• 20 Stylish Baby Names Coming Onto The Scene

    There is nothing quite as exciting as picking out a baby name for a new little bundle of joy. However, along with the excitement comes a little stress sometimes as well. New parents have to task of picking a name that their little one will be stuck with forever! No pressure right? Some parents may want something more traditional like David and William, while others want something more modern like Zayden and Axel. Whatever the preference, there are a number of brand new baby names coming onto the scene.

    Brand new baby names don't have to be modern inventions. In fact, many names on this list are deep-rooted in history and full of classic appeal but have somehow been dormant for years. Others on this list are new and contemporary with strong meanings.

    Don't worry, we've got plenty of categories covered.

    As one of a new parents' top priorities, picking a baby doesn't have to be daunting. We've put together a list of 20 brand new baby names that haven't been completely devoured by new parents yet. These names are still fresh on the baby name radar. So grab a pen fast! They won't stay that way for long!

    Here are 20 brand new baby names coming onto the scene.

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    Omari, pronounced O-MAH-ree, has reached its most popular ranking ever. After jumping on and off the charts beginning in 1978, this moniker found a secure spot in the top 1000 by 1997. Omari is ranked #512 today.

    Omari is Arabic for "flourishing, thriving" and is also Hebrew for "eloquent. It is also the Swahili variation of Omar.

    Omari Hardwick is an American actor who played in tv shows like Dark Blue and Saved. He's helping to keep the name somewhat in popularity after it had a drop in favor in the early 2000s.

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    Knight is definitely a unique name choice, but it is also very familiar to people. Knight has never been featured on the American popularity list, though it wouldn't be surprising to see it make its first appearance soon.

    The meaning of Knight, as most of us will know it, is "warrior." This English word name was first brought onto the scene by singers Kelis and Nas.

    Though Knight isn't exactly mainstream just yet, it might just follow other old-fashioned noble names like King soon.

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    This moniker is for parents looking for something a little on the dark side. Depending on how you look at the meaning of the name, Mazikeen could be full of potential.

    The TV show, Lucifer, had it right when they named one of their beautiful demons, Mazikeen. This name dates far back and is full of history. In mythological times, Mazikeen were small demons who created great danger.

    Don't let Mazikeen's history dissuade you though. This moniker can be reinvented and made into a name for today's fierce and strong baby girl.

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    This surname that works perfectly as a first name has never been featured on the popularity list, but how? This adorable moniker has so much potential combined with a rich history.

    Curie is an Old French name that means "kitchen." Early forms of Curie date back as far as the year 1212, in the form of de Curie.

    One famous name bearer and a great representative of the name is the physicist, Marie Curie. Considering she is a two-time winner of the Noble Prize, she isn't too bad of a namesake. Curie is definitely a rare choice, but it's not without its charm.

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    Raiden entered the American list in 2007 and reached its highest ranking ever last year as the 400th most popular baby boy's name. It's expected to continue to climb up the charts in the coming year.

    Raiden, which is actually pronounced RYE-den, is Japanese for "thunder and lightning."

    Raiden was the ancient Japanese god of thunder and in the U.S., you'll hear it pronounced RAY-den.

    Raiden is most likely going to join other tough guy names like Gunner, or even take the place of the super popular Aiden and Jayden.

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    Pippi Longstocking was one of the most popular female children's characters of last century, but several decades later her name still has yet to be featured on the American popularity list.

    Pippi is the Norse variation of Phillipa, which means "lover of horses." Pippi also means "quirky" in Swedish and "rosey" in French.

    Though it sounds more like a nickname in the U.S., this Nordic name has actually been around for centuries in Scandinavia. Pippy is another cute spelling possibility.

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    Dax is jumping onto the scene very quickly, in part because of celebrity Dax Shepard. Dax actually made a few appearances on the charts in the 70s but didn't find a comfortable spot in the top 1000 until 2007.

    Dax is a French place name. Dax Shepard was named after the character, Dax Xenos, in Harold Robbins novel, The Adventurers.

    Despite its appearances on the charts, Dax remains a very unfamiliar and unique choice and is just inside the top 500 at #456 today.

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    If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan, you'll love this up and coming choice that was basically created by teens and young adults who love the book. Ezria has yet to be on the popularity list, but this modern invention may just appear soon.

    Ezria is the combination of the characters, Ezra and Aria, from the series. The two were a couple throughout most of the show and their relationship was a fan favorite.

    A name that begins in fandom just might become a hit after all, though this one can also be considered a variation of Ezri is some cultures.

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    Sansaar might still sound a tad strange and exotic in the U.S., but this Hindu baby boy name would make an adorable addition to the American popularity list!

    Sansaar is a Sikh boy's name that means "the world, the creation" in Arabic. In Sikhism, baby names are many times taken from their text, the Guru Granth Sahib. The English variations are usually taken phonetically.

    People with the name Sansaar are said to be intelligent and constantly seeking wisdom and religion. Sansaar is an exotic choice, yet to be overused in the U.S.

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    Via: AliExpress.com

    If you love boy names for girls, Franklynn is the perfect underused choice! This moniker combines the popular girl's "lynn" ending with the old-fashioned boy name Frank to make the ultimate tomboy name.

