20 Social Media Posts Moms Make That Drive Most People Crazy

Scrolling through a social media feed can be like navigating a minefield. Who knows what will be posted and what has been shared in the last few days. Odds are there might be a few posts that drive some people a little crazy.

Parents, for example, come under fire a lot for their social media posting habits. Moms, in particular, are often called out for oversharing about their kids on social media.

In her book “Raising Your Child in a Digital World”, Dr Kristy Goodwin talks about some of the risks of oversharing on social media. "Parents are posting their kids' life on social media and curating that on their behalf. What habits are we teaching [kids] if we are curating every moment of their lives on digital devices? Are there private moments that would be better kept private?" It's an interesting thought, and one that a lot of new parents need to consider. As people who grew up posting their lives to social media are having kids of their own, parents need to question their habits and what they teach the next generation.

Whether it is because they are posting too often, or about topics that people just don’t want to know about, there are some posts that make people extremely crazy. I’ve rounded 20 posts by moms that are sure to drive anyone up the wall.

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20 The Mom Who Just Can’t Stop Posting Pics. Every. Single. Minute.

When you have a new baby, you are overwhelmed with emotions—you just created this little human and every single thing that your baby does seems like a miracle. It’s only natural that you want to capture every one of those miracles so you can relive them.

But what do you do with all those photos clogging up your phone? Do you print them? (Hopefully.) Do you turn them into cute photo albums? (That’s the real dream in this day and age.) Or do you post every last one of them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? (Hmmm…)

While sharing your baby with the world isn’t going to drive people up the wall, posting every single thing that your baby does might just land you on this list.

One Facebook user took to the platform to share her frustrations with all the baby content that they are inundated with on a daily basis. “Facebook should change its name to ‘Hey! Look at my baby. LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT MY BABY!’” And just to really drive her point home, a mom commented on her post with a photo of their daughter and the caption “Because they are so cute!! Haha.” She may have missed the point.

19 The Mom Who Steals Your Happy News

Whether you are a parent or not, there is nothing worse than someone “mommy jacking” your social media post or announcement. You might be wondering what “mommy jacking” is, and that’s a pretty fair question. It’s a new phenomenon that has become more popular now that social media and parenting are so intrinsically linked. 

“Mommy jacking” is when a parent (usually a mom) comments on your social media post and basically steals your thunder with their own baby or parenting news.

They could try to one-up your success with the success their child’s success—oh, you got a new job well my baby just starting taking solids! Or they might just completely disregard your accomplishments because, well, you just aren’t a parent.

Case in point, Zoey. When Kiara posted about her graduation, which, to be honest, sounds pretty amazing, Zoey was quick to rain on her parade.

“It’s official. At age 21, I’m one of the youngest people to ever get a doctorate in neuroscience from Stanford University,” Kiara wrote in a Facebook post on her on wall. “Thank you for believing in me, when I didn’t believe in myself.” Man, Kiara seems like a super smart, super kind person.

Enter Zoey, a mom with a serious chip on her shoulder. “You haven’t learnt anything yet! Become a parent and see :)” Oh Zoey, as if that smiley face makes up for the fact that you just rained all over Kiara’s parade for no good reason. The worst part of it all is that Zoey is so wrong. I’d say after completing a doctorate in neuroscience at age 21, Kiara has learned a few things.

18 The Mom Who Can’t Control Her Kid So She Tries To Control You

Parenting isn’t easy and parenting in the age of social media adds another layer of difficulty.

So it’s understandable that some parents have strict rules when it comes to their kids’ screen time and social media consumption. But should they really institute rules on their friends? One mom thought so.

“Ok so Aiden is addicted to accessing my Facebook and watching all the ice bucket challenges and then sending sticker messages to all my friends so beware,” one mom wrote on Facebook. And at this point, we might think that this mom is just warning her friends that her kid is running amok on her Facebook page. But no, no, sadly she doesn’t stop there.

“So on that note please keep your Facebook clean as my three-year-old does not need to see some of the bad pics that some people post. If you know that you can not keep it clean please unfriend me now and message me that you did because then I will know what really matters. Thank you all in advance! I love you all and hope to not lose anyone over something as silly as inappropriate posts.”

Did you hurt your neck when your eyes rolled back into your head when reading that? Ya, me too. I wonder how many people unfriended this woman on the principle alone.

