20 Spectacular Girl Names Moms Have Only Heard Once

Baby girls are precious miracles that are brought into this world by brave, outstanding women; they should be cherished, loved, and adored. But something this wonderful needs one thing to make the whole package complete: an outstanding and fantastic name that will be gifted to her by the one person who will love and cherish her always – her mother.

If you are reading this, congratulations on conceiving your own slice of heaven who will grow up to be someone simply amazing.  But don’t just choose any random name for your fabulous little girl.

Choose something that she can be proud to carry with her for the rest of her life. Give her something that you have only heard of once before. Give her something that will wow her friends and family as she grows up to be this incredible young woman.

Names are the first gift that mothers give to their daughter, and it is something that they will really be able to grow into and love that it will be with them for the rest of their lives. Who knows, maybe you will even be able to find that one special name for your little girl right here on this list? We sure hope so! Here are 20 outstanding girls names you have only heard once!

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20 Evoleht

Evoleht is a beautiful name that also happens to be very unique. You may have even only heard of it once before or this may even be your first time hearing it or seeing it spelled this way. It is pronounced like Ev-o-let.

Evoleht also happens to spell out “the love” backward. Why not give you little girl a unique name when she will be “the love” of your life forever and always?

This name happened to be in the movie 10,000 B.C., where they claimed that the meaning of this name is “promise of life.” Your little girl would absolutely fit this name 100 percent because, after all, isn’t she the promise of life?

As of 2018, this name falls in at number 5,572 in the popularity charts and has moved up 6,283 places since last year, according to Babycenter.com. That is one amazing move up for this name which was first placed on the charts just eight years ago in 2010. According to Babynology.com, there are only 69 adorable little girls who have been blessed with this name over the last 100 years. Which is fantastic for moms who want something that is uncommon. Will you be the 70th mom to gift her daughter with this name?

19 Arabelle

There is just something so sweet and innocent about the name Arabelle. It is pronounced A-ra-behl. The possibilities for nicknames for this adorable name are endless. You could go with Belle, Bella, Ara, Rabelle, Elle, or even something like Ella.

There are also numerous, and sometimes more unique, ways to spell this name such as Aaribelle. This name is of English origin and means “obliging.” Just with the meaning alone, it seems like any little girl with this name would be a very good listener and helper.

Arabelle is a rare name that yet also has a very familiar ring to it. So, it’s uncommon, but also sounds common at the same time. It is at number 1,319 in the popularity charts and has risen 143 places since 2017, according to Babycenter.com.

It happens to be the 8,598th most popular name of all time. Believe it or not, but from the year 1880 to 2016 this name has only been given to 1,347 baby girls, according to Names.org. It was first recorded in the United States on Wednesday, April 1, 1874. This name really has some history to it.

We hope this is one of the names that you might find rather beautiful just as we do and will consider this as an outstanding name for your little one once she has arrived.

18 Danelle

Danelle is an adorable name for a little girl that is slightly unique. I have personally only met or heard of one other fabulous woman with this name. It is pronounced Duh-nel.

There are plenty of nicknames that you could use for this name such as Nellie, Nel, Elle, Dan, or even Dani/Danny.

This name is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my judge.” To many people, He happens to be the only judge. So, if mom or dad are looking for an outstanding name with a religious meaning, Danelle is definitely the way to go.

On the popularity charts, Danelle is holding its place at number 9,600. That definitely means that this is a rare and rarely used name for a little girl. But it has fallen 3,505 spots since last year, according to Babycenter.com. It also happens to be the 3,034th most popular baby name of all time. It is the feminine version of the once popular Daniel.

An interesting piece of information about Danelle is that from the year 1880 to 2016 there were 7,085 babies born with this name. But that number is both males and females combined, according to Names.org. That’s right, if you are unsure of what your baby’s gender is going to be you can still choose this lovely name for your little one.

17 Mikalynn

Mikalynn is a very gorgeous and outstanding American name for a mom to gift her beautiful baby girl who will eventually grow up to an extraordinary woman. It is pronounced like Muh-k-lyn.

