20 Surprising Things Moms Will Need In The Delivery Room

There comes a time in every pregnant woman's life when she has to determine what she'll need in the delivery room, as well as in the hours that lead up to that monumental moment. Of course, doctors, other mothers, and coaches help prepare mothers for the rigors of childbirth as well as the proper procedure after the fact. But rarely do moms feel completely secure when packing that hospital bag.

This is precisely why we've created this list. Here, every mom, expecting mother, or otherwise curious reader will find exactly what one needs to bring to the hospital for that oh-so-special delivery. Sure, every scenario may be a tad different, depending on the region that the hospital is based in. But this list has mostly universal suggestions that have been given by experts.

All of the experts are sourced at the bottom of this article. The links found there are excellent resources for those wishing to do a little more research; something that is vital when it comes to anything health-related or to do with childbirth. But, for now, this article will be a great resource. Without further ado, here are 20 surprising things moms will need in the delivery room.

20 Some Soothing Tunes To Lull You Into Bliss

Don't ever underestimate the powers of music. It can be healing, inspirational, relaxing, and downright fun. Regardless of the type of music you like, bringing a phone or computer full of tunes will make the wait for the delivery room so much easier. It will help you prepare for it as well as distract you from the worries you may have. Additionally, music can also be played in the delivery room itself, depending on the hospital that is. If it's your wish to have certain music played quietly while you're in labor, the nurses are happy to make this come true for you. Just be careful of which songs you pick for the fateful moment as you may never be able to listen to them again as they will remind you of the intensity of the moment.

19 Perhaps Some Diapers... For Mom

One of the things that most moms totally forget about is the fact that they could very well need diapers for themselves after giving birth. Sure, some moms remember to bring diapers for their newborn, but they don't want to think about the fact that the birth triggers the release of thick tissue in the uterine lining. This tissue is called lochia, and it can come out for weeks after the birth regardless of whether a mom has the usual delivery or a C-section. Hospitals tend to provide extra-large pads, along with ice packs, in order to deal with this natural issue, but adult-sized diapers can be far more effective. Women tend to have issues controlling their bladder after birth so that the diaper may also serve multiple purposes.

18 The Right Tops, Tanks, And Bras

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So, let's chat about the necessity of bringing the right tanks, bras, and tops to the delivery room, shall we? Whether you plan to breastfeed your child or not, your "girls" will go through some physical changes. This is the unavoidable reality of child brith as your body is ready for breastfeeding whether you are going to or not. Therefore, having a couple of pairs of breathable tank tops, that you don't mind getting some milk on, is something you should put in your bag. Additionally, bras that also won't mind a bit of leakage from the "girls" will be immensely helpful. If you do plan to breastfeed, a comfortable nursing bra is a must for right after the baby comes into this world.

17 Baby Socks And Mittens For Those Mini Hands And Feet

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When thinking about what clothing to bring for your baby it's important to include some mini mittens and mini socks for the baby. If a mom remembers to pack clothing for her baby, this is one of the things that tend to slip her mind. There are a couple of reasons why mini mittens and mini socks will be important for your newborn to have as soon as they come out of you in the delivery room. First of all, some newborns are born with particularly long fingernails and toenails that could prove to be uncomfortable for those who hold them. Socks and mittens will protect the holder from their nails. Additionally, a baby can feel quite cold once they leave the womb and enter the real world. These mittens and socks will keep them nice and comfortable.

16 An Extra Bag or Two To Schlep Stuff Home

Many moms-to-be have a challenging time limiting their hosptial bag before they head off to the delivery room. But, make no mistake, it's far more challenging to deal with bags on your way home from the hospital. Chances are, you will have amalgamated so much stuff over your time at the hosptial that it will be nearly impossible to fit everything into the bags you bring. This is why we recommend that you stuff an extra bag, or more, into the bags you're taking. This will allow you to have flexibility. It will even allow you to put your used clothing in one bag and the stuff that wasn't touched in another. On top of all of this, hospitals usually allow parents to take all of the supplies that were given to the baby,. This includes a nose aspirator, the thermometer, diapers, and even creams. So that extra bag will likely be handy.

