20 Stunning Twin Baby Name Pairs You'll Want To Shotgun

Choosing two names can be challenging because not only do twin moms and dads want to find names that are unique and meaningful

Congratulations on the twin babies! Having twins is double the blessing and can mean years of wonderfully paired outfits and cute photos, not to mention double the love and double the snuggles. But having two babies also means that you and your partner have to choose (and agree on) double the names! If you think naming one baby is hard, try naming two! Choosing two names can be challenging because not only do twin moms and dads want to find names that are unique and meaningful, they also want to find names that fit well in a pair and flow off the tongue – without sounding too cheesy.

If you’re a twin mom-to-be, you’ve probably noticed that while there may be tons of twin-pair name articles out there, a lot of the names they suggest sound the same or lack any sort of intrigue. They seem to all be either very popular names or incredibly overdone. This may leave parents of multiples feeling lost in the baby naming process. To offer some guidance for all you twin parents-to-be, I have compiled a list of 20 gorgeous twin baby name pairs that you will be dying to steal. Not only are these pairs winners in terms of the way they sound, but they all have expressive or eloquent meanings that will warm your heart.

20Eva & Elias

I am a huge fan of “E” names and Elias and Eva are no exception. These two names just roll of the tongue and work as a wonderful pair for your boy-girl twins. Elias is a biblical name and means “Lord is God” and is of Hebrew and Greek origin. Eva also shares a biblical meaning as a variation on the name Eve, meaning “life” in Hebrew, and was of course a popular figure in the Bible along with her counterpart Adam.

Both these names are rising in popularity but are not extremely popular. Elias is ranked 93 in baby name popularity in the United States while Eva sits at 73. They are both coming back in style and are ranked the highest in many years but aren’t yet outdone. Eva could be a great alternative to Ava, a name currently ranked in the top 5 baby names. Variations on these beautiful names could include Elijah and Eli for Elias and Evelyn, Eve or Evie for Eva.

19Abigail & Annabelle

Not only am I a huge fan of Abigail and Annabelle for your new bundles of joy, but I am also absolutely in love with pairing their abbreviations Abby and Anna, as well. These names sound beautifully together and would be a great option for your twin girls. In terms of popularity, Abigail is in the middle of resurgence and has landed in the top 10 baby names for 2017, so far. Annabelle is less popular but still remains in the top 100.

Abigail is of Hebrew origin and literally means “my father is joyful”. Two women in the Bible carry the name as well as two U.S First ladies: Abigail Adams and Abigail van Buren. Abigail is also an anglicized version of the Irish name Gobnat meaning “little one”, adding an unexpected Celtic flair. Annabelle is a very sophisticated sounding name of English origin meaning “favor”, “grace” or “lovable”. With meanings like “love” and “joy”, it is no wonder these two names would be a winning pair for your little ones.

18Jacob & Joshua

Jacob and Joshua are great choices for your new twin boys and sound wonderful together. Jacob and Joshua share biblical roots and have similar sounding Hebrew names. Jacob has been a popular name for centuries and has been translated into both Greek and Latin from its Hebrew roots of Yaakov, originally from the Book of Genesis. Joshua, also Hebrew, is derived from the name Yehoshua and means “God is salvation”.

Both names are considered popular and in terms of baby name rankings. Jacob is currently ranked 7th in baby name popularity in the United States while Joshua, slightly lower, is ranked 35th. One of the best things about this name pair is that they also have wonderful nicknames: Jake for Jacob and Josh for Joshua. I love the strong but sweet sound of the names Jake and Josh together, making them solid picks for your new baby boys.

17Ariella & Aidan

These two names both have the right amount of a whimsical ring to them and are a perfect choice for your boy-girl twins. Ariella is a form of the name Ariel or Arielle and means “lion of God” and is of Hebrew origin whereas Aidan is of Celtic origin and means “fiery one”. Both of these names represent strength and passion, making them a wonderful pair choice for two kids with a little spunk.