This wonderful name has the meaning of “Who is like God.” Any little girl would be blessed to have this name, and we are sure that she would adore it as much as we do.

There are so many different spelling variations of this name such as Micalynn, Michaelyn, or even Mikalyn. A few fabulous nicknames she could go by would be Kay, Kaylynn, Lynn, and even Micky. Which one would you choose? We happen to prefer Kay or Lynn.

Mikalynn was at number 16,466 on the popularity charts as of 2016 with no date from the previous year or even from after 2016, according to Babycenter.com. What this means is that this is truly a name that you may have only heard once. This name is the 52,892nd all-time most popular baby name.

That is really high up on the list. It is very unique, just like your baby girl will be. In 2009, this name was at its highest in popularity with a total of six babies being born with this name in the United States, according to Names.org.

16 Wraylyn

Wraylyn is such a beautiful name that is very, very rare and unique and you may have only heard of one time before – if that. There are actually two ways that you are able to pronounce this outstanding name: either Rail-in or Ray-lin.

Wraylyn means “sunshine” so it is only natural that they are warm-hearted little girls who grow up to be incredible one of kind women.

Personally, I believe that no matter which way you choose to say this name it will still sound just as beautiful. This name is on the popularity charts at number 9,600 this year, and there is actually no data for the previous year in 2017, according to Babycenter.com.

There are many different spelling variations for this name that you would also be able to choose from such as Raelyn, Raelynn, Raylyn, Raylynn, Raylin, Wraelyn and so on. This is definitely a good name for any mom who would love to have lots of different choices for the same name since you are able to pronounce it and spell it different ways.

How unique is the name Wraylyn you may be asking? Well, according to Names.org, out of the 5,838,786 records in the United States Social Security Administration, this gorgeous name has yet to be recorded.

15 Alazáe

Alazáe is a very beautiful and outstanding name for any mom to gift to her adorable little girl. It is quite unique, and you most likely have only heard this name once before. If not, this list will make it your first time.

Alazáe is of English origin and means powerful and complete. According to Sevenreflections.com, people with this name are intelligent and need several outlets for their energy. They are bold, independent, inquisitive, and interested in research.

Personally, I have only heard this name one time before because it happens to be my Goddaughter’s name. It is pronounced like Al-a-zay. You could even call your little girl Ally for a short and sweet, adorable nickname. There are other ways that you can spell this name too, such as Aelezea, Alize, Alize, or even Ala’zae.

On the popularity charts, according to Babycenter.com, Alazáe is at number 9,694 so far for 2018, and it slid back by 2,401 places. What this means is that this name is very uncommon. You won’t find it on the top 100 most popular baby names list anytime soon. It’s better to snatch it up while it is still a rare name. The most popular year for this name was back in 2004 when 24 babies were born with this name.

14 Reanna

Reanna is a very beautiful name for a little girl. It is pronounced as Re-ann-a, although it could also be pronounced as Re-ana, as in Rihanna like the famous singer popularly known for songs like “Umbrella,” “We Found Love,” and “Work.” There is a good chance that you have only heard this name once before.

It is of English origin and means “Great Queen; goddess.” Any little girl would grow up to really love this adorable, outstanding name that would help them stand out from the crowd.

Reanna falls in at number 6,068 on the popularity charts so far this year and has fallen back 1,263 places since last year, according to Babycenter.com. What that means is that this is not a common name. It’s most popular year was way back in 1998 when there were 273 baby girls born with this first name. This is the 3,517th most popular baby name of all time.

An interesting fact about this name is that the oldest recorded birth for this first name by the U.S. Social Security Administration dates all the back to Thursday, September 29, 1881. That is just one year after they started documenting names in the first place, according to Names.org. Also, from 1880 to 2016, there have only been a total of 5,451 babies who were born with this name.

