20 Rules Nurses Had To Follow During The Kardashian Pregnancies

The KarJenner clan has grown quite a bit since the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired on the E! Network in October of 2007. Since becoming household names, famous sisters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie, and Rob’s baby mama Blac Chyna have all welcomed babies to the world.

While we don’t know everything about their deliveries, one thing is certain: Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint, Chicago, Dream, Stormi and True most definitely arrived in style. Their moms spared no expense when it was time to deliver, and the nurses present for the births of these celeb tots most likely have a few stories to tell.

Some of the details surrounding the deliveries of these famous babies will never be revealed, but plenty of interesting tidbits about what went down while their mamas laboured have been brought to light. HollywoodLife.com reported that, before giving birth, Kylie requested a “fully stocked snack bar” and dished that Khloe demanded a “brand-new tub suitable for an underwater birth.” The mag went on to reveal that Kylie and Khloe “both decided they need to have light gray 1,000-thread count sheets.”

The demands don’t stop there. Read on for 20 rules nurses had to follow during the KarJenner pregnancies and baby deliveries.

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20 Kim Gets An Entire Floor To Herself

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While it might seem extravagant to most, celebs often reserve an entire floor of a hospital in order to ensure that they have privacy while giving birth, no matter the cost. Rumours have circulated that Kim and Kanye spent upwards of $4K per night for the suite where their son Saint was delivered.

Domino Kirke, co-founder of Carriage House Doula, and doula to the stars explained to Yahoo News, “Like every mother, [a celebrity is] concerned about birth and the level of privacy that they need. It’s so overwhelming to have people know your business on that level...The celebrities I know and have worked with, they need it more than most people.”

19 Respect The KarJenners' Privacy


It goes without saying that the nurses lucky enough to be present during the deliveries of the KarJenner babies weren’t allowed to hop on social media in order to let the world they were in the process of bringing a famous baby into the world.

Celeb moms go to great lengths to keep the deliveries of their babies a secret for safety and privacy reasons. Celebrity doula Latham Thomas, whose clients include Alicia Keys, explained to InStyle, “We have a person from our security detail working with the hospital staff from the moment we head over to check in and secure the private entrance for a secret entry.”

Thomas also explained, We….usually ask all staff to sign ironclad NDAs.”

18 Always Smile For The Cameras


The KarJenner mamas may have done all they could to keep things hush-hush during the deliveries of their babies, but this doesn’t mean they had privacy while giving birth. In fact, Kourtney, Khloe and Blac Chyna all allowed E! cameras into the rooms where they brought new life into the world, and portions of their deliveries were later aired on national television.

Nurses present for the deliveries of these famous babies were able to see themselves doing their jobs on the small screen in front of millions of viewers, and they had to do their duties with television crews in tow. Talk about pressure!

17 Make Room For Security


ET has reported that when Khloe delivered True at the Cleveland Clinic, she “arrived at the hospital with police escorts to ensure the protection of [herself] and her family. [Security guards were] positioned in the parking garage, at the elevators, and on her floor at the doors.”

Doula to the stars Lori Bregman has worked with celeb moms Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel, and Molly Simms. She told InStyle, “There is a head of operations or VIP person at [the] hospital that helps arrange a safe way in and makes sure the [celebrity is] protected and secure in their room. Once they get into a room to labour, they stay in that room. Some bring their own security, some don’t.”

16 Accommodate The Film Crews


As previously mentioned, Kourtney delivered her firstborn son Mason on camera, Blac Chyna’s delivery of Dream was filmed for the short-lived E! drama Rob and Chyna and Khloe’s delivery of True recently aired on the E! Network.

What does this mean for medical professionals? A very unconventional experience in the delivery room.

Nurses present for the births of the aforementioned celeb babies had to deal with boom mics, cameramen and producers while taking blood pressure and monitoring heart rates. This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s all in a day’s work for nurses to the stars.

15 Potentially Neglecting Other Patients


When a famous baby is being born, it’s the talk of the hospital. The hullabaloo surrounding a celeb delivery may lead to other patients being slightly neglected or even altogether forgotten.

