20 Social Media Pics That Can Get Moms Into Trouble

Posting pictures online is a part of modern culture. Whether it is photos of family or selfies, this is the world of documenting everything from meals to vacations to doctor office visits.

Personally, I enjoy being able to peek into the day to day of people’s lives. The small details like what someone ate for brunch on a Sunday afternoon is oddly interesting. However, there is a line that needs to be drawn when it comes to the kind of photos that are posted online.

The way the internet works is that overflowing with strangers, lurkers, predators, and creepers. Sure, the only friends online are close friends and family and everyone else is left outside of the protected social media bubble. But, nothing online is totally private no matter how much everyone would like to assume. When posting photos of kids, personal details, family, and current locations are dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible.

Opening up personal parts of life ushers in the trolls that live on the internet, so it's best to leave the kids off your social media account.

Here some example pictures moms should avoid posting:

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20 Photos That Are Geotagged

In the generation of social media, people live their lives online. From posting photos of every single meal to sharing their locations throughout the day, strangers can easily track your moves without even trying too hard. While asking people to shut down their social media accounts and live a life equivalent to a hermit is a bit much. However, one way to keep strangers away is by avoiding geotagging. Some apps automatically add your location when you post a photo. Of course this feature can be shut off and it should be. If you and your little ones are out at the movies at night and you snap and share a photo with your location linked, a predator can easily track you down. It is the best to leave geotagging off to keep yourself and your family safe.

19 Bath Time Pictures Of The Kids

When I give my son a bath, he always has a great time and is his happiest. He literally begs me to take extra baths on a daily basis. He’s growing up so fast that I take pictures of everything he does and this includes bath time. While I look at the pictures as snapshots of innocent and sweet moments of his young life, these are photos that I’d never post online. Some moms think there is nothing wrong with it because children are young and prepubescent. I totally understand that. However, there are people lurking in every corner of the internet. Also, whatever you post on the internet is pretty much there for a lifetime. Does your little one really want bathtub pictures floating around of her when she’s in high school?

18 In Front Of Their School Or Daycare

Everyone has seen those first day of school pictures on social media that parents post. My son is starting kindergarten next year and I am sure I will be excited and snap no less than a thousand photos of his very first day. I will make sure I only take pictures in an area that is not distinct or detectable. Here’s why: When you take photos of your kids in front of their schools and then post them online, you are revealing their everyday location to the world essentially. Even if your social media accounts are private and you only accept known friends and family, nothing is truly private online. Posting photos of your child’s school location is like walking down a busy street and tapping each person on the shoulder and saying “Hi, my 6-year-old goes to 123 Elementary. Just so you know”. It’s a risk that is totally avoidable.

17 Revealing Your License Plate

The car that you use to transport your little ones from school to sports to play dates is precious. Not only is it a vital part of keeping your family moving around smoothly, your car can be a major security risk if it is exposed online. Now, keeping your car offline completely may be difficult. I can’t imagine that there won’t be a single photo of the family car anywhere. However, try to avoid taking clear photos of the make, model, and license plate of your car. Unfortunately, there are predators in every corner of the internet. They can easily seek you and your family out to do harm by scrolling through your unsecured social media. If they find a photo of your car’s information, they can be just a few clicks away from finding your home address and being able to follow you around without you knowing. It is scary to think about but necessary. Take extra precautions to keep that information private.

16 Snapshots Of Inside The Home

Being able to provide a home for your family is something to be proud of. No matter the size, a clean and safe place for your children to grow up in is an accomplishment. Like any other accomplishment, you want to show it off. However, you should think twice about showing too much of the interior of your home online. For example, sharing photos of the windows, backdoor, and general layout of your home can leave you wide open for a burglary or worse. Burglars scope out the homes that they want to break into so that they can nail down the layout, when you’ll be home, and the valuables you may have inside. Don’t make it easy for them by handing over the blueprints of your home via social media posts of the interior layout of your house.

15 Those Cute Vacation Photos

After saving for months for a solid family vacation, it is expected that you would want to take photos and share them in real time. After all, going on a luxe family vacay is not a daily occurrence. Taking photos while on vacation should be an absolute requirement. But, you should avoid posting them online in real time. When predators see that your entire family is away enjoying fun in the sun or a snowy ski trip, that seems like the perfect time to hit up your home for a burglary. By posting that your family is away from the home, you are basically advertising to the world that your home is open for unwanted visitors. You may think that the neighbor that agreed to house sit will keep the lurkers away but burglars are cunning and clever. Many times, knowing that the home owners are away is enough to push them to at least attempt a robbery. Keep those vacay photos to yourself until you return home.

