rules, most of them would undoubtedly live out-of-control lives — subsisting on junk food, spending their days sitting on the couch playing video games or staring at the computer, and having no respect for authority figures. In my mind, boundaries are the foundation for love and balance."

13 She Tells Her Kids That "Excuses Are For Losers"

Pens & Patron

When Candace Cameron Bure appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, she said, “Excuses are for losers. It’s really about working hard. Don’t make excuses -- it’s okay to [not succeed], but do your best, and work hard and try.”

While many moms would agree that they want their children to always try really hard in school and in life in general, some moms might think that saying "excuses are for losers" is a bit too harsh. But hey, it seems to work for her family and this is something that they truly believe (and her kids probably don't ever make excuses).

12 She Always Makes Sure To Monitor The TV Shows They Watch

Today Show

Another strict rule that Candace imposes on her family is monitoring the TV shows that they watch. Every mom knows that it can be hard to tell kids that they're watching too much TV... and it can be even more difficult to tell them that they can't watch something that they're really enjoying.

When she was interviewed by Parents Canada, Candace said that her daughter watches the TV show that she was on, Make It Or Break It. She said, "My daughter loves to watch the show. We watch it together after it’s been recorded so I can fast forward through some things that I don’t think are appropriate for her at this age."

11 She Doesn't Go Back On Her Word When She Says No


It seems like Candace is a really strict mom. While she hasn't come right out and said that her own mom and dad were strict, it doesn't seem like her own family really had as many rules as she does since she and her sibling were child actors. There are many parents who would be uncomfortable with having their kids enter the world of Hollywood.

As she told The Huffington Post, she's "consistent": "Be consistent with your children. Let your 'yes' mean yes and your 'no' mean no. Putting boundaries in place for them to guide them is one of the most loving things you can do."

10 She Encourages Lots Of Family Time


When you have kids, you hope that there will be a minimum of fighting. More than that, you hope that everyone gets along super well and that there is lots of family time.

Candace Cameron Bure encourages that family time, and it sounds like she and her husband have ensured that they're hanging out with their kids a lot.

This can be tough since as your kids get older, they would prefer to hang out with their friends and go to the movies or the mall than hang out with you, your partner, and their siblings. But it sounds like this is something that Candace is doing right.

9 She Has Her Kids Work Out With Her Sometimes


Candace has talked about loving sports and being active, but it doesn't sound like she ever worked out with her own parents. That is something that she's doing differently now that she has kids. Candace has her children work out with her sometimes, which sounds really fun.

Of course, not everyone will agree with this. Some moms might say that kids are too young for a serious workout and that they should run around or play sports instead. Other moms would say that encouraging an active lifestyle is amazing. People will always feel differently about so many aspects of parenting.

8 She Says She's Overprotective


According to Momtastic, Candace has said that she's an overprotective mom... and she's totally okay with it. She said, "I am so overly protective when it comes to technology because there are so many dangers associated with it."

When Candace was growing up in the '80s, this definitely wasn't something that her mom and dad had to think about. It's a completely different parenting game these days. It sounds like Candace takes cell phones, computers, and other technology super seriously and she has a handle on how to make sure that her kids aren't using them too much (which is something that all moms struggle with).

7 She Has Her Family Volunteer To Help Those In Need

TV Insider

When your family is fortunate, how do you make sure that your children appreciate what they have and also give back to others?

According to Focus On The Family, "On Christmas morning, the Bures, along with Candace's sister's family and some of their friends, wake up early and take breakfast to a local homeless shelter."

It sounds like helping those who are in need is something else that Candace has her children do. No one could say that this is a bad thing to do, of course. It's admirable and it sounds like an important experience for her kids. This sounds like a tradition that she has put into place for her own family.

6 Her Marriage Is Always A Priority


In several interviews, Candace has said that her marriage is a priority and she has talked about the ways that she and her husband stay connected. Moms know that this can be tough with busy schedules and family life.

In an interview, her mom Barbara has talked about the struggles that she had in her own marriage. She has said that she felt that her husband was very critical of her and that things weren't working out the way that she thought that they would. It doesn't sound like Candace has had these same problems in her relationship (and if she has, she hasn't talked about them in interviews).

5 TV Time Is On The Weekend


Candace hasn't spoken about how much TV she watched as a kid or what kind of rules there were surrounding that. Since she was a child actor and her siblings were in the business as well, it seems like maybe there wasn't a ton of time for hanging around at home and watching TV.

When it comes to her own family, Candace has decided that TV time is for the weekend only. According to Brainy Quote, Candace has said, "We turn off the TV, video games and computer - except for homework - during the week. The TV's reserved for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday just because that's the time to do homework, and it makes it that much less chaotic in our house."

4 Her Kids Understand She Loves To Work And That She Balances It All


Since Candace is a working actress as well as being a mom, she does have to balance these aspects of her life. It sounds like she has made sure that her kids understand that she loves to work and that this is important to her.

Bellandnyc.com quoted Candace as saying, “I don’t think I would have ever done this had my kids been younger. They’re older now and while they don’t need me any less, their needs are different from when they were younger.” Her kids have the unique experience of growing up with a mom who has starred on TV shows like Fuller House and who has been in many TV holiday movies.

3 She Has Everyone In The Family Say What They Want For Vacations


In a perfect world, your whole family would want to go on the exact same family vacation. Most of the time, that doesn't happen.

Candace has come up with a rule so that everyone gets something out of the trip: according to Brainy Quote, she said, "I think it's best to sit down and talk about what every family member wants out of the vacation so that everyone is really happy at the end of the day. If you can find a place that covers everyone's needs, and it's all under one roof, that's even better." This sounds like a really good idea, and it doesn't seem like this is something that every family does.

2 She Encourages Following Family Traditions

The Christian Post

Family traditions are important to Candace. When we compare her childhood to the one that she has created for her own children, we can definitely see a big difference: she was a child star and so were her siblings, and her kids have had a more normal life.

It's interesting to think about being a parent with kids who act. You would have to work around filming schedules and figure out if your kids could stay in school or if they would have to be homeschooled. And you would have to deal with the pressures of fame, too. It seems like Candace has encouraged her kids to stick to going to school and leave any thoughts of acting for later. We'll be interested to see if they become actors, too.

1 She Brings Her Family Up Going To Church Every Week

The Christian Broadcasting Network - CBN.com

Candace has said that she started going to church when she was 12 years old and that her family didn't make that a tradition before that time. She has been quoted as saying, "When I was 12 years old, my parents told us we were going to church; a friend had invited us. It was strange to me... But as we continued to go every Sunday, my heart felt warm, and I saw how happy my mom, brother and sister were."

This is something that she is doing differently with her own family since has made going to church a regular part of their lives.

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