20 Sets Of Twins Born With Different Colored Skin

The day parents find out they are having a child, it will go down in history as one of the greatest moments of their lives. The day they find out they are having twins will be the scariest day of their lives, but also the greatest.

Having twins, or more, is definitely something huge. That is two crying babies, two dirty diapers, two mouths to feed. Sometimes all at once. It can be a lot to think about.

The moment they are born, is another for the record book of greatest days.

What happens though, when those babies are born different? When one hears they are expecting twins, they expect them to come out looking like spitting images of one another, or at least close.

For mixed raced families though, there are occasions where twins can come out with totally different complexions. There is nothing wrong with them, they are perfectly healthy. Mom did nothing wrong, and neither did dad. There are a few reasons behind this rare occurrence such as genes, environment, and even changes that may occur while in the womb.

Either way, they are beautiful and unique.

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21 Kalani & Jalani

A set of twins named Kalani and Jalani Dean were born in Quincy, Illinois to parents Whitney Meyer and Tomas Dean.

According to articlesofhealthcare.com, the parents of the twins were of different race: the mother, Whitney Meyer, was white, while the father, Tomas Dean, was black.

Kalani takes after her mother with her light skin and blue eyes, while Jalani takes after her father with a darker complexion and brown eyes. Though both girls have different skin colors, there are definitely some similarities to them. Their skin might be different, but one could tell that they are defiantly twins by looking at them.

20 Amelia & Jasmine

Amelia and Jasmine are identical twins born over in the UK. They are not just any normal twins. These two darling little girls made history with their birth.

According to dailymail.co.uk, doctors were baffled when Libby Appleby gave birth to her twin girls. See, Libby is white, while her husband, Tafadzwa, is black and when their twins were born, they were born with different skin colors.

They are the first set of black and white twins to be born in the UK.

Amelia was born with dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes, while her sister Jasmine was born with fair skin, blue eyes, and mousy curls. Both girls are identical to each other in looks though.

What makes it even more weird is that Doctors told Libby while she was still pregnant with the girls that they would be so identical that they would have to mark the girls with ink to tell them apart.

Guess they were wrong.

19 Lucy & Maria

When Donna Aylmer first found out she was going to have twin girls, she cried with joy. It was the best news she could have heard.

She was stunned though after she gave birth to them. She knew her fraternal twin girls would not look identical, but this was beyond what she expected.

According to en.newsner.com, one of the girls, whom Donna named Lucy, was born with red hair, blue eyes, paled skin and freckles galore, while her sister, whom Donna named Maria, was born with brown skin, brown eyes, and dark curly hair.

From the beginning it was apparent the girls looked nothing alike and surprised everyone who saw them. Come to find out there was a simple scientific reason behind it. See, Donna’s ethnic background is half Jamaican, half British, while her husband’s background is fully British.

Sadly, for the girls, their difference in skin colors led to bullying and a tough upbringing, especially for Lucy. People in school thought she was adopted and began calling her names.

18 Brayden & Cameron

Daunte and Jessica Norman are the loving parents of fraternal twin boys that were born biracial, and they couldn’t be happier.

When the babies were born, their mom wrote Fox6 News to tell her story.

According to aol.com, the boys have a lot in common. For example: they both love to play on the swing set and they even love football. Their dad told Fox6 News that they can even tell which teams the boys love because of how they root when a game is on.

The boy’s mom and dad knew that they would not look exactly alike, but when they were born, they had no idea that they would look so different.

Jessica told Fox6 News in an interview: "We always said, 'imagine if one does come out really dark, and one does come out light,' and it really did!

Her husband added: “It kind of blew my mind, but at the same time, it was unique. We aren’t going to have a problem telling these babies apart. No red and blue sock for us! We knew exactly who is who from the get go," Daunte Norman said. But when the family is out and about, it's not always smooth sailing. "Sometimes people stare too much.”

17 Xavier & Jayden

In the picture, these two little boys look like best friends, and they are, but they are twins too. Their names are Jayden and Xavier Boughey and they are from Auckland in New Zealand.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Jayden is the one with a darker complexion, while Xavier has a lighter complexion. Jayden takes after his mother, who is dark skin and comes from a family that is Samoan, and Xavier takes after his father who is of white complexion and has fair colored hair.

That’s the not only thing different about these two twin boys though, they also have different birthdays. Jayden made his grand entrance into the world on November 6, while Xavier entered the world after midnight on November 7.

Despite their differences in skin color, hair and eyes, these two little boys look a lot alike in their facial features.

16 Millie & Marcia

Amanda Wanklin and Michael Biggs are a biracial couple that fell in love and didn’t give a second thought to the challenges they may face, all they cared about was being together.

According to nationalgeographic.com, the couple settled down out in Birmingham, England and started a family right away. On July 3, 2006, Amanda gave birth to fraternal twin girls, Millie Marcia Madge Biggs and Marcia Millie Madge Biggs.

