20 Television Moms You Just Can't Stand

It seemed that once upon a time – long before reality TV, of course – all the moms on TV were ones most women looked up to and admired. Young kids wanted their moms to be like them. They were perfect. They knew how to sew. They always had time to help with school projects. And, they always offered the best advice. They were there for their kids and lived in happy little bubbles known as TV shows.

Now, things are way different. Reality TV can be far from reality and often shows people in their most unglorifying moments. But, it seems that the monster moms of reality TV keep ending up in the spotlight because of their crappy mom ways. It’s not only reality TV, though, that depicts some crazy, monstrous mamas. Modern TV is showcasing some of the wildest women written into storylines to become the moms of innocent kiddos.

Whatever happened to white picket fences, calm and caring moms, talks around the dinner table, and an always-there mom ready to hug a deserving kid? The TV moms on this list are some of the worst fictional and reality TV moms ever. Hopefully, they’ll make every mama think twice about how awesome her own mom is!

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20 Debra Danielsen: Overbearing And Manipulative

Anyone who watches Teen Mom is sure to notice that the relationship between Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, is anything but good. Most fans of the show take their thoughts out on Farrah for the way she treats her mom – calling her by her first name, screaming at her, and cussing her out – but if you pay attention to Debra’s mannerisms, you may quickly learn that it’s not all Farrah’s fault. Plus, Farrah’s opened up about her pretty crappy childhood at the hands of her mother.

Farrah has said that both of her parents had been in jail for domestic violence at one point in time and consistently yelled in front of her. Debra had also called Farrah a “whore” in response to her becoming a teenage mother. And, she even smacked her on the face on a Teen Mom episode.

19 Farrah Abraham: Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Of course, it’s quite safe to say that Farrah is a grown woman now and needs to be held accountable for her own actions. She’s now a mom to Sophia, and her parenting skills have seriously come under fire numerous times, from the way she talks in front of Sophia to allowing her young daughter to dress inappropriately for her age and wear makeup.

Farrah even allowed (pushed?) Sophia to run her own business at age 7, when a kid should really just be a kid. Not to mention the fact that Farrah has been involved in a sex tape, has done numerous photo shoots and events where she’s wearing next to nothing, and has gotten tons of plastic surgery. We aren’t quite sure what kind of message she’s trying to send to Sophia, but it can’t be a good one.

18 Kris Jenner: Out Of Control Momager

Kris Jenner is perhaps the queen of TV moms that we’d like to punch in the face. A self-proclaimed “Momager” because she’s both the mom and manager of her daughters, she pushes the boundaries way too far, which you can easily see if you ever watch the family’s train wreck of a show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and their spin-offs.

Kris makes it clear that she’s totally into money – probably more so than she’s into her kids. If a Kardashian daughter wants to cancel an event, it’s the end of the world for Kris because when they make money, she makes money. Caitlyn Jenner’s (Kris’s ex-husband) mom spoke out against Kris in interviews, calling her “backstabbing” and “domineering” to her own children. Oh, and then there was that time Khloe said her mom made her get her armpits waxed when she was only 13. Mom of the year, right there.

17 Yolanda Walmsley: “Poisonous” And Annoying

According to a Reddit thread on some annoying moms from the show, Dance Moms, Yolanda (aka Elliana’s mom) is among the least favorite and most annoying moms in the bunch, which says a lot, considering how crazy some of these moms are! Yolanda and Elliana hit the Dance Moms scene in the 6th season, when Abby introduced the idea of a possible team of Minis.

The moms quickly disliked Yolanda, especially when she got super arrogant about her high hopes for her daughter becoming the next Maddie and basically being better than every other dancer already at the studio. Abby said on one episode that Yolanda was becoming a “poisonous” dance mom and that her behavior was affecting the team. One Reddit user said, “I actually cannot believe Yolanda in the last few episodes... I feel so bad for Elliana because she is such a good dancer and such a cute little girl, and her mom is actually ruining her experience.”