    Franklynn is considered a variation of Franklin, which means "Free landholder." While Franklin is still in the top 500 for boys, Franklynn has yet to be ranked for either gender.

    Franklynn is a rare choice that modern parents are turning into a brand new baby name.

    Completely new to the girl's baby name column, Franklynn might just be the new "lynn" trend.

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    Carsyn is another boy name turned girl name and given a more feminine makeover with a prettier "y."

    While Carsyn has yet to be on the popularity list, Carson was in the top 1000 in the 90s. Carson for boys is still in the top 100.

    Carsyn is a variation of Carson that is Scottish for "son of the marsh dwellers." Novelist, Carson McCullers helped bring this name over to the girl's side, but its meaning has kept it more popular for boys.

    While there are several famous Carson males like Daly, Palmer, and Wells, there have yet to be any popular female name bearers other than the author.

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    Versailles is a name rich in history that most parents are familiar with, however, as a girl's name, it's completely fresh and new on the radar.

    Versailles has never been on the popularity list, despite the new place name trend.

    Chateau de Versailles is one of the most famous castles in the world. This historic French monument is full of lush gardens, gorgeous architecture, and luxury.

    The city of Versailles combined with Marie Antoinette's luxurious taste give this rare moniker a rich pedigree and fashionable appeal.

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    Zeppelin is just one way to spell this new and edgy up and coming moniker. Zeplyn and Zeplin are two others that are brand new to the baby name scene.

    Zeppelin, the original and classic rock band namesake, has yet to be featured on the popularity list, though Nameberry has it ranked as the 602nd baby boy name.

    Jonathan Davis of the band Korn was the first to adopt this moniker as a first name, making it a doubly iconic rocker name. Zeplyn is a little more feminine making it perfect for a little rocker babe.

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    Kingsley is the brand new Kingston, which was one of the fastest rising baby names of the past few years. While Kingston becomes overused, Kingsley is behind it as the 654th most popular baby boy name.

    Kingsley entered the charts in 2013 and has been slowly rising since. Its entrance into the top 1000 is due, in part, to the Harry Potter series, where it was used for one of its characters, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

    Another famous name bearer was Kingsley Amis, an English poet, teacher and author early last century.

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    Via: peleoafricano

    Iseult, pronounced just like Isolde, may look really strange at first glance, but it is actually jam-packed with appeal and history. It has never been on the American list of top 1000 baby names, but neither has Isolde.

    Iseult is German and means "she who is gazed upon," while Isolde is Welsh for "ice ruler." Both meanings are equally strong, but Iseult is actually the original version.

    Tristan and Iseult is the ancient fable which inspired Richard Wagner's Tristan and Isolde. Another variation is Yseult, which may be a little too difficult to figure out how to pronounce.

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    Lucian is another adorable moniker with a couple of cute spellings, like the French version Lucien. However, it's only Lucian that has made it into the American top 1000.

    Lucian, pronounced LU-see-un, is Latin for "light." Saint Lucian was a 3rd-century saint and the "father of science fiction" Greek satirist, Lucian of Samasota helped bring the name into existence.

    Lucian spent several decades on the charts beginning in 1880 until it was knocked off in 1951. It's making a comeback that is stronger than ever and has made it back to the 583rd spot.

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    Hesita, though it may be brand new to the scene in the States, actually dates back to ancient Greek mythology. This warm and cozy moniker has never been on the popularity list but is perfect for a fall or winter baby girl.

    Hestia is Greek for "hearth, fireside." She was the Greek goddess of the hearth, home and domesticity. She was also the big sister of Zeus, Hera and Poseidon.

    Though Hestia has long been ignored as a baby name, as of last year it finally awoke out far too many years of sleep and is being considered as a classic name with deep roots. But why did it take so long?

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    This gender-neutral name is a new variation of Ryan, which works well for either a girl or boy. Rian actually spent a few years on the popularity list for boys in the 70s, but it was short-lived. Rian is the 25th most popular boy's name in Ireland and #539 in England.

    Rian is Irish for "little king." It is actually the original form of the Irish Ryan, though Americans adopted the later as the more popular form in the U.S.

    Rian is a new and fresh take on what has become a classic. Though both spellings have been used for girls, they have long been more successful for boys.

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    Honestly, I can't help but think of the spoiled little girl who wanted to a golden goose in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I hear this name. However, if we can move past that, Veruca has a ton of potential.

    One other downside to the name Veruca is its meaning. Unfortunately, Veruca is Latin for "wart." Veruca was actually created by Ronald Dahl for the book Willy Wonka and if you've ever read it or seen the film, the meaning makes perfect sense for the character.

    Pushing that aside, Veruca has the potential to join other popular "v" names like Vivienne and Violet.

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    This cool and edgy name is perfect for photographer parents or parents who are just looking for something edgy and artsy that hasn't been overused.

    In digital imaging, a pixel is the smallest controllable element of a picture on a screen and each pixel represents an original image. It's a pretty involved concept and is actually fitting for a baby considering how intricate growing one is.

    Pixel hasn't been featured on the popularity list yet, but with names like Axel and Racer appearing, there's no reason we shouldn't see it on there soon.

    References: Nameberry.com, Everdayparenting.com, Popsugar.com

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