20 Signs That Dad Is Thinking About Baby #2

Many years back, couples used to have very many children, even when they were not very well off financially. However, so much has changed over the years.

It is common to find the wealthiest families in any community, or even in the world, consisting of a father, a mother, and probably two or three children. You would expect that these wealthy people would desire to have even more children because they can give all of them, regardless of how many they'd be, the best in healthcare, education, exposure, and overall quality of life.

So many modern couples today are even shrinking the size of the average family to consist of a father, a mother, and one child, which might be very common today but would have been very odd a few decades back. Although every couple has a right to choose the number of children it wants to have now, it's also important for them to consider the future they hope to have when they're all old and wrinkly.

Many moms don't mind having baby number two come along a short while after baby number one since they would raise both of them together; however, the men in their lives often think otherwise. Since it's hard to tell if and when such men are ready for baby number two, here are a few things their women can look out for, in case the men don't want to tell them what they're feeling.

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20 He Can Afford Another Baby 

Via: independent.co.uk

One of a man's primary roles in a family is to provide, so if he is not in a position to meet his current needs, he will not be so keen on thinking about baby number two. A baby comes with a lot of expenses from clinic visits, hospital bills, health insurance covers, and shopping, so any parent needs to be prepared to handle this and more.

A daddy, even if he has a single child, has been through so much and knows what is required. However, the second baby is usually cheaper than the first because the parents only need to recycle the older baby's clothes and furniture and use them on the new one.

19 He Takes Good Care Of Mom And Baby #1 

Some people claim that women's brains are superior to men's brains because women have the ability to handle several tasks at the same time, something men fail terribly. This means that it's possible for a mom to be taking care of the baby, doing house chores, and handling other tasks at home at the same time while the dad is sitting on the couch watching TV.

Therefore, if a man starts to offer assistance around the house, and starts taking care of mommy and baby number one in a special way, then he's probably thinking of baby number two. Men are not fond of changing, bathing, feeding, or even soothing babies, so when they start doing those things, then they're on a mission.

18 He’s Responsible 

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Having kids is a big responsibility for any dad, which is one of the reasons every dad has to behave responsibly in every situation. An irresponsible dad is not fit to take care of one child, so even for such a man to think of a second baby is something to be afraid of. However, when a dad suddenly starts showing how responsible he can be, then he probably has baby number two in his mind.

If a dad starts pays the bills on time, getting concerned whether the mom has everything she needs in the house, and is always looking for a way of being useful around the house, he probably wants another baby.

17 He Thinks You Are A Great Mom 

Via: parenting.com

A dad who is thinking of adding another baby to the family might start telling his woman how great he thinks she is with their current baby. This might be his way of letting mommy know that she can handle having another baby as well. He might even compliment her by saying things like “you do it so effortlessly” or “I can’t wait to see you with kids running around”.

By making such compliments, he might be hinting that he wants more children, especially if he has not always been generous with compliments. Whether or not a mom is great with children is usually not the issue here, it's the sudden realization of this apparently new talent that he had not noticed in his woman before.

16 He’s Not Into Partying After Baby #1

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If a dad is passing on a night out with his friends every other weekend to stay home with the family, it might be a sign that he’s tired of the party life and is ready to settle down. If a man starts to look for opportunities to come home early from work to play and bond with the little one before he or she goes to sleep, he might be hinting at wanting another baby.

If he suddenly wants to be around his family more than before, then it's highly likely that he has reorganized his priorities, and his family is a beneficiary of the shift.

15 He Has Accomplished Most Of What He Wants 

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A man who has achieved almost everything he ever wanted in life is usually more ready to settle and have children compared to a man who is still struggling. If a man has a good well-paying job, has a car, a decent home, and appears to be very fond of his child, there's no reason why he shouldn't think of accomplishing even more in his life.

This man is definitely ready to move on to the next challenge of his life, which is caring for a big family. He might have one baby already but feels like he needs to grow his family so that he can start raising his children together.

14 He Interacts With Children In Social Situations 

Via: huffpost.com

As much as he has a baby already, a man who enjoys spending time with several children in social setups is clearly very comfortable being a dad. If such a man was never comfortable around kids before but does not mind playing with them whenever he gets an opportunity is probably thinking how great it would be having several kids of his own.

If you notice he is enjoying himself a bit too much playing with kids and is actively involved with children in social situations, then he's sure ready for baby number two. Allowing himself to bond with children out there is a sign that he's willing to open up his heart to love even more.

13 He Offers To Babysit 

Via: mom.me

In most relationships, moms are usually the children's primary caregivers, and they end up doing so much for the children and their men around the house. However, these hardworking women also need to relax and attend to other things away from home. In such instances, these women often get nannies to take care of their babies.

However, if for some reason the daddy volunteers to take care of their baby, together with a few more nieces and nephews when mommy is away, such a gesture could have a deeper meaning. One of the best explanations for this is that the daddy is open to having baby number two, and he probably wants to know how it will feel like being in a house with many children.

12 He’s Curious About Baby #2 

Via: jmalay.com

It is common to find that after a couple has had its first baby, either a boy or a girl, dads might start hinting on continuing to get baby number two. The dads might start asking their women who the next baby might look like more, or whether their second child will be a boy or a girl.

Such curiosity is usually a sign that the dad is looking forward to another baby. In other situations, you can find that the dad wanted a boy so bad the first time but ended having a girl or the other way around, such a man is sure to keep trying to achieve their heart's desire.