16 Lori Grimes: Apocalyptic Affair

In the beginning of the apocalypse on AMC’s The Walking Dead, we were left not really knowing what happened to Lori Grimes’ husband, Rick. We see Lori, who we know was still married to Rick at the time everything went down, sleep with Rick’s “best friend”, Shane. Once we found out Rick was okay and he made it back to the group, there likely weren’t too many people who were on Lori’s side.

As a mother, she always said she was protecting Carl. But, she never really did much to protect him. She created a major rift with Shane and Rick, who were basically Carl’s two favorite people in the world, and also depended on others to keep Carl safe instead of doing it herself or teaching him how to do it on her own. Then there’s the fact that Lori lied to Rick about baby Judith being his when her dad was really her side-lover, Shane’s, baby. If she had lived, who knows if she ever would have come clean to her family, even though Rick knew all along?

15 Kate Gosselin: Kids Strike Back

Kate Gosselin has never really been one of TV’s most revered moms. Fans first got a glimpse of her verbal abuse toward her husband on their show together, Jon & Kate Plus 8. But, it seems that, without him in the picture after their messy separation and divorce, Kate has possibly turned the tables, directing her anger toward her kids.

Aside from being in the spotlight for getting caught spanking one of her daughters by the paparazzi, Kate has more recently been in the spotlight for allegations of child abuse, although she hasn’t yet been to court or convicted of anything. But, according to reports, Collin, one of her sons who has been staying at a therapy center, told people there about some form of child abuse by his mom. One source even said that Jon used to have to stop Kate from hitting Collin and his siblings. Who knows what’s true or false, but one thing’s for sure: most people don’t love Kate’s domineering attitude.

14 Mama June: Non-Supportive And Fame-Hungry

Mama June, of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame, is definitely one of the most confusing TV moms ever. She didn’t seem to pay much attention to any of her kids and she definitely wasn’t the greatest role model. In fact, she was pretty rude and crude on the show, which rubbed off on her children in a big way. But, the worst thing about her is some of the more recent truths her children have told the media.

Her oldest daughter, Anna, for example, said that her mom only lost a tremendous amount of weight not for her health, but so that she could remain in the spotlight after the show went off air. Also, Anna and Mama June are currently estranged because she says that her mom chose to date a man who had previously molested her and allowed the man around Anna’s other siblings. The man spent 10 years behind bars for the crime, but it didn’t seem to stop Mama June from welcoming him back into their lives.

13 Jenelle Evans: Substances And Dead-Beats

It’s no secret that Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 has had her share of ups and downs in parenting. But, it seems that any time she tries to make things right, she again makes them very, very wrong. Jenelle is one of the TV moms most people love to hate and it’s tough to try to see her positive changes when negative things keep getting brought up in the media and on the show.

Like her excessive drug use, for example, which isn’t so much of an issue now (hopefully), but is one of the reasons her mom, Barb, now has custody of her son, Jace. Aside from that issue, though, is Jenelle’s revolving door of boyfriends that never are good influences for her or her kids, yet she continues to be around them. Jenelle’s fights with her mom, boyfriends, and everyone else in her path usually happen right in front of her kids, and we really feel for them.

12 Betty Draper: Mad Woman

Betty Draper, the mom on Mad Men, is somewhat like a child herself in the way she handles life and motherhood. She sees a child psychiatrist, pulls off childish one-liners, and basically acts as though she’s on the same mental level as her kids. Yes, she even told her boy to “Go bang your head against the wall” so nonchalantly that it’s kind of creepy.

Her daughter, Sally, gets the worst of Betty’s treatment, though. At one point, she was locked in a closet by her mom when she tried a cigarette. She also tells Sally that she’s getting fat – as if that’s a good thing for a mom to say - and slaps her when she decides to cut her hair. Nothing like a mom teaching her young daughter that looks are more important than anything else, right?

11 Marie Barone: Ultimate Monster-In-Law

Marie Barone is a tricky mom. She’s so hilarious on Everybody Loves Raymond that we can’t help but laugh at her antics. But, she’s really the mother-in-law that women everywhere fear the most. That overbearing, condescending, nosy mother-in-law that every woman is scared they’re going to have – and that some actually get. To call her a lunatic is actually being a bit mild.