In fact, The New York Times reported that during one of Beyonce’s deliveries, “partitions had been put up...the hospital’s security cameras had been taped over with paper. Guards with Secret Service-style earpieces roamed the floor.” Nurses who cared for the KarJenners and other celebs during the arrivals of their bundles of joy most likely had to remind themselves that they had other patients who also needed their help.

14 Please Provide Vegetarian Options


Before giving birth, Khloe revealed on her blog that, since becoming pregnant, she had become “somewhat of a vegetarian.” Her pregnancy cravings included noodles, strawberries, and pancakes, but meat held no appeal for the star when she had a baby on board.

The mother-of-one also wrote on her blog, "Before pregnancy, I really only ate chicken or turkey...no pork, red meat, most fish, lamb, etc. But now, I find meat absolutely disgusting, LOL. Just the sight of it makes me nauseous.” Nurses present during Khloe’s delivery of True most likely had to make sure vegetarian options were on the menu.

13 Unlimited Snacks For Kylie


Kylie has reportedly been on a very strict diet since Stormi arrived, but she’s also admitted to having a soft spot in her heart for junk food.

As previously mentioned, HollywoodLife.com revealed that before Stormi arrived, Kylie had requested a "fully stocked snack bar" be available during her labour and the delivery of her baby girl.

What was on the menu during her hospital stay? Nurses who were there to witness what went down have stayed mum on the subject, but the lip mogul has admitted to loving Twizzlers, Oreos, Diet Coke, fried chicken, and Mexican food. Sounds delicious!

12 Expensive Sheets Are A Must-Have


As mentioned above, HollywoodLife.com reported that Khloe and Kylie were requesting “light gray 1,000-thread count sheets” prior to their daughters' deliveries. Nurses aren’t spilling the beans when it comes to the linens used by the KarJenners during their hospital stays while bringing their babies into the world.

However, it has been confirmed by MyDomain.com that the bedding in Kylie's lavish bedroom is, in fact, gray. So it’s possible the rumours surrounding her very specific request are true. In the recently aired footage of True’s delivery, Khloe can be seen lounging on white sheets, but the details surrounding their thread count will most likely forever remain a mystery.

11 Make Sure A Tub Is Available


As previously stated, HollywoodLife.com reported that Khloe requested a birthing tub for her first born’s delivery. She didn’t end up using one but may have been considering it due to the fact that she and her big sis watched a water birth while Kourtney was pregnant with Penelope.

After witnessing the live water birth, the eldest Kardashian sister was not impressed. She explained on KUWTK, I just don’t think that a water birth is what I want to do now...After witnessing this amazing water birth I have decided that it’s not for me. I just know how peaceful my birth experience was. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

10 Welcome All The Visitors


It’s no secret that the KarJenner clan is anything but small. This can only mean one thing: nurses present during and after the epic moments when new additions were added to the famous family probably had to deal with visitors...lots of them.

Certified nurse midwife at Massachusetts General Hospital Carol Wong revealed to SELF magazine,the exact number of people you can invite into the delivery room varies depending on the organization.” It’s a safe bet to assume that hospitals made exceptions to the rules for visiting Kardashians and their entourages of besties, significant others, security guards and cameramen.

9 Above All Else, Remain Calm


Delivering a baby is stressful for all moms-to-be, and the added pressure of being pregnant in the spotlight took its toll on the expecting KarJenners.

Right before Khloe’s due date, Kim revealed to ET, You cannot tell [Khloe} anything right now that’s too sensitive because she’s just so freaked out...She’s just going to have to figure that all out slowly.”

These reality star moms dealt with a fair share of anxiety and stress as their due dates drew nearer. One of the things they definitely needed was a nurse who was able to be calm, cool and collected under the pressure of bringing a celeb baby into the world.

8 Allow Kourtney To Take Over


Perhaps the most important rule nurses present during the delivery of Kourtney’s first child Mason needed to follow was to get out of the way and allow her to do her thing. She was a new mom on a mission.