13 Anaya

Anaya is a very gorgeous name for a mom to gift to her daughter on the day she is born. It is pronounced like uh - n (as in no) ah - y (as in yes) ah, according to Pronouncenames.org. However, if you are looking for an easier way to pronounce it try uh-ni-ah.

An adorable nickname for a little girl with this as her first name could be Naya, pronounced as ni-ah. It is of Sanskrit origin and means “completely free.”

It has such a beautiful meaning because isn’t that what we all want anyway, to be completely free?

On the popularity charts, Anya is at number 295 so far in 2018 and has gone back 77 spots since last year according to Babycenter.com. This name appears to have the most popular within the United States in Arizona and Florida.

It is the 2,334th most popular name of all time. From 1880 – when the U.S. started to keeping a record of names – to 2016, there have been 10,879 babies born to this first name. That is enough people to occupy by the small country of Tuvalu. This name did not even hit the charts until back in 1978, according to Names.org

We know that 10,000 people may seem like a large number, but when you compare it to the millions of people who are born in the united states, that is actually only a small percentage.

12 Zavia

Zavia is such an adorable name. It is pronounced as Zay-vee-a. You most likely have either heard of this name only once before or perhaps even never before today. It would be perfect for any confident little girl to have.

There are not all too many “Z” names to begin with, but we think this is one of our favorites. It is uncommon and very beautiful.

Zavia is at number 6,068 on the popularity list for baby names in 2018, and it has moved up a massive number of spots since last year. It moved up by 2,845 places. That is amazing, but it is still a very uncommon name, according to Babycenter.com. The most popular year for this name was back in 2011 with 11 babies being born who was given this name.

Zavia is the 32,665th most popular name of all time, making very rare as well. From 1880 to 2016 has only been giving to a total of 127 babies born in the United States who have Zavia as a first name. That just proves its uniqueness. The oldest recorded birth of someone with this as their first name, by the Social Security Administration, was dated back to Thursday, July 12, 1900, according to Names.org. That was over a millennium ago!

11 Bryn

Bryn is a beautiful name, and it is actually gender neutral. So, if you happen to be unsure whether or not you are having a boy or a girl, this name would be absolutely perfect. It is pronounced like br-in. It is of Welsh origin and means “high; hill.”

Different spelling variations of this name are Brin, Brynn, and Brinn. It is at number 1,623 on the popularity charts so far for 2018 and has moved up 204 places since last year, according to Babycenter.com.

Bryn can be used as a more uncommon version of Brianna. In the United States, Bryn is the most popular in Minnesota, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. It is the 2,882nd most popular name of all time in the U.S. There was a total of 7,639 babies born with Bryn as their first name between 1880, when the United States Social Security Administration first start keeping records, and 2016.

That may seem like a decent amount of people have been gifted with this name at birth, but in the grand scheme of things, it really is not a lot because it is still a very rare name, according to Names.org.

There were no records of the name Bryn until the first one was recorded on Sunday, December 11, 1887. That makes this name remarkably older than some of the newer rare names.

10 Zea

If you want to name your baby something that is short yet very original and unheard of then Zea is the way to go. The name Zea sounds very unique and can kind of cute.

There is no doubt about that, but if you want a name that means something significant then you might want to go another route because it turns out that Zea is actually latin for “wheat.”

How unfortunate would that be to name your child Zea only to find out that that they have celiac disease?

From 1880 to 2016, however, only slightly over eleven thousand babies in the United States were given this pretty name, making it a name that not many people have, according to Names.org. So, in choosing this name it is probably safe to say that you won’t have to worry about some baby in the hospital’s nursery having the same name, or your child being one of many with the same name in school. Who wants to deal with something as confusing as that?

At least when someone calls your child’s name, there will be no mistaking who they are actually calling. If you are like us, then you have never even heard this name once in your life, which is why it is perfect for those who want something unheard of that is sure to get their child a ton of compliments.

9 Mina

Mina is a very different yet uncommon girl’s name that is very outstanding. You may have only heard it once before.

