20 Spanish Baby Names That Are Muy Caliente

Naming babies can be one of the most exciting times. The whole world seems open for discussion. Topics come up like favorite names, old girlfriends, bullies from childhood. Should you name her after a politician? Hmm, maybe not. How about your favorite character from a book? Maybe a family name works well.

Then you get to write them down, look at the initials, and ask questions about how it looks in cursive, and think about rhyming and predict any teasing that might occur. Man, the pressure is mounting. I thought this was supposed to be a thrilling experience?!

We have a huge responsibility as parents, naming the next generation. Luckily, there exists an enormous baby naming industry! There are so many names to choose from. And then there's the big picture question: Are you certain your baby should have that name...FOREVER?

While you're in process, I thought I'd give you more fuel for the fire by helping you consider Spanish names. Now I know you probably don't live in Spain but that doesn't mean you can't adopt their gorgeous language. We've got 10 boy names and 10 girl names for you to consider, so dive in and don't forget to check out #1 for a girl! It's my favorite!!

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20 Javier

Can't you picture yourself saying Javier with a Spanish accent just for fun? It is pronounced "HAV-ee-air." Try it out...right now. It's fun right? Javier originates from the same root at Xavier. And although it's his last name in the movie, having this name is like being the cousin to Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men. Your son could be the next leader of a revolution, and a father-figure to the fatherless. His name demands attention. It may sound unusual to the unfamiliar ear, especially saying a 'J' with an 'H' sound. However, like anything new, it becomes familiar in no time.

Javier means "new house." Imagine your son as a visionary, a builder, and someone who sees potential around him. Javi is the perfect nickname for when he's a boy, but when he grows to be a man, he'll rise to the challenge that his name, Javier, demands.

19 Julia

Because the name Julia originally comes from the Latin word for "young," she'll always be young at heart. Your little Julia, prancing about, will allow silliness and vigor to remain long after her adult friends have given up on the notion. She'll glide through life with a vitality that is unmatched and you can cultivate that innocent fun-loving attitude from a young age.

I can just hear you in a sing-song voice calling, "Ju-li-aaa! It's time for din-ner." And as soon as she hears you, she'll gather the daisies she's been picking, skip into the house and gift you with the bouquet on her way to wash her hands. Her tender spirit will lift yours during tough times and calm you when storms rise up. She'll remind you of your own youth and encourage you to treasure your own playful side. Julia is a lovely name and because it means "youth," it will never get old.

18 Diego

Only celebs could get away with these baby names... right?

This name has its roots in Medieval Spain. If you have an appreciation for history this is the name for your child because of the richness it brings! In the 1200s a man named Diego de Acebo, a bishop from Spain was entrusted by the king on special missions. He was a dedicated man, loyal and self-sacrificing. Can you imagine a better quality to have than being loyal? We all want to be taken care of in our old age, and Diego can do that for you.

If you name your son Diego, he's sure to remind you of Dora's cousin from the show "Go, Diego, Go!" But that's not a negative comparison. In the show, Diego has a big heart, and takes care of those around him, including animals that are in trouble. Not a bad namesake if you ask me! Diego is destined to become a loyal, dedicated compassionate man; a real winner.

17 Valeria

Your brave little girl. That's what you get with Valeria. Her name, with a Latin root, means "brave." Val, Vali, or if you're feeling adventurous you could call her Leria or Ria. I can't really choose which is my favorite so I recommend trying them all out once she's born.

Valeria speaks to the adventurer in all of us. Watch out, because Valeria might be a risk taker! And really, if you think about it, that's the kind of grown-up we all want to be right?! It's tough with a toddler, but as a woman, that can be such a tremendously valuable and admirable quality to possess.

She'll take you to places you've never been before. Believe me, being a parent always has the element of newness because they are always changing. But, if you have a brave little girl like Valeria, just know that you're in for a treat! Life will never be dull, and Valeria will bring a joyful and courageous spirit to your home in her own unique fashion.