From the day they were born, the girls had different color schemes, but similar facial features. Marcia took after her mother and had light brown hair and fair skin, while her sister Millie took after her father and had black hair and brown skin.

“We never worried about it; we just accepted it,” Michael says.

15 Isabella & Gabriella

Isabella and Gabriella became internet famous at the young age of 7-months-old due to their different skin tone. These two little girls are twin sisters, but they were born with extremely different skin complexions.

According to boredpanda.com, their mother, Clementina Shipley, told Essence that Isabella is a very calm and laid back baby who will burst out into the cutest giggles whenever someone stares at her and who loves to be tickled, while her sister Gabriella, who is a big snuggle bug, has been on the go since she started crawling at 5-months-old and is just always smiling and full of energy.

14 Bobby & Riley

Bobby and Riley George were born 30 minutes apart and there was no denying that they were twins. Both boys had light skin, curly hair and brown eyes.

According to dailmail.co.uk, as the boys got older though, their features started to change. At four years old, Bobby now had blue eyes, blonde hair and a light complexion, while his brother Riley had brown eyes, dark hair and darker skin like their father.

The boys were born to parents Abigail Tongue, who is Caucasian, and Richard George, who is of mixed race. Abigail gave birth to her boys in October 2011 at West Middlesex University Hospital in West London with the knowledge that there was a small possibility they would be born with different skin colors. When they were born though, they were identical, it wasn’t until they were four weeks old that their appearances began to change. Bobby’s features started to lighten, while his brother Riley’s features started to darken.

13 Lauren & Hayleigh

Mixed-race twins are a rare occurrence in any family. It happens in about one out of every 500 pregnancies. When it comes to the Durrant family, they are one of those families who had this rare occurrence, but what makes their story even more rare is that their girls were identical twins, not fraternal.

According to sfglobe.com, Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant are identical twin sisters, who were born with different skin, hair and eyes colors. Lauren is light skinned, with blue eyes and red hair, just like her mother, while her sister Hayleigh is dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair like her father.

12 Miya & Leah

So, Lauren and Hayleigh Durrant are identical twin sisters born to a mixed-race couple over in Britain, Allison and Dean Durrant. They were born the spitting image of one another, but with three small differences; Hayleigh was dark skin, dark haired, and dark eyed like her father, while Lauren had light skin, blue eyes and red hair like her mother.

Now, this occurrence is already super rare, especially in identical twins, but what makes this family so special is that it not only happened once, but twice.

That’s right, according to wowamazing.com, the Durrant family became pregnant again, this time with fraternal twins, a few years later and boy where they surprised when they learned that they were expecting another set of biracial babies.

“I didn’t think the same thing would happen again. I was blown away when I saw them together. I didn’t know until then that there was such a big difference between the two,” Dean said. “It was clear to see, but they were rushed away after they were born so we didn’t realize until we saw them together. We have a very special family.”

11 Tyrelle & Teyreece

Julia and Timothy Charles have been together since they were 12-years-old and they have been in love ever since the day they met. Both now in their 50s, they have seven children together: a boy in his 20s named Tristan, four girls, Salina who is in her 30s, Shellee who is in her 20s, and then Julia and Clareena who are both in their teens. Then there are the twins, Tyrelle and Tyreece.

These twins are special though. They were born six minutes apart but have completely different features. One is black with dark hair, while the other is light skin with blonde hair.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Julia had this to say about the day the twins were born: “After they popped out, Tim just shouted at me, ‘We’ve got one of each,’ and I couldn’t believe it. Tyreece was so dark and Tyrelle was lily white.”

The twins are the youngest out of their group of kids, and they couldn’t look less alike, but that doesn’t stop them from being the best twin brothers ever. They dress alike, they play together, and they can’t spend a minute apart without the other. They may not look alike, but they defiantly have a twin bond.

10 Kian & Remee

Typically, when identical twins are born, it is hard to tell who is who without having something to tell them apart. When it comes to Kian and Remee though, this is not the case.

According to huffingtonpost.co.uk, these two girls look a lot alike and even share the same cheeky smile, but Kian was born with dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, while her sister was born with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Both mom Kylee Hodgson and dad Remi Horder have white mothers and black fathers, giving their children a higher chance of being biracial like themselves.

Kylee had a hard time believing when they were first born that they were twins. “I had expected that as they grew older that they may grow more similar and the difference between them would become less obvious, but if anything, their skin color is even more striking now,” she said.

Remee has remained with white-blond hair, but her skin has gotten even lighter the older she gets, Kian on the other hand has gotten even darker than she was when she was first born.

The girls could not be happier though and never question why they don’t look alike.

9 Triniti & Ghabriael

Mom Khristi Cunningham and father Charles Cunningham are the proud parents to two adorable twins, a boy and a girl, and they couldn’t be happier. The only problem is, they get a lot of looks and questions as to why their twins look so different.

According to lipstickalley.com, Triniti was born with ebony-color skin, while her brother Ghabrial, aka Gabe, was born with ivory-white skin, blue eyes and blond hair.

