20 Strong Opinions These A-Listers Had On Bottle Feeding

Celebrity moms have been taking a stand for breastfeeding in recent years, and have voiced their opinions (and shared their photos) about why they feel moms should be able to breastfeed in public. Breastfeeding is something that many women want to normalize, which is great, but there appears to be less discussion and information about those who decide to bottlefeed their children.

The debate over bottle feeding and breastfeeding, and which is better, is one that continues to rage on, and many women feel that if they choose not to breastfeed, or if they can’t because of pain or low milk supply, they are doing something wrong. The decision to switch to formula is often shrouded in guilt, and moms sometimes feel like they've not succeeded, but they shouldn’t!

Luckily, there are some celebrity moms who are helping to dispel the negative feelings attached to bottle feeding; like Khloé Kardashian and Jessica Alba, who decided to stop nursing their children from a young age because of issues with milk supply. And others, like Jennifer Lopez, felt it was best to formula feed right from the start.

Every woman has her own reasons for feeding her child formula or breastmilk, and instead of debating which is better, maybe it's time to just support our fellow moms, or at the very least, hear them out, and below are 20 A-listers with opinions on the topic.

20 Jessica Alba Has Gotten Real About Why Bottle Feeding Worked For Her

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

Jessica Alba is a mom to three children, and when she and her husband Cash Warren had their third child, a son named Hayes, Alba stopped nursing him after just six months. She breastfed both her daughters, Honor and Haven, but breastfeeding is different for each woman and can differ from child to child.

Alba wanted to bring attention to her reason for switching to formula in an interview with Motherly. "Emotionally, I know kind of what to expect. But every time, with all the hormones, it's so overwhelming. It doesn't get any easier," she said.

She continued, "Also my milk supply was challenged with him. I felt like I had the most milk with Honor and then it got less with Haven and even less with Hayes. And so that was just tough for me."

19 Coco Rocha Doesn’t Want To Listen To Anyone’s Unwanted Advice When It Comes To Feeding Her Child

Coco Rocha probably wasn’t intending to have a sit-down interview and discuss her decision to bottle feed her daughter, Ioni. But when she decided to post this photo on social media, people immediately noticed the bottle, they also felt it was their right to comment on it.

Rocha noticed the backlash and decided she would shut it down. “Getting a lot of unwanted advice based on my last post,” she wrote. “Not that this is anyone's business  I loved breastfeeding Ioni for the first 5 months of her life and then one day my milk went dry. It happens to every mom at different times. She's been on formula for a few weeks now and seems to be doing just fine…” Rocha went on to tell people that if they continue to post negative comments they would be blocked.

18 Khloé Kardashian’s Body Said No To Breastfeeding, So She Stopped Stressing About It

Like her sister, Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian made the decision to stop breastfeeding her daughter, True Thompson. But it was not sibling rivalry that was to blame; rather, Khloé stopped because it just was not working as she'd hoped.

"I had to stop breastfeeding," she told fans on social media. "It was really hard for me to stop (emotionally) but it wasn't working for my body. Sadly." She went on to explain that despite trying to continue, she decided it was best for her to quit, and when she did stop, it brought her a wave of relief.

17 Beyoncé Switched To Formula For Blue Ivy At Just 10 Weeks (And She’s Still Doing Fine)

Beyoncé and Jay Z are parents to Blue Ivy, one of the most famous children in the entertainment industry (although she’s not their only child, and they are also parents to twins, Sir and Rumi).

It is a known fact that Beyoncé didn’t breastfeed Blue for more than 10 weeks before switching to formula, Kidspot reports. Beyoncé spoke about feeding with People, confirming she breastfed for 10 weeks.

Later, Huffington Post noted that Beyoncé had chosen to share photos of her family on social media, and was seen feeding her daughter with a bottle, which should suggest she is comfortable with her decision.

16 Brooke Shields Is Even A Spokesperson For Bright Beginnings Formula

Some celebrity moms have spoken about their decision to stop breastfeeding, and switch to bottles, and others, like Jennifer Lopez, decided to bottle feed right from the start. Brooke Shields is a mom to two children and she is not one of those women who started bottle feeding straight away because she did breastfeed but later stopped. And when she stopped, she even became a spokesperson for the formula brand Bright Beginnings, KidSpot reports.

"My association with Bright Beginnings infant formula has been a wonderful experience," she said of the company. "Bright Beginnings has been great for my baby."

15 Whitney Port’s Breastfeeding Journey Just Never Felt ‘Right’

Whitney Port is a mom to a son named Sonny, and she is yet another celebrity mom who has decided to share her breastfeeding journey with the world. Or perhaps her lack of breastfeeding is a better description because she was in extreme pain when feeding her son.

