20 Teen Stars We Grew Up Watching On The WB As Parents Today

The late '90s and early to middle 2000s were a wonderful time. How come? It was definitely because of the TV shows... and one network in particular: the WB. Almost every night of the week, there was a series that we could watch, from Gilmore Girls to Everwood to Dawson's Creek. I personally watched all of these teen shows (sometimes with my mom) and adored them so much.

While the actors and actresses were teenagers and young adults when they starred on these WB dramas, now they're definitely grown up. And now they're even moms and dads. It's amazing to think that back then, we watched Rory Gilmore study hard and hang out with her mom, and now she's a mom. We watched Dawson and his group handle problems that we were also handling in our own lives, and now many of the high schoolers living in Capeside have little ones. And we watched a whole bunch of other simply iconic shows, and now those actors have kiddos, too.

We definitely want to see some photos of these WB stars with their children. Here are 20 teen stars we grew up watching on the WB as parents today.

20 Katie Holmes: From Bookworm Joey Potter To Mom Of Stylish Suri Cruise

via Pinterest and Hollywood Life

Suri Cruise is so famous now that we might even forget that her mama, Katie Holmes, played Joey Potter, the bookworm character on WB drama Dawson's Creek.

Suri is one of the most fashionable celebrity kids ever... maybe even more fashionable than some celebrities, period. It's amazing to see the photo on the right of Katie Holmes and her daughter, wearing beautiful patterned dresses. Doesn't Suri look so grown-up now?!

When Suri was ten years old, Katie Holmes was interviewed by Town and Country magazine and said, "My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now. It's very important that I'm present and she has a stable, innocent childhood."

19 James Van Der Beek: Dawson Leery's Main Role Is Dad To Five

via Pinterest and CBS News

Many of us grew up watching Dawson's Creek and remember James Van Der Beek as sweet and gentle Dawson Leery. Now he's a dad to five children (and, wow, are they precious).

The photo on the left is one of the most classic images of James playing Dawson, and he looks so fresh-faced and young, with his vest and messy hair. On the right, we see him with his family, all of them adorable blonde kiddos (one of them not even looking at the camera, which moms know is the way that it always goes). His kids are eight-year-old daughter Olivia, seven-year-old son Joshua, five-year-old daughter Annabel, three-year-old daughter Emilia, and the littlest one, Gwendolyn.

18 Sarah Michelle Gellar: Buffy Is Now A Mom To Two Sweet Kids — With Freddie Prinze Jr.!

via Polygon and E!

Here Sarah Michelle Gellar is as we know her best: playing Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And on the right, we have SMG with her two kiddos, nine-year-old daughter Charlotte and six-year-old son Rocky.

For those of us following Sarah Michelle Gellar's roles throughout the years, we couldn't possibly miss when she became a mom. She fills her social media platforms with beautiful images and notes about her family (and her amazing marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr.), and she also cooks and bakes with her children. If we grew up watching Buffy on the WB and now have kids, too, then we love her and we also can relate to her.

17 Jessica Biel: The '7th Heaven' Star Is Married To JT And Mom To Son Silas

via YouTube and New Idea Magazine

Today, we know Jessica Biel as the super lucky woman who married Justin Timberlake. She's living that #celebritymomlife and has a son named Silas. In the photo on the right, she's holding hands with Silas... and wow, does he ever have a great coat on. We also love his high bun. (We should use that hairdo idea.) In the photo on the left, we see Jessica Biel as Mary Camden on 7th Heaven, the WB family drama that handled many issues.

Unlike her character Mary, Jessica Biel seems drama-free and she and JT have settled into a wonderful family life. According to Motherly, Justin wrote about Jessica sharing that they would be parents in his book, Hindsight: & All The Things I Can't See In Front Of Me. He wrote that after getting a text message from Jessica, they FaceTimed: "She answered with this look on her face, and I knew exactly what she was going to say. Instead, she just held up the pregnancy test, and we both started bawling. I ended the tour early so I could be at home and take care of my family."

16 Melissa Joan Hart: From 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' To Magical Mom Of Three

via Marie Claire and Pinterest

Sabrina the Teenage Witch aired on the WB from 2000 until 2003, so by that time, we had been watching it for a few years and were really mesmerized by the tale of the charming and kind teenage witch.

Melissa Joan Hart played that teen witch and now she's a mom to three kids. We feel nostalgic looking at the photo of her and her cat, Salem, on the left, and it's awesome to catch a glimpse of her with her three kiddos in the photo on the right.

Melissa is mama to three boys: 13-year-old Mason, 11-year-old Braydon, and six-year-old son Tucker.

15 Michelle Williams: New Girl Jen From 'Dawson's Creek' Is A Great Mom To Teen Daughter Matilda

via Long Island Pulse Magazine and Pinterest

Anyone who grew up watching Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek will look at the photo on the left and feel like it was just yesterday that we were watching Jen on our TV screens.