15 Be A Mom And Bring A Nightgown

Nightgowns can feel really old fashioned. Almost like something that your mom would wear around the house despite there being an alternative. Of course, there are some designer nightgowns made by Victoria's Secret and the like that are a tad more fashionable. But when it comes to the hospital, you don't want to spring for that. You want to find the most convenient and comfortable nightgown you can get ahold of. Sure, it's not going to look good... But guess what? You're not going to look good. You're giving birth. It's pretty full on and takes a lot out of your body. Having a nightgown will make things far more convenient for the nurses at the hospital as well as for you. And besides, whatever nightgown you purchase will be better than the ones they give you at the hospital.

14 Don't Count On Hospital TP, Bring Your Own

Everyone prefers a different brand of toilet paper. It can be extra plushy, environmentally friendly, or just pretty standard. But any and all of these brands are better than the ones you get at the hospital. Seriously, the toilet paper they purchase for hospitals feels like you're wiping yourself with sandpaper. And when you're preparing for a birth, as well as dealing with the effects after it, you definitely want a brand that makes you feel comfortable. Or, at the very least, a brand you're used to. Additionally, the hospital may not have even TP to go around in the event of diarrhea, which can happen during early labor. It's just a very smart idea to have your own at hand for any event. Your partner will also be very thankful for this choice.

13 Dry Shampoo And Some Cleansing Wipes To Keep Fresh

Obviously, when you're stuck in a hosptial bed, there's just no way you're going to be able to have a shower. And besides, hospital showers aren't the best place to feel clean. But you're definitely going to want to feel clean after hours and hours of being stuck in one place. And you'll be sweating and you'll be smelling and you'll just feel pretty darn icky. This is why it's a brilliant idea to bring some dry shampoo and some fresh cleansing wipes with you. Sure, they're not going to make you look and feel amazing, but they're certainly going to help. These wipes can also ward off some of the baby blues and elevate your mood. Trust us, investing in a few of these things are going to make your hospital stay, both before as well as after the delivery room, so much more doable. Additionally, cleansing wipes can be great during labor, as they'll keep you energized.

12 Massage Oil And Maybe Even Your Very Own Masseuse

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Some people may think that bringing massage oil to the delivery room is the last thing a mother-to-be will need, but it's actually a really good idea to include it in your hosptial bag. A little massage during labor can go a long way. Moms need a little attention while their entire body, not to mention every medical professional in the room, is focused on birthing. Many moms swear by perineal massage which can actually loosen up the body so the baby can come out more smoothly. So while it's important to have the massage oil, having someone who can use it properly is even better. Seriously, this little thing can actually go a very long way indeed.

11 All Those Scrunchies And Hairbands

So many moms-to-be believe that they will find a cute social media moment while waiting for the delivery of their baby. We don't want to discourage this hope, but it's very unlikely. Seriously, this isn't a "pretty" moment, even though it is almost definitely beautiful... In its own way, at least. SO bringing scrunchies and hair bands to the hospital isn't about looking attractive. For once, having a scrunchie or five at hand is all about their design. You will definitely want to keep hair out of your eyes, especially during child brith itself. Nothing will bug you more than having strands of hair itching your eyes during the birth.

10 Flip Flops For Those Pregnant Feet

When you're in the hospital, protect your feet at all costs. No matter how clean a hosptial may be kept, it's a breeding ground for all sorts of germs. And so many germs and bacteria can cling onto bare feet. Besides, hosptial floors tend to be very cold and unwelcoming to the barefoot, which is precisely why bringing flip-flops will be really helpful for all those times you need to get up and use the washroom or just need to stretch your legs. Some women may prefer to use socks or slippers, but these are better to use later on when feet get swollen after labor. Unlike socks and slippers, flip-flops don't make the person wearing them too warm, which can be an issue before, during, and after labor.

9 Bring On The Lip Balm

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Hosptial air can be kept very dry. They do this on purpose for a variety of reasons, most of them medical, some of them for financial reasons. Regardless, some lip balm is always a good thing to bring with you to the hospital. It will be useful for when you're waiting around to get into the delivery room as well as during the event itself. The last thing you need to concern yourself with is having dry or uncomfortable lips during delivery. So, bring some lip balm with you. They'll make you feel good during labor and during the precious hours after the birth of your child. But, as we all know, lip balm tends to get lost very easily so it may be a smart idea to bring a few capsules of lip balm with you just in case.

8 Change For Those Pesky Vending Machines

Generally, there's nothing less appetizing than hosptial food. Seriously, it's like they want to make you bad food. But, it's important that moms make the time for eating as much as possible, especially if better food is brought in for you. Your body will need as much energy as possible, which is why moms sometimes turn to vending machines to get some extra energy and sugar. The problem with vending machines is that they are flawed by design. They love to eat up your coins, meaning that you will need to bring as much extra coinage as possible. Besides, you never know just how much vending machine food you will be craving during the hours before as well as after the delivery.

