20 Striking Baby Names About To Blow Up This Fall

For parents expecting a baby this fall, or for those who love the season, here is a list of baby names that are both beautiful and unique.

Crisp cool fall air, apple picking, pumpkins, hot cider, the beloved pumpkin spice, it's all right around the corner! We will be enjoying the autumn weather before we know it. For those of us who love everything about the upcoming season, we can finally get excited!

As much fun as summer days are, there is nothing sweeter than looking ahead to the fall and the anticipation of so many holidays.  The dreaded summer heat is almost at an end and sweater weather is knocking at our door step.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It's the beginning of months of seasonal festivities! There is nothing more exciting to me than pulling out my boots, sweaters, and scarves, and tasting that first pumpkin spice latte. I love walking into my house and smelling the sweet flavors of fall candles and seeing an autumn scented soap at each sink too.

It may be the anticipation of fall or something different than summer heat that makes it seem so exciting. Either way, it's always a thrilling time of year for me and for so many pumpkin spice everything believers.

For those parents expecting a baby in the fall, or for those who just love the season, we've put together a list of swoon worthy autumn baby names. These names are bohemian, nature inspired, or just have autumn related meanings. This is a list to fall for! So cozy up to this freshly-picked list of autumn inspired baby names!


We love Sienna for this autumn list and here's why: Sienna is Italian for an orange and red colored clay. It's the perfect fall shade, making it the perfect fall baby name!

This pigment is a brown red color that has been used by painters for years. It encompasses the beautiful foliage and fiery fall colors in just one word. Though the name is just beginning to pick up its pace in popularity in the US, it is ranked in the top 100 in most of the English speaking world.

Sienna is an adorable choice for an autumn baby girl, but it also suits a mature woman with an autumnal birthday. For parents looking for something vivid and colorful for their baby girl, Sienna may be just what you're searching for!


Here's another adorable name for your fall baby! Asher is a name inspired by the "ash tree." This iconic tree means "spear." It obviously has a nature appeal, but it also has a charm that is undeniable.

Asher is an Old Testament name meaning, "fortunate and blessed." Ash can be used as a short form for names like Asher, giving you an adorable nickname option. Asher is currently ranked #71 on baby name charts. It's been on a serious mission to hit the top of the charts over the last few years.

Asher, though it might not be as unusual of a choice as it used to be, is ideal for your fall baby boy! This moniker describes the fall foliage, and can be considered a classic Bible name as well.


Lennox is definitely one of the surprises on this list. Though it has a more unique and trendy vibe, Lennox actually means "elm grove," making it an ideal fit for this list.

An elm tree is one that turns that bright beautiful gold pigment in the fall. It's one of the most gorgeous standout trees of the season. This nature baby name is perfect for parents who love the great outdoors. The term Lennox is of Scottish origin, but the name for a baby boy has hit #444 in the U.S.

For parents wanting a seasonal name that still has a more modern and unique feel, Lennox couldn't be more perfect. Lennox is a relatively common surname. As a first name, you won't find it everywhere, yet we do see it on a steady climb up the charts.


Though this name may sound super traditional, have you ever thought of it in a seasonal sense? Amber is a name inspired by beautiful fall colors. Amber may not be as stylish as other names in the color category since it ranks #375 in top baby names, but it can be the perfect name for a baby girl born in autumn. So don't write if off just yet!

Amber is a reddish yellowish gemstone. The perfect colors to describe gorgeous fall foliage. If you're looking for a color themed name for your little one born in autumn, this may be the name you've been searching for! As you dream of cooler temperatures and the arrival of your bundle of joy, embrace the name inspired by a rare honey-yellow and red stone for your autumn darling!


How cool is this name for any season? Blaze has risen in popularity this past year for both genders, though it is more commonly used for baby boys. It's a unique name derived from its original form, Blaise, which is equally as cute.

Don't let its meaning ("one who stutters") deter you from considering it! It's been used for saints, mathematicians, inventors, and even a Harry Potter character! Despite its meaning, Blaze/Blaise has some cool name bearers.

The fiery colors of nature may not have been the inspiration for the origin of this name, but they definitely can be inspiration for all of the pumpkin spice lovers expecting this fall. An autumn inspired Blaze has a fiery feel. The changing leaves and fierce colors of the season make this name a red-hot pick for fall. It's rarity makes it an even better choice!


Scarlett is one of those timeless names that is strikingly beautiful every time you hear it. Scarlett for a fall baby is even more beautiful as it's one of the primary colors of the season.