17 The Mom That Overshares WAY Too Much

More often than not I am extremely happy to see pictures of my friends’ kids on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s great to see them doing adorable baby things like learning to walk, waving to their parents and even smiling. But there are more than enough things that I don’t want to see.

Is there really a need to post a picture of your kid’s exploded diaper? Or their spit up on your shirt? I get that it happens, really I do. But is my life, or my understanding of your child, really enhanced by seeing every nitty gritty detail? I really, really don’t think so.

But some parents think otherwise. This parent posted on Facebook a question with a (hopefully) clear answer. “Guess who just did a #2 on the toilet????” Too much information, Facebook user!

A lot of the commenters on the post were happy that the original poster’s kid managed to do his business in the toilet (“YAY!”) and others shared their own successes (“So did Harrison!! YAY for us!”). But one semi-sane commenter brought things back to reality. “I hope it was your child,” they wrote. This brings to light the fact that, as an adult, posting about your toilet habits on Facebook is unnecessary on every level.

16 The Mom Who Forgets Nothing

Moms spend nine months growing a human inside them. It’s a magical time when women get to bond with their babies in a way that can’t really be explained. The day that you feel that first labour pain and bring your baby into the world is a day you will never forget.

It’s completely normal for the day your child is born to stay in your mind as an important date and a special memory.

But when it comes to your contractions, wouldn’t most of us prefer to forget? And certainly, it would make more sense to let others forget.

One mom posted on Facebook about remembering when her child was born in the kind of detail that many of us wouldn’t even manage to remember.

“Four months, two weeks, three days and 24 minutes ago I felt the first labour pain. Now here I stand with my beautiful baby in my arms. Where did the time go???? - feeling nostalgic,” she wrote on Facebook.

Raise your hand if you remember the minute of when you first felt a contraction. I sure don’t. And if I did, I am not sure I would feel the need to share it with all my Facebook friends.

15 The Natural Mom

There are a million different ways to become a mother, to be a mother and to raise your kids.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that one way is right or “better” than the other, but in reality, different things work for different families.

From breastfeeding to screen time, there are many choices that parents have to make. But they are just that, they are choices. Nothing is written in stone. So when faced with a “sancti-mommy”, aka a mom who is so set in her ways she feels the need to push those choices on everyone else, it can be extremely frustrating.

When Vanessa decided to announce the birth of her son Jayden, she couldn’t help but throw in a little jab at any mom that decided to have a non-natural, medicated birth. “Lil baby Jayden, and a head full of hair. And of course, he came into this world via 100% natural, non-medicated childbirth!”

If a natural birth is what you choose to do, good for you! If you need to have a C-section, good for you! If you took the epidural the moment you could, good for you! Every way to bring a healthy baby safely into the world is the right way.

14 The Mom Who Is Always Better Than You

Parenting is hard, we all know that. And being a parent can make everyday tasks that much more difficult. Getting to the grocery store with three kids in tow takes a lot more effort. You have to do all the normal grocery-related task—check what you need, write your list, grab your reusable bags. And then you have to deal with the kids—get your diaper bag packed up, get the kids in the car, get the kids out of the car and manage to keep them from throwing any major tantrums while you’re out.

The thing is most people know this.

Even if they aren’t parents, they can understand the extra effort that goes into raising kids. So is there really a need to point that out on social media every chance you get? Nope, there definitely isn’t.

So when Matthew posted on Facebook about starting a run—congrats Matt, that’s a big deal!—Angela just couldn’t let it go. She had to let him know that his run paled in comparison to her run with her kids.

“Oh yeah, well I ran 2 miles today pushing 55 pounds of kids in a 40-pound stroller into a 15 mph headwind!” Angela shared on Facebook. And as if she hadn’t mommy-jacked Matthew’s post enough, she went on to let Matt know that her kid thought she was the best runner around. “When I finished Henry said, MOM! You a REAL runner! Me gonna give you a TROPHY!!!” Congrats on the award, Angela.

13 The "Woe Is Me" Mom

As I mentioned before, we all know how hard parenting can be. But does that mean that you shouldn’t put in an effort with your friends and family? Definitely not.

Sure, things will be different. You won’t be hitting the bar with friends like before, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut them out of your life.