14 Potty Training Time

When I was finally successful at getting my son to sit on the potty, I felt like I solved the world’s most challenging math problem. Like many of my other parenting wins, I wanted to share it online. Maybe a photo of my son sitting on the potty, smiling with his thumbs in the air. But, sharing private photos are both dangerous and incredibly embarrassing. In the moment, it can seem innocent and sweet. Who wouldn’t say aww when they see a photo like that? But, again, the predators and people with ill intentions are all across the internet and ruin it for everyone. Before posting that super cute picture of your little one finally going pee pee in the potty, consider how you would feel if you found out that the photo was saved by a total stranger and shared across the internet for more strangers to see.

13 Other People’s Children

When your little one is out and about on playdates or in an area where other kids are, it is totally normal to take pictures that includes other people’s children. Whether your kids are posed with they preschool bestie or other children are hopping about in the background, it’s not a crime to snap these kinds of photos. However, it is an unspoken rule that you should never post photos of other people’s children online unless you have their permission. Every parent has their own rules about posting their kids online and the last thing you want to do is violate their trust. If you know that they are totally cool with you posting their kids online and they have approved the photo, go for it. Otherwise, it’s not worth the possibility of conflict and trouble that can happen because of a careless action.

12 Candid Pics Of Girls Night

I am a firm believer that every adult, parents especially, should be able to go out and unwind however they feel necessary as long as they aren’t harming themselves or others. For moms, that can mean sitting in a knitting circle talking about the last PTA meeting drama or it can mean endless margaritas while reminiscing about the pre-children days. Whatever the case, there are some girl’s night photos that should stay in your phone’s photo album as opposed to online. While you may only go out with your girls once a month for a well deserved round of drinks, or two; however, pictures without context can be easy to misconstrue. If you have a single enemy masked as a friend or overly concerned great aunt, you may go from a responsible parent to a wild party mom that barely has her kids. Keep those photos for yourself.

11 Showing Off Your Squad

Speaking of going out with girlfriends, you are not the only person that is at risk of looking like an irresponsible parent. If you’re out with your mom friends and they have had a few too many or are letting lose a bit more than usual, feel free to take as many photos as you want. You can save them to your phone and even share them with the ladies the next day in a group chat. A lot of people, just about everyone, has a persona that they want to maintain online. Whether your friends want to maintain the soccer mom look or a more reserved appearance online, posting photos of them while they are unwinding and relaxing can create a sticky situation in their real life off of social media. It may call into question your friend’s lifestyle, parenting, and ruin their online persona. It’s best to avoid posting those kind of photos all together.

10 Risque Photos

There is a stigma that once a women has a child, she has to cover up her body. She shouldn’t be proud of her stretch marks, her curves, or the womanly parts of herself. She goes from woman to mother, which are essentially 2 different people. I vehemently disagree with this stigma because, as a mother, I like to wear a crop top and two piece bikini like I did pre-pregnancy and I am proud of the body that created my little human. With that being said, I do try to avoid posting photos that can be considered risque online. It’s not because I am ashamed of my mom body or feel as though I don’t have the right to show it off. Sharing risque photos on social media can open you up to predators or even people using those photos in an inappropriate way. Take the risque photos and save them for yourself to enjoy.

9 The Expensive Gifts The Kids Are Getting For The Holidays

Being able to provide a wonderful holiday experience for your children is a privilege and gift you should be proud of as a parent. While holidays are about being with friends, family, and other loved ones; you may also choose to treat your kids to gifts that they have been begging you for over the year. Sharing those happy photos of your kids ripping open wrapping paper on a holiday is a wonderful way to allow distant family to partake in a fun time. But, by posting those expensive gifts you just purchased, you are advertising what you have in your home. Research has shown that the holiday time is when the most home burglaries happen. Don’t give thieves any added reason to hit up your home for their post-holiday robbery. Document your kid’s happy faces when they open the iPad that they wanted but keep it to yourself and share them privately with family.

8 Kids Doing Activities As They Are Happening

We live in a world where photos are taken and posted immediately. With apps that encourage live updates via photos, it is the standard and is expected. If you take your kids to their soccer tournament and the score the winning goal, it really didn’t happen if you didn’t catch it live on social media. While posting some of your events and outings on social media while they are happening is totally harmless, avoid posting photos of your kids activities as they are happening. It would blow your mind how easy it can be for predators to put together your family’s schedule based on when you post certain photos online. If you are documenting your son’s soccer practice every Thursday at 4pm, it can go without saying that at least a portion of your family will be at soccer practice every Thursday at 4pm and your child will definitely be there at that time. It makes it super easy for someone wanting to do harm to find the perfect time to do so.

