20 Surprising Things We Never Knew About Cardi B And Offset's Marriage

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar (aka Cardi B) is one of the very few successful female rappers in the music industry. Cardi B grew up in the Bronx and had to work hard to put her music out there. She took advantage of her TV appearance in the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: New York to promote her music. She also released several music videos on Vine and IG that managed to go viral. Her music has topped several times in worldwide charts and won her numerous awards.

Rapper Kiari Kendrell Cephus (aka Offset) is part of the music trio group Migos, together with cousins Kirsnick Khari Ball (known as Takeoff) and Quavious “Quavo” Keyate Marshall. Unlike Cardi B, Offset grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a successful rapper since he has topped the music charts and become an Internet sensation. Offset has also worked with famous music artists like Drake, Gucci Mane, and DJ Khaled.

A lot about how this lovely couple met is still a mystery but when people saw them together in February of 2017 at the Super Bowl, they knew something was up. By then there were already rumors that the two were an item. By September 2017, the two were officially married in a private ceremony in the bedroom witnessed by a close cousin of the female rapper. In July 2018, Cardi B gave birth to the couple’s first child, a beautiful girl by the name Kulture and the couple is still very much in love to date.

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20 The Couple Met At An Event

Via: thegrio.com

Every great relationship must commence from somewhere. However, both rappers Cardi B and Offset have managed to keep details of the origin of their love story on the down low. Cardi B was the one who shed some light on it but only after their public engagement. According to a video posted on Cardi B’s Twitter account, the couple’s first encounter was at an industry event back in 2016.

According to bustle.com, the details of the event are still not that clear but Cardi revealed that Offset was very persistent about wanting to talk to her. We guess that encounter is what led to their very first hit collaboration, "Lick."

19 Their First Date Was At The Super Bowl

Via: chukslyonews.com

Although the couple was very private about their relationship in the very beginning, the couple’s first date was at a public place. According to thetalko.com, the public spotted the duo at the 2017 Super Bowl together. Offset later revealed that it was actually their first date.

Cardi, on the other hand, was very casual about the day; she posted an IG story and in it referred to Offset as her friend. This led to fans speculating that the two were more than friends. We have to give it up to Offset; the Super Bowl was a spectacular place for a first date.

18 The Pair Denied Their Relationship For A While

Via: people.com

After the Super Bowl, speculations about the duo dating only grew stronger and stronger but the two refused to confirm or define their relationship, in fact, the one thing they did was deny it. They even refused to comment on their potential relationship during interviews. One time when someone asked Cardi about the relationship, she talked about Offset’s work ethic and her desire to imitate that instead.

However, fans refused to back down with the speculations until their assumptions were no longer assumptions but facts. Finally, during an interview with Tim Westwood in London, he put Cardi B on the spot by asking whether she was dating Offset and after a long pause, she said, “Yes. I mean, I see the boy. We are real gangsters.”

17 Their Wedding Was Private

Via: thesource.com

Fans of the couple were surprised to hear that Cardi and Offset were already married. The two had been living as husband and wife literally for months even before news of their public engagement. This piece of info broke out when TMZ managed to get a copy of the couple’s marriage certificate dated September 20, 2017.

After the news, Cardi confirmed on Twitter that she and Offset did indeed get married in private in September 2017. She justified this by saying that she shares many things about her life with the world but her marriage is the one thing she wants to keep to herself. She also added that their relationship needed a lot of growing away from the public eye.

16 Offset Let The Cat Out Of The Bag At the BET Awards

Via: bet.com

When Offset’s group Migos won Best Group at the BET Awards, Offset had to give a speech. In the midst of the excitement, he said this, “I thank God, I thank my wife...” which left the audience scratching their heads.

Those who were listening keenly started wondering when the two actually tied the knot but the rest who did not catch the tee found out when TMZ revealed the archived marriage certificate proving that indeed the couple was husband and wife. This is actually the first time the duo had hinted to the public that they were married, as stated by thelist.com.

15 The Wedding Took Place In Their Bedroom

Via: hollywoodlife.com

This duo is definitely full of surprises. When news of their union finally broke out, Cardi decided to share the details of her wedding day. She explained it all on her Twitter account, that morning in September when Offset woke up, he looked into her eyes and asked her to marry him to which the “Money” rapper replied, yes.