Lindsay doesn’t agree. If you don’t get that you should come to her and work within her schedule, well maybe you shouldn’t be friends anymore.

“I love that putting your child first makes you lose friends. I’m pretty sure I can’t relate to people that don’t have kids anymore. It’s like people want to meet up when you’re free and I want to say, How about you come over here since I’m the one with the kid and basically never free and you don’t have to pack yourself an extra pair of clothes, stuffed animals, juice, and a snack to get in the car and then have to stop and get out to pee three times on the way over here.

“And you could get to know my child that you ‘LOVE’ so much via Facebook. But that’s way too much to ask… no one wants to do that. ‘We’ll just shoot for another day when you’re free.’ When I’m FREE?? Ha! Oh okay, so you want to wait 13 years until my kid can drive themselves to Target and buy all their food and necessities and fend for themselves on a daily basis… Okay yeah, I can do lunch then.”

12 The Mom Who Thinks The Sun Shines Just For Her Kids

Your kids are amazing. There is no one in the world who can convince you otherwise and I wouldn’t even try to.

But, does that mean that your kids are amazing to everyone? Probably not. And if you’ve convinced yourself that is the case, you might need to reevaluate your thought process.

Ashley, for one, can’t even imagine that someone in the world doesn’t think her kids are amazing. It is so unfathomable to her, that she actually takes revenge on people who don’t think the stars and the moon shine for her kids.

In a Facebook post/open letter, Ashley let her waitress know what’s what.

“Dear waitress,

You blew off two of my son’s kisses he blew to you. Jokes on you, there goes your tip.


This poor waitress didn’t serve Ashley cold food, she didn’t mix up her order, roll her eyes at Ashley or yell at her. As far as we can tell, this waitress was perfectly professional, except for the fact that she didn’t acknowledge the air kisses blown to her by a kid. Seems to me Ashley just needs to chill out and realize that while those kisses are precious currency for her, they might not mean as much to a stranger.

11 The Mom Who Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Like Her Constant Baby Picture Posting

I love seeing funny dog memes on Facebook. I seriously can’t get enough of them. Posts about cats? I can take them or leave them. A lot of people feel the same way about parents who overshare images and updates about their kids. They get annoyed, but they just move on or unfollow if they’re really fed up.

And some parents take serious offence to others’ distaste for their pictures.

While most moms will just continue on their way posting all the pictures and updates about their kids they so choose, some moms can’t let it go that their friends or friends of friends don’t enjoy their posts.

Cory just couldn’t handle it. She couldn’t move on from the negative posts about parents posting pictures of their kids. So she took to Facebook to let them know how she really felt. “It’s funny how people talk cause some of their friends on Facebook are proud parents. I’m sorry you’re a baby hater and probably was not hugged enough as a child or can’t find a dude to get you pregnant.”

Cory, wow. You really let those “baby haters” have it. That’ll show them. I'm sure they regret unfriending you now.

10 The Mom Who Can’t Stop Mommy-Shaming

Mommy-shaming has almost become an Olympic sport in the last few years. And this mom on Facebook is no exception.

“Parenting win: yesterday while in the store with [my kids], there were kids throwing tantrums all over the place, like full on sprawl in the middle of the aisle tantrums and kids acting like maniacs. [My son] is seeing all of this and I am reminding him, ‘Those kids are acting naughty, we don’t act like this in public, do we?’ He shook his head no.” Wow. This woman’s kids are amazing and those other kids sure are brats.

“In fact, as we walked by one tantrum kid, [my son] looked at the kids like ‘bro, get yourself together.’ And the other mom said, ‘How do you get him to sit so nicely?’ I responded with, ‘Consistency, I set expectations for him and follow through on consequences.’ The other mom was a bit shocked I think. But I was most proud that [my son] shook his head no when asked if that’s how we behave in public.”

I’ve got to hand it to this mom because getting your kids to not throw tantrums can be a really difficult thing to achieve. But her blatant mommy-shaming has me shaking my head no. How about lending a mom having trouble a helpful smile and a “you’ve got this” instead of handing out snide advice.

9 The Mom Whose Kids Can’t Even Handle Their Social Media Habits

When your kids are babies, there isn’t much they can say or do to stop you from taking every single picture and posting them all. They just lay there, act cute and let you do pretty much whatever as long as you keep them feed, dry and well rested.

