20 Simple But Genius Ways Moms Can Get Their Baby To Relax

It seems like more often than not, babies get fussy or cranky leaving moms at a loss regarding how they can go about soothing their little guy or gal. Moms will go to any length to help their child relax and calm down as long as whatever they are trying is good for the baby.

There are only so many times you can say “shhh” while rocking your baby back and forth. It can become daunting and draining both mentally and physically. It may feel like every time a mom is unable to soothe her child, she loses a little piece of herself.

We have something that can help aid mom in getting her little one to dry their eyes. We have 20 simple but genius ways moms can get their baby to relax. Once mom makes sure that  baby’s basic needs are met, she can try some of the ideas that we have compiled for her.

Mom may already be aware of some of these methods, while others might be brand new to her. They are all so simple it may have her that “aha” moment and wonder how she never thought of this before. In no time, her baby will be calm with nothing but an adorable smile.

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20 Turning On A Hairdryer

It’s a little-known trick that if your little one is fussy or crying, the simple act of turning on your hairdryer can get your baby to calm down and relax almost immediately. For some babies, the calming sounds of the hairdryer can keep them relaxed for a while, while other babies this trick is short lived. It all depends on your baby and their needs.

While your baby was inside the womb, she heard tons of calming swooshing noises coming from inside your body. The sound of the hairdryer can mimic these sounds making your baby feel calmer. Just make sure to never point the hairdryer directly at your child to avoid some unpleasant injuries.

19 Turning The Vacuum On

Vacuums are not just for cleaning anymore! This next genius way to relax your baby can go hand-in-hand with turning on the hairdryer. This time, all you have to do is turn on the vacuum! A baby starts to hear sounds inside the womb around 18 weeks and around 24 weeks, their hearing becomes more sensitive.

Once their hearing develops in the womb, they start to listen to the whooshing sounds of your heartbeat, and it soothes them. Turing the vacuum on can recreate those soothing sounds and instantly make a baby relax. It works well and is so simple to do.

18 Go For A Quick Car Ride Around The Block

Babies are notorious for falling asleep in cars. It’s no wonder that a simple drive around the block can relax a fussy baby. While your little one is still inside the womb, she is constantly being gently rocked when you are up and moving around. This is why babies tend to be more active at night time during pregnancy – they are no longer being rocked back and forth.

So, going for a simple drive – if possible – is a great way to soothe your little one. The car ride mimics the soothing rocking motion.

It is very important that you never allow your baby to sleep for long periods of time during a car ride since there is always the chance that your child’s head will loll around.

17 Shopping In A Crowded Store

This next way to relax your little one may be a bit surprising. But there is some real potential behind this one. At times, shopping in a crowded store can be a genius way to soothe a crying or fussy baby because there is so much stimulation going on that they can forget why they were crying in the first place.

There are bright lights, lots of sounds, and people walking around. In a sense, it is like overstimulating, but in a good way. Plus, if your baby is their stroller, car seat, or even a shopping cart, the gentle rocking motions can relax them as well. Don’t be surprised if your baby stares in wonder or even falls asleep.

16 Show The Baby Some TLC

All babies love when their mother shows them some attention and affection. We are sure your baby feels this same exact way. Sometimes, when your baby is fussy, all it takes some tender love and care to help her relax and calm down.

After you make sure that all your baby’s needs have been met, if she is still cranky, just spend some time with her. She loves seeing you, hearing your voice, and feeling your touch.

Your baby will be the most comfortable around you since she has been able to bond with you the most. So, go ahead, and give your little one some much needed TLC – and no, we are not talking about the “No Scrubs” music group!

15 Massages Can Work Wonders

Even us as adults we sometimes turn to massages to help us relax and unwind after a stressful day regardless if we go somewhere and pay or have a partner or friend give us a massage. It is just incredibly relaxing. Babies feel the same way about receiving loving massages from mom.

You can soothe and relax your baby by gently massaging her tummy, legs, arms, and back. It is also a great way for you to be able to bond with your little one.

According to Parents.com, daily massages can help your baby sleep better, it can help relieve colic, and enhance your baby’s motor skills as well as their intellectual development.

14 Utilizing A Baby Swing

Sometimes something as simple as placing your baby in a motorized baby swing can be a genius way to help your baby relax. The gentle rocking motions help mimic the safe and soothing feeling your baby had inside the womb when you were walking around or being active.

However, keep in mind, babies should not take full on naps while in a baby swing. The reason goes hand-in-hand with not allowing your baby to sleep long periods of time in a car seat.

13 Try Playing An Audiobook

Another genius way you may be able to help your little one relax is by simply playing an audiobook. If you choose to try this with your baby, make sure that the person's voice on the recording is soothing and relaxing. More often than not, babies prefer a soothing female voice compared to a male’s voice. There is just something much more nurturing about a gentle female voice.

Playing an audiobook may also be a way to get your little one to fall asleep as well. It honestly does not matter what book you play for your child.

If they at an age where they are not speaking and repeating what they hear yet, it really doesn’t matter too much since they are unable to comprehend what is being said.

12 Mom Can Help By Using Her Voice

Your baby has been listening to the sound of your voice since her hearing develops around 18 weeks gestation. By 24 weeks, she is actively listening to the soothing sound of it. It’s no wonder you can just talk to your little one to relax her a bit. But you can do more than that, just get creative and use your voice – something that you use every day.