16 Mario

Okay so I know we all think of Nintendo with a name like Mario. He's a plumber that has a knack for battling all the strange creatures of the world and finding hidden money as well. Not too bad right?

Aside from that strange namesake, the name Mario is related to Marius, and Mars and its root is actually in the name meaning "male." So as long as your baby is a boy you've got the most accurate name on the planet. I can hear it now, "Yes, my baby's name is Male, er Mario." Still not sure? Ever heard of Mario Andretti? He's a famous race car driver! What little boy wouldn't want to have that man to aspire to?!

Well, no matter who you think of, Mario is a man who faces challenges head on, whether it's in the form of winning a big race, or facing off giant living mushrooms! Go get 'em Mario!

15 Sophia

Now this isn't just a popular name in Spain! Sophia has made a name for itself right here in America! And there's no doubting why. It means "wisdom" and who wouldn't want that for their little girl?! Name your child Sophia and she's bound to love to read, learn about the world around her and have some real discernment when it comes to life choices.

And what goes with being smart? That's right...sexy. Sophia Loren comes to mind. She's sexy, savy and has an iconic look.With a name like Sophia, your daughter is bound to have plenty of attention, but don't worry! She'll be wise enough to discern any tricky paths in front of her.

The name Sophia sounds sophisticated but there are a couple adorable nicknames. You can call her "Sophie" when she's young for the cute factor and you can save "Soph" for her closest of friends. Either way Sophie is a wise choice for your baby girl.

14 David

David, such a classic. It may sound plain and ordinary, but think again...it will never go out of style. If you're considering a namesake, this could be the perfect choice for your soon to be son. There are so many great men named David that have marked the world with their lives.

How about the giant-fighter who slew Goliath in the Bible account and inspired the famous statue by Michaelangelo that sits in the Louvre in Paris, France? A strong but humble man that grew up to be a King. How about David Beckham, famous soccer player, some might say the "king of soccer?" David truly is an international name!

Because kings have gone before him, so it might sound a bit intimidating to name your sweet boy David. However, don't forget that this traditional name means "beloved" and what could be more appropriate for your son. He is your beloved son and naming him this proves it.

13 Sara

Sara. It's not the typical spelling. Perhaps it doesn't matter to you, but it will to her. She'll be writing it in school, on checks, and receipts her whole life. So don't just stick and 'h' on the name cause it's normal. For once there's an alternate spelling that isn't more difficult to spell than the original!

This version of the spelling without the 'h' seems so much sweeter, in my opinion. Either way she's a "princess" cause that's what her name means. Imagine, you can call her your little princess all you want...it's the truth!

And along with being a princess comes the dainty features, gorgeous skin and proper manners that all royals are expected to embody. So you've got your work cut out for you if you name her Sara because a princess can be a bit high maintenance. She may expect certain foods, certain activities and certain privileges. But, as a loving parent, how could you refuse your little princess?!

12 Adrian

When I see this name, I always think of Rocky, the movie with the boxing and Sylvester Stallone. You know, cause he yells "Adrian!!!" It's one of the few gender neutral names on this list! So feel free to use it either way even though it's listed on the boys list.

Adrian comes from the Latin word for "Black" and is associated with the Adriatic Sea. This body of water is located off the coast of Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. Your little guy is a sea-worth dude with the heart of an explorer.

His dark hair blowing in the wind, map in hand, he sails off to distant shores in search of mysterious new discoveries. Adrian is a lover, not a fighter. He'll encounter an unknown land, but will express compassion and genuine care for those he meets. Once Adrian grows up, you'll be certain he's ready to face the world and make it a better place!

11 Carla

If you can believe it, the name Carla has existed since before Feudalism! You know, the time when wealthy land owners made peasants work their land in exchange for housing? Yep, there were probably royal women and peasants back in the 1000s named Carla. Crazy right?!

