20 Signs The Newborn Is Going To Be A Happy Baby

Parents are going to be experiencing so many emotions, thinking so many things, when they reach the latter stages of mom's pregnancy. Then, when mom gives birth and holds the newborn in her arms, sheer bliss and love will come to the fore; everything else will instantly melt away.

Then, as the weeks go by, as mom is slowly learning the ropes and start to come into her own a bit as a mom, other thoughts begin to occupy the mind. She will start thinking about how the little one’s going to turn out, what awaits her in the future. It’s only natural. As a mom, these thoughts are going flit around in your mind from time to time. She will want the best for the baby... want her to grow up healthy, happy, with what she deems to be the right set of principles and values.

As a parent, mom will begin to do things, put certain things in place which are going to shape baby as a person as she grows up. Through just being mom, one can have an influence over many aspects of her life. But there are some signs to pay attentions to when she’s quite young. As a newborn, mom wouldn’t have really had the opportunity to have an influence on her. Some things are just engrained within her. Sure, they may change later on. But these signs when she’s a newborn, can point to various characteristics that she develops, that’ll be evident over the coming months and years, such as whether or not she’s going to be a happy, jolly baby. These are 20 signs that the newborn is going to be a happy baby.


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Ok, so newborns are going to cry, that’s a given. In fact, even when your newborn stops being a newborn, your baby is going to cry. It’s their way of communicating, of telling you that they want something. But some babies cry more than others. Even after you come to them, cradle them in your arms and comfort them, they still continue to wail on. But then some will stop crying pretty soon after you come over to give some comfort. They’re comforted by mom. You may even see a pretty much instant change in moods. That crying face could quickly be replaced by a smile. It’s the mommy effect.


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Newborns have jerky movements. They don’t yet have coordination and so their movement aren’t smooth. If your newborn is agitated, she may be jerking around, trying to move and wriggle, on a regular basis. Even being comforted by mom, lying in your arms, might not be enough to relax her. It may indicate that your newborn might develop into a happy baby if she’s pretty docile, meaning that she doesn’t wriggle around uncomfortably and isn’t easily agitated. Everything is new and scary – it’s a big new world to a newborn. So, if she’s able to stay pretty relaxed, it’s a sign she’s comfortable about things.


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Giggling, smiling and laughing is of course a big sign that someone’s happy. This goes for your baby too. Even newborns can smile. Initially, when your little one is really young, if she smiles it’s going to be a reflex smile. She won’t know what it means, but she’ll just be getting used to her facial muscles being used in that manner. Then she’ll learn to mirror your face, may smile and giggle in response to your smiley facial expression. After about one and half months, you may get her first real smile and giggle. That’s going to be a super-cute little milestone.


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For babies, especially newborns, it’s hard for them to keep their concentration fixed on something. And can you blame them? It’s a big new world out there. Everything they encounter during the day is going to be a new experience. But occasionally, you find a baby who is able to stay somewhat focused on one thing. For example, if you’re reading a story, or perhaps you’re just smiling at her, she stays looking at you, is attentive towards what you’re doing. If she’s able to do this, concentrate without zoning out too much, it indicates she’s happy and comfortable and not easily agitated.


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Newborns and then babies are going to be learning all the time. They’re going to be getting to grips with new experiences, new people and they’re constantly going to be learning and developing new skills. Their skillset is going to expand on a daily basis. As a parent, you’ll want to help them learn new skills. This might be something as simple as playing with a new toy, grasping the concept of a simple game. If your little one gets engrossed in learning such skills and her concentration doesn’t waver too much, shows some level of focus, and it shows she wants to learn.


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Your baby pooping well can indicate a lot of things... one is that she’s feeding properly. But most importantly, it shows that she’s healthy. Her body is utilizing everything appropriately, taking all the nutrients it needs and getting rid of the excess. Ever heard the term, a healthy baby is a happy baby? This certainly holds true for your newborn. If she’s pooping well, has a good, regular poop cycle, it shows her body’s working well. This should result in her growth and development, not just physically, but psychologically, emotionally too. It means things like smiling, giggling, laughing, will be learnt and will come to her a lot sooner.


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If your little one is attached, comfortable with you, it may result in her happiness. It’s essential for a newborn to feel comfortable around mommy. If that’s not the case, who else is she going to feel comfortable around? But if she wants to explore, try out new experiences on her own or without mommy and without getting agitated, that shows she’s really comfortable. If she’s happy doing this, explores and gets engrossed simply because she finds things fascinating, down the line this will only develop. She’ll continue to experience new things with different people and will be happy doing it.


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Sleep is vitally important for a baby. It’s when they grow and develop and they’re going to be doing a lot of that when they’re really young. It’s important for cognitive functions and just generally physiological and psychological wellbeing. Like any of us, if we’re stressed, over-thinking certain things or are just agitated, she’s going to find sleep hard to come by. But if she’s worry-free, is happy, she can just drift off and in all likelihood she’ll probably stay asleep. If she’s happy, it’s likely she’ll be an easy sleeper and won’t wake up multiple times in the night.


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Even a lot of adults tend to get anxious around certain people, around people they don’t know. For a baby though, everyone is going to be a new person, so imagine how they’re feeling! They’re dealing with all of these new people, new experiences, and so for some, it can get rather stressful. But if your newborn is comfortable with other people, either being held by them or just in their presence, then it shows she’s comfortable with herself, is generally worry-free, and is likely to develop into a happy baby. Of course, she’ll still have secure attachment to you but will also be comfortable in other people’s presence.


