20 Signs The Baby Is Going To Come Within The Next 3 Days

Being pregnant is a truly remarkable thing. Sure, to  the expectant mom, there will be many incidences during where she won’t feel quite so great. But as a whole, pregnancy is an amazing feat.

What mom's body is going through, how it changes from trimester to trimester, is just staggering. It’s why people commonly use the term “miracle” when describing pregnancy and childbirth. As mama is no-doubt aware, the body changes in numerous ways throughout  pregnancy. As she approaches her due date, the body is getting primed to give birth. It’s at this stage that she could begin to notice numerous changes. On the other hand, she could feel relatively normal, at ease – as much as anyone can anyway having a fully-grown baby inside them! It’s the calm before the storm so to speak. Some moms won’t have any symptoms, any signs at all, before they go into labor and start getting contractions. This tends not to be the case with first-time moms, though.

There are many signs, physical and psychological that could point to the fact that the baby’s coming in the next few days. Sure, they’re not all set in stone, they vary from person to person. But as mom's due date approaches, in all likelihood she's going to notice some of these symptoms. Her body is getting ready and that motherly instinct is beginning to kick in. She’ll start to think things, feel things, that she's never felt before. These are just potential signs – don’t take them as gospel. These are 20 signs the baby is going to come within the next three days.

20 The Urge To Nest

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You’re likely to experience this feeling in your final trimester. But the urge to nest may become huge in the days leading up to your due date. It’s a totally natural feeling for moms to have.

You can put it down to your own primal instinct as an expectant mom. An increased amount of the hormone, estradiol, in the days leading up to your due date, could play a part. But for the most part, it’s just you wanting to ready your environment, your world, for your little one. You want to make it safe and as comfortable as possible.

19 Effacement

You may not have heard this term before. Well, if you’re a pregnant mommy, you better get clued up on it. It relates to the thinning of the cervix. It needs to ripen, and it needs to shorten in order to allow your baby to come out. It makes it easier for your baby to travel down the cervix and through the canal.

When your cervix is fully ripened, it’s baby time. Your doctor should start checking for effacement during the latter stages of your pregnancy. The cervix is usually fully ripened a few days before you give birth. It’s your body priming itself, readying itself for the next stage.

18 Joints Loosen

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In the days leading up to labor, pretty much everything in your body, including your joints, will begin to loosen up. The aim is to loosen up the pelvis and surrounding muscles, making it easier on the body at the time of delivery. But the hormone released by the body doesn’t differentiate. A spurt of relaxin hormone is secreted but it’ll have an effect on your whole body.

For example, when you walk, you could feel a tad wobbly. Sure, that may have something to do with your baby bump, but the relaxin hormone could exacerbate the effect. It’ll relax your knees, hips and various other ligaments.

17 More Trips To The Washroom


You’ve probably had to deal with changes in your toilet schedule throughout your pregnancy. Initially, you may have been rushing to the loo because of morning sickness. Then, as the baby begins to grow inside you, you may have experienced the frequent need to urinate. Combine this with your dietary changes, perhaps odd eating habits, and it could be wreaking havoc on your bowels.

But as you approach your due date, you’re likely to be making many more trips to the loo. That’s again because of the hormone relaxin. Relaxin doesn’t discriminate – doesn’t just loosen the pelvis. It also loosens the muscles in the rectum.

16 Sudden Waves Of Nausea

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You thought your days of morning sickness were well and truly over. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s not uncommon for soon-to-be moms to be hit with late stages of pregnancy sickness. Waves of nausea could sweep over you and there could be vomiting on the cards.

It’ll feel like you’ve got the flu, isn’t a pleasant feeling at all. But it is an indication that pregnancy could be around the corner, perhaps only a few days away. It could be due to changes in hormone levels, blood pressure, or just the body in discomfort due to the struggles of pregnancy.


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As the weeks roll by, you’ve become used to that odd little kick, constant movements of your baby inside your belly. Initially, that’s sure to have felt strange. But then it becomes a common occurrence and you get used to it. Suddenly not feeling any movement could be worrisome, could fill you with worry. You start wondering what is happening.

What if something’s happened? It’s perfectly normal for your baby to stop moving around so much days before it’s due to pop out. Your baby is settling, readying itself to come out. It’s the calm before the storm so to speak.

14 Sneezing Is Uncomfortable

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By this stage, everything is beginning to get really uncomfortable. For some, it’s just unbearable. But if you’re at this stage, take solace in the fact that it’s unlikely to be very long until your baby pops out. A few days before your due date you’re likely to be feeling like this.

Pretty much everything is going to uncomfortable because your baby has reached its full size. When you sneeze, due to the pressure, you feel like you’re going to explode, like your baby is just going to shoot out of you. It’s not long now, the end is in sight.

13 A Skin Outbreak

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This could happen at the start, and at the end of your pregnancy. It’s not uncommon for there to be an outbreak of pimples on your skin. This could be attributed to a change in diet. A lot of pregnant women change their diet.

Although this isn’t definitively the case and has not been proven, it’s thought that eating lots of chocolate can lead to an outbreak of pimples. But if you have a sudden outbreak of pimples close to your due date, it’s likely to be because of hormonal changes.

12 Pressure Down Below

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At this stage your baby would’ve done all the growing it needs to do. It’s just about ready to make an appearance. So, now there’s a ton of pressure. There can be a lot of pressure on your joints, until that surge of relaxin enters your system and helps loosen you up.

But you’d have no-doubt noticed, that during your pregnancy, as your baby is getting bigger and bigger, there’s more and more pressure on your abdomen, increasing the need to urinate. You’re likely to be rushing to the loo quite a bit during these late stages of your pregnancy.

