20 Sassy Baby Names For A Sweet Baby Girl

When naming a baby girl one often finds inspiration from books, friends, television shows, or movies. With so many names out there is can be overwhelming to decide what to name our little ones.

My own daughter has two middle names. We named our daughter, Amelia, not only because I love the name, but it is an old classic name from around one hundred years ago. It is making it's way back, and is among one of the most popular names for a baby girl.

One my my daughter's middle names is Leahi, which is Hawaiian. My husband used to live in Hawaii and we wanted to incorporate some of his Hawaiian heritage into her name. So whether we are naming our child after someone, or whether it is a reference to something in pop culture, just know that there is a plethora of sassy/classy names to choose from. My own name is Holly and it means "Holy One."

I am named after my mother's best friend from college. My middle name comes from my beloved grandmother, it is Carolyn. Carolyn means "little womanly one." Some sassy names are names that have been passed down from generation to generation. These names fill our families with strength, linage, and history. The two names in my family that pass down are Elizabeth and Carolyn, perhaps the names on this sassy list are names that can also be passed down for generations.

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19 Belle

With the popularity of Beauty and the Beast on the rise, it is no doubt that Belle will soon become a household name. Who wouldn't want to name their daughter, after the intelligent book reading woman, that is Belle. Belle is the very definition of sassy. Not only does she tell the monstrous Beast off, she never gives into his demands to have dinner with him. She gets to share her love of books with the Beast, and all of his guest. Belle is also a lovely name that in French means, "beautiful." Why not name a baby after an adjective that describes them so well? Belle is also a great nickname for the name Bella or Isabella. The name Belle has a nice "ring" to it doesn't it? No pun intended. Go ahead and "Be My Guest" and name a baby girl after the lovely lady, Belle.

18 Quinn

If you have ever watched a Batman series, then you are aware of that spunky infamous chick, Harley Quinn. Quinn is a name that is on the rise to becoming a popular female name. It has been debuted on Glee, as one of the main characters. Quinn Fabray, was the popular cheer leader on the show, who found herself pregnant in season 1. The name Quinn, is slowly taking on its feminine charm, much like the name Ashley. Ashley used to be a boy name, and as time progresses, this unisex name may soon become a dominantly female name. And let's not forget how daring the character of Quinn actually is, not only does she take on the Glee club as the number one henchwoman for Sue Sylvester. She is also the head of the cheer leading squad. This name is not a Lima Loser name, it is the name of a winner. Someone who is motivated to stand high on top of the pyramids of life.

17 Moana

With everybody rushing to name their children something Hawaiian, I know I did. The popularity of the name Moana is on the rise. In the movie, Moana is chosen by the ocean, and befriend's the demigod Maui. Together they return the heart of Tahiti, back to the Island Tahiti. This woman, is an example of sass. She doesn't need a man posing her around. Her independence alone, makes her name a desirable candidate, when selecting a name for a baby. Moana is also a name that has the cute nicknames of Mo and Anna. My own personal friends goes by Ana, and her first name is Moana. If going on a Hawaiian vacation is ever in our hearts, then perhaps it can forever be in our Ohanas (families). Contributing this name to a family, is taking on a Hawaiian vacation with our ears. Just listening top this name, makes me want to catch a few waves myself.

16 Alice

Disney will always have classic names to offer our future children. One of them being Alice. Alice in the 1953 adaptation, is represented as this sassy girl who is willing to do anything to follow that white rabbit. Where is he going exactly? I have seen that movie, a thousand times and still don't know. We know Alice is sassy, especially when she says, "In my world, everything would be nonsense." She fights to have a world of her own, however when she gets there she soon realizes it is not what she expected. Using her wit and sass, she changes her desire to follow the white rabbit, and pursues her old life back into the real world. Alice is also derived from Greek, and means "truth." This name might bring any young lady to be truthful to her parents in any situation. Look at Alice in Alice in Wonderland, she was always seeking the truth in that nonsensical world of Wonderland.

15 Violet

With the new series, Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, it is no doubt that people will be looking to Violet, Klaus, and Sunny for names. Violet in particular is the name, I am going to focus on here. In the series, Violet ties her hair up when she has an idea on how to outwit the infamous Count Olaf. Who wouldn't want to name their daughter after this bright heroine? She is willing to put her siblings well being above her own, and puts it upon herself to uphold their protection. Something out that I personally adore about this name, is that it the name of a color and a flower. What better way for our daughters to bloom, then to name them after a flower that blooms naturally on its own. This name is strong, shows independence, and also pursues humility. Like Violet from Lemony Snicket's book, may our Violet's bloom into intelligent, witty, sassy, and classy members of society.