7 Nobody is Going To Lend You Their Phone Charger

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Hospitals don't tend to keep a bunch of extra phone chargers on hand for moms who may need to juice-up their smartphones. And asking fellow patients or even the nurses if you can borrow theirs is unlikely to go over well. Making sure you have your phone charger right at hand for the delivery room will be a necessity for most moms who want to either document the moment or, more importantly, keep in touch with those who are concerned and curious about the progress and the arrival of the baby. Chances are, you will be on your phone for much of the time leading up to the delivery, meaning that the battery is going to get drained. So make sure you have that charger right there and perhaps having an extra one is a good move too.

6 A Handy-Dandy Notebook And A Pen or Three

There's going to be a lot of information flying your way. As soon as you get into the hospital, nurses and doctors, as well as other hospital staff, will be letting you know about some important facts concerning your stay at the hospital, your own health, and the health of the baby. Writing all of this down is a must as your mind may need as much space as possible and you're likely to forget. It's a great idea to bring a trusty pen (or many) as well as a notebook or notepad. Sure, you can take notes on your phone, but you will be using up space on it as well as important power. PLus, pens and notepads are a tad more convenient as you don't need to wade through an assortment of apps to get to the digital notepad.

5 A Couple Pairs Of Baby Clothes... Yes, Don't Forget That A Kid Is Coming

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Yes, you can't forget that a baby is on its way. Seriously, so many moms tend to forget to bring a couple of pairs of baby clothes with them to the delivery room. It's only after the birth that they remember and the baby is usually sent home wearing a swaddle or something that hospital has on hand. Now, the baby definitely doesn't need a lot of clothing in the hospital. For the most part, a blanket will do. But a special outfit for coming home is a smart idea. It's an even more intelligent idea to have a couple sizes of clothing as you can never be sure how big or small the baby will be when they come out. Some babies will need preemie clothing while the vast majority will fit into standard sizes.

4 Your Very Own Pillow... But Not One You Can't Get Rid Of

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No matter how nice a hosptial is, it's never as comfortable as your own home. Actually, that may be a massive understatement. Hospitals are usually pretty uncomfortable, even when they are nicer than others. This is one of the reasons why it would be a great idea to pack your very own pillow. While in delivery, you'll find it far more comfortable to lean back into your very own pillow versus the thin and often tough pillows that they give you at the hospital. The only thing we would add to this is that you shouldn't be too attached to this pillow as it will likely be in tough shape once you leave. it will soak up sweat and it might even get tossed around a bit during the physical event of childbirth.

3 The Results For All Your Tests

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In the vast majority of cases, doctors will have all of your medical information right at hand once you enter the delivery room. This will include all of your test results; I.E. ultrasound test results. But, it's never a bad idea to bring copies of all the documents you acquired from the medical tests done before the delivery room. Keeping copies will be helpful for you to reference as well in case the doctor makes a mistake. This can happen as they tend to see quite a few people, especially if you're in a hospital in a bigger city. Most of the time, there will be no need for the copies of these tests, but being prepared never did any wrong.

2 All The Items That Will Get You To The Delivery Room Happily

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Getting to the delivery room can take ages. After you check in at the hospital, you usually have to go into a smaller room as the nurses must check to see if you're ready for labor. After you've passed this first test, you could end up in another bed for as long as your body needs. Sometimes you go straight into the delivery room, and other times you will be there for hours. And this wait can feel like a lifetime. Bringing all the necessary things that will help you pass the time will be important. We're talking about things like Netflix. Yep, you may want to occupy your time with a bit of a binge. Books, blankets, music, and other items are also a stellar idea.

1 All The Comfiest And Most Cuddly Clothes

The clothing you wear during delivery is bound to be minimal. In fact, it's usually just the hospital robe that they give you. However, the clothing you wear right before, and more importantly, after, will be a life-saver. Next to the post-delivery shower, a pair of cozy clothing is the best thing that will happen to you. It will make you feel like a million bucks. You want to make sure that the cozy clothing that you pack for this celebratory and breath-catching moment is loose and easy to slip on and off. Belly bands can also be a wonderful added feature in order to support you and add relief to sensitive areas. Although this may be a surprising thing to pack for the delivery room, it will make all the difference in the moment.

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