11 Feeling Squished

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A few days before your due date and your baby’s done all the growing it needs to do. It’s taken up all the room it needs to, and that’s likely to be a lot. It’s going to leave you feeling incredibly uncomfortable, like you’re squished inside and there’s just no more room to do anything.

Some women might find it uncomfortable to move about, or just do anything at all. Breathing could also prove to be rather difficult, as vital organs can be squished, prevented from carrying out their normal functions. If this is the case, seek help. But it does mean that your baby in going to be on the way shortly.

10 Belly Has A Slightly Different Shape



As you’ve progressed through your pregnancy, you’ve gotten used to your belly gradually growing and growing, the shape of your belly changing from trimester to trimester. In the days leading up to your pregnancy, you may just see yourself as a lump.

Sure, you may be close to bursting point, but at the same time your belly’s likely to be a slightly different shape. The baby’s moving around, and as your body is readying itself to give birth, it changes position, making it easier for itself to pop out when labor begins. This will result in your belly having a slightly different shape.

9 Red On The Toilet Paper

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There are two things here that indicate the baby is coming in a few days. One is losing the mucus plug. This will tell you you’re getting close. But perhaps a more accurate way of gauging how far away you are from labor, is if you get some red streaks when you go to the toilet.

This may actually freak a lot of you out. But it’s perfectly normal. It’s a sign that your cervix has begun to thin out, get ready for labor. When this happens, blood vessels dilate and pop.

8 Little Room For Eating

Throughout your whole pregnancy you’ve noticed that your eating patterns have been changing. You get cravings for really odd food, you have an increased appetite, and some moms-to-be are just all about food. But when you get to the end of your pregnancy, you’ll be so uncomfortable that food will be the last thing on your mind.

You’ll feel that if you eat any more, you might just about be ready to pop. By this stage, the baby will be taking up pretty much all the space there is. It’ll be at full capacity. It’ll feel really awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s a sign that there’s not long to go.

7 The Baby Drops

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Hearing this term, you may think it’s a sure sign that you’ve gone into labor. That’s not the case. It’s your body readying itself for labor and your baby getting prepared to come into the world. Your baby dropping could actually occur as far out as a few weeks from your due date.

For a lot of people, it happens in the week leading up to labor. It essentially means your baby is positioning itself, descending into the pelvis head first. This is one of the reasons why you might be visiting the toilet more frequently. The baby’s head will be pushing on your bladder.

6 The Head Is Pounding

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Your blood pressure will commonly go up a tad in the days leading up to labor. For some, it could go up quite a bit. This shouldn’t be ignored. Sure, a slight increase is common. But you should still notify your doc. You shouldn't worry, but it could be a sign of another underlying condition such as preeclampsia.

But, as mentioned, due to the changes your body is going through, changes in hormonal levels and the sudden stresses and strains on your body, a slight rise in blood pressure is normal during this period. Get it checked out nevertheless.

5 Sudden Changes In Mood

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Those who’ve been around you during these last nine months may not really notice if you suddenly become really grouchy, or otherwise, as you approach your due date. You’ve probably had so many mood swings during your pregnancy, they’re used to it. But again, due to hormonal changes and your nesting instinct coming into play, your mood may change yet again in the days leading up to your pregnancy.

Motherly instinct may make you really protective, quite snappy, but it could also mean you’re full of joy at the prospect of welcoming your little one into the world. This could go one of two ways.

4 Back Discomfort

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Getting back pain at this late stage in your pregnancy is understandable. You’ve probably experienced back pain at various stages, if not throughout, your pregnancy. At this stage, a few days before labor, your baby has reached its full size, you’re going to feel like you’re about to burst and will be really uncomfortable, hence the back pain.

But back pain in the days leading up to your due date could arise due to contractions. In fact, it’s quite a common experience, quite a common sign of impending labor. It could be contractions but it could also mean your baby is in the posterior position.

3 Dizziness

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It’s pretty common for women to go through dizzy spells in the days leading up to labor. This could be due to a number of reasons. Your baby is at its biggest, and therefore so are you. You’re finding it really uncomfortable, find it difficult to do simple tasks like walking. Then, there’re hormone changes, such as relaxin, which will loosen your joints.

This combination alone is enough to make someone dizzy. But it could just be because you’re rushed off your feet, you’re trying to do too much. You need to take a step back and put your feet up, especially during this time.

2 Braxton-Hicks Contractions

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You’ve probably all heard about these contractions. Very often, when you get them, you’ll be told not to worry, that it’s not even close to being like the real thing. That’ll seem like a kick in the teeth for those of you who experience them. Braxton-Hicks contractions aren’t exactly pleasant. They’re deemed to be fake contractions and commonly occur at around 20 weeks of gestation.

But they may even occur in the days leading up to your labor. If this happens, they could become stronger, but at the same time they’ll feel different. They could also become more frequent. Either they’re Braxton Hicks, or you may actually be in labor!

1 Change In Appetite

A lot of women find that their appetite completely changes just before labor. You’ll find that your appetite is constantly yoyoing during your pregnancy. Morning sickness, you’ll go through that. Weird cravings, you’ll experience that. But then there will be a time where things become stable. That is until the latter stages of your pregnancy, and by latter stages we mean right at the end.

It’s not uncommon for women to feel either famished, regardless of how much they’ve eaten, or totally ravenous. This is likely due to the change in hormones. But it could also be due to the fact that your baby is now fully grown, is pressing down on your stomach.

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