20 Spunky Baby Names That Only The Coolest Moms Will Choose

Names are so important to both moms and their kids. This is partly because a name defines who a person is throughout their life, but it’s also partly because no mama wants to stick her kid with a name they’ll dislike later—or one that will get them teased.

The thing is, plenty of moms err on the side of caution when naming their tots. After all, no parent wants to set their kid up for silly nicknames or misunderstandings. But there are plenty of moms (and dads) out there who couldn’t care less what other people say and name their kids accordingly. These feisty moms are more likely to choose a name because of its cool sound or spunky vibe than other moms—and their kids are better for it, too!

A unique and spunky name not only helps a child feel unique and establish their place in this big world, but it also shows that their parents are raising them with—and to have—confidence. When a child has a bold and strong name, it will follow that their personality develops to match it. That means kids with strong names—thanks to their cool moms—are likely to be just as tough as their monikers. Here are 20 that only the coolest moms would choose—and love.

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20 Axl

Who Magazine

Fergie may be one of the coolest moms around, so it’s fitting that her boy’s name is Axl. Of course, Fergie and her-then partner Josh Duhamel got their inspiration from the Guns ‘n’ Roses musician, but you don’t have to be a rocker to like this one. It also is a traditional name that means “father of peace” in Scandinavian, which gives it a deeper meaning than people might expect—particularly if mom’s a metal head to begin with. You could even go a step further and drop the L for just Ax—it’s a tough as nails and standalone name for a kid who’s just as cool as mom.

19 Astrid


While I’ve heard this name recently—thanks to How to Train Your Dragon on Netflix, thanks kids—it doesn’t seem to be a hugely popular name for little kids. This one is mostly used as a feminine name, but it’s surprisingly uncommon for how beautiful it sounds—except maybe for people with a Nordic background. On Nameberry, it’s mostly seen as a “princess” type name, and it means “divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian. But as rare as it is, and with as unique a sound as it has—almost like asteroid—this is a fitting name for cool moms to choose for their little girls.

18 Bex


Beck is a more common variant of this name, especially for boys, but a short and simple yet bold name like Bex can fit a boy or a girl. You could also use it as a nickname for a Beatrix or Beatrice, but those names are way more common than the three-letter alternative. As are names like Rebecca or even Becker for a boy. And actually, although names like Rex or maybe even Tex are seen as not too much of a departure from the norm, Bex doesn’t even rank at all on baby name sites like Nameberry—great for a mom who’s more of an original!

17 Cobalt


It’s both a color (a shade of blue) and the name of a car (a Chevrolet), but Cobalt is also considered a name by many more offbeat families across the world. And although Nameberry lists Cobalt as an acceptable boys’ and girls’ name, the site also specifies blue variant names like Azure, Cerulean, Teal, Aqua, Cyan, and Indigo as suitable for kiddos. Of course, if mom really likes blue, this choice is sort of a no-brainer, but you can bet whichever variation you go with, your blue-hued kiddo will be a standout on the playground. And Nameberry claims that Cobalt is the most masculine of all the shades, so it can work for a boy or girl.

16 Dove

Dove Cameron

Apart from Dove Cameron, I can’t think of a single celebrity or even a toddler with this name. However, as rare as this particular “bird” name is, it’s becoming more and more trendy to give kids nature-sounding or nature-inspired names. Names like Reed, Finn, and River go well with a name like Dove, keeping in the same natural spirit but with a bit more original touch. Dove is also a great pick for moms who want something original but also identifiable—Dove Cameron is a pretty cool girl name, and there’s nothing wrong with naming your tot with her in mind!

15 Harley


This one has been a classic kids’ name since Harley-Davidson first rolled out. Parents who love motorcycles, or just Harleys in particular, will like this name both for its simplicity and its notoriety. Of course, there’s also Harley Quinn to look toward as inspiration, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only connotation out there. Besides, a cool mom won’t care—she’ll pick the name for what it means to her, not what it means to other people. It’s most common as a girls’ name, but there’s nothing wrong with naming a boy Harley either—it’s more popular for boys in the UK, especially in London thanks to Harley Street.

14 Hawk

Dean Boys

Personally, I know only one child with the first name Hawk, and I have to admit I was a bit baffled at first. But given the popularity of both nature and animal names in recent years, it kind of makes sense. At the same time, it’s also a bold choice that says a lot about a mom (and dad) and her level of coolness. And while the child that I know named Hawk is a boy, there’s nothing stopping an uber cool mom from giving her little girl the name, too. Plus, mamas who are little less bold can always pick Hawkins and then shorten their boy’s name to Hawk when the mood strikes.

13 Jupiter


Celestial names have been popular for a long time, but usually names like Orion or Juno are more common in terms of constellation inspiration. But why not a planetary pick with Jupiter? For a mom who has a love of space—or perhaps a profession in it—Jupiter could be the right fit for her little guy. While it could be a girls’ name too, it sounds more masculine to us—so we’d suggest looking at like you would the name Jasper. And if you’re feeling particularly brave when naming your kiddo? Pluto could be another planetary alternative, though you’re combating the Mickey Mouse stigma with that one.

12 Jedi

Amino Apps

Let’s be honest: there are probably enough Anakins and Leias in the world already. That’s not to say there will ever be too many Star Wars fans, but some names are mostly overdone. Still, for super cool moms who are also super fans of the films, using the descriptive term as a name might be the ideal fit. All across the fandom, people have chosen less fitting names for their babes, but you can totally go bold (Luke is overdone, too!) with Jedi and share the love of Star Wars with your kiddo, too. And seriously, doesn’t it sound so cool?

