20 Stunning Baby Boy Names That Are Super Rare

Adorable names are always in style. For parents with a baby boy on the way, many will want a name that’s both surprising and adorable. Picking a name that is one-of-a-kind and lovable is no easy task, but we’ve got you covered.

Forget looking to famous rock stars or random household objects for a name that is inspired and awesome… some of the best names come from exotic lands or extraordinary inspirations. Finding the right name is a magical experience that should never be taken lightly!

We all have heard stories or experienced firsthand what it’s like to be one of a dozen kids with the same name. It’s not a good feeling and it doesn’t make much of an impression on the world. So leave the boring names behind and join us on an adventure down this intriguing list of 20 Rarest Baby Boy Names That Are Super Adorable! Just make sure you don’t wait too long to claim one of these as your own.

20 Beckham

Origin: English

For a unique name that is easy to fall in love with, it’s hard to find a name better than Beckham. This dashing boy’s name is English and has the meaning of “homestead by the stream.” Not only is the name quaint, it’s totally one-of-a-kind and gives an air of nobility and style that few other names have.

This name currently ranks at 324, up 24 spots from the previous year. People who like this name tend to also like Beckett, Hudson, Grayson, Liam, Parker, Sawyer, Bennett, and Declan.

People with this name tend to be driven, hardworking, kind and intelligent. They make great team players and love working on large goals in life. They are also family-focused and make loyal friends.

19 Gaige

Origin: French

Gaige is an adorable name that is perfect for any adorable little boy. Gaige is from the most romantic origin. It is French and means “pledge.” To have a little boy named Gaige is to have the promise of endless cuteness, individuality and humor.

This name ranks at 3,185 this year, down 1,055 places from 2016. There is also an alternative spelling of “Gage” or “Gauge”. People who like this name also may love Gavin, Ryder, Chase, Carter, Hunter, and Graysen.

People with the name Gaige tend to be bubbly, smiley, energetic and friendly. They love getting their hands dirty and working outdoors. Gaige is down-to-earth and cares little about appearances, but he is likely to be very good-looking and lovable.

18 Binx

Origin: English

Here is a name we can guarantee few little boys will have. Binx is English/American with an unknown meaning. If you’re a fan of the cult classic, Hocus Pocus, you will instantly think of the adorable black cat (and strapping young man) with the name. Binx was actually the last name of the characters Emily and Thackery and it might just be why this name is gaining traction.

This name ranks safely down at 10,933 and has never even been in the top 10,000. With this name, your boy can pave his own path in life.

People who like this name may also like Bentlei, Paxton, Bolton, Branson, Odin and Mateo. Binx may be the coolest name on this list… what do you think?

People with the name are said to be curious, witty, and warm. They are natural people-pleasers and peacemakers. Their sweet nature is seldom disturbed, unless it’s to defend a family member or friend in need.

17 Jakobe

Origin: Hebrew

Jakobe is a beautiful Hebrew name that means “supplanter.” It is pronounced “Jah-Koh-Bee” and has a lovely ring of uniqueness but is still reminiscent of the traditional name Jacob. Rich in values and individuality, this name is perfect for a little guy with a good head on his shoulders.

This name currently ranks 2,375, down 947 places from 2016. People who love Jakobe may also favor the alternate spelling “Jacoby” and the names Josiah, Landon, Kobe, Jaxon, Elijah, Mason, Jonah and Levi.

People with this name are said to be stern, hardworking, honest and kind. They love helping others and making a difference in the world. They are likely to have a big family and focus on uplifting others. They make wonderful healers and counselors.

16 Cayson

Origin: Irish

Can you think of a cooler name than Cayson? It may take some getting used to but wow… what a solid choice. This name is Irish and means “courageous and tough.” It’s the perfect name for a boy because it’s slightly edgy but also very earthy and pleasant on the ears.

The name Cayson currently ranks 527, up 84 places from the previous year. There are also the various alternate spellings: “Casen”, “Cason”, “Kayson”, “Kaison”, and “Caisson.” It is truly a name that can be shaped to your tastes. People who like this name also may like Camden, Carter, and Carson.

People with this name are said to be artistic, introverted, and whimsical. They have a way with words and enjoy entertaining others. You will always find a sympathetic ear when Cayson is near.

15  Gannon

Origin: Irish

Here is another Irish beauty. Gannon means “fair complexioned boy” and is an amazing choice for any gorgeous young lad. It is a wonder this name isn’t ultra popular. Who doesn’t love a fair and handsome gentleman?

The name Gannon currently ranks 803, up 164 places from the previous year. People who love this moniker also tend to favor Gavin, Gunner, Asher, Wyatt, Griffin and Holden. There is so much to love… we could go on all day about this gem.