14 Penny

"The Line Substitution Solution" -- Pictured: Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Sheldon hires Stuart to spend the day with Amy when he'd rather go to a movie screening. Also, Leonard's mother, Beverly (Christine Baranski), comes to town and Penny struggles to make a connection with her, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 5 (8:00-8:31, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

For years viewers have watched Penny from the Big Bang Theory, outwit her nerdy friends. Her sarcasm has carried the show, with her facial expressions, mannerisms, and laughable personality. By the end of each episode, we all want to be friends will Penny. She is one of the most relatable characters on the show. Who wouldn't consider naming their daughter's after this sassy form of female charisma? Her character makes this name memorable, sassy, and one that will go down in the pop culture history books. The name Penny is also one that I affiliate with coins. I think of the name Penny, and am reminded of the shiny penny that sits within my purse. On this coin, is a great man named Abraham Lincoln. His legacy, achievements, and high standing name, make this name's affiliation with the coin so shiny, sassy, and above all priceless. There is no price on a beautiful name.

13 Joan

Imagine being a young teen and hearing voices from a higher power. Joan of arc, was a woman who fought in the 100 years war, in France. At the age of 12, Joan had a vision from three saints in which she would drive the English out of France and bring the Dauphin back home to France. By 16 she attempted to enter the French Court and was denied. Later she predicted the outcome of a battle, and it came true. This granted her permission to enter the French Court. She later told King Charles, that she was to lead the French army. She was granted permission to co-lead the French army. This lead the French into many victories over the English. This also lead to a truce with England, and the Dauphin was crowned King over France. Later Joan was captured by the English, and was charged for heresy. She was found guilty, and at the age of 19 she was burned at the stake. Joan is by a historical perspective, sassy. She had enough courage to go see the French King, and was bold enough to ask if she could lead the French army, making her name one that is already in history and making her name up for grabs to anyone wanting to name their daughter after a true heroine of history.

12 Merida

Merida is one of the most under rated of the Disney Princesses. Her sassy red hair and warrior demeanor, set her apart from the other princesses. She is independent and does not want to marry any person her parents have come to court her. Her skills with a bow and willingness to defend herself, prove that having a child named Merida would be a huge compliment. Instead of trying to pursue a man, or find herself as a damsel in distress, Merida surprises us all by fixing the relationship she has with her own mother. This lesson is important for young girls, as the bonds between mother and daughter are not easily broken. Merida is not a stand alone name, it can be shortened to Meri, Merry, or Mary. Merida also means "woman who has achieved a place of honor." There is no higher honor than having a name that speaks volumes about it. Merida can also be a shorten version of the name Meredith.

11 Katniss

Another young woman willing to take up arms or in this case a bow, is Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is from the popular movie and book series called The Hunger Games. Katniss is among one of the most popular growing names on baby girl name lists. Katniss is an inspiration to girls everywhere, she can fight and she can defeat evil. She let's her voice be heard and fight for what she believes in. Even when President Coin, attempts to change who she is during her stay in District 13, Haymitch warns her that she is better when she can just be herself. Who wouldn't want to name their child after this female embodiment of a modern warrior? Something else I adore about the name Katniss, is that is has the nickname of Kat. The nickname Kat can also be traced back to the name of Katharine. One of my very dear friend's is named Katharine, we all called her Kat. This name even comes with an adorable pet name, "Katnip!"

10 Beatrice/Tris

If fierce girls need a name, look no further than Beatrice. Beatrice or Tris from Divergent, is a young female protagonist who hides her identity as a divergent. In her world, the country is divided into five factions. Your personality must identify with one of these factions. Unfortunately for our heroine, her personality clashes with about two or three. This means she doesn't conform to their way of society. As a means of hiding this fact, she joins the faction called Dauntless. They are like the police force or army in this story. She undergoes many challenges and learns how to fight. This name is a power house in popular girls names, and like Katniss it too comes with an adorable nickname of "Tris." Beatrice, is also the name of the beloved children's author, Beatrix Potter. She spells her last name with an "x" instead of "ce." Both spellings mean the same thing, "the bringer of joy."

9 Mary

Who isn't thrilled by royals? There is something about royalty and their names that brings a sense of entitlement. One such woman, is Mary Queen of Scots, from the television series Reign. In the show we see Mary come of age, and accept her role as Queen of Scotland. She does everything in her power to protect her country, defend her friends, and protect her crown. Mary is a name that means, "rebellion." Like the character of Mary from Reign, our daughters might show a little bit of the rebellion that this name entails. The rebellion affiliated with this name, only makes this name all the sassier. A little bit of rebellion, is normal for children; especially in their toddler years as I am finding out. Let the name Mary be heard rebelliously and with sass.

Another household character is Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. In Downton Abbey, we have seen Mary lose her husband, and attempt to learn to run an estate as a woman. Pushing all boundaries of her day, Mary cuts her hair short. This shows her independence, sassy personality, and willingness to be herself. This is what we all want of our daughters, we want them to be independent and willing to fight for what they believe in.

8 Judy

Zootopia is by far one of my favorite kids movies. It follows the story of a rabbit called Judy. Judy's dream is simple, she wants to become a police officer. Everyone tells her that her dreams are a waste of time. Despite all odds, Judy fulfills her dreams and becomes a cop in the city of Zootopia. Later she meets Nick a "sly fox." Together they save the city from the prejudice between predator and prey. Who wouldn't want a name like Judy? This character pursues her dreams, follows her gut, and follows her heart. If my daughter turned out like Judy, I would be very "hoppy." Judy is also a well known Hebrew/Jewish name that simply means "Praised." Judy Hopps in the movie, proves this to be true by all the positive praise she gets from other prey animals, that are so proud of her for becoming a cop. Let us not forget that fabulous woman to sing, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," in the 1939 adaption of Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland, is another icon to share this lovely name, and it truly is a name worthy of sass and "praise."

