20 Sunny Baby Girl Names Moms Will Instantly Fall In Love With

Spring is in the air! This means that the sun is returning and the days are getting a little brighter (at least in the northern hemisphere). This also means that we will see a drastic increase in babies being born, as the warmer months get closer and closer. That’s right, according to census statistics, more babies are born in the US in warmer months (April to September) than any other time of the year! With an increase in births, it is no wonder you may be looking for a sunny and nature-related baby name for your baby girl who may be arriving any day now!

With a rise in births, you may be looking for an adorable name but one that is unique too- and boy are there plenty of gorgeous and original names just waiting for you to discover right here!

So whether you feel inspired by the changing of the season from winter to spring, by the changing of the clocks to allow for more hours of sunlight or are just looking for a more cheerful and luminous name choice for your baby girl, these 20 beautiful names are sure to knock your socks off and have you beaming with joy. Without further ado, here are 20 sunny baby girl names that you will instantly fall in love with!

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20 Mae


Mae is a gorgeous name that is often overlooked with its reputation for being an older name. But sometimes "old" can also mean timeless! Mae is of French and English origin. In French, the name means "month of May" and English the name means “kinswoman”. And interestingly enough, Mae is also sometimes used as a short form of the name Mary.

Mae is a great option if you’re looking for a bright and cheerful name but one that is also on the unique side. Mae is currently ranked #1,063 on the baby name popularity charts, which is actually a decline in popularity from its #724 ranking in 2017. Variations of this beautiful name include May, Maye, and Maeve.

19 Aya


Aya is another name choice that is also on the cheerful side. Aya is a beautiful name that is of Japanese origin and actually means “colorful”. It is a name that sparkles with luminosity, and would make a wonderful option for your baby girl. When I think of the name Aya, I think of the time when the season changes from winter to spring and everything starts to bloom and grow.

Globally, Aya remains moderately popular holding steady at # 613 in baby name popularity for 2018 and also held # 524 and 2017. With its unique a cheerful tone, Aya is a wonderful option for parents who aren’t afraid of a name with a dynamic flair for their little one.

18 Vivienne


Vivienne is a beautiful name that is of French origin (originally derived from Latin) that means “alive, lively or animated”. Although it has a spelling variation of Vivian, I personally love the French spelling as it gives the name a unique and feminine flair.

Vivienne is a name with a lot of character and is a wonderful choice for an exuberant and excitable baby girl. Mildly popular, this name is on a steady rise and is ranked #210 in baby name popularity, which is a huge jump from the 320th position in 2017. This rise is thought to be the result of celebrity influence thanks to Brad, Angelina and their daughter Vivienne (among a few other celebs) increasing the popularity of the name.

17 Cerelia


Cerelia is an interesting name with a unique quality and tone. Cerelia is of Latin origin and means “spring”. This means that this beautiful name can be representative of both the springtime as in the season or a spring where freshwater is found. This double meaning makes it a wonderful name choice for parents who are looking for something bright and cheerful but also earthy.

Cerelia is extremely unique, so unique in the fact that there aren’t many stats globally on the name and less than five girls were born with the name in North America. This was surprising, given the beautiful sound this name has and makes it a wonderful option for parents who are looking for something very original but also with a feminine tone. Cerelia even has a variation: the name Cerella, which is also beautiful sounding and equally as unpopular. Bother are great choices for parents willing to think outside the box when it comes to a name choice for their new daughter.

16 Chloe


Chloe is another name that has a similar meeting to Cerelia but is worlds more popular. The name is ranked currently at #22 on the baby name popularity charts, which is comparable to its 2017 ranking where it held the 21st spot.

Chloe is of Greek origin and is derived from the name Khloe, meaning “young green shoot” or “blooming”. Chloe also has an added factor of being a common name in Greek mythology, making it mystical in nature and in tone. It was one of the many names given to the goddess Demeter, and a prominent name in the story of Daphnis and Chloe. Despite its popularity, Chloe remains to be a wonderful name with much magical intrigue, making it a beautiful choice for your new baby girl.

15 Jade


Jade is a beautiful name that is sure to steal the hearts of many. Jade is of Spanish origin and is the name for none other than the green gemstone jade. It is an interesting name choice because some believe that jadestone promotes wisdom and tranquility by increasing love and nurturing to those who around it. Wearing Jade is thought to keep the wearer from harm, so perhaps this true for those with the name Jade as well!