Port shared her thoughts on her blog, explaining that by five months she couldn’t feed her son anymore and decided to switch to formula. “From the day I started, it never felt right,” she wrote. “From the pain of latching to mastitis, to the overwhelming burden of time spent pumping, I tried and tried and [had] that self-imposed guilt from quitting that so many of us new moms [go through].”

14 Kim Kardashian Not Only Bottle Feeds — She Also Shows The World That She Does

Kim Kardashian West is open about many aspects of her life, so it is not unexpected that she would discuss her children, as well as her decision to stop breastfeeding. She even shared this photo of her second child, her son, Saint, with his bottle on social media  she’s totally fine with people knowing all about her decision to switch.

So, what exactly prompted her to stop breastfeeding when Saint was four months old? Her eldest daughter’s jealousy, that’s what. “North West stopped that for me,” she said of breastfeeding, while on her sister Khloé Kardashian’s talk show, Kocktails With Khloé (via Huffington Post). “She would cry so much and try to pull him off of me.”

13 Low Milk Supply Meant Tia Mowry Had To Find Another Solution And That Was OK

Tia Mowry switched to formula when her son Cree was still young because it was just not working for her. Mowry explained on social media, how she "Wasn't able to breastfeed Cree for long because of low milk supply!” However, when she had her second child, Cairo, things changed completely and she had plenty of milk and believed that her eating plan, which consisted of high protein and a lot of water and teas, could have helped, Motherly reports.

Mowry’s decision to speak about this topic is important because it raises awareness for how breastfeeding can differ from one child to the next.

12 Let’s Be Honest: Sometimes Breastfeeding Really Hurts, And Molly Sims Is Frank About It

There are many things that people like to tell new moms, but something few ever say is just how tough breastfeeding really is. And it can hurt, a lot more than you may realize. Molly Sims wanted to bring attention to this, and in an interview with Anderson Live (via People), she discussed her decision to switch to formula.

Her son, Brooks Alan, was just three months at the time, and Sims believes she made the right decision for her body, and her baby. It was a decision she was "proud" of, and she spoke about how she found breastfeeding to be a very bad experience and painful right from the start. She later learned that her son had been born with a tooth.

11 Books Don’t Prepare You For Feeding Twins: Just Ask Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share a large brood of children, but when they welcomed their twins, Vivienne and Knox, into the world in 2008, Jolie found out just how hard breastfeeding can really be. It’s for this reason that she decided to stop feeding them when they were three months old, and she was more than willing to speak about her decision in an interview with Britain’s morning show GMTV (via People).

“It’s very hard,” she said. “I stopped at three months, [it was] about as much as I could do.” She continued, “There’s this football hold  it’s a lot harder than it looks in the books. I did that a few times. I would take turns. It just takes a long time.”

10 Snooki Has Been Quick To Respond To Critics Who Question Her Decisions

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a mama to a son, Lorenzo LaValle, and daughter, Giovanna LaValle, and soon she will be welcoming a third child. While we don’t know if she will decide to breastfeed baby No. 3, we do know that when it comes to feeding her children, no one else is allowed to have an opinion.

According to CafeMom, after facing backlash for not breastfeeding her first child, Lorenzo, and instead choosing to pump, Snooki responded. She was quick to inform people that she was filming and therefore pumping. While she didn’t elaborate, nor slam her critics, she did prove that she was not going to let people comment without defending herself.

9 Bethenny Frankel Is Honest About Her Experience With Breastfeeding, Calling It One Of The ‘Greatest Challenges’

Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, share just one daughter, Bryn Hoppy, and being a first-time mom, Frankel found one of the most challenging aspects of motherhood was breastfeeding.

In an interview with Parade, Frankel said she was loving motherhood. “Bryn is a gem, the sweetest baby, and the greatest gift of my life,” she said. “I love every minute of it — dark circles and all.” And although the sleepless nights may have been hard, feeding was the hardest. “I bow to all the breastfeeding mothers! I can do a lot of things, but breastfeeding is one of the greatest challenges,” she admitted.

8 Kimberley Walsh Is Outspoken About How Breastfeeding Is Not As Easy As Some Make It Out To Be

Via Kimberley Walsh Instagram

A woman’s decision to breastfeed, pump, or use formula is a decision that is hers and hers alone because it is what she feels is the best for her body and her baby. Yet this is still a topic that many moms are uncomfortable discussing, which is why when Kimberley Walsh spoke about how difficult it was to breastfeed her son, Bobby, CelebsNow praised her for her comments.