Back in the early 1000s, her name was graced by little girls in Scotland before William the Conqueror defeated King Herald of England in 1066. If you choose this name you're a lover of history and legacy but have the good sense to choose a name that clearly stands the test of time.

Carla certainly reminds me of an "old soul" and will likely become a mature, and sophisticated woman. She may even play the part of a well-respected government official or head up some philanthropic cause. Whatever her destiny, the name Carla is grounded and gives an heir of authority. If you can't imagine a tiny baby wielding that kind of power, just use Carlie for a bit and let her grow into her regal name.

10 Alvaro

Alvaro means "extremely cautious" and "noble guardian." But before you think that's not exciting enough for your little man, consider the opposites of those meanings. Do you want your boy to grow into a man who is reckless or doesn't care about the safety of others?

Of course not! So give this name a second chance and begin forming his initials. Does it work with your last name? How does it sound to call him back from the playground? As you picture yourself using the name, begin to picture what good he may bring to your family dynamic.

Some of the most brilliant men are extremely cautious. If you have great ideas, it benefits you and society to be around to implement those ideas doesn't it? And to be noble, well, what could be a more mature expression of manliness than the ability to guard others' well being? Alvaro could do as much for you and yours.

9 Martina

Uh oh...this girl is a game changer. Just wait till you see what her name means! The name Martina means "war-like" so buckle up parents! Hopefully her war won't be against you! But in all reality, if she is war-like you can relax, because remember, you are the parents. You have a say in how she is raised, so don't bat an eye when she says "no" to you. Do your part to train this warrior to fight for the right things. She needs a steady hand and plenty of exposure to things that matter so she can latch onto some cause bigger than herself. Cause believe me parents, if a kid has nothing worthy to fight for...they'll just be fighting against you!

So although she can be a formidable force when she is challenged, nothing can stop her from victory if she has other amiable qualities like temperance, fortitude and prudence. With these in her arsenal, she's sure to win the right battles for all the right reasons. And as her parents, her victories are yours as well.

8 Alejandro

If Martina (remember, it means "war-like") were to have a brother, it would be Alejandro. His name means "Protector of Men" or "Defender." Riding victoriously upon his Spanish horse, he marches into battle, sweat pouring from his brow, ready to defend his sister Martina from evil invaders. His eye on the enemy, he sees ahead to anticipate the needs of his fellow warriors and he is ever ready to defend their food, their toys, their territory.

Sibling rivalry...well with a name like Alejandro, I'd expect this issue to be lesser of a problem. I imagine that he might rise to the occasion to defend his brother rather than hit him. Standing side by side, Alejandro will come to his sibling's rescue. And bullies? Well they'll be running when they see Alejandro coming down the alley. Give your son this name and you can rest as night because he is bravely standing guard!

7 Daniela

The female form of Daniel, this name means "God is my Judge." That may sound intense, but think about it...she may be the most wonderfully behaved child of all time with a name like this! Maybe she'll be the one to bring your breakfast in bed, or clean her room without asking. Perhaps she'll be the kind of teenager that calls when she gets there, and calls when she leaves without being asked! We can only hope, right?

Or, think about it this way: If you know that God is your ultimate judge, then you have nothing to fear from people. What a huge relief! I mean, little girls often have body image trouble or difficulty feeling like they fit it because of physical issues. But if you're secure enough to not care what people think, you are free to be how you were made to be. In that way, Daniela has more than most little girls have. She has genuine confidence.

6 Pablo

Pablo Picasso anyone? That's the first thing that comes to my mind! He's totally Spanish and such a talented artist. Do a search and check out his cubism paintings or take a look at his blue period. Who knows whether he'll be good at art, but this namesake is legit. Don't underestimate his creative side; it may come earlier than you think! Choosing a name like Pablo for a boy is like choosing the name Frieda for a girl. It has a natural legacy.