Jade has grown in popularity over the years now hovering around the 103rd spot for baby name popularity in the year 2018. Its mysticism and multiple meanings make the name Jade a lovely choice for your little princess.

14 Midori


Midori is a beautiful name but also has a unique ring to it. Midori is of Japanese origin and simply means “green or verdant”, which is a good representation of those sunny spring days we all look forward to. Midori is a name that has a lot going for it because not only is it creative, it’s also sophisticated in tone and color, making it a welcomed choice.

Jade is also a great name option for parents were looking for an original name, as it was only ranked #8682 in the year 2017 in terms of baby name popularity in the United States. One thing is for sure: baby girls with this name will not have to worry about having other girls with the same name in their class growing up. Overall, Midori remains a well-rounded choice for your new bundle of joy.

13 Dahlia


Dahlia is a beautiful name that is sure to warm your heart. It is of Scandinavian origin and is the name for a flower that blooms in the summertime in the Northern hemisphere. Dahlias are bright, big, and round flowers that range in a wide variety of vibrant colors, making the name Dahlia a great choice if you’re looking for a name to go with your baby girl’s strong personality and unique charm.

Dalia is mildly popular, and currently holds the 361th spot in baby name popularity in 2018 but rose 71 points from #432 in 2017 in the United States. Dahlia is a great choice for your new baby girl, as are other flower names including Delilah, Violet, and Iris, just to name a few.

12 Abril


Abril is another unique name choice with a cheerful undertone. Abril is Latin for the word April, the month of the year that is heavily related to spring and the sunny days that are sure to follow it. Abril is a unique name that is gorgeous sounding and is a great choice for parents who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Abril is ranked #1076 in baby name popularity, which is very you unique in itself but is actually a large jump from 2017 where the name ranked #1680, according to Baby Center. Variations of the name Abril include the English name April (of course made popular by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise) and the French name Avril (made popular by The 90s pop singer Avril Lavigne). Abril is a wonderful name that promotes the return of the sun and the promise of spring and is especially perfect for baby girls born in the month of April.

11 Ivy


Ivy is another name that has a vibrant and lively ring to it. Ivy is of English origin and is, of course, the name for the ivy plant. Ivy has gone up and down in popularity, currently hovering around the 600th spot this year but had a notable spike in popularity in 2016, where at rose to #112 in baby name popularity rankings.

Much credit to the popularity of this name can be given to celebrity child Blue Ivy, the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z. Although the name has declined in popularity of the last few years, it still remains a wonderful name choice with a beautiful sounding tone. If you want to make the name even more unique, there are several variations on the name including Ivey, Ivi, Ivia, and Ivie.

10 Lily


Lily is, of course, a beautiful flower name that is of English origin. The name is derived from the Latin word lilium, for the lily flower. In the 19th Century, it was very common to name babies after elements of nature, so Lily was a very popular name back then along with names like Daisy, Magnolia, Daffodil, and Orchid, just to name a few.

Today, the name Lily still remains popular and currently holds the 28th spot and baby name popularity for 2018. Lily is a very stylish name and also happens to be a symbol of purity in modern Christianity, as lily flowers are a common occurrence at Easter. This beautiful name denotes a cheerful disposition and it’s a wonderful choice for your baby girl.

9 Odeletta


Odeletta is a beautiful name that may be high on the list for parents who are seeking something that is very original for their new daughter. Odeletta is ranked very low on the baby name popularity charts, with less than five babies holding the name in the United States last year.

Despite its uniqueness, Odeletta is a wonderful choice for a sunny baby name! The name is of French origin and means “little spring”, making it both a seasonal and water-related name choice. When I think of this name, a happy child running through a shallow stream comes to mind. The name also has an added bonus of offering a cute nickname option: Odie. Overall, Odeletta has a natural beauty to it and its originality makes it a great option for your new bundle of joy.

8 Aurora


Aurora is a beautiful name that has risen in popularity over the years. It is originally of Latin origin and means “dawn”, making it a perfect fit for our bright and cheerful theme. Aurora is also a mystical name, as it appears in Greek and Roman mythology. It has an ancient quality to it that cannot be ignored by all who hear it.

Aurora is gaining popularity, however, and is currently ranked number 30 on the baby name popularity charts. Perhaps this is due to celebrity influence, as a few years ago Holly Madison named her daughter Rainbow Aurora. Regardless of the reason for this popularity spike, Aurora remains a great name and would be an excellent choice for parents looking for something delightful yet sophisticated for their little girl.