People with the name tend to be very physical and tough. There is no job they won’t tackle and they love to stay busy. When Gannon finds a mate, he settles for life and makes a romantic and loving partner. He’s the type of guy romance novels are written about.

14 Magnus

Origin: Latin

Magnificent names can be hard to come by, but here is one that speaks for itself. Magnus literally means “great” or “large” in Latin. This is a name that’s “larger than life” and should be reserved only for the most awesome of boys.

This name currently ranks 848, down 16 places from the previous year. People who like this hip and creative name may also enjoy Finn, Atticus, Maximus, Milo, Miles, Silas and Theodore.

People named Magnus are said to be wise, spiritual and dedicated to expanding their awareness. Don’t be surprised if Magnus is a mystic or a teacher of metaphysics… he is truly an “out of this world” type of person. What a magical name to bestow on your little guy!

13 Kael

Origin: Gaelic

There are so many beautiful names from Gaelic origins. Kael is no exception. This name means “slender, swift, amazing hunter” and can be pronounced “Kale” or “Ka-El.” You could even add a hyphen if you wanted to go really wild.

The name Kael currently ranks 1,237, down 112 places from last year. People who like this name may also like Kane, Kian, Kai, Cael, Kale, Kaden and Kade. Short and sweet names are great for little boys because they are easy to remember and easy to spell.

People named Kael are said to be musical, gentle, and social. They can effortlessly go from being the life of the party to being one with nature, in solitude. This is a guy who knows his path in life and can be comfortable anywhere he goes.

12 Wes

Origin: English

This short and sweet English name is truly the cutest. Short for “Westley”, the name means “dweller near the western wood/clearing.” There is an alternate spelling of “Wess”, but the 3-letter choice seems much better.

This name currently ranks 12,413 as of 2015. There is little data from before that time. People who love this name may also love Reed, Ezra, Grant, Jude, Maxwell, Trent, Whit and Grey.

People with this name are said to be energetic, happy-go-lucky, friendly, and exciting. They love going on adventures and pushing themselves to excel in everything they do. They make wonderful companions and love being around family. You can find Wes skiing or helping his grandmother carry her groceries; even the little things bring him tons of joy in life.

11 Albie

Origin: English

Albie is a name that has all the cuteness factors going for it. Meaning “white, rock” in English, this name brings to mind a wise and ancient person who is also filled with youth (thanks to the “ie” ending).

Currently ranking 3,198, Albie is down 653 places from 2016. There is also the alternate spelling of “Alby” and the girl’s version of the same spellings. People who love this name may also favor Alro, Alvie, Oliver, Theo, Ace, Max, Beckett and Avery.

People with the name Albie are said to be wise, friendly, hardworking, kind and lovable. They love to read and expand their knowledge base, and helping others with life matters is something they likely enjoy. Albie is probably one of the most sincere people you could meet.

10 Hermes

Origin: Greek

This mythological gem is a name filled with awesome meaning. Hermes can be pronounced “Her-mees” or “Air-mez”, if you want that exotic sound, and it means “boundary marker.” The Greek god Hermes was known for his speed and good luck; he was a favored messenger of the god Zeus.

This name currently ranks all the way down at 11,073, down more than 5,000 spots from 2016. People who love this name may also love Jasper, Lucas, Arthur, Miles, Xander, Lucian, Odin, Atticus and Gideon.

People with this name are believed to be driven, noble, and extremely strong. They willingly take on many challenges in life and seek great excitement and success. You would be hard-pressed to meet another Hermes in your child’s life, too, making it an excellent name choice.

9 Caspar

Origin: Persian

This otherworldly name is filled with mystery and intrigue. Caspar is Persian and means “keeper of the treasure.” Caspar was one of the three magi who traveled afar to meet the baby Jesus, according to the New Testament.

Caspar currently ranks 6.986, down 952 spots from 2016. People who love this name may also favor Casper, Felix, Asher, Elijah, Sebastian, Milo and Noah. The rareness of this fabulous name possibly makes it one of the best candidates on this list. Do you like it?

People named Caspar are said to be spiritual, intelligent, warm, and humble. They get along with everyone and make excellent teammates and friends. This is a family person who is able to smooth over any situation- wonderful to have at the family Christmas party if everyone is imbibing.

8 Ambrose

Origin: Latin

Ambrose is such a cute and unique name, right? It means “immortal” in Latin and really seems like it would suit any beautiful little baby boy. Cool enough to make a splash but not totally unheard of… Ambrose is deserving of many accolades.

This moniker currently ranks 2,385, down 130 places from 2016. People who love Ambrose may also enjoy the names Ezra, Wyatt, Gavin, Everett, Owen, Atticus and Theodore. It seems this name falls into that category of chic and distinguished.

People with this name are said to be humorous, worldly, and popular. They love making people laugh and thrive in a life of travel and accomplishment. This is someone who is seldom sad or bogged down- rising to the top is something Ambrose does naturally. What wonderful attributes, right?