It is of English origin and means “strong-willed warriors.” It is pronounced as Mee-na or Mee-nuh. It also has spelling variations such as Meena and Meenah. It is very different from the traditional Tina or Nina baby girl names.

This would be the perfect name for most little girls since they are usually very strong-willed. As they grow older, this name can suit her perfectly as she goes out and starts her first job or career since we live in a very male-dominated world.

This name comes in at number 447 on the popularity charts for baby names this year. It has moved up 149 places since last year, according to Babycenter.com. In the United States, it is the most commonly used in California, New York, and Washington state. Mina is the 1,904th most popular name of all time, according to Names.org.

From 1880 to 2016, the Social Security Administration (SSA) only recorded 15,551 people with this first name. It was recorded for the first time on Thursday, January 9th, 1868, according to Names.org.

8 Somerset

When it comes to outstanding and unheard of names Somerset sure does take the cake. This is a baby name that is sure to win over people everywhere when they stop and ask, “awe what’s her name?”.

Somerset is an English baby name meaning, “from the summer settlers,” according to Sevenreflections.com. It also has a Shakespearean meaning behind it as well for all of those English majors out there.

People with this name tend to be a little more on the quiet side and very much enjoy their alone time, they also like to analyze the world around them and just really take everything in. I suppose you could call them somewhat of a social sponge.

Although the statistics on this name are unknown, it is safe for us to assume that it is a very unique name. I mean, it is not every day that you hear someone call out the name Somerset. When it comes to originality, meaning, and uniqueness, this name really does have it all. Something to really take into consideration when picking a name is how other people will respond to it, and it is very safe to assume that everyone who hears this name will totally fall in love with it.

7 Talia

Another beautiful, yet rare name to give your child would be Talia. Although this is a name that we tend to hear somewhat more often than some of the others on this list, it is still very unique, and certainly one of the prettier ones on this list.

Talia is a name that is Greek in its origin and actually means “blooming,” something that could have a very significant meaning for a baby as they grow and develop into wonderful grown adults.

In the year 2017, there were approximately 608 babies per one million babies given the name Talia in the United States alone, according to Babycenter.com. Making it slightly unheard of, yet still, something that you very well could come across on a day to day basis.

As it so turns out, the name Talia can also have some meaning in Hebrew as well, translating to “the dew of God,” another beautiful meaning. It is nice to know, when choosing a baby name, that when people ask you the meaning behind your child’s name that you have a couple of different options to go with.

If you are looking for a pretty name that is unique and is packed full of meaning, then Talia might just be the right choice for your little girl to be.

6 Amethyst

When it comes to outstanding and beautiful names, it doesn’t get much better than the name Amethyst.

Amethyst is a Greek name that means “jewel” as well as “against intoxication”. It is also the name of a purple/violet gemstone.

Most of the time when people hear this name they automatically think of the pretty gemstone that it is associated with, which isn’t exactly a bad thing if you ask us.

This name is so unique that in the year 2017 only 100 babies per one million babies in the United States were given this beautiful name, according to Babycenter.com. People with this name tend to be very caring, loving, beautiful, and very passionate people who are filled with surprises.

You really cannot go wrong if you choose to give your little girl this name because it simply does not get much more pretty than this. This is a name that is sure to get your little one loads of attention throughout their lives and the odds are that with a name as cool as that, they are sure to be pretty popular in school. Of course, popularity is not something that we should worry about when choosing our babies name but knowing that this name will earn them some points on the cool scale, certainly does not hurt.

5 Nevaeh

Nevaeh is a gorgeous baby name is “heaven” spelled backward. It is pronounced as Nev-a-ah, and it also has a spelling variation going off of how it sounds as well – Neveah.

Any little girl would be thrilled to grow up having this name. It is just so adorable and heavenly sounding. This beautiful name is of American origin. It became popular back in the early 2000’s when a Rockstar by the name of Sonny Sandoval blessed his beautiful little girl with this name.