Michelle Williams was just sixteen years old when she played Jen. These days, she's mom to her teenage daughter Matilda who is now thirteen. We can see a sweet picture of the mom and daughter on the right... and Matilda looks so much like her late dad, Heath Ledger.

According to People, Michelle was asked about having a high school-aged kid on Live with Regis and Kelly. She said, "So far so good. Every morning we wake up and I wait to see if the transformation has happened and if it’s turned into the next level I keep hearing about. But we’re not there yet.”

14 Keri Russell: The Mama Of Three Was Once 'Felicity' (And We Can't Forget Her Gorgeous Curls)

via USA Today and Pinterest

We also grew up watching Keri Russell on Felicity. We were equally mesmerized by the love triangle that she was in and by her very curly hair. (Do we remember when she got her hair cut?!)

Keri has transformed from the teen star on this WB drama to a mom of two. On the left, she's hanging out with her fellow co-stars, and on the right, she's walking around with her kids. Keri and her ex-husband Shane Deary have two kids together -- 11-year-old son River and seven-year-old daughter Willa -- and she and Matthew Rhys have a two-year-old son named Sam. We love Willia's little pink boots.

13 Shiri Appleby: The Main Character From 'Roswell' Is A Mama Of Two

via Us Weekly and E!

The reboot Roswell: New Mexico has been around for a little while now, but before that, Shiri Appleby played Liz Parker, the main character on the original WB drama. We most likely grew up tuning into this show about a regular girl who meets a group of aliens (and falls for one, too).

On the right, Shiri is all smiles holding her now three-year-old son Owen when he was a little babe, with her husband Jon Shook and little girl, Natalie (now six), looking on. Huffpost.com quoted her talking about being a mom who is also acting: "I am enjoying it more than I ever thought possible — quite frankly, I’ve never been so fulfilled."

12 Beverley Mitchell: Good Girl Lucy On '7th Heaven' Has Two Kids Now

via Independent.ie and Daily Mail

Another familiar face from 7th Heaven, Beverley Mitchell played Lucy, Mary's sister and the good girl on the show. Today, she has two kids: six-year-old daughter Kenzie and four-year-old son Hutton.

It's really sweet to see a photo of Beverley playing Lucy on the left, with her cute hairstyle and bangs, and to see her holding her daughter and reading to her in the picture on the right.

According to E online, Beverley said that Hutton and Jessica Biel's son Silas get along, which is so cool to hear. She said, "Si and Hut are buddies. I would definitely say that Hutton has a deep love for Si and loves to give Silas big, big hugs."

11 Chris Pratt: The Marvel Superhero Was Bright On 'Everwood' And Now A Great Dad

via Vulture and Daily Mail

Chris Pratt is such a big star now that not everyone recalls that he was once on the WB drama Everwood. He was around 23 years old when he took on the role of Bright, and it's honestly amazing to see where his acting resume has taken him since.

But prior to his massive amounts of fame, he was one of the young stars on a WB show that we grew up watching, and the photo on the left shows in his glory as Bright. On the right, we see him with his six-year-old son, Jack. Jack looks totally adorable in a superhero costume and it's clear that Chris is a great (and super) dad.

10 Katherine Heigl: From 'Roswell' To Mom To One Son And Two Daughters

via Pinterest and People

Those of us who grew up watching Katherine Heigl on the drama Roswell on the WB will love seeing this picture of her family today. She was in her early twenties when she got the role of Isabel Evans, and now she's 40 and raising her two-year-old son Joshua and daughters Adalaide (seven) and Nancy (ten).

Sure, we know that Katherine Heigl was playing a character in the photo on the left, but we can definitely say that she looks so blissful and joyful in the photo on the right with her cute kids. We love their brightly colored outfits, too.

9 Eliza Dushku: The 'Buffy' Actress Has 'Faith' And Is Pregnant With Baby Number One

via Writeups.org and Liverampup

If Eliza Dushku is a familiar face, that's because she played Faith, another vampire slayer, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is another young star that we grew up watching on the WB. She got the part of Faith following her high school graduation.

In the photo on the left, we see her as Faith, and on the right, we see her with her husband, Peter Palandjian... and we can also see her baby bump. She is wearing very similar colors in both photos and honestly looks like she hasn't aged much.

According to People, Eliza is having a boy. She told the publication, “He’s gonna be a hippie baby!"

8 Tia And Tamara Mowry: The 'Sister, Sister' Stars Are Also Sharing The Mama Experience

via Marie Claire and Celebrity Insider

Memories of Sister, Sister are fresh for many of us. We totally grew up watching Tia and Tamera Mowrey play sisters on this WB show and the photo on the left shows us their smiling faces and very '90s denim vests and layered looks.

On the right, we get to see Tia and Tamera as moms: that's right, they both have families now, so it's really cool to see them sharing this experience. Tia has two kids: seven-year-old Cree and eleven-month-old daughter Cairo. Tamera is a mama of two as well: six-year-old son Aden and three-year-old daughter Ariah. They even each have one daughter and one son. We love it.