His name means "humble" so with extraordinary talent, isn't it handy to have humility as well? Most people who are famous tend to love themselves more than necessary. But Pablo, his humility is the key to his success and to your ability to be confident in naming him. So don't be shy, name your next son Pablo and who knows, he may wow us all with his artistic talents.

5 Paula

Aww, Paula means "little." How cute is that? Picture bringing a newborn baby home and knowing that her name means little. I just can't hide my smile. A cute little girl ready to be held, loved and trained. I'm reminded of that story by Louisa May Alcott, "Little Women." The beauty of Jo's character was that she was such a small person, but her greatness was not diminished.

And so it can be with your little Paula. Just because her name means little, does not mean her contribution to society will be small. She can always stand on a podium and use a microphone to gain a crowd. I mean, think about Mother Theresa of Calcutta - she was a tiny woman, but look at what her life meant to so many who were overlooked. As a small woman, she noticed those less fortunate than herself and gifted them with notice and care.

4 Daniel

Daniel, well we already discussed the female version, Daniela. But don't overlook this Biblical name for your son. I mean who wouldn't want a namesake that was able to trust so deeply in the midst of such struggle. If you don't remember the account, Daniel was faced with extreme danger, a lion's den. He was asked to worship another god and was told that if he didn't he'd be thrown into a lion's den. And you know what? He rebelled against the King and did what he thought was right. He stood amidst the lions. He claimed God would take care of him and as it turned out, he stayed safe!

I would want my son to be full of bravery like that. You can count on a man who sticks to his convictions even when people around him threaten and try to fool him. Daniel won't be manipulated, but he may be a handful if you ask him to go against one of his core beliefs!

3 Maria

Are you familiar with the play "West Side Story?" Maria was the main character that loved a man from another race, and paid the price for her people's prejudices. Their love for one another was like Romeo and Juliet. It was true, but their families disapproved. The name Maria brings an enchanting feeling of loyalty, love and devotion.

Her name means "Star of the Sea." Do something for me: close your eyes and picture what that would look like, it will give you the passion for this name that it deserves. She glows in the dark sea, bringing light to others and lighting their way so land can be seen.

Maria doesn't seem to be used much in the United States, ranking 115 a couple years ago. Because of this, you'll have an easy to say name, and a lovely namesake that invokes passion and romance. Every little girl named Maria will swoon over her name.

2 Hugo

Okay, well the number 1 name in Spain is Hugo! It means "bright in mind and spirit." Wow! What a combination. All of those are extremely important and essential being human! The heart of Hugo, the mind of Hugo and the spirit of Hugo can be trained for the greater good. He is an intelligent boy ready to grow into manhood with an understanding that reaches beyond his peers. There's a saying that someone can be an "old soul" and I think Hugo fits that description.

And, if you still need convincing, think of the powerful association with the fragrance for men, Hugo Boss. What man doesn't want to be boss? It's a dream come true for a little boy! Let him be boss and play boss around the house. He needs the practice because can't you imagine your son, all grown up, and entering a building where everyone greets him on the way in, because, well...he's The Boss! Get started now and train this boss with the skills to become bright in mind and spirit.

1 Lucia

Now we come to my favorite name! My name actually means the same thing so perhaps I'm connected to this name in some fashion. Lucia is pronounced three different ways and that's another bonus! You can say, "loo-SEE-a," "loo-CHEE-a," or "LOO-sha." Honestly, all of them sound fabulous. If this were my name, I wouldn't even care if someone mispronounced it because they're all so lovely!

Lucia means "light." Her radiance and purity is tied to her name. Can you sense how delicate and strong this name is? All the darkness the world offers can be illuminated by her graces. Let her shed light on your family and on this world. In a dark world, we need more lights around to bring hope and peace. Let the Lucias of the world unite! If you name your daughter Lucia, it's a step toward helping humanity see with clarity what lies ahead and which path is best. 

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