Walsh said that while women would think breastfeeding “would be the easiest thing in the world, it can be quite distressing when it’s not working.” Most moms are told that breastfeeding is best for the baby, but there is less conversation regarding how breastfeeding is hard, and sometimes not natural for some moms.

7 Jennifer Lopez Makes A Decision She Feels Is Right For Her Kids, Whether Other People Like It, Or Not

Jennifer Lopez has strong opinions on bottle feeding, and she is definitely an advocate for it. She is a mom to twins, Max and Emme, and decided to never try and breastfeed them, the same approach that her own mother took when she raised her.

“My mom didn't breastfeed, and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what’s the best thing for them,” she told People (via FitPregnancy) of choosing not to breastfeed. But not everyone agreed with her comments, and Lopez's opinion actually caused a bit of a backlash and debate.

6 Tamera Mowry Found That Each Child Is Different And What Works Once Won't Necessarily Work Again

Tia Mowry found she was not able to breastfeed for a long period of time with her first child, but when her second child came around, it was completely different, and for her twin sister, Tamera Mowry, this situation was almost mirrored. Tamera was unable to breastfeed her first child, Aden, but when she had her daughter, Ariah, nursing was easier.

She used her blog to highlight how what works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another. She explained that with Aden, things were “hard” and didn’t come naturally, but with Ariah, it was amazing and “relaxing.”

The most important message to take away from this was her final thoughts on the topic: “Women must do what’s right for their baby — which can include bottle feeding of course. In that case, I’ve discovered that Gentle Gerber formula is best!”

5 Elisa Donovan Feels There Should Be More Information Out There For Women Who Don’t Nurse

There is a lot of information available for women who choose to breastfeed, but there is less for those who want a different option. This is the way Elisa Donovan feels, and she has opened up about just how much she disliked breastfeeding.

"I was utterly and completely unprepared for the reality that I couldn’t do it [breastfeed],” she wrote, according to People. “Not only was it not working, and excruciatingly painful for me beyond anything imaginable...” She wanted to stop earlier, but there was too much guilt involved in the decision and she wanted to highlight how “there is zero info on what to do if you are one of those women who can’t — or who choose not to.”

4 Kristin Cavallari Put An End To Nursing When Her Son Was 5 Months Old

Kristin Cavallari is yet another celebrity mom who has shared her breastfeeding struggles, and she made the decision to stop when her son, Camden, was 5 months old.

"It was the hardest part of the whole thing and no one tells you that. I was a slave to pumping,” she told Hollywood Life of her breastfeeding experience. Instead of feeding her son formula, Cavallari’s partner, Jay Cutler, found a “goat milk concoction,” which they decided to try out. But despite her interview with the publication, Hollywood Life finished the article by inviting readers to comment on whether “Kristin should have kept breastfeeding?” which perfectly sums up what all moms have to face because their decisions are always questioned.

3 Rachel Zoe Formula Feeds In Public Because She Knows How Normal It Is

Via Rachel Zoe Instagram/BabyGaga

Rachel Zoe is a mom of two boys, and when it comes to parenting them, or feeding them, she is willing to share this with the public. According to Us Weekly, when her second son, Kaius, was three months old, she posted photos of herself and her firstborn son, Skyler, feeding him with a bottle. The publication notes that she was feeding her son formula, and this has not been the only time that Zoe has been photographed bottle feeding.

Although she has never spoken about her decision in public, she has been comfortable sharing these photos online, essentially informing the world of her decision.

2 Christina Applegate Still Formed A Close Bond With Her Daughter, Despite Using Formula

Christina Applegate loves being a mother and she has spoken about motherhood on numerous occasions. In 2011, she had her daughter, Sadie Grace, and told People how much she loved her daughter, adding, “And I’m more in love with her every minute of the day.”

But Applegate is a survivor and was not able to breastfeed her daughter, after having undergone a double mastectomy in 2008. She formula fed her daughter, and according to Romper, she was still able to create a fantastic bond with Sadie Grace, which the publication notes helps moms realize they can bond with their children, whichever method of feeding they decide on.

1 Giuliana Rancic’s Son Was Born Via Surrogate, So It Was The Obvious Choice

Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Bill, struggled to conceive. But in 2012, they finally welcomed their son, Edward Duke, via surrogate, and Romper notes that formula feeding was the obvious choice for this family.

On their reality show, Giuliana & Bill (via People), the couple documented feeding their son for the first time. “First feeding ever. He’s taking it okay. I think he likes it,” Giuliana said of giving her son the bottle while they were still in the hospital room. Rancic also spoke about how she was not nervous and felt she could take care of her child.

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