But once your kids can talk back to you, it’s a whole other story. They may not want to stand still for pictures or look at the camera or even smile for the camera. So get in all those pictures you can while they are small.

At some point, you might be faced with the kind of problem that Tabitha shared on Facebook. You see, her daughter Issabella was heading to school and Tabitha decided that she wanted to take a photo of her daughter every single day in the morning before school.

Along with a picture of a pretty uninterested kid, Tabitha wrote, “Dearest Issabella. Get over it, I’ll be taking your picture every morning before school. Love Helicopter mom. 09.02.14.” So even though her own daughter has clearly expressed some displeasure with the situation, that isn’t going to put a stop to Tabitha and her constant Facebook posting.

8 The Mom Who Just Doesn’t Have Time For Friends

When you become a parent, it doesn’t mean you need to cut your friends out of your life.

Sure, things will change, that’s the reality of having kids. But it doesn’t mean you need to cut the people that mean the most to you out of your life.

Unless you’re Terri of course.

“People need to understand that us that have children are sometimes (and by sometimes I pretty much mean all the time) are busy. Relationships that we used to have sometimes have to be put on the back burner for those times when we do have time. This doesn’t make us love/care for you less or not like you, it just means we have different priorities (our children!).” Up until here, we are kind of with Terri. We get that having kids changes your priorities and means that your schedule becomes less accommodating.

It’s here that Terri loses us. “God gave us these precious gifts to take care of and by ALL means, that’s what WE are going to do. If you don’t like this post then, by all means, please feel free to delete yourself from my page. I have three precious girls that keep me too busy for your drama anyways :)”

It seems that Terri is totally in for the drama, as she is the one starting it all.

7 The Mom Who Loves Her Kids Too Much.

Is there such a thing as loving your kids “too much”?

Many parents would argue that no, there is no world in which you love you kid too much.

Well, before you speak too soon, let me introduce you to Jessica.

Jessica posted a photo of her son in the bath on Facebook with a caption that makes us really question what it means to love your kid too much. “This kid is precious. I am so in love with him. If I could marry him that way he would never be able to leave me, I totally would. I know, I know, I am a smother mother. Deal with it.”

Okay Jessica, pump the breaks! This is a little bit too far if you ask me. I think that once you want to marry your child so that they can never, ever leave you and when you publicly share that information on Facebook, you need to reevaluate. And granted, Jessica probably didn’t mean exactly what she wrote (I hope), but the sentiment is a bit too much to handle. If you don't mean it, don't post it! And if Jessica does mean it, she may be in for some trouble when her son grows up and becomes his own person.

6 The Mom Who Can’t Discipline Because The Misbehaving Is Just So Cute.

Raising kids can be hard. And once they are in the toddler phase, it can be even more trying. They don’t call them the terrible twos for nothing! But when you kids misbehave most of us try to be strong and discipline them.

And when it comes to Christmas time, isn’t it all about being nice and not acting out? Well for one mom, she couldn’t quite get over the hilarity of her daughter’s Merry Christmas tantrum.

“Merry Christmas everyone! My 3-year-old is a mess. Last night she opened a gift… and said, ‘aww it’s almost a baby toy,’ and threw it to the side. This morning she put all her toys in her room and her brother came in and start playing with them and she said, ‘Get the hell out of here.’ I’m trying so hard to discipline her but I can’t stop laughing!! Way to start a Happy Holiday. Merry Christmas everyone.”

We get it, when your kids swear, it can be one of the funniest things around. But maybe keep this behaviour to yourself, because sharing it on Facebook makes it seem like you don’t really take it as seriously as it should be taken. That or next time record her so we can all share the laughter!

5 The Hypochondriac Mom Who Doesn’t Get It’s Her Kid Getting Everyone Else Sick

Kids are germ factories—this is a well-known fact. As soon as you send your kids off to daycare, they are basically sick every other week.

Parents do what they can to keep their kids healthy. They teach them how to wash their hands and cough into their sleeve when they’re old enough. And they keep them home from school to ensure they don’t spread their germs when they are sick.

According to Diana, though, it’s your kids getting her kids sick and she’s had just about enough of it! In fact, she’s so angry about it that she took to Facebook and dropped an extremely salty rant to get her point across.

“Family and friends… if you are sick please stay away from my girls and I! I do what I’m supposed to by keeping them healthy and if you can’t do your part then stay AWAY! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! A very angry mom.”