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As previously mentioned, your baby is going to cry from time to time. That’s a given. But if she’s crying all the time because she wants something, wants your attention or is just agitated, this could lead to her developing certain character traits down the line, if it continues of course. But if your baby doesn’t cry too much, is generally peaceful and just happy with the what’s going on in her life, it indicates that she could develop into a happy baby. Of course, it depends on a number of other factors too. But crying is a way of your baby letting you know that she’s not happy with something.


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This a given; a baby that feeds well is generally going to be a happy baby. Babies are constantly learning and developing. They’re actually doing this at a pretty alarming rate. And although newborns might not seem to be, they’re actually very energetic. Relatively, they expend a great deal of energy. They need to feed, need all the essential nutrients in order to fuel this growth and development. Proper feeding will have an impact on both physiological and psychological well-being. Immediately after feeding, it will be evident. Your newborn is likely to be all smiles and be in a jolly mood.


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Some babies will be more vocal than others. By vocal, I’m referring to the fact that they’ll be confident communicating with you when they’re after something. They’ll cry, make indistinguishable noises, then when they get a bit older, they’ll baby talk, and they’ll essentially do whatever they can to get your attention. But some babies are more docile. They’re more reserved, don’t cry much or make a lot of noise. If your baby wants to talk to you and communicate with you, it’s shows she’s confident, comfortable in your company and communicating and ultimately, it’s an indication she’s going to be a happy baby.


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It can be hard for babies to focus on one thing without constantly being distracted. When you’re cooing her, talking to her, looking down into her face smiling, the hope would be that she’d be looking at your face, perhaps make eye contact and maintain a peaceful gaze. As a newborn, she hasn’t yet learnt about positive emotions and how to display them. Her concentration being on you and her looking peaceful is her way of conveying the fact that she’s happy, that she’s comfortable, that life is good for her at the moment. She’s expressing that she’s happy.


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The first signs of baby talk generally don’t happen before four months. But before this period, she will make the odd sound here and there in her attempts to communicate. These sounds won’t really mean much. It’s just her exercising her vocal chords and trying to communicate in some way. But listen to the pitch of these sounds. If she babbles or emits sounds that are in a higher pitch, it indicates that she’s getting pleasure out of whatever she’s doing. That’s one way she can communicate, express happiness to you, even at such a tender age. It’s about listening to the pitch of the sounds.


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You may be thinking, how can a newborn exercise? She’s so little and delicate, can’t yet crawl, so how is it that she can exercise? By giving her plenty of space, letting her wriggle around, kick her legs in the air etc. It’s important, even when she’s a newborn, that she gets time to exercise. Give her space to allow her to expand her energy. A big of wriggle time, a bit of leg kicking, may put her in a good mood. She’s then also likely to sleep better – another vitally important part of her day which will contribute to happiness.


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Your little one can’t yet express emotions. As a newborn, her expressions are very limited. But she’s learning all the time and things are going to be sinking in, shaping her characteristics. There will come a time when you see that first smile and that look of peace across her face when she’s gazing up at you. This is happiness for a newborn. If she’s looking at you, there’s a little peaceful smile across her face, and she’s moving about, following what you’re doing, she’s in a happy place. This indicates that she’s playful and that she wants to get involved when you’re having fun.


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Newborns can hear sounds as soon as they come out of the womb. Initially, sounds won’t be that clear, they’ll be a tad muffled, and it will take her auditory senses a bit of time to get used to it. But then, as the days and weeks go by, she’ll be able to distinguish between certain sounds. Your voice is a sound that she’s going to get used to first. She’s likely to respond to the sound of your voice in some manner. It’s going to be a source of comfort to her. But if she responds to other surrounding sounds too, it shows that she’s attentive and that her auditory senses are continuing to develop.


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To your little one, pretty much everything is going to be a new experience. She’s being brought into a big new world, and initially, it may be a tad stressful. That’s understandable. The first time she hears it, even your voice may prove to be a bit of a shock to her. But she’ll soon get used to it, learn that it’s a source of comfort. But as a newborn, she’s constantly going to be facing new experiences. Some babies may cry and resist, just want to stay in your arms where she knows she’s safe. But others, with you by her side as support, will throw themselves into anything so to speak.


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From the moment she’s born, you’re going to be her greatest source of comfort. It won’t take her long to get used to your scent, your touch, your comforting embrace. For a lot of newborns, their favorite position is in the arms of mommy. Even if they’re crying, aren’t happy and are agitated about something, a loving cradle in mommy’s arms will usually set things right. If she finds comfort in your cradling, it’s her letting you know that she’s happy in that position. If you can bring a stop to her crying and agitation, again, it’s a sign that she’s happy. Keep that in mind for her baby years.


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The phrase “a healthy baby is a happy baby” generally holds true. Health and happiness aren’t inherently linked. But they generally do go hand in hand. If your newborn is healthy, her development is likely to be on track and she’ll be likely to embrace new experiences, get through those newborn months and develop into a healthy, happy baby. At this age, there are only so many things you can do in this regard. Make sure she feeds, sleeps properly, gets some exercise, sunlight - many of the things mentioned in this article – oh and of course, plenty of love.

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