According to nickiswift.com, they immediately got someone to marry them right there and then in the confinement of their bedroom. Cardi further wrote that she had said 'I do' with no wedding dress, makeup, or wedding bands. Cardi B’s cousin was the only witness to the marriage.

14 Offset Proposed After The Wedding

Via: thegrapevine.theroot.com

Even before people could react to the news about the duo tying the knot, Offset already had another surprise for Cardi and the fans. During the Power 99 Powerhouse concert, he went down on one knee, where the duo was performing on-stage and proposed to her.

When someone asked the two a few weeks later about their wedding plans, they brushed the question off and said they were too busy to start planning anything but the truth was that they were already married. Unfortunately, after the bedroom wedding news broke out, fans soon discovered that the proposal was just for publicity. However, Cardi later confirmed that the proposal was actually real; Offset wanted her to experience what all girls dream off, as stated on nickiswift.com.

13 The Couple Usually Has Petty Arguments

Via: thefader.com

This may come as a surprise to a few but these famous rappers also have arguments but then again so do all people in relationships. However, at times their arguments can be so petty. According to nickiswift.com, most of their arguments are usually on social media where fans have front row seats to all the drama.

One time Cardi posted a photo of herself with the claim that she was not in a relationship. Thereafter, the couple got into a back and forth and later Cardi apologized and explained that the brief squirm was about a stolen purple blanket. This confirms what Cardi always says, she is petty.

12 The Couple Denied The Pregnancy Rumors For Months

Via: nme.com

Cardi B and Offset are famous for keeping their personal lives private and the news of their pregnancy was not any different. When fans began suspecting that Cardi might be cooking a bun in the oven, the duo was not ready to disclose the information. In fact, they denied the rumors twice and on separate occasions.

On February 2018, TMZ caught up with Offset and he bluntly denied the rumors, as stated by thetalko.com. That same month Cardi denied being pregnant and attributed the news to just increasing in size. She even told one of her IG followers to let her grow big in peace. Cardi gave birth to her daughter in July that year.

11 The Pregnancy Announcement Was Epic

Via: billboard.com

Two months after Cardi and Offset both publicly denied the pregnancy rumors; they decided to stop hiding the truth and confirmed that Cardi was indeed pregnant. In hindsight, we all know that the bump became too big for her to hide. As pointed out by thetalko.com, the rapper revealed the bump in a white body-hugging dress when she performed on Saturday Night Live

After the show, Cardi also shared the news with her Twitter fans writing, “I started winning when the whole world was doubting on me! [Do you] think [I'm gonna] lose with my little baby counting on me?” to which Offset replied, “Look forward to our next chapter together.”

10 The Two Never Trusted Each Other In The Very Beginning

Via: cassiuslife.com

Cardi B and Offset have always been honest about the fact that they never trusted each other at the beginning of their relationship. According to nickiswift.com, in an interview with GQ, Cardi revealed that people used to tell her “he’s gonna leave you” and others would tell Offset “don't trust her,” which made trust between them an issue.

They let outsiders put a strain on their relationship, which they should not have. However, Cardi also revealed that it was not just outsiders affecting their relationship, the two were also playing too many games with each other and they needed to stop if their relationship was ever going to last.

9 The Couple Loves Working Together


When Cardi and Offset met, they did a collaboration together and realized that they loved working together. Their first song, "Lick" came out in 2017 and their latest one, "Clout" came out a few weeks ago.

Cardi loves her husband so much that even if she is not in a song with him, she manages to give him a shout out in her lyrics. While some fans do not see anything wrong with this, others criticize her for doing so. Cardi did not waste time clapping back to the critics. She responded to them by saying that she can put her man’s name in whichever of her songs she feels like.

8 Offset Named The Baby

Via: pinterest.com

While in an interview with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen asked Cardi to talk about her life, job, and motherhood. Ellen, as always, wanted to know something that the whole world did not know, so she asked about the baby’s name.