On the Season 4 finale of KUWTK, the oldest Kardashian sister reached down and delivered her own son! Now that’s impressive.

Khloe, Kim, and Kris were all present for the famous delivery and cheered Kourtney on as she brought her firstborn into the world. Later, Kourt dished, “The experience was so indescribable and life-changing, and I can’t believe he’s all mine!” 

7 Expect Some Drama


There is a reason why the KarJenners have become some of the biggest reality stars to ever live. It’s because they always deliver in the drama department, and some of the deliveries of their babies were nothing short of dramatic.

Case in point: Khloe gave birth to baby True soon after she learned the news of her baby daddy Tristan Thompson's eyebrow-raising ways. Kim and Tristan were both in the room during the delivery, and while Kim was civil to Thompson’s face, she made some not-so-nice gestures behind his back.

Khloe later confessed to E! Cameras, “Even [having] like the nurses and doctors, everyone looking sideways at the whole situation. That’s hard [...]”

6 Leave Time For Hair And Makeup

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Most moms-to-be don't worry too much about rocking blow-outs or a full face for the long-anticipated moments when they finally bring their bundles of joy into the world.

However, most expecting moms aren’t huge stars giving birth in front of camera crews there to capture moments that will eventually be aired on national television.

Nurses present for the KarJenner deliveries that were caught on camera had more to worry about than administering ice chips and monitoring contractions. They had to make sure that time was allotted for their famous patients to get camera-ready before their babies arrived.

5 Keep Phones Out Of Sight


The KarJenner mamas are fiercely protective when it comes to their treasured tots. They want control over what is shared with the public, and medical professionals present for the arrivals of their babies weren't allowed to have any sort of camera or phone with them in the delivery room.

Celeb doula Thomas has explained, “Often, we choose which nurses will work alongside the doctor or midwife so everyone is familiar. We minimize photography; usually, I am the only one allowed to take photos aside from the birthing mother/couple. I usually inform the publicist at the time of birth that the baby has arrived.”

4 Avoid Conflict


Labour and delivery nurses are all-too-familiar with conflict. A woman on the verge of giving birth is dealing with a lot, and conflict is sometimes inevitable. Nurses present for KarJenner deliveries most likely witnessed a few tense moments but knew better than to get involved.

Things were a bit awkward between Khloe and Tristan during True's delivery, but nurses present wisely stayed out of it. Just hours after giving birth, Khloe confessed to Kourtney in front of E! cameras, “It’s a lot harder to filter through stuff when it’s this public, and when I give birth the following day. It’s just too much.”

3 Be Supportive


Bringing new life into the world is no easy task, and celeb moms like the KarJenners need support just as much as regular new moms do. Who better to offer them encouragement and assistance during and after delivery than their nurses?

The sisters are also supportive of each other. After Khloe delivered True, Kim wrote on social media, “I’m so happy for you! Your baby girl is so beautiful! You are strong, you made that look easy! I can’t wait for our baby girls to grow up as best friends the way we are! I’m so happy I was able to return the favor of holding your leg while you pushed LOL.”

2 Don't Judge


Giving birth is difficult enough, and being judged is the last thing a new mom wants to deal with. As previously mentioned, Khloe felt the nurses and doctors present for True’s birth were passing judgment on her situation. Whether this is true or not, it’s certain that nurses there to help the KarJenners through labor did their best to keep their opinions to themselves.

Speaking about the situation between Khloe and Tristan, Kourtney explained on KUWTK, “She should just do what’s in her heart…[If she] feels like she’s doing her best, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

1 Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Famous Mom


Nurses on duty when the KarJenner mamas were ready to leave the hospital were expected to do all they could to help them make their escapes without being detected. Luckily, celeb moms have some added help when it's time to head for home. 

According to Thomas, “Leaving the hospital usually involves bringing the family out at night with the baby completely covered in a carrier so there aren’t a lot of people around. There are usually two bodyguards and a driver. One monitors the floors and another is near-to or inside the room. They clear a path for us and also help get security clearances.”

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