But, perhaps her treatment of Raymond’s older brother, Robert, will shed some light. To his mom, Robert can’t really do anything right, even though he’s a good guy with a good career. But, as soon as Ray does anything to upset Marie, she’d start treating Robert better. Marie was definitely into the mind games with her whole family, but throughout the show, her two sons received the most backlash from her tricks.

10 Lily Van Der Woodsen: Money Over Family

If you were a fan of the hit show, Gossip Girl, chances are you found Serena’s mom, Lily Van Der Woodsen to be as completely obnoxious and as clueless of a mom as we did. On the surface, she seemed like a good, caring mom to Serena. But, deep down, all she really seemed to care about was money, hence her marriage to Chuck Bass’ wealthy father, Bart.

Lily also ended up marrying Rufus, the dad of Dan – her daughter’s boyfriend – after her marriage to Bart failed. Not to mention that Lily didn’t tell Rufus about a child they had together years prior that she gave up for adoption. Then, when the child came to visit the family in the present setting, Lily basically acted like he didn’t exist. Lily seemed more concerned with her prestigious image than doing right by her kids.

9 Cersei Lannister: Loving Too Much?

For Game of Thrones fans, this one is kind of a split opinion. People either believe that Cersei Lannister is a great mom whose only crime is loving her children too much or that she’s the absolute worst TV mom to ever exist. You can decide for yourself, but here are just a few of the things that don’t make her stand out as a wonderful mom.

First, there’s the fact that her kids are the love children between Cersei and her own brother. Nothing like starting your family off on the very wrong foot, right? But, she’s also publicly humiliated her own kid, knowing full well what would happen. And, she’s responsible for her son, Joffrey, and his monstrous ways. Oh, and she also lied to her kids about her incestuous relationship with her brother - their real father. This woman has a whole lot of bad mama going on.

8 Lainie Jensen: 13 Reasons Not To Like Her

13 Reasons Why is one of the most gut-wrenching shows to ever hit the TV. The story details all the reasons – and people responsible – for one teenager’s death in a series of tapes from the teenager herself, Hannah. Hannah’s best friend and love interest, Clay, learns every detail from the tapes but decides to keep them a secret from his mom, Lainie, until he finds out all of Hannah’s truths and does what he can to help her family.

Lainie can tell her son is hurting but doesn’t know why. Instead of simply being there for him though, she pushes and pushes him in ways he’s not ready for. And, even after piecing together the puzzle and realizing her son probably is involved in Hannah’s death in some way, she still does the ultimate betrayal by taking on the legal case of the school in their defense against Hannah’s parents, who believe that the school could have helped their daughter more.

7 Catherine Avery: Monster Mom And Mom-In-Law

From the moment Jackson Avery’s mom, Catherine, stepped on the scene of Grey’s Anatomy, people loved to hate the woman. She’s the type who believes that her son should bow down to her every move and never think for himself – and that he should use his last name to his full advantage instead of making a name for himself at the hospital.

We see the worst of her though when she becomes the mother-in-law to Jackson’s new wife, April. Catherine doesn’t seem to care what Jackson and April’s beliefs are regarding their child when the couple gets pregnant, and she continues to do whatever she pleases, which happens to be everything her daughter-in-law (and in many cases, son) is against. It’s time to cut the cord, lady, and let your son stand on his own two feet.

6 Julie Cooper: Villainous And Scandalous Mama

Watch a few episodes of The O.C. and you’ll soon realize why Marissa’s mom, Julie Cooper, was one of the worst TV moms ever – and quite possibly the reason that Marissa got into so much trouble and even overdosed. Julie, at one point, slept with Marissa’s ex-boyfriend (what kind of mother does such a thing?). She also cared more about money than her daughters most of the time and practically abandoned her husband at his first sign of financial troubles.

Rather than dealing with any of her daughters’ emotional problems, which likely stemmed from Julie’s antics, she threatened to ship them to boarding school if they didn’t get it together. The least she could have done was acknowledge that she was the biggest part of the problem and offer to get them some help.