Diana’s kids don’t get sick. They are pinnacles of health who have never gotten another person sick in their lives. So please, everyone, if you are sick, if you’ve even felt the tingle of a sneeze, give Diana and her daughters a wide breadth. They really can’t handle catching your germs today. Thanks!

4 The “I Know Better Than You” Mom

Mixing mommy shaming with being a sancti-mommy is the highest form of annoying parenting posts on social media. They aren’t hard to find.

You just need to look for a mom who truly believes there is only one right way to raise a child, who also doesn’t have a problem with insulting other mothers’ choices.

For one mom, McDonalds’ St. Patrick’s Day favourite the Shamrock Shake was enough to push her over the edge.

“While everyone else was posting pictures of their little ones drinking Shamrock shakes yesterday, I was just making my baby’s ‘clean’ pancakes green by adding spinach. Then I dyed her pureed apples with pureed broccoli. It made me sad to see people giving their babies a shake from McDonald's. Am I alone in this?”

Here’s the thing. Most of us would agree that giving your kids McDonald's or other fast food on a daily basis isn’t the best choice. But does it mean that having the occasional treat makes you a bad parent? And does it mean that making your kids eat clean is the right answer for you? Definitely not. Posting a salty response to fun pictures of kids enjoying an occasional unhealthy treat does not make one seem like a better mom. 

3 The Mom Who Is A Bigger Bully Than Any Kid On The Playground

It is completely normal to be protective of your kids. They are your babies, you grew them for nine months and have cared for them every day since. It is even understandable to be overprotective every once and a while—they’re your kids after all!

But there is no reason—I repeat—no reason to be so overprotective of your child that you actually make another kid cry on the playground.

It pains me that I even have to write those words. One mom on Facebook, though, didn’t seem to get the message that you shouldn’t bully kids.

“[I] got into a fight with a fat child on the playground today because he was harassing [my kid]. He *might* have been more mature about the situation than I was. I did an internal fist pump as I walked away because I *might* have made him cry… but you don’t mess with Mama Bear’s cubs!!”

Man oh man, this mom is a piece of work. And even worse, all of her friends on Facebook seem to think that her behaviour was completely acceptable. “You rock mama bear” and “Don’t mess with the mama bear!” were the responses this mom received from her Facebook friends.

My advice? Set a good example for your kids and don’t be a bully.

2 The Mom That Is Single-Handedly Saving The World

Moms work hard. There is no denying it. Whether they are working moms, stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, they are all working really hard to keep their homes running as best they can.

So it’s no surprise that every once in awhile a mom will shout herself out on social media. I mean, if no one else will give her credit she should give herself a pat on the back every once and while am I right?

Well, some moms take this a little too far. Like this mom who posted on Facebook, who basically was looking for a thank from the entire world. Yes, the entire world.

“Dear world, today I worked my butt off raising the next generation and keeping my small portion of the community tidy, not to mention supporting the economy And I did it all for free! You’re welcome :)”

We hear you mom, we know you are working hard. But I’m pretty sure it takes more to keep the world turning than just your contributions.

Still, shout out to this mom. Cause clearly she needs a bit of positive reinforcement for all the awesome things she’s been doing! Good thing she got a couple of likes on that post.

1 The Super Overprotective Mom

Potentially the most annoying parent post seen on social media is from the overprotective parents who aren’t even being overprotective about their own kids. Can you imagine taking to Facebook to air your grievances about how another parent was looking after their own kids?

Maybe if you saw something completely neglectful, you might feel the need to post about it (after you contacted the necessary authorities, one would hope!).

But if you see a kid walking about 5 to 10 feet away from their parents? Is this something that really needs to be worried about?

Well according to one mom on Facebook, it certainly is and it speaks to the fact that nowadays, parents really don’t seem to care about their kids at all.

“So today when leaving Walmart, I saw a little boy walking… His parents were about 10 feet ahead of him… I holler out to him ‘Hey little boy, where are your parents?’ His parents look back then continue to walk on… Seriously!! How could parents just do that!?!! I just don’t get parents today! It’s like they don’t even care about their own child’s safety anymore!”

When people talk about parenting problems today, this is the sort of thing they mean: overly protective parents who think a kid being 10 feet away from them is completely irresponsible.

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