20 Things About C-Sections Other Moms Just Don't Get

Pregnancy, as well as birth, are both magical experiences. That does not mean that either one of them is easy, but it does mean that our bodies are capable of doing incredibly outstanding things. The fact of the matter is that moms are pretty incredible, and that is true no matter what method they choose when it comes to giving birth to their children.

Everyone is different. This means that every woman and child are different, and no pregnancy or birth experience is going to be exactly like any other. That is a pretty important thing to keep in mind, especially for moms who are about to add to their family. There are some people out there who may judge others for how they chose to give birth, or have their reservations about which method to use. But, what many do not realize is that natural birth and cesarean sections are actually quite similar to one another in a lot of ways.

In fact, there are some mothers out there who have children through both methods and can claim that there are benefits and drawbacks to each one. Here are some of the facts about C-sections some moms may not know unless they have already had one themselves.

20 Moms Aren’t Totally Numb When It Happens

Those who have not had a C-section before might think that when it is happening, the mother of the baby does not feel a thing. While she typically won’t be in severe pain, that is not quite true.

The truth is that there is so much going on during this surgery that she is bound to feel something, even though the lower part of her body is numb. Usually, the mother will feel a slight tugging sensation as her healthcare providers are getting her baby out. This is not a reason to worry, because it is a totally normal thing.

19 They Might Get The Shakes

One of the most interesting and often unexpected things that happens during some C-sections is shaking. During the procedure, the mother may find that some parts of her body, or all of it, begin to shake. Sometimes, this is just a minor thing like a leg spasm, and other times it can be much more severe.

As scary as this can be, there is nothing to worry about. This actually happens to a lot of women who have this done, and it is usually gone in a few hours. This may be alarming at first, but it is something that occurs from time to time.

18 Those Who Have One Receive A Leg Massage

The body goes through a lot when a baby is born. However, it seems that having a birth that involves surgery can add a few things to the list of what needs to happen afterward for the mother to fully recover.

One thing women may be surprised to find out if and when they decide to have a c-section performed is that there will, at some point, be a device on their legs, and it may feel like they are getting a light massage. These things are called sequential compression devices, and they are used to get the blood pumping in order to prevent blood clots.

17 It Can Be Cold

There are some mothers who have said that they were actually very cold when their procedure was being performed. This may be scary to some, but it is normal. There are actually a number of reasons why this happens.

Normally, operating rooms are kept quite cold anyway for a few reasons. Furthermore, much of the mother’s body is exposed for a while. But the good news is that moms who are having c-sections done can ask to have a blanket put on them. While that may not fix the issue entirely, it certainly will not hurt, either. Furthermore, the fact that moms are basically numb for quite a while does not help the cold feeling get any better.

16 There's Lots Of Stuff That Still Happens "Down Under"

Women who have not had C-sections previously might be surprised to find out that their lower body parts are still involved in the birth of their child. Furthermore, they might also be surprised to find that a catheter is inserted before the surgery.

But when it comes to what happens afterward, someone typically does a little bit of cleaning “down there.” This is to get rid of the blood that might be coming out once the surgery has finished. Furthermore, this is something that sometimes happens more than once, if that is needed. This is not usually something that is talked about when mothers are discussing their experiences during birth, so it can be quite a surprise to those who do not know about it.

15 Going To The Bathroom Can Be Hard Afterward

There are a lot of important things to remember when it comes to the recovery that is needed after a C-section has taken place. One of the things that might be hard for moms to do when they are in the recovery period is going to the bathroom.

After surgery, the body naturally feels pretty sore. So doing anything that is strenuous, as well as something that involved pushing, can be very painful and difficult to do. Something that is very helpful here is stool softeners, which can make a big difference. They can make it easier for the mother to use the restroom. Furthermore, it is helpful to drink a lot of water in order to get things moving down there.

14 The Recovery Is Similar To Natural Birth

There are many men and women out there who typically think that natural birth and a C-section are vastly different. Sometimes this even causes some women to judge their peers who have had these procedures done, usually because they think that it is not an actual birth.

However, that could not be further from the truth. For instance, many of the things that must be done in order for the mother to recover are relatively the same. They have to wait to have alone time with their partners, their bodies have gone through drastic changes, and moms in both scenarios still have a great deal of pain to go through after the baby is born. Also, there are a lot of natural routes moms can use to help their recovery, and that is true whether or not they had a natural birth.

13 Gas Pain Can Be Located Anywhere

There are quite a few unfortunate side effects to either method of birth. One of the things some moms have reported after their C-section was some pretty intense and unexpected gas pain.

The pain itself does make sense. After all, it is easy for excess gas and air to get trapped during surgery. However, the surprising bit is that it can even be felt in the shoulders.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things mothers can do that are helpful in this case. Moving around and walking frequently are beneficial. Furthermore, avoiding soda and drinking a lot of water helps.

12 Laughing, Sneezing, And Coughing Aren’t The Same

There are certain things we tend to do without even thinking about it first. In fact, some of these things simply cannot be helped. But, there are a few things like this that can some moms try to avoid during their recovery time after a c-section.

Some of the things mothers attempt to avoid after c-sections are laughing, coughing, and sneezing. The reason why they do this is that all of those things use abdominal muscles, which will certainly be sore after a C-section, or any other surgery for that matter. One tip for new moms to follow is to have a soft pillow around at all times, just in case one of those things happens, so that they can press it against whatever area hurts.

11 It Is Still Important To Exercise

Exercise is a great thing for anyone. However, this is even more true for new mothers so that they can remain in the best health possible.

However, there are a couple of important things to take note of here. After a C-section, the mother has to wait a short period of time (probably about six weeks or so) before she starts working out again. Then, once she reaches that point, the mother must first talk with her doctor to be sure that everything is healing as it should. However, once the