This color category name was ranked #18 in 2016, with good reason. It's a name that is suitable for a woman, but also for a sweet baby girl. Scarlett was welcomed into the top 1000 after the movie Gone With the Wind was released in 1940. Younger Scarletts like Scarlett Johansson have kept the name in the spot light since Scarlett O'Hara first made the name popular.

For parents interested in following the current color baby name trend, Scarlett is a welcome choice. Of all the gorgeous colors of fall, scarlett is one that stands out among the rest, just like the name.


This rare fall time name is a true gem. It has a sophistication and maturity about it, but is also cute enough for a baby boy. Browning made its way on our fall list for obvious reasons, though we love it for so much more!

Brown is a prominent autumn color, almost dominating autumnal scenes and landscapes. The meaning of the name, however, is "romantic" making it an even more perfect name for your fall bundle! It's a strong name with Anglo-Saxon roots that was usually given to those with brown hair and a dark complexion.

Browning is most commonly used as a surname, but is still fitting as a first name. It's just quirky enough without being weird. Browning represents the colors of autumn, similar to Copper, Garnet, and Rusty.


Willow has been on trend for a few years now. The willow tree is an ancient tree that is said to have mystical powers. It is believed to be healing. This nature name is just as enchanting as the tree.

Willow has become hugely popular in English speaking countries. This whimsical name has been reintroduced by several celebrities, like Pink and Will Smith, helping it rise on baby name charts to #96 in 2016 in the U.S.

Willow is alluring and endearing, but we like it more for its autumnal appeal, at least for this list! The willow tree is beautiful anytime of year, but it's exceptional in the fall. For parents who are obsessed with fall and are expecting a baby girl, Willow should be at the top of your list!


Cozy up to this name with a plaid blanket and hot apple cider! Rusty is the perfectly adorable fall name for 2017's autumn baby boy.

Rusty is typically used as a nickname for Russell, but has recently been standing on it's own. Rusty actually means "red head" which is one of the reasons we love it for fall. One of the primary colors of changing leaves, and don't forget all those cozy rust colored sweaters and scarves. Rusty is one to keep on your fall name list!

This color inspired name was in the top 1,000 baby names for half a century, until it recently fell near the 2000s. If you're looking for a colorful name and are expecting this fall, Rusty just might be what you've been searching for!


Hazel, from the hazelnut tree, is surprisingly making a comeback! Currently sitting at #52, this nature name couldn't be more fitting for a fall baby girl.

Inspired not only by the tree, but the color, Hazel represents two baby name categories that both happen to make us think of that cozy fall weather and crisp cool air. Though many of us have an image of an elderly lady in our minds when we hear the name Hazel, when Julia Roberts chose it for her daughter in 1994, it gave us a new perspective.

At the turn of the 20th century, Hazel was all the rage, but fell off the charts and remained there from 1976-1998. Its current popularity makes it perfect for parents looking for a trendy seasonal name.


Color names are typically seen used more often for girls, but this is one we love for baby boys too! Auburn could be the next Aubrey or Audrey, especially for fall baby name seekers.

Auburn is far from overused and is a unique yet stylish autumn name. This color name conjures gorgeous fall landscapes that are why we absolutely love the season! Auburn, has such a strong sophistication that I tend to picture a man with a cozy sweater and a pipe in his library.

Despite that vision of a full grown Auburn, a baby Auburn is equally as charming. Auburn is a great match for an autumn baby boy or girl. Why not name your little one after one of autumn's primary colors?


Raven can be dark and mysterious, kind of like Edgar Allen Poe's popular tale. The dark autumn skies that contrast with the beautiful foliage make a perfect backdrop for the raven. This imagery only makes me love this name more for a baby girl born in the fall!

Raven rose to #467 on baby name charts last year, partly due to the famous comic book heroine played by Jennifer Lawrence. The X-Men series, Teen Titans and The 100 are just a few of the famed Ravens that have helped the name gain momentum over the last few years.

Raven was historically used as a symbol of pride by mainly African American and Wiccan parents. The mystical powers associated with the name make it perfect for an October or Halloween baby! If that's too eerie for some, the bird commonly seen in autumn is an alternative inspiration.


Though the 1994 blockbuster hit Forrest Gump may be all you think of when you hear the name Forest, let me try to convince you how autumnal this name really is. Forest for your little autumn baby boy is perfect! What better name to pick for a kid born in the fall than one that encompasses what makes the season so special?

Forest is of German origin and is Latin for, "of the wood." It is the perfect nature inspired name that will forever associate your little one with the great outdoors. Historically associated with the woods and woodsman, the name is a perfect pick for autumn lovers.