When I think of these two names, I think of adventure and triumph. These little ones will be sure to take on the world together. In terms of baby name popularity, Aidan is much more popular being ranked 16th in the US where Ariella is only ranked 335th (although its variation Ariel sits at the 140th spot). Despite the different in popularity, these two names complement each other in a delightful way, making them great choices for your new babies.

16Grace & Hope

A lot of us have heard the pairing of Faith and Hope, but I prefer the combination of Grace and Hope for its slightly more original touch. Grace is a classic name that is derived from the Latin form “gratia” but has also been an English variation of the Irish name Grainne. Hope is of Native American origin and still exists in its original form. Both names are known as vocabulary names because they are also used as normal words – and beautiful ones at that!

Grace took a fall in terms of baby name popularity but has risen significantly in the past few years and sits at the 19th spot for girls. Hope, on the other hand is less popular, sitting at 241. Both names are memorable and denote great character, making them a brilliant option for twin baby girls.

15Leland & Landon

Leland and Landon sound excellent together and make a wonderful pair for your new twin boys. Not only are they both smooth sounding but they both have similar meanings and origins. Both Leland and Landon are of English origin and have some reference to the land or earth. Leland means “meadow land” while Landon represents “long hill”.

This combination of both names having similar earthy meanings provides a unique option for parents who are looking to stand out. To add to this, both names are also low in popularity, not even making it into the top 50 US baby names in the past few years, scoring them even more points for originality. These names have a definite ring to them and would make an adorable option for your newborn boys.

14Sydney & Sean

Two names that would make an excellent boy-girl twin pair, with their soulful sounding tones are Sydney and Sean. Sydney is a feminized variation of the name Sidney. It is of English origin and has a simple meaning, “from St. Denis, France”, but has recently been redefined as a delightful girls name. Sean is a name with an astonishing tone and is of Irish origin. The name also has a simple meaning of “God is gracious”, being a Celtic version of the name John. Despite their rather simple meanings, both these names have pleasing quality about them and would be a wonderful choice for your new bundles of joy.

And if you’re curious about baby name popularity, both names will help your little ones stand out. Sydney was ranked 123rd last year in the United States while Sean was ranked 233rd, making both these names a fabulous option for parents looking for less common names.

13Rosalie & Raina

I absolutely love the names Rosalie and Raina as a name combination for twin girls. Rosalie has a soft tone to it, and it is no wonder because it is a derivative of the name Rose (of course named for the flower). Raina on the other hand has a bolder sound and actually stems from the word “regina” meaning “queen” and also means “pure” in Yiddish. If you put these two names together you get ‘rose queen’ or ‘pure rose’, making either a stunning combination!

Both Rosalie and Raina remain rather unique names: Rosalie holds the 254th spot in baby name popularity for 2016 and Raina is even rarer at number 835. They would both be excellent choices for parents wanting to keep their babies’ names unique and superb sounding.

12Henry & Harrison

This cute combination of baby names for twin boys melts my heart. Henry is a powerful name that is of German origin and means “ruler of home” and it is no coincidence that many great kings have held this name in both England and France. Harrison actually has a similar meaning because it is closely connected with Henry. Harrison is a form of Harris that means “Son of Harry” and Harry is actually a derivative Henry. So in essence, both names come from the same origin (and you could even use Harry as a nick name for Harrison). The double-meaning is a wonderful element to consider when naming twins.

Both names are relatively popular but Henry takes the cake, landing in 22nd place for baby name popularity in North America, whereas Harrison hovers around the 100 mark. Both names would be an adorable choice for your twin boys.

11Max & Maya

Max and Maya is a wonderful sounding pair for boy-girl twins. Max could be a shortened form of Maxwell or Maximilian, or is a great name to stand on its own. In all cases, the name Max means “great” and was originally derived from Latin. It is closely associated with the Scottish preface “Mack”. One famous Max that comes to mind is the former NHL player Max Bentley, who is popular in the world of hockey.