From what their mother Khristi says, they get a lot of stares from people, along with what she is sure of a lot of talk behind her back.

Even their pediatrician was surprised with how different they looked when they first went to go see her. As soon as she asked, ‘Are they identical?’ though, the family stopped bringing their twins to see her.

8 Leo & Hope

Mother Shirley Wales gave birth to her twins by C-section and was in complete awe when the midwife handed her babies over to her.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Leo resembles his Grenadian mother, Shirley, with his dark skin, brown eye and thick dark hair, while Hope takes after her father, who is no longer with Shirley, with her light skin, blue eyes, and fair sparse hair.

Shirley said: “I knew I was having twins, and I knew one was a boy and one was a girl, but I couldn't believe it when the midwife told me they had different skin tones after I'd given birth to them. Throughout the pregnancy I'd joked about the babies being black and white, I even said to my friends that if one was black and one was white, I'd call them Ebony and Ivory. When they were born though, I realized it would be [mean] to actually call them that.”

Right away Shirley texted her friends and family and told them the news, and within 24 hours, 100 people showed up to see for themselves.

7 Anaya & Myla

Anaya and Myla might have the same mother and been born two minutes apart, but they look completely different. People even often ask their mother if they are even related, with the thoughts that maybe she adopted one of them.

According to legit.ng, Myla resembles their father with his dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, while her sister Anaya resembles their mother with her light-colored hair, light eyes, and light skin.

These two might have been born two minutes apart, but they are completely different in both looks and their personality. Myla is an active and curious child, while her sister Anaya is more quiet, reserved and pensive.

6 Kendall & Baylee

Kendall and Baylee are like no ordinary twins. These little girls may dress alike, but they look completely different, even more so than normal fraternal twins.

According to dailymail.co.uk, typically, when a mix-raced couple has children, that child is born with a mix of both skin tones, not separate like these two. They are a one in 500 chance.

“It was a lovely feeing and a big shock,” their mother said.

“One thing is for sure, family and friends won’t ever struggle to tell them apart,” the girl’s father added.

Their looks aren’t the only thing that is different though. They also have different personalities. Kendall, who was born weighing 6lbs, 1 oz, is laid-back and loves to sleep the day away, while her sister Baylee, who weighed in at 6 lb, 5 oz, is louder and needier and always wants attention.

Here are 5 ways it can happen:

5 What To Call Twins With Different Skin Colors And How It Can Happen

The proper names for twins born with different skin colors is either mixed twins or biracial twins.

According to twinstuff.com, mixed twins are actually just fraternal twins who are born in a multiracial family.

The scientific reasoning behind mixed fraternal twins is that a person’s skin color is dictated by their genes. With mixed twins, they are born from parents of different skin colors, they inherit different gene codes that influence their skin pigments and bam, there you go.

So basically, it’s the combination of the different inherited genes that plays the role if a mixed raced child will have light or dark skin.

4 How Likely Is It For A Mother To Give Birth To Biracial Twins?

There is a scientist by the name of James M. Wilson who is a geneticist from the US and a medical researcher over at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Wilson is known for his work on gene therapy and is actually regarded as one of the field’s most prominent researchers.

It is Mr. Wilson who has done the study on how rare biracial twins are and the chances of mix-raced families to have them. According to twinstuff.com, Mr. Wilson said in a report that there is a one in 500 chance for mix-raced parents to give birth to twins with different skin colors.

3 Changes In The Womb


Earlier it was stated that the color of one’s skin is determined by the genes they inherit while in their mother’s wombs. When it comes to fraternal twins born from mix-raced parents, each twin can inherit different genes, causing them to have different skin colors.

Well, according to twinstuff.com, identical twins can also be born with different skin colors. Dr. Claire Stevens, a researcher at the Department of Twin Research, explained that even if identical twins share the same exact genes, it is still not a guarantee that they will be born with the same color skin. According to Dr. Stevens, the differences in identical twins may be attributed to how the babies develop in the womb. It is called somatic mutation, a condition where sometimes the markers in one’s DNA can affect the degree in which the DNA is expressed.

2 The Environment Twins Develop In

Bored Panda

Another reason identical twins can be born with different skin colors is due to the environment they are exposed to while they are in their mother’s womb.

According to twinstuff.com, if one twin has more exposer to the sun, either by always being up front when mom is sun bathing, out having a picnic, or any other activity where she is outside in the sunlight, while in their mother’s womb, or if they develop a condition where their skin pigment is affected, than the color of their skin will be affected, and they can be born with their skin lighter than their sibling they share a womb with.

1 Challenges Biracial or Mixed Twins Might Face

There are a many challenges biracial or mixed twins might face in life, even with the world being as open as they are now to mixed couples.

According to twinstuff.com, one example that has been reported is that one of the twins, the one that doesn’t share the parents skin color, may feel left out or different. They may become picked on by other kids in school and will constantly be asked why they look so different then their other siblings and parents.

Another issue that can arise is that they may start to struggle with the feeling of having a hidden identity, something that society finds difficult to accept.

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