11 Jett


Airspace is another place parents can find inspiration for spunky and stand-out names. While Nameberry lists the moniker as being a “mineral name,” we like to think of it as being a spacey name that’s also popular in the celebrity sphere. Both John Travolta and George Lucas have sons named Jett, and we can see it being a great pick among choices like Pilot, Sky, and more. You could even match it with sibling names like Jupiter or Juno for some more atmospheric fun. It’s also a short and snappy name that is bold and fun, and there aren’t any pesky nicknames with this one either.

10 Lola


I’ve only met one child named Lola in my life, and she was definitely spunky! I always thought of the showgirl-type Lola, and maybe that’s why this name strikes me as particularly offbeat in terms of a suitable name for a bouncing baby. But Lola is both feminine and bold, and it’s the type of name that’s cute for a baby but that can also grow with a grown-up lady. There are also no nicknames to be found with this one, something many cool moms want to avoid. After all, there’s nothing cool about cutesy nicknames that defeat the purpose of your choosing a kick-butt name in the first place.

9 Lux

Us Weekly

The world luxury likely inspired this shortened baby name, but it really doesn’t matter where it came from—we love it! Nameberry lists it as a girls’ name, but we know at least one mama who shirked that and gave her boy the name. Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom fame has a son named Lux Russell, and we were floored when she revealed the name! She also has older sons Isaac and Lincoln, and the name for her third boy seemed like a great fit among them. Lux also pairs well with other short-and-sweet names, especially others that also have an X in them.

8 Legend

Ok! Magazine

While John Legend is probably the most famous “legend” most people know of, plenty of parents are picking the iconic name for their boys, too. It could work for a girl, as well, and as we know, truly cool moms don’t designate names as fitting only one gender or the other. And since I know a little boy named Legend, I know firsthand how cool moms of babies with that name are! And if you want to give your little guy (or gal) something to live up to, giving them the first name Legend is definitely a step in the right direction.

7 Magnus

Sancta Nomina

While I’ve heard this name in a few different settings, it’s most commonly referred to in a historic way. It’s an ancient name that started becoming popular in modern circles when celebs like Will Ferrell and Elizabeth Banks picked it for their tots. Of course, the name is still pretty popular in Denmark and Norway, Nameberry notes, and it was the name of a handful of historic rulers in Norway and Sweden. And while names like Max and its variants are becoming supremely popular, Magnus carries the same heft without being overdone—a perfect pick for the cool mom who wants something original yet powerful.

6 Merlot


Yes, yes, we know, it’s the name of a type of drink. But isn’t that something cool moms like? Besides, I know of a little boy named Bourbon—and what about girls named Brandy? While it may not rank on many baby name lists, technically, Merlot is just a kind of grape and not, strictly speaking, an adult beverage. And if names like Chardonnay can be a “thing,” why not this good ol’ “red” one? It could also fit well with names like Rose, Ruby, and Sherry. There’s also the variant Merle, which is the word Merlot is derived from, and it just refers to the dark color of blackbirds, the grape's namesake, in French.

5 Pippa

Olivers Denim

While most people recognize Pippa as a popular nickname for names like Philippa, Penelope, or Patricia, it can also be a standalone name that doesn’t necessarily have to take its cues from royalty from across the pond. Though it’s quite popular in the U.K., Pippa is still a name that’s heart all over the world—and there’s also Pippi Longstocking, if you want to change it up a bit with some book/movie inspiration. For a youthful gal who’s all about fun, Pippa is a great nickname—even if you go with Penelope or Patricia to cover the “also a responsible grownup” bases.

4 Revin


I’ve never come across this name in a baby naming forum or group, but I have met one child with the name. And actually, his mom was so cool that she added a second and third V to her kiddo’s name—yes, just like the sound a car or motorcycle makes when it revs. How absolutely awesome is that? Her boy had a bold personality, too, something that likely comes with having to live up to such a cool and well-thought-out name. After all, it’s similar enough to popular boys’ names like Devin or Kevin but unique enough to really catch attention.

3 Rogue


Sure, it’s the name of a car, but it’s also a word that means someone mischievous and spunky. And in our defense, the word itself came before the connotation with the Nissan vehicle. Rogue is a fun and unique name that’s really uncommon but also very masculine. It pairs well with names like Cannon and Gunner, Nameberry notes, as one of those names that almost sounds like a comic book hero. And for a super cool mom, there’s nothing cooler than giving your kid a name that nearly no one else has, and one that could easily be on the cover of a movie or a comic book.

2 Sterling


When I was a freshman in high school, there was a girl named Sterling in one of my classes that was basically everything I wished I could be. She was bold, fashionable, took no flak from teachers who dished it out unfairly, and basically just impressed everyone in the grades below her. I remember thinking that her name was special yet commonplace—not hard to spell, but something unexpected for a girl. And while it sounds a bit like a boys’ name too, I think it could go either way—and it’s unique enough that any kiddo with the moniker won’t be forgotten—even in the expanse that is high school.

1 Traveler

Always Me With You

While place names are always a popular option—especially iconic locations like Paris or India or idea/object-based names like River, West, or Isla—this one is a spunky take on those concepts. Nameberry calls them “occupation” or noun names, and the category includes nature-y titles like Hunter, Gunner, Sailor, Archer, and Shepherd. It’s ambiguous enough that it’s not tied to a particular place—just ask Kim and Kanye or David and Victoria why they named their kids Chicago and Brooklyn, respectively, one more time—but special enough that none of your kiddo’s friends are likely to have heard it before.

Source: Nameberry

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