Forest is currently making an upward journey on baby name charts, currently coming in at #567. The name has yet to hit the top 100, making it ideal for those pumpkin lovers looking for something not so trendy.


Sage is an herb that literally smells and tastes like Thanksgiving dinner. It's a fragrant herb that the Greeks and Romans thought gave off wisdom when burned, making it such a perfect name for a fall baby!

Sage has historically been more commonly used as a boys name, but recently has pulled ahead in favor of girls. It's perfect for either gender born in the fall! It currently sits at #354 for girls and #546 for boys.

This trending nature name embodies the autumnal season perfectly! Its fragrant aroma takes me right back to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It definitely brings warm sweaters and boots to mind!

For parents looking for a name that is recognizably a seasonal one for their baby, Sage may just be what you're looking for. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and jot down this adorable name!


This spicy name definitely has a 60's hippie feel. It's a whimsical earthy name inspired by the exotic flower based spice. Drawing from the strength of nature, it's the perfect addition to this autumn lover's list.

Saffron is an orange like spice with a yellowish hue, putting the name not only in the nature category, but also in the color category. It's yellowish hue represents a gorgeous fall pigment. This expensive spice is often used purely for its color and is tasted in hearty fall dishes as well.

Name bearers of Saffron include both actresses and models alike. It is currently ranked #541 on baby name charts, making it a combination of rare and trendy. Saffron is a gem that fall baby name seeking parents are sure to love!


Another nature name, Rowan, is named for a tree with red berries. This ancient Scottish and Irish name represents the ancient and iconic "mountain ash" tree.

The Rowan tree's prime season is the fall when it boasts its bold red berries. Rowan is growing steadily in popularity, with good reason. It's usually considered a unisex name and has alternative spellings like Roan and Rowen. Rowan, for a girl, however, is on the rise as well.

Rowan is a strong and rare name that any fall loving parent is sure to love. It currently sits at #182 on baby name charts and has gained some momentum from celebs like Sharon Stone and Brooke Shields choosing it for their little guys. Cozy up with a plaid blanket and notebook and add Rowan to your baby name list!


When Apple first became popular after Gwyneth Paltrow chose it for her daughter, there was a lot of talk about how ridiculous it was. It's actually pretty adorable though, especially for a fall baby girl!

This nature name could not be more ideal for fall loving parents. Apple cider, apple picking, apple pie - the list of fall things that have to do with apples could go on and on. Apple is as adorable as it is unique.

Several names in the fruit category have somehow become popular, like Cherry and Plum, but Apple is a way cuter option for this genre. This season grab the apple scented candles and soaps and add this name to your list! We love this freshly picked name for autumn!


This one's a name that you are seriously going to fall for! Autumn was made for spending time in the great outdoors and Woody is a name that encompasses just that. Woody will associate your little bundle with the great outdoors.

Several celebrities have given the name popularity like Woody Harrelson, Woody Allen, Woody Guthrie, and who can forget Woody from Toy Story? A diminutive of the name Woodrow, Woody is a much cuter option, but using it as a nickname works well too. Woodrow is rare and strong, a name that a little boy can grow into.

Woody or Woodrow means "row of houses by the wood." Whether your little guy is born between September or December or not, Woody is the perfect name if you love Autumn.


I love Crimson as a more unique alternative to Scarlett! It's a less used, yet still beautiful, name in the color category, especially the fall color category. Crimson has a deep and almost seductive appeal about it, yet it's not lacking in grace or beauty either.

One of the most striking colors of the fall, Crimson would be a less girly choice for your daughter born between September and December. Its autumn connection makes it a lovely contender for parents who love the great outdoors during the fall.

This name has potential to gain popularity as it battles names with a little more frill and southern charm like that of the Gone With the Winds lead character. Parents seeking something a little more daring for their baby girl, yet who still like color names, will love Crimson!


Cloves are one of the key ingredients in any apple cider, pumpkin pie, or basically anything sweet and fall inspired. The fragrant spice is both sweet and spicy!

Clove is in the nature name category. It's a strong smelling spice, slightly more preferable than other names in its category, like saffron. This name harks back to Old French days and is actually named for the spice's shape, that of a fingernail, or "clavus" in Latin.

Clove may have gained a slight boost in popularity because of the character in the Hunger Games series. Nature inspired names are rising in popularity, but those in the spice category still hold their uniqueness. Clove is often seen used as a middle name and has historically been used as a surname.

This autumnal name encapsulates the essence of the season making it the perfect choice for your fall time baby!

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