Usually in most relationships, the mom is normally the one who comes up with the baby name. Cardi surprised the audience when she revealed that Offset was the one who had chosen their daughter’s name. According to thetalko.com, she even let him reveal the name himself, which was Kulture Kiari Cephus. Offset picked the first name and then they passed down the other two from his father. Offset's biological name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus.

7 Media Outlets Offered The Couple Millions In Exchange For Their Baby’s First Photo

Via: bckonline.com

As is the norm with many celebrities, Cardi and Offset also hid their little bundle of joy’s face for months after her birth. People around the world could not wait to see her pho so some media outlets became desperate. As stated on TMZ, multiple magazines, websites and photo agencies offered the rappers a lump sum amount in exchange for Kulture’s first photo but the duo had no desire to make money out of their baby’s photo.

The couple had also decided that they would not show Kulture’s face until she was at least 5 or 6 months. Eventually, when she turned 5 months old, Cardi shared her first photo on IG and she was as beautiful as everyone had expected.

6 Cardi And Offset Broke Up Once Before

Via: people.com

Kulture’s photo reveal came with some additional surprising news. After a year of marriage, Cardi disappointed many fans when she revealed that the two of them were going separate ways. She wrote a lengthy IG post explaining that things have not been working out with the Migos star and that it was nobody’s fault. She further stated that she would always love him because he is the father of her daughter.

The split came about when, apparently, Offset's phone was hacked revealing information that did not sit well with Cardi. According to nickiswift.com, most of Cardi’s fans supported her decision and were quick to encourage her to walk away from the relationship.

5 Offset Apologized To Cardi B Publicly 

Via: flava.co.nz

After Cardi announced that she was splitting from her baby daddy and husband, Offset wanted to make things right again. Fans of the couple were hoping his gestures would work and there'd be a reconciliation.

After the breakup announcement, Offset went wild on social media trying to get Cardi back, as revealed by thetalko.

He profusely apologized and asked for forgiveness calling himself a selfish husband. However, many of Cardi’s fans attacked him and rejected him on her behalf, and even though the two were not together, Cardi still defended him and asked fans to stop attacking him. Since the online apologies were not working, Offset decided to surprise Cardi with flowers on stage. Did this work?

4 The Lovebirds Made Amends

Via: time.com

After her show, Cardi took to IG to share that she was aware that Offset was sorry but getting her back was not going to be easy. However, the duo surprised fans when they were seen attending the Grammy’s together, a month following their recent separation. Cardi even brought him up on stage when she was accepting her Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Later, some news reported that the pair was trying to make things work for the sake of their daughter, Kulture. As stated by thetalko, Offset is doing everything to prove himself. People have also spotted the couple vacationing together in Mexico.

3 The Two Don't Listen To Other People’s Opinions About Their Relationship

Via: xxlmag.com

Offsets and Cardi’s break-ups and make-ups have been so public that many of their fans have something to say about them. In their recent break-up, a number of fans advised Cardi to walk out of her marriage but the star chose not to and some of us are glad she did not.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Cardi explained that she chose to work on her relationship and marriage for the sake of their daughter. She also shut the house down by saying she did not understand why she had to explain herself. Cardi has also revealed that as much as Offset was on the wrong, she herself was no angel either.

2 They Sometimes Do Long Distance

Via: people.com

Both Cardi and Offset have hectic lives. Cardi is originally from New York while Offset has always resided in Atlanta. When the two decided to date and then get married, they had trouble deciding on who would move where. Therefore, sometimes they have no choice but to have a long distance relationship.

According to Cardi’s interview with GQ, Cardi revealed that Offset has never felt at home in New York and that was why he decided to build a house for their kids in Atlanta. However, this would still be a hustle for Cardi because most of her work is in New York; she would have to do a lot of flying back and forth.

1 Cardi B Values Offset's Opinion

Via: vox.com

Like most married women, Cardi values her husband’s opinion. In the GQ interview, the “money” star revealed that she always goes to him for advice on anything job-related and life in general. Cardi has also admitted this to GQ, “I am very indecisive and that is a bad trait that I have.”

Even though that trait annoys Offset a bit, he is usually the one who helps her come around and make decisions especially when she needs advice on songs she is working on. Cardi will often ask Offset whether he likes a certain song of hers or whether she sounds good in a particular song and other questions alike.

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