20 Surprising Things Moms Can Do While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an incredibly beneficial process that normally gives all the essential nutrients to the baby and keeps the mom healthier. It's also a great bonding activity that brings the mom and the baby closer together and creates a great foundation for their future relationship. But... according to some moms, breastfeeding is not only a more difficult process than they initially thought. It's also a quite boring one.

After all, it seems that it's impossible to do anything else while breastfeeding because the mother has to sit down and hold the baby, thus limiting all other things she could be doing. Some moms even feel "stuck" because of this routine. But... what if I revealed that it's actually possible to do so many other activities while breastfeeding?

In fact, moms may talk to friends or family members, read or watch something, or even do some simple exercises and apply makeup – and all of this is during breastfeeding!

Isn't this kind of multitasking beneficial for moms who barely have any free time? It won't only let them manage so many more things at a time, but it'll also keep them satisfied with how productive and effective they are! So let's see what moms can do while feeding a baby and discuss how all nursing women can give it a try.

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20 This Is Why We Love To Breastfeed

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Most likely, if you're a new mom, interacting with your little one will be the only thing you'll do during your first breastfeeding sessions. You just won't be able to take your eyes off this bundle of joy and you'll just stare at them the whole time!

But here're some other things you can do while interacting with your baby. First of all, let your little one hear your voice as much as possible. Talk to them, tell about your day, or discuss your plans for the future. You can also sing a song (and don't worry about hitting the wrong note - your baby won't care about it). Doing these things is extremely important for creating a bond between you two and laying a solid foundation of your relationship.

19 Just Because One Baby Is Feeding Doesn't Mean Mom Can Ignore The Other

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If you have older kids, a breastfeeding session is a great time for maintaining the bond with them and helping them interact with the newborn, as well.

So use this special time to just talk to your kid (or kids). Ask them about their day or, if you're still very little, grab their favorite book and read it to them. Besides, you can also tell your elder kids about their little brother or sister, explaining to them how to behave with this tiny human being.

Make sure that your elder child doesn't feel left out due to the fact that there's a newborn at home and most of the attention goes to them.

18 This One's Only For The Truly Motivated

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I know what you're thinking now. "How the heck can I work out, if I have a baby lying on me and eating my milk?" Well, don't you have one free arm? You do, so what's wrong with exercising it? Just do some arm dumbbell exercises and, when you alternate the side used at your next feeding session, exercise the second one!

Another good idea is buying an exercise ball and getting your core engaged in this improvised workout, as well. Or you can also put your baby in a sling, stand up and do some squats. The weight of your baby will actually add a bit more difficulty to this exercise, so your rear muscles will work very well.

17 And This One Is For The Most Efficient Among You

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If you know that you'll only need one side to feed your little one, then you can easily pump the second one. Thus, you'll be doing two important things at once. Just attach the pump to another "girl" and you're good to go!

You'll be especially successful in this endeavor if you find a right pump that will work perfectly for you. It's also a good idea to get a hands free pumping bra. In this case, you'll be able to hold your baby with both hands and help them latch on, if needed, while still pumping your milk into a bottle.

Talk about multitasking, right?

16 Admit It, You'd Be Crushed If We Said You Couldn't

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This tip is important for the moms who have already started getting tired from always being at home with the baby. It's high time for them to social media their life up! And what's the best way to do it? Right, the best idea is to connect with friends and followers while breastfeeding.

Whatever it is you want to do – post a #breastfeeding selfie, write a blog post, send a message to a friend you haven't talked to for a while, or just scroll down your news feed to keep yourself up to date – feel free to use your social media, while your little one is eating lunch.

15 Two Can Play At That Game

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Some moms get so busy with a newborn at home that they hardly find time to eat. So they may just as well have a snack while breastfeeding. After all, this is lunchtime for your baby, why shouldn't you use it for eating, as well?

So go ahead and find a snack for yourself before sitting with your baby. It may be anything that you can eat with one hand – cut fruits or veggies, crackers, or even a sandwich. If you feel experienced enough to try one-handed lunch eating, you can have a bigger meal, as well.

Besides, you should also keep a water bottle at hand, because keeping yourself hydrated while breastfeeding is also very important.

14 When You Just Want To Talk To Another Fellow Grown-Up

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It might feel like it's been forever since you talked with your friends. But why should you miss out on this important part of life, if you can catch up with them while nursing your baby?

Remember that as much as you want to share your huge news with your friends or relatives, they want to hear from you, too. So don't hesitate to take a phone with you before sitting on a couch with your little one. If you feel better holding your baby with two hands or if they need your assistance to latch on, get a hands-free headset and keep on talking.

13 You, An Intellectual

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If you want to make the nursing session the quietest time of the day and don't want to talk to anyone, you can just get a book with you and read it. Or, if you still need both of your hands to breastfeed, upload an audiobook to your phone or another device and listen to it.

For an avid reader, breastfeeding is the best time for grabbing a book. Since your baby is right here, in your hands (which is the safest place in the universe for them now), you don't have to watch them. You can just immerse yourself into the plot of your book and finish a chapter or two in a session.

12 Or Maybe You're Too Tired To Read

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Do you want to turn breastfeeding into the most useful time of the day for you? Then open YouTube or any other website that offers to watch videos and find something useful there. For example, it can be the latest TED Talk, where you may learn so many things on numerous topics, from spirituality to science, from modern art to space exploration.

Whatever interests you at the moment, just watch it. It won't only let your mommy brain develop and think of something else apart from taking care of your baby. It will also give you more topics to discuss at dinner with your partner, family, or friends. Isn't it exciting?