5 Judy Geller: Favoring The Son

Monica and Ross from Friends are one of the best brother-sister duos to ever grace the television. But, they had some horrible parents, and mom, Judy Gellar, was the worst. Monica, at one point, had been overweight but had since lost weight and became healthy. But, that didn’t stop her mom from judging her the moment she got excited about a dessert. And, no matter what Monica did in her life, it never excited Judy. Ross, on the other hand, was clearly the favorite child, and Judy made it clear when she gushed over everything he did.

Sure, most moms have their “favorites”, but they don’t show it. They love their kids on equal levels, but differently. Judy, however, had no qualms showing her dislike for Monica right in front of her and her brother and constantly making her feel inadequate compared to Ross. Fortunately, they both grew up well despite their horrid mother.

4 Ellis Grey: Cold And Distant

Another Grey’s Anatomy mom wins a prize for one of the worst TV moms ever that you’d want to punch in the face. This one is Meredith’s mom, who had caused her years and years of an emotional roller coaster. Even after Ellis’ death, Meredith still faces inner demons caused by her mom. Meredith deeply loved her, despite her cheating on her husband when Mer was a girl and being so caught up in her personal life and the hospital that she was barely there for Meredith when she needed her most. She even attempted suicide in front of her young daughter.

Ellis suffered from Alzheimer’s as Meredith moved up the ladder at the hospital. One day, she became lucid and remembered almost everything except recent years. After talking to Meredith and finding out she was in love and had a family, Ellis was horrified that her daughter had become “ordinary”, despite trying to raise her differently. That moment was one of the worst in the history of the show and definitely warranted a punch to the face.

3 Debra Barone: Good Role Model For Unhealthy Marriages

Marie Barone may be an overbearing Mama Bear, but Debra Barone, Raymond’s wife, is…well… ridiculously mean. As a mom, she seems to do okay. Her parenting skills are good and she’s there for the kids. But, it’s the way that Debra treats her hubby that really drives us crazy, to the point that it’s almost painful to watch the two interact.

In fact, she basically treats him like another one of her kids. If you think about it, this is what her kids are witnessing all the time on the show. Oh, Mom’s yelling at Dad again. She runs his life and every thought. That can’t possibly be a good way to be a role model for the kids’ future marriages. One blog post on Go Retro! Entitles “Not Everyone Loves Debra Barone” says it perfectly:

“How does Debra reward [Ray] for fulfilling his husbandly duties? By consistently b*tching and whining and withholding sex from him. The keys to any successful marriage!”

2 Peg Bundy: The Selfish, Lazy Mom

Peg Bundy is possibly one of the biggest airheads and terrible moms to ever grace television. Married…With Children certainly showed a different type of family than older shows, like All in the Family and The Brady Bunch. This one was rude, selfish, and pig-headed, to name a few adjectives. Peg was one of the worst of the bunch, if you could really pick a “worst” here.

Peg didn’t really care what her kids did. They pretty much did what they wanted and she’d pretend to care here and there. Usually, though, you couldn’t pull her away from what she was doing to be a mom for two seconds. She’s the epitome of a lazy mom. We kind of wonder why a mom like that would ever decide to become a mom in the first place?

1 Blanche Devereaux: Strained Mother-Child Relationships

Blanche from Golden Girls was extremely funny, but she was surely not the best person. She was self-absorbed and thought the world revolved around her. It’s no wonder, then, that her own children didn’t really have much of a relationship with her, and it never really seemed to bother her that much.

Blanche had 5 kids, but you wouldn’t really know it unless you heard a rare moment of her talking about them. Her two daughters, Rebecca and Janet, had quite the strained relationship with her, and Blanche continuously called Rebecca fat and humiliated her. Then there were her three sons, Doug, Biff, and Skippy, who she rarely mentions at all and never appear on the show. You would think that, as a mom, she’d want to repair their relationship, but Blanche was too involved in her own world to ever do that.

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