Maya has multiple meanings and language origins. Maya’s Hindu origin means “God’s power” but its Greek origin means “mother”. It is a graceful name that can be very warm sounding. Maya has several name variations that include Maia and Mya and is of course the name sake for the popular poet and activist Maya Angelou.

Strong and sweet, Max and Maya are a winning combination! And if you love this pair but are having twin girls, you could also consider Max as a short form of Maxine, which opens up even more possibilities when considering these two wonderful names.

10Wyatt & Garret

Wyatt and Garret are two fantastic name choices for your twin boys and share a strong and powerful meaning. While Wyatt is of English origin and Garrett is of Irish origin, they both mean “brave warrior”. The name Garrett is of Celtic decent and Wyatt is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “wig” meaning “war” or “battle”. I love that both these names share a magnificent meaning despite being from different origins. With one being English and one Irish, they both have ties to the British Isles and are a tribute to the history and power struggle of the region.

In terms of popularity, Wyatt trumps Garrett with being 33rd on the list of common baby names in the United States, while Garrett sits just over the 300 mark. These two delightful names would be an ideal choice for your fiery little ones.

9Riley & Raegan

These two baby girl names are full of spunk and would be a lovely choice for your twin daughters. Raegan is of Celtic origin and means “child of the king” and is bound to turn some heads. Riley is a personal favorite of mine and is also a Celtic name meaning “courageous” and “valiant”. The pairing of the two names and the combination of their meanings proves to be a winning choice for two lively little girls who have a zest for life.

These names also score points for being on the unique side. Both aren’t even in the top 200 US baby names for 2016, making each of them rather distinctive. Although less popular for boys names, Raegan and Riley are considered unisex names and may be a bold choice for twins of either gender.

8June & Jason

June and Jason are superb names for your boy-girl twin arrivals. June is of course the name of the sixth month of the year and is of Latin origin. This name holds a very special meaning because it is the modern version of the Roman Goddess Juno. Jason is of Greek origin and actually means “healer” making this name a wonderful option for your baby boy. I love the combination of the meanings of these names – many parents would be delighted to have their children named after a goddess and a healer.

Although Jason is sitting in the top 100, taking the 84th spot for baby name popularity, June remains among the 200s, making both names relatively unique this year. June and Jason are indeed a winning combination for your bundles of joy!

7Elizabeth & Eloise

These two elegant names would be the perfect choice for your twin girls. This name pair has a graceful sound that is pleasant to the ears as it rolls of your tongue. Both names also have strong meanings or connotations. Elizabeth is classic name and a form of the Hebrew Elisheva and means “God’s oath” or “pledge to God”. Eloise has an equally powerful meaning: derived from both English and French origin, it is a form of the name Elwisia and means “famous warrior”.

Although Elizabeth is on the more popular side, this is for good reason: Elizabeth not only has a beautiful name meaning but it is the name of serval famous British queens including the original Queen Elizabeth (who reigned from 1558-1603), one of the most powerful female monarchs in history, as well is Queen Elizabeth II ,who is one of the longest reigning monarchs and is still queen today. The name is ranked 13th on the list of popular baby names. Eloise, although just as eloquent sounding, is more unique than Elizabeth, ranking only 204th in terms of popularity in the United States, making it a unique choice for this wonderful combination.

6Logan & Odin

This delightful sounding pair would be a magnificent choice for your twin boys. Logan is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic word “lagan” and means “little hollow”. It was originally a surname and was eventually transformed into a first name over time. Logan as a surname has a long-standing Scottish history with many important Scottish figures. Logan is primarily used as a baby boy name but has recently been adopted for a girl’s name as well. It is ranked 18th on the baby name popularity scale and has been made famous by the illustrious character Wolverine in the X-Men comic book series.

The name Odin, on the other hand, is of Scandinavian origin and means “ruler”. Odin is a bold and classy choice and is the name of a God in Norse Mythology. The name is very unique, ranking only 383rd in baby name popularity in the United States. These names would be a winning pair for your new babies and would make many parents proud.