11 He Rescues Stray Pets 

Via: rebrn.com

If a man starts talking about adopting pets and even goes as far as bringing a few pets home with him, then he's probably trying to communicate something concerning his ability to care for others. Furthermore, whether he knows it or not, he might be subconsciously telling everyone he's ready for a new baby.

His actions might be the result of missing his nurturing and cuddling days with the first baby and he could be trying to fill the void with pets. With time, such a man will come out and explain his desire to add to the size of his family, because pets won't really meet his desire to bring up another human being.

10 He's Keen On Following Your Cycle 

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In many cases, men are not always trying to keep track of their significant other's menstrual cycles, unless if their women have special reservations or preferences during such periods. The women who experience serious pain and discomfort during such times require a lot of support from their men.

However, some of these men never like talking about their women's cycles and the role the cycles play in connection to their emotional state. Therefore, when a man starts joyfully taking notice of his woman's cycles and asking questions about the dates she is likely to get pregnant, chances are he has been thinking of baby number two.

9 He's Not Alarmed By Aunt Flo Not Coming To Town 

Via: capitalfm.co.ke

When a woman tells her man that she has missed her periods or that her periods are late, her man often feels as if his world has just stopped. Since missing a period usually means their women could be pregnant, the men who are not ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of another human being can often get very disturbed.

However, dads who are not alarmed about this situation might just be excited, ready, and looking forward to baby number two to come into the couple's lives. Therefore, if a man does not really fear a situation where he can be called daddy once more, then he has been seriously thinking about it and probably welcomes the possibility.

8 He’s looking For A Bigger House 

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Getting a bigger house for the family is always a big deal, especially because such a move never comes cheap. If a man is looking for a bigger place for his family after baby number one, then he is probably hoping to welcome even more members into the family in the near future, to justify the need for the additional space.

If a man is also considering a place with a backyard or a house near a park where his future kids can play, then he's trying to say something about the size of the family. Also, if he wants to get a house that's close to a good day-care center or a school, then such a man is definitely looking to grow his family.

7 He’s Helping Out Around The House 

Via: theodysseyonline.com

Some moms are always complaining that their men are not helpful around the house, even when they have a baby to look after. Therefore, it's often hard for such moms to think about another baby when their hands are already full with all they have to do and baby number one. Therefore, if a woman starts to see a drastic change in her man, in terms of his active participation at home, then she should start reading between the lines.

When a man suddenly starts doing the dishes after his woman cooks, watching the baby so she can get other things done, or getting laundry done, then he is ready for baby number two. Furthermore, some dads who don't have the time to help out much even go out and hire help for their women.

6 His Other Child Is Grown

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Parents always look forward to the time their babies achieve major milestones, with the most common being talking, crawling, and walking. However, some dad's aren’t so lucky to witness these moments in their first children, owing to their busy schedules. Therefore, it's only natural for them to want to witness such great moments in their other children.

If a dad starts talking about how he misses the little things his boy or girl used to do when he was little, then it's an indication that he is opening up to the idea of having another baby. Therefore, if a man's first child appears to have grown up and is no longer as dependent on his daddy as before, such a man might feel the need to get another baby.

5 He Enjoys The Company Of Relatives

Via: time.com

Men who enjoy the bond that exists between family members usually think about having a family of their own and if they already have a small one, they usually look to grow it. Such men find themselves enjoying the company of their relatives, which is a really good thing.

Therefore, it only makes sense for such men to want to be part of events where friends and family attend, and possibly be in the planning committees for such. The interactions that these men have with other relatives and friends only lead them to desire to have even bigger families, which will begin by them thinking about baby number two.

4 All His Close Friends Are Dads 

Via: closeronline.co.uk

Dads who are thinking about having baby number two will often find themselves associating more with friends who have more than one child. Such men will gradually change their circles of friends from the single men who have no experience with raising children to the ones they look forward to following in their footsteps.

Therefore, if a woman starts noticing that, thanks to her man, she is spending more time with friends who have bigger families compared to their single friends she should know that something's up. Probably the man might not even explain the reason for the shift but that is enough evidence that he is thinking about baby number two.

3 He Just Started Saving 

Via: achievalife.com

A man who suddenly starts putting away some of his income for future use or for emergencies is not just responsible; he's probably thinking about expanding his family in the near future. Since the man in question is not a first-time dad, he is well aware of the costs of having another little one and has already been saving up for it.

He might also go to the lengths of setting up children’s college funds and other long-term financial plans. This man might be getting his financials in order for many reasons, but he might just be preparing to accommodate a new member in the family.

2 His biological clock is ticking 

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Just like women, men feel the pressure to have kids within a certain period in their lives especially if they have a wife, a good career, a stable income, and a decent house. With all these things going so well, it only makes sense that a man should desire to have many children.

For the longest time, the impact of age seemed to focus exclusively on women, but men also have a biological clock, a timeframe within which they can have children with the least complications. Dads might also want to have kids earlier on in life so that they may have plenty of time with them.

1 He’s A Great Dad 

Via: people.com

It's highly likely that a dad who is thinking about having baby number two must have been a great dad to baby number one. He probably enjoyed being a father the first time, and hardly ever complains about the challenges of raising up his first child. He is probably one of those hands-on dads capable of handling the baby all on his own.

However, the best way to know for sure if he wants another baby is to ask him directly. It is good to have an open and honest conversation with your man to get to know where he stands. You might be surprised that he was just waiting for you to ask him whether he wants to have baby number two.

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