7 Kohen

Origin: Hebrew

Where to start with this gorgeous name? Kohen is a Hebrew twist on the name “Cohen”, which means high priest. This name was reserved for only the most wise and sacred of men, in ancient times.

This name currently ranks 785, up 47 places from last year. People who like this name also like Cohen, Koen, Rowan, Sawyer, Declan, Keagan, Parker, Knox and Asher.

People with the name Kohen are said to be very special. They are gregarious, hearty, and steadfast. They enjoy educating themselves and helping others. This is a person who always puts others first. Making the world a better place is one of the primary drives for a Kohen.

6 Mickey

Origin: Hebrew

It just doesn’t get any cuter than the name Mickey for a boy. Here is another Hebrew name, this time with the meaning of “who is like God.” It is a shorter version of the name Michael, which is a classic name.

Mickey currently ranks 1,575, down 147 places from last year. People who like Mickey may also favor the names Jackson, Oliver, Cooper, Carter, Milo, Jonah, Calvin and Matthew. Clearly Mickey is the most unique on that list, however!

People with this name are said to be smiley, soft-spoken and humble. They tend to seek stability and comfort over fame and glory. Mickey is a family man who is happiest around those he loves. He makes a loving partner and a helpful coworker. Famous examples include people such as Mickey Mantle… how could you go wrong?!

5 Marlin

Origin: English

What a magical and adorable name choice, indeed! Marlin is English and Hebrew and has the beautiful meaning of “falcon” and Biblical ties to the name Mary. Marlin is also a popular type of fish that is one of the most beloved catches.

This name currently ranks 5,318, having made a crazy jump of almost 7,500 spots from 2016. Clearly this unique catch is gaining traction on the list; parents should jump at the opportunity to snag it! People who love Marlin may also love Marlon, Finn, Miles, Chase, Mark, Lincoln and Arlen.

People with this name are said to be conservative and forthcoming. They don’t beat around the bush or hide their true intentions. He’s a great person to have as your finance guy or lawyer, because they always get the job done with honesty and dedication.

4 Giancarlo

Origin: Italian

When it comes to adorable boy’s names, Italian names are usually a good bet. Giancarlo means “God is gracious” and it just has such a beautiful ring to it. There are also so many cute nicknames you can glen from this moniker.

The name currently ranks 1,195 up 16 places from 2016. People who love Giancarlo may also love Lorenzo, Giovanni, Gianni, Luciano, Emilio, Marco, Matteo and Liam.

People with this name are said to be outgoing, happy, and studious. They strive for perfection and always go above and beyond in whatever they do. They make wonderful doctors and dentists because they are such helpful people-pleasers. This is one of those classic names that you can’t help but love.

3 Shepherd

Origin: English

Shepherd is probably one of my favorite names on this list. Why? Because you can give him the nickname “Shep.” This name has a self-explanatory meaning and also harkens back to the Shakespearean classic, “The Winter’s Tale.”

This adorable name currently ranks 1,649 down 567 places from 2016. There is the alternate spelling of Shepard, as well, and some people are starting to use it as a girl’s name. If you love this name, you may also love Sullivan, Sawyer, Samuel, Hudson, Eli and Jude.

People with this name are said to be masculine, rugged and outdoorsy. They love to get their hands dirty and trek around to the most notable monuments and natural landmarks. With Shep around, you don’t have to worry where your next meal is coming from or how to change a tire… he always has it covered!

2 Kingston

Origin: English

A lot of awesome baby boy names tend to be English, wouldn’t you agree? Kingston means “the king’s town” and instantly makes me think of the gorgeous landscapes and people of Jamaica. It’s also quite a noble name to bestow on a little boy bundle of joy!

This name currently ranks 133, down 6 places from last year. It’s probably the most popular name on this list but still not a name you’d encounter frequently. I have never met someone with this name in my lifetime, and I’m no spring chicken.

People who love the name also might love Carter, Ryder, Kingsley, Benson, Ashton, King, and Mason.

People with the name are said to be deliberate, grounded and down-to-earth. They love to make others smile and love pleasing others. They might just cook the best foods you’ve ever tried!

1 Amir

Origin: Hebrew

Amir is a gorgeous name that means “prince” in Hebrew (and also Arabic). It is short and sweet and has the cuteness factor of a thousand! The name Amir is loved all around the world. It’s easy to see why.

This name currently ranks 142, up 39 places from last year. It is somewhat popular but again, not a name you’ll likely encounter multiples. People who love the name may also love Amari, Ayden, Zion, Malachi, Micah, and Josiah.

People with this name are said to be entertaining, energetic and whimsical. They love athletics and music and always make a splash wherever they go. This is one of the names I would chose for a little boy, because it is just fabulous and filled with promise.

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