7 Aviva


Aviva is another name that is extremely unique, and would be very fitting to parents who are looking for a charming baby girl with originality. Aviva is of Hebrew origin and means “spring lake, fresh, dewy and joyful” and has hovered between numbers 1000 and 2000 in popularity ranking in the United States over the last decade. Aviva is also the form of the masculine name Aviv, a boy’s name that is equally original but also a delightful name choice.

Aviva is a name with a valiant and charismatic quality to it. When we hear this name, we think of a baby girl with exuberance and excitement in her eyes, as she is ready to take on a bold new world. Aviva is truly and alluring find, making it an excellent choice for your new bundle of joy.

6 Dawn


Related to the name Aurora, we also have the name Dawn, a beautiful girl’s name that is cheerful yet classy in nature and tone. Dawn is of English origin and of course, means “sunrise”. This name would suit a baby girl who is full of adventure and spirit, and is excited to take on a new day.

Dawn is also a unique name, currently ranked #1,576 in baby name popularity for 2018. It is a wonderful choice for parents who are looking for a sturdy name but also one that is on the unique side. Dawn is a great name because being only one syllable; it leaves many possibilities for longer or cuter middle names. My favorite name combinations for Dawn include Dawn Marie, Dawn Elizabeth, and Dawn Eloise. With its diversity and magnetism, Dawn is a great overall choice for your baby girl.

5 Claire


Claire is a beautiful name choice that would suit any newborn baby girl. Claire is a French origin and means clear or bright. The name Claire is a form of Clara, another French name with the same meaning. I particularly like Claire because the name is both cheerful yet classy. It has elements of grace and poise to it. Perhaps this is because when we think of the name Claire, we think of celebrity Claire Danes, who has many notable rules for her poise and charm.

Claire is on the more popular side as it was ranked number 32 for baby name popularity in 2017. It is currently on the rise and still remains a wonderful choice. Claire is also a great option because it makes a stunning middle name as well as a first name! (Just think of the iconic name Marie Claire.) Whether first or middle name, Claire has a wonderful ring to it and would make an excellent choice for your baby girl.

4 Daisy


Daisy is a cheerful name choice that has a lot of history and flare. Daisy is of English origin and is, of course, a flower name that actually means “day’s eye”. This classic name was popular in the Victorian era, when baby girls were often named after flowers. At the turn of the century, the name had a slight decline before becoming popular again in the roaring 20s. Daisy is also a popular character in the novel The Great Gatsby.

Daisy remains moderately popular and currently holds the 184th spot in baby name popularity for 2018. This is a rise up from the 193rd spot in 2017, making the name not unheard of but not overly popular either. If you’re looking for a cute name for your new baby girl, Daisy may be just what you’re looking for!

3 Brooke


Brooke is another wonderful name that pertains to nature and has a sunny and cheerful element to it. The name Brooke is of English origin and means, of course, a brook or stream. When we think of the name Brooke we think of water flowing gracefully over rocks and fallen branches, giving it a rather peaceful quality.

Brooke is another moderately popular name currently holding the 205th spot for popular baby names in 2018, and nine points down from number 214 in 2017. The name Brooke has famous bear Brooke Shields, who was a popular actor in the 1990s. Inspired by nature, this short but sweet and perfectly charming baby name could be the perfect choice for your new bundle of joy.

2 Florence


Florence is a stylish name that is sure to steal the hearts of many. The name is of English and French origin but stems from the Latin word florentia, which means “blooming or flourishing”. Florence is a wonderful name choice because not only is it a cute name for a baby girl it is also bold and memorable sounding. It is also the place name for a town in Italy full of art and culture, giving it an added alluring quality.

Florence has yo-yoed in popularity over the years but made a 200 point jump from last year and holds the 793rd spot in baby name popularity for 2018. This massive rise in popularity is credited to its charismatic quality. The delightful name Florence would make an enchanting choice for your newborn baby girl.

1 Kelby


Kelby is another interesting and original name that has a cheerful ring to it. Kelby is of Scandinavian origin, and is a Norse word that means “farm by the springs”. It is a unisex name and one that is a great option for parents who are looking for something original because it is extremely unpopular.

What it doesn’t have in popularity, however, it makes up for in character as it is a wonderful option for those looking for an alternative to the name Kelsey or the ever popular name Kelly. And if the name wasn’t an original enough, Toby has various spelling variations that include Kelbi, and Kelbie. Kelby is an overall wonderful choice for parents who are looking for a bright and cheerful name for their baby girl.

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