11 Moms Just Want To Get. Stuff. Done.

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Are you a list maker, who can't imagine being effective without making a to-do list for a day (week, month, etc)? Then make use of your breastfeeding session to create these lists.

So what lists can you make? It can actually be anything you want – a grocery list, a shopping list for school supplies for your elder kid, a shopping list for baby products for your newborn, and even a business idea list for you as a work-at-home mom.

It's incredible how you can use these calm and quiet minutes to create all these lists and make your life (and your thoughts) a little bit more organized.

10 If It's Good Enough For Your Toddler...

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There have been a lot of studies that proved that coloring is a great therapeutic activity that helps you relax, decreases your stress, and boosts your creativity. Isn't it something you need after giving birth to a brand new human being and barely having time to get some quality sleep?

So here's how you can do it. Buy a coloring book or just find some pictures on the internet and print them out. Get colored markers, pencils, or crayons. And then just let your imagination run the show!

If you have other kids, do it with them to help them boost their creativity, as well, and to strengthen your bond.

9 Who Wouldn't Want To Sleep While On The Job?!

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Another great thing you can do while nursing is getting some sleep. Don't worry, it's absolutely safe to take a nap while breastfeeding. Make sure that you don't have many pillows and similar objects around your baby and allow yourself to doze off.

You're likely to feel sleepy while breastfeeding after all because a hormone called oxytocin is released during this process and it helps you relax. So lie down on the side, let your little one nurse for as long as they want, and when they're done eating, they're likely to fall asleep, as well.

Isn't it a nice way to take an afternoon break?

8 What #Millennial Wouldn't?!

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Another way to make the breastfeeding session a useful time, when you learn something new for yourself, is browsing the web. Subscribe for websites and blogs that give practical advice on motherhood, breastfeeding, the upbringing of children, and other topics that are of immediate interest for you at the moment. Recipes are another useful thing you can be looking for, because who doesn't like to cook (and eat) something new and usual once in a while?

You can also read the news websites to know what's happening in the country and the world at the moment. After all, being a new mom, you still need to know all these things.

7 Baby Will Enjoy This One, Too

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If you're a music fan, here's the good news for you. You can get your child to love music, too, from the first days of their life! And, according to Women's Health, it's actually very useful for your child to start listening to music as early as possible. Soon you'll begin noticing that your little bundle of joy responds to some songs more than to others and find out what kind of music is going to be their favorite!

Feel free to listen to any music you like, but it's better if you give preference to classical music or to some relaxing tracks, so that your baby doesn't get too excited.

6 Amazon To The Rescue

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With all these motherhood duties of yours, you probably don't have any time for shopping as pleasure. You can't go to a store and just buy yourself a new piece of clothes and, obviously, there's no time for shopping to buy presents for your friends and relatives.

But what if you just take a computer during your breastfeeding session and open an online shop to do some one-hand browsing there? Don't you feel like the little shopaholic living in you is becoming extremely happy, even when you're only thinking about it? And you'll certainly be home the next day when all your packages are delivered.

5 When You Finally Have A Date Night Planned

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After some time passes and breastfeeding mothers get some more experience, it seems that they can do anything during a nursing session. We can even master makeup application while holding our newborn in one hand!

A mother shares her experience on Her Family, "I have developed a surprising proficiency in one-handed make-up application. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than my usual flat-haired, dark-circled look, and I feel one hundred times better for it."

Believe me, you'll also feel better about yourself if you do it. So next time you have a nursing session, take your eyeliner with you and begin practicing.

4 Bonding With The Family

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Isn't it great to get together with your partner and other family members and talk about everything happening in their lives and in yours? What do you think about doing it during a breastfeeding session, when everyone can see your little bundle of joy and melt over how cute you two are? If you invite your family in, you will both get the social interaction you strive for so much and help yourself feel comfortable breastfeeding with other people around.

It's actually a great idea not only because you'll get to spend time with your beloved people, but also because your baby will listen to everyone's voices, get used to them, and create a stronger bond with the family.

3 Just Chill

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It's also a good idea to use your breastfeeding sessions as kind of a rejuvenating time. While your little one is having lunch, just sit back, relax, and enjoy this precious moment of calmness and silence.

Do whatever helps you feel more relaxed – enjoy a cup of your favorite tea, look out of the window, listen to birds chirping, or just sit with your eyes closed, not thinking about anything in particular. Take the best out of this moment, so that later on in life, when it gets even more hectic (probably, it will), you can remember it and be happy that you managed to appreciate it.

2 Because A Calm And Centered Mom Is A Happy Mom

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If you have meditated before, you certainly know how beneficial it is for you. It decreases your stress level, makes you more mindful, and helps you remain calm in difficult situations. But even if you've never done it, you can easily start with a newborn in your hands. Believe me, it'll benefit both of you, because a calm mamma equals what? Right, a calm baby!

Don't think of meditation as a complicated and long process. If you're a beginner, even a few minutes of mindful relaxation will be good for you. Observe your breath, as well as the sensations created by your baby eating your milk. If your mind wanders away, just come back to the observation and keep your focus on the present moment.

1 In The End, Do Whatever You Want Mama!

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In fact, you can do pretty much anything you want while nursing. Once you have caught your breastfeeding rhythm, you'll realize that it's not something that makes you sit don't and do nothing. There're numerous activities you may do, if only you want.

And you don't even have to limit yourself to the things listed here. If you put your baby in a sling, you can do more stuff around the house. You can cook, do laundry, or do some cleaning. You can even take a walk and get some fresh air or go to the grocery store. Let this natural process become your second nature and it'll be so much more joyful for you, as well as for your baby!

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