5Mason & Maeve

These two names are a treat for the ears and would be a great option for your boy-girl twins. Mason is of English origin and has the obvious meaning of “stone worker” (derived from the Old English word “macian” meaning “to make”). Stone masonry was a highly specialized trade, and individuals with this skill were well respected. Maeve is a sophisticated name, that although simple sounding, has a meaning that truly stands out. Maeve is of Irish origin and actually means “intoxicating” and “invigorating”. With this meaning, I picture a beautiful young lady stealing the hearts of many admirers.

Mason, although fairly popular, is on a steady decline, taking up the 4th spot last year in terms of baby name popularity but down from the 3rd spot in 2015. Maeve, on the other hand held the 402nd spot for name popularity in 2016. Both names sound sweet and pleasing and are a great option for your two bundles of joy.

4Lacey & Leah

Lacey and Leah have a wonderful ring to them both individually and together as a baby name pair! Lacey is a name with a positive connotation. It is of French origin and means “cheerful”. It is an adorable sounding name that is destined to win a place in your heart.

Leah has several meanings but my favorite is the Akkadian meaning taken from the Chaldean name “ruler”. The name Leah also appears in the Old Testament as the first wife of Jacob and mother to his 7 children. The combination of these meanings is “cheerful ruler”, creating a wonderful message of much needed hope in our world. Lacey is less popular, ranking only 487th in baby name popularity while Leah is many spots ahead, holding number 37. These warm and inviting names are both excellent choices for your beautiful baby girls!

3Daryn & Eamon

These two baby boy names carry real depth and are a fantastic option for your new twin arrivals. Daryn is a unique spelling variation on the more common spelling “Darren”. The name is of Irish origin and means “wealthy”, “great” and “affluent”. When I hear this name, I picture a child growing up and having all that he longs for in the world. The name Eamon is also of Irish origin. It is a form of the name Edmund and similar to Daryn, it means “wealthy guardian”. It is wonderful that these two strong sounding names share a similar meaning, making them the perfect pair!

Daryn and Eamon both score off the charts in terms of their uniqueness. Daryn, when used in the more popular spelling of “Darren” is ranked 548th in the US, with the spelling of “Daryn” being even less popular. Eamon is also on the rare side, landing in the 1,082nd spot for baby name popularity in 2016. As you can see, this pair is very distinctive but also timeless, making it a winning combination for your baby boys.

2Luke & Lexi

Luke and Lexi are wonderful names that are short and to the point, offering a flash of energy to those who hear them. This pair would be a lovely selection for your boy-girl twins. Luke is of Latin origin but it’s borrowed from the Greek name Loukas and was eventually transformed to Lucas and then shortened to Luke. Luke is a place name and means “from Lucania” and is of course made popular by Luke from the New Testament.

Lexi is a beautiful name that is also of Greek origin. The name is a variation of the name Alexandra and it means “defender of mankind”. Luke is of course more popular than Lexi, sitting at number 29 in baby name popularity. Lexi is more unique and comes in at number 371, offering parents a bit of ingenuity for their name choices, generating these two names as a fantastic pair.

1Hailey & Hannah

Hailey and Hannah have a gorgeous ring to them and would be an incredible pick for your lovely twin girls. Hailey is a charming name with multiple spelling variations including Hayley, Haylee, and Haylie to name a few. The name is of English origin and has the beautiful meaning of “meadow”. I picture a young child running freely through the fields and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Hannah is of Hebrew origin and means “grace”. The Hebrew version of Hannah is Channah and both Latin and Greek languages borrowed this name, transforming it into the name Anna. Although Hailey and Hannah are relatively popular, they are well worth it and are outside of the top 10 baby names – Hailey sits currently at 68 and Hannah holds the 33rd spot. Both Hailey and Hannah have delightful meanings that would suit parents who are looking for classic names for their spirited baby girls.

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