You can talk to your baby or even sing her a sweet lullaby. Singing sometimes works better than talking. Usually, mom's voice is more relaxing that dads since she has been hanging on to your every word for much longer and usually more often. You can make up silly songs or even recite your favorite childhood nursery rhyme.

11 Read A Simple And Easy Book

Reading a book to your little one goes hand-in-hand with just simply using your voice. You can sit down in your favorite relaxing chair and snuggle your baby while reading her a story. You can either choose something simple and easy or something a bit longer.

Not only can reading to your baby help her relax, but it can also be an excellent way to bond with your child.

According to Babycenter.com, reading to your little one is a must. It is something that can be done while still pregnant. It can help your baby develop an interest in sounds as well as help her develop listening skills. It doesn’t matter how old your baby is or if she can understand what you are saying because she will still enjoy this time with you.

10 Good Vibrations

This next genius way is so simple and easy to do as long as you have a washing machine or dryer in your home. To help your baby relax, you can put her in her car seat and set the seat on top of the washer and dryer. The vibrations from the machines are great for soothing a baby and helping them relax. It is almost comparable to placing your baby in a motorized baby swing.

With this easy trick, however, you need to ensure that you give your child your full attention since the vibrations are known to make things slowly move across the top of the surface. You want to make sure that there is no chance of your baby’s car seat accidentally tumbling over.

9 Swaddling


After giving birth, most hospitals will teach new moms the correct way of swaddling their little one. This can be an excellent way to help your baby calm down and relax. You can swaddle your child for the first two to three months of their life, or whenever she can roll over onto her tummy.

According to Momtricks.com, swaddling can help a baby sleep better and longer, it can help reduce anxiety, as well as keep the baby from scratching their face. There are plenty of other benefits, making this the perfect way to help a young baby relax.

8 Turn On A Fan

If you are looking for some more white noise that can help your baby relax without the need to run a noisy vacuum cleaner or hairdryer, you can simply turn on a fan. It creates the perfect sound that mimics the sounds from the time when your baby was inside the womb.

Unlike the other methods mentioned above for creating this soothing sound, a fan can be left on much longer. You can try placing your little one in her crib, playpen, Pack ‘n Play, or bassinet and just let the relaxing white noise ease her into a blissful sleep.

7 Offer A Pacifier

Something as simple as giving your baby a pacifier, also known as a binky, can be more than enough to help your baby relax, especially when she is fussy or cranky. It really can be that simple. After making sure all your baby’s needs are met, offer her a pacifier to see if that helps her.

One thing you should avoid doing with a pacifier is using those strings that attach to your baby’s clothing that is supposed to help keep the pacifier from falling on the ground or getting lost. It is safer to just pick up the binky and wash it off before returning it to your little one.

6 Adjusting Clothing And Temperature

Sometimes babies get too hot or too cold, just like everyone else, and making small adjustments may just be a genius way to help the babies relax since they are no longer uncomfortable. Just a minor tweak in temperature may be all you need to help keep your little one relaxed and calm. It can also help a baby sleep for longer stretches of time at one shot.

Whenever the temperature is adjusted, make your baby’s clothing is either warm enough or cool enough to match the change. If a baby gets too hot or cold, they are more likely to become fussy or cranky.

5 Go Outside

If your baby is slightly cranky sometimes all she really needs is a change in their environment. Going outside can be a genius way to help your child relax. If you decide to take your baby outside, make sure to dress her weather appropriate.

Just like with adjusting the temperature in the house, you want to make sure that she does not get too hot or cold. Otherwise going outside may be pointless.

You can try taking your little one for a stroll around the block. The gentle rocking motion of being in their stroller while you are pushing it can further help promote relaxation.

4 Blow Bubbles

One genius way to help your baby relax is simply by interacting with your child and blowing bubbles. Yes, we said blowing bubbles. One of your favorite childhood pastimes can calm your little one down almost immediately.

It honestly does not matter if you are blowing the kinds of bubbles that you can buy in the store in the toy aisle or blowing a bubble with chewing gum. Either one will do the trick.

It can grab your baby's attention even if she fussy and crying. It amuses and amazes them! They almost seem to become memorized by it. Your child may even try to grab at the bubbles.

3 Turn On The Sink Faucet

If you want to help relax your baby or even just help her to calm down when the waters works have been activated, the sound of running water and watching it come out of the faucet can help soothe a fussy baby. They become almost mesmerized by it. You can either use the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink.

It has similar effects as an adult watching a waterfall. Just the sounds and sight of it can help bring some much-needed serenity and peace into your life. Always keep in mind that you should never leave your baby alone around water.

2 Play Some Soothing Music

Sometimes allowing your baby to listen to some soothing music or nature sounds can be more than enough to help her relax or calm down. It may even be enough to help quiet your child and allow her to sleep at night. It is usually the simplest of things that help children relax or even babies.

Think of it this way, if playing some relaxing music is enough to help an adult relax, it may be enough to work like a charm for your little one as well.

You don’t even have to pay extra for these soothing sounds if you go to things like YouTube, Spotify, or Amazon music. You can just type in the words “relaxation music” and the possibilities are endless!

1 Bath Time Magic

You can help relax your baby and help to get them on a schedule just by picking a time before bed and making that bath time. The key is to be consistent with bath time and bedtime. However, this method all depends on how the baby feels about bath time. Some children love it, while others despise it.

If your baby is one to love bath time, you can take this opportunity to help your little one relaxes. Whenever bath time is, make sure that you have everything you need all in one place next to where you are bathing your child. You never, ever want to walk away from a baby for any reason when they are in or near water.

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