Nevaeh is actually one of the most popular names on this list, but still rare enough that some people may have only heard of this name once or maybe twice. I have two friends who gave their daughter’s this name and both of their daughters are about the same age. Both little girls happen to love their name, and your little one could too. On the popularity list, it is at number 90 this year, and retreated five places since last year, according to Babycenter.com.

In the United States, this name happens to be the most popular in New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. Nevaeh is the 788th most popular name of all time. There were 72,975 baby girls who have been given this name from 1880 to 2016, according to Names.org.

4 Ashlynn

If you like the names Lynn and Ashley, but they seem too common and basic to you, then you are in luck because this next name is the perfect name between those two names without sounding too crazy. Ashlynn is an outstanding baby name that you really don’t get to hear every day.

The name, Ashlynn, is actually an American baby name meaning “meadow of ash trees,” according to Babycenter.com. Talk about a cute name with a really interesting meaning!

As an added bonus, if nicknames are something that you worry about then this name is about as versatile as it gets because you could end up calling your child Ash or Lynn for short.

People who are given this name tend to be born leaders and like to focus on the bigger aspects of life, they like to feel as though they are making a difference in the world and would go to extreme lengths to help a person in need. So, when it comes to baby names, this certainly is one that you cannot go wrong with because not only will you be choosing a name that is unique and pretty, but you will also be picking a name that is sure to get you a strong and independent child.

3 Pearla

Pearla is such a beautiful and outstanding baby girl name that is also very unique. It is pronounced how it is spelled, Pearl-a. You most likely have never heard of this name or at the most, you may have only heard of it once before.

Baby girls who were given the name Pearla have the greatest power of expression when it comes to either speaking or writing, according to sevenreflections.com.

My sister has a friend with this first name and she is absolutely gorgeous. The first time I ever heard her name I realized how unique it was and fell in love with it, which I am hoping that you will too!

On the baby names popularity chart, it is at number 6,029 this year, it moved back 662 spots from last year, which makes this a truly unique and rare name, according to Babycenter.com. It is the 15,985th most popular name of all time. From 1880 to 2016, there were actually only just 504 people who were given the fabulous name Pearla when they were babies, according to Names.org. That is not very many people at all. Now, keep in mind that was two years ago so there may be a few more Pearla’s by now, but not many.

2 Aurora

Aurora is a very, very beautiful and unique baby girl’s name. Any little girl would be blessed to have this as her first name.

Pronounced as A-roar-a, it is very Princess-like. It also holds the very beautiful and feminine meaning of “Goddess of the Dawn.”

While this is a different kind of name, it has been popular the last couple of years again. It is one of the name of the Disney Princesses – Sleeping Beauty to be exact, but I can honestly say that I have not come into contact with a little girl, or anyone for that matter, that has this name.

Have you ever heard of the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis? They are just two names for the same thing. If not, you need to look up pictures of it immediately because they are absolutely gorgeous! It is the most vibrant thing a person could possibly see in the night sky.

In the United States, Aurora is the most popular in New Mexico, Alaska, and Texas. It is the 1,021st most popular baby name of all time. There is a total of 47,703 people who have been gifted this lovely name in the United States from 1880 to 2016. This name was also first recorded for the first time on Tuesday, October 31st, 1871, according to Names.org.

1 Temperance

Via: Pinterest

If you want a name that almost no one has ever heard of and is sure to peak everyone’s interest, then get ready because this next name is the name that you will want to pick.

Temperance is an English baby name that typically means “moderation” or “self-control,” something that could have a lot of meaning to the right person.

There are less than 100 people in the United States with this name, according to Namges.org, making it so unique that it just had to put into this list. If you need any more reason than that to choose this interesting name for your little girl, then you should know that it is the first name of a popular TV character. That’s right, Bones fans unite, because as we all know the character of Bones had this very first name herself, making it that much more interesting.

This name was first recorded to be given to a baby in the year 1870, according to Names.org, making it a name that dates back farther than most names that we hear today, all the more reason to choose this for your little one. People with this tend to be very strong-willed, hard-working people, a name that would go great for any baby girl.

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