7 Elizabeth

I love British people, they have a way with words, have polite manners, and have a proud history that I greatly admire. One of the most famous people on Earth, is Queen Elizabeth the second. She is someone in the spotlight, and as the Netflix series The Crown protays her life, I admire the woman more. Perhaps the show is not entirely historically accurate, her character, played by Claire Foy, despite this she is someone to admire. She is strong and willing to succeed her father's throne. She even takes on Winston Churchill, which something I would not be strong enough to do. My own mother is named Elizabeth, it is an inspiring name and means oath of God. The name Elizabeth has many amazing nicknames such as Beth, Lizzie, Liz, Eliza, and sometimes Lisa. Elizabeth is a name that will always sound brave, be historical, and above all add sass to anyone's day.

6 Astrid

How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, are both great movies for children. It has Vikings, dragons, and dragon riders in it, what's not to love? Among one of the characters, is the female lead named Astrid. She is brave, fierce, and knows what she believes in. When she first meets Hiccup, the Chief of the village's son, she is not impressed. She finds him to be a wimpy nerdy weirdo, who can't conform to the village ways. When he takes her on a breathtaking dragon ride, all of that changes and she starts to love him and understand him. Who wouldn't want to be named after a Viking Goddess? Okay she isn't a goddess but in the movie, she is one to Hiccup. Astrid is a Scandinavian name meaning, Godly strength.

5 Korrah/Cora

The name Cora/Korrah is on the rise. Whether it is spelled Korrah or Cora, it is pronounced the same. The spelling of Cora is an older spelling of this name, and can be seen on shows like Downton Abbey. The Earl of Grantham's wife's name is Cora. She is an elegant character, and gets her husband to listen to her anytime she can, she is also a woman with a good heart, and a caring mother of three. The spelling of Korrah, comes from the television show The Legend of Korrah. In the show Korrah, is a warrior, who is sent to save the world and to keep the world in balance. She is the Avatar in this world, the Avatar is an important person who can bend all elements of earth, fire, water and air. She uses these gifts to fight all the bad guys. In my opinion, I prefer the spelling of Cora/Korrah with a "C," it is much easier to spell.

4 Maria

The hills are alive with baby girl names! How can anyone not think of Maria from the Sound of Music, when they think of the word sass? In the movie, Maria is learning to become a nun. She is sent away from her safe haven abbey, to become a governess for Captain Von Trapp and his seven children. While she is there, she discovers just how distant the Captain is from all his children. Not afraid to hold her ground, she tells the Captain how it is. He attempts to send her away at her bluntness, but soon realizes that she is right about him and later apologizes. Her awareness of who she is, her awareness of her surroundings, and her way of music make her one ambitious lady that any baby girl could easily be named after. And if baby Maria, were to get into trouble, turning to the song "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria," could solve all parental problems.

3 Helga

Growing up in the 90s had its perks, for one thing I got to witness the fierceness of Helga from Hey Arnold. Helga is another Scandinavian name of this list, and it is also the name of this blunt character. Passing herself off as a bully, Helga will do anything she can to keep her secret crush on Arnold a secret. Her life is hard to cope with, her mother's drunken state and father's constant need to push her away, drive Helga to be the "boss" of her 4th grade class. Although, Helga might seem like a bully she is just acting out as a defensive mechanism, to deal with the life her parents have given her. She is constantly under the shadow of her older sister,  who adores her. This added pressure alone makes Helga, call her parents by their first names.

2 Santana 

Who doesn't remember the sassy cheerleader from Glee named Santana. Santana is a beauty, destined to make any high school hallways shake with her attitude. This sassy name is surely one for the books. It is an elegant name, affiliated with a powerful female character. She embraces her role to spy on the Glee club, for her power hungry cheer leading coach. She later comes to find, that she actually has true friends in the Glee club and doesn't want to sabotage it anymore. Santana is also a name with pose, grace and humility; it is a name that solely means, "Saint Like," and derives from the great "Saint Anne," herself. Whether this name is intended to be sassy or saintly, it will certainly bring a mixture of memories to anyone's day.

1 Hermione

Lastly, let's congratulate Emma Watson on making it twice on this list. Her character in the Harry Potter series , is an intelligent witch who is beyond her years. She memorizes everything in her path, and becomes a human library for her friends, whenever there is danger a foot. Hermione is a classic name, one that will forever be attached to this strong protagonist. She is beautiful, witty, and above all resourceful. Hermione is a name that will stand the test of time, along with the Harry Potter book series. Hermione is a strong name that means, "Well born, or stone." It is a hard, sturdy, and strong name. Hermione is the daughter of Helen of Troy, is Homer's the Iliad. 

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