7 Exposing Your Exact Work Location

There is absolutely no reason to not be proud of where you work and make money to support yourself. If you scroll through social media profiles, you will notice that a large percent of people have their jobs within their bio information. Whether they are a writer, a doctor, or engineer; many people choose to disclose what they do for a living. That is honestly innocent enough and shouldn’t open you up to any danger online. The problem comes in when you name your specific work location or company that you work for. Depending on your field of work, naming the company that you work for is not that much information as there may be many locations around the country or even the world. However, if you work for a smaller company, it can just be a few Google keywords before an enemy figures out where exactly you work. Is that information you would want the entire internet to know?

6 Unopened Packages Or Mail

I’ve never really understood the trend of posting photos of mail online. Whether it’s unopened packages or envelopes, there is a trend of people snapping photos of their mail and posting it online to go along with a story of some sort. There is so much personal information on mailing labels and envelopes. From your full name to your exact address, there is information that you would never want in the hands of random strangers. It’s like writing your name and address on pieces of paper and handing them out around town to people you don’t know. That sounds absolutely ridiculous because it is. Knowing your address and full name along with any other information you put online can give an internet troll everything they need to drop themselves into your life where they don’t belong. If you have a dispute with a company that sent you something in the mail, take a photo and send it to them personally. Your social media feed doesn’t need to see that.

5 Snapshots Of Kids Doing Questionable Things

I have a son and he is a little dare devil. He wants to climb every tree in the neighborhood, do somersaults off of the edge of my couch, and swing from my curtains. I object to most, if not all, of his attempts at dangerous stunts but kids will be kids and I allow him a tumble here or a climb there. While I think my son’s stunts are minor, other parents may see him soaring from the top of his loft bed and shriek in horror. Other parent’s may consider his rambunctious play to be dangerous. Posting pictures of your kids doing more wild activities like hanging from trees, swinging from the shower rod, or whatever they like to do can lead to concern from your followers that leads to legal trouble for you and your entire family. While you may consider it to be totally harmless, you can be looking at legal trouble because of someone else’s concern.

4 Any Pictures Of Illegal Activity

As a parent and adult, you make the choices for your own life and family. While the actions that are considered illegal fall in that category for good reason, what you choose to indulge in is essentially your own business. However, you have to be aware that if you take photos of yourself or your family engaging in taboo or illegal activities and post them online, you are opening up your entire life to judgement and legal repercussions. The internet is the home of people with opinions that feel compelled to share. If you think that texting and driving is no big deal and your spouse snaps a photo of you texting behind the wheel with your family in the car and decides to post it online, be prepared for loud opinions and even threats to get the authorities involved. If you want to keep parts of your life personal and away from the opinions of strangers, then don’t post it online.

3 Kids In Bathing Suits

It is sad that we live in a sick world where people can take innocence out of context. It is a terrible reality but, it is the reality of the internet. An innocent photo of your child can be misconstrued by strangers online. Taking your kids to a trip to the beach clearly includes bathing suits for the entire family. Like any other family trip, you want to take pictures and share the adorable photos of your smiling kids with everyone online. Before you do so, stop. Don’t share photos of your kids in bathing suits online. Yes, they are innocent little ones wearing appropriate beach attire. However, pictures of your kids dressed in less than they regular clothing can be taken the wrong way. Again, people and their opinions online can have child services at your front door.

2 When Kids Are Under The Weather

Along with taking photos of personal mail and packages, I don’t really understand the trend of posting sick photos of kids. Back when my son was first born, he was rushed back to the hospital after only being home for a week. He was very sick and had to stay in the NICU for over 2 weeks. It was a scary time for me that took me on a roller-coaster of emotions. During that time, I took pictures of my little baby as his condition started to improve. I didn’t post a single picture from that time online until years later when I wrote about it. However, many people post pictures of their sick kids online for the world to make assumptions about. The problem with posting sick pictures of your kids online is that you open up your family to dangerous opinions that are likely totally off base. When your child is ill, that is a very personal situation that should be kept within your family and not posted online.

1 Roughhousing

From the moment my son entered the world, it seems like he’s been into roughhousing. He is a little, energetic boy that likes to wrestle and climb and roll around as his form of play. I think it is normal. When I was a kid, my brother used to roughhouse with me all of the time. My son is an only child so his dad and I are his playmates and he loves to play rough with his dad especially. However, for an outsider looking in, playing can come off as physical abuse possibly. Even though your child is having a great time playing with siblings, friends, or you or your spouse; from the outside it can appear like your child is being harmed instead of playing around. This can be hard to explain when you just posting a cute photo online. Skip the possible grief and keep those cute wrestling photos to yourself

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