7 Gabrielle Union: The Popular Guest Star On '7th Heaven' Who Played Mary's BFF Is A Mom Of One

via Fame10 and W Magazine

Gabrielle Union had a role in Bring It On and has been a successful actress in the decades after that movie, but before that, she was Mary's friend Keesha Hamilton on 7th Heaven.

In the picture on the left, we see the girl that we grew up watching on the WB, and we recall the nights that we sat down to watch this popular teen show.

In the picture on the right, we see a wonderful moment: Gabrielle holding her baby girl, with her husband, Dwyane Wade, right there with her. We can definitely see the love that they have for her.

6 Alexis Bledel: Rory Gilmore Has A Baby Now... And People Say She Was Preggo Here (But She's Been Super Private)

via HelloGiggles and Romper

Gilmore Girls fans learned a little while back that Alexis Bledel got married to Vincent Kartheiser in 2014, and they have a baby. She has been super private about this so we're not really sure when she was pregnant and when she gave birth, but some people think that in the photo on the right, she was expecting her baby.

While we might not be able to look at tons of photos of Rory Gilmore with a baby bump, we definitely love knowing that she has found happiness and started a family. We all grew up watching her play Rory and have such positive memories of this awesome show that taught everyone about how well a mom and daughter could get along.

5 Adam Brody: Lane's Sweet Boyfriend Dave On 'Gilmore Girls' Has A Daughter With Blair Waldorf (aka Leighton Meester)

via E! and Daily Mail

Adam Brody is another young star that we grew up watching on the WB. In this case, he played Dave on Gilmore Girls. Dave and Lane dated and were also in a band. We can see his adorable curly hair and cool shirt in the photo on the left, and on the right, we have a great pic of Adam Brody as a dad to his baby girl Arlo.

Fans were so happy to learn that he and Leighton Meester (who played another teen on the WB) were in a relationship, and now they're married and parents, too. According to Us Weekly, Leighton said this really smart comment about her daughter: "I’ve realized more than ever that playing is how they learn and work. When they play, that’s their work. That’s their job."

4 Sara Rue: The 'Popular' Star Who Played Carmen Now Has Two Adorable Daughters

via YouTube and Yahoo

Chances are, some of us have seen the WB show Popular, which was created by Ryan Murphy and dealt with being popular and, well, not popular. Sara Rue played Carmen, who was strong and sweet, and now the actress has two daughters. Sara Rue is mom to six-year-old Tallulah and Adelaide, whom she adopted in 2016.

The picture on the right of Sara holding one of her daughters is priceless. According to an interview with People in 2018, she said that she decided to "give up on the extracurriculars" and she explained, “I haven’t played poker in a year and a half and I love to gamble."

3 Barry Watson: The Cute Brother On '7th Heaven' Has Three Little Ones

via Teen Idols 4 You and Zimbio

Remember Barry Watson?! It's totally okay to admit that we crushed on him hard when he played older brother Matt on 7th Heaven. He had that long hair and nice personality. He seemed so dreamy.

It's wonderful to see the contrast between these two images: on the left, he was playing Matt, and on the right, he's with his wife when she was pregnant with one of their children. Barry Watson is now a dad to three: 13-year-old son Oliver, 11-year-old son Felix, and six-year-old daughter Clover. We just know that he's an amazing father, and we have to say that he and his wife picked really cool names.

2 Chad Michael Murray: Tristan Teased Rory And Is Now All Grown Up With Two Children

via Bustle and Pinterest

While once we only knew Chad Michael Murray as Tristan Dugray on Gilmore Girls, aka the cute boy who would never stop teasing Rory (but actually loved her), now he's a father. He and his wife, Sarah Roemerhave two kids: a four-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter.

The picture of Chad Michael Murray holding his son and walking around with his pregnant wife really lets us know that yup, he's all grown up now.

Us Weekly quoted Chad Michael Murray as saying this about being a dad: "For me, it was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Having kids is a game-changer, and I think you’re always walking around with the mentality that you want to make sure that they’re proud, and you want to represent them well and just be a great leader.”

1 Haylie Duff: Hilary's Big Sis Had A Role On '7th Heaven' And Now Is Mama To Two Adorable Daughters

via IMDb and Celebzz

Everyone recognizes Haylie Duff as, of course, the big sister of Hilary Duff, but she's also the mama of two kids. She and her fiance, Matt Rosenberg, have two daughters, Lulu and Ryan.

In the pic on the left, we're reminded that Haylie Duff was a guest star on the WB drama 7th Heaven. She played the character Sandy Jameson in the tenth and eleventh seasons. In the pic on the right, we see Haylie holding one of her daughters, who looks adorable in patterned pink leggings and black sneakers.

It's really fun to look at these photos of the stars that we grew up watching on the WB now that they're parents. We really like seeing them in these parental roles (and maybe we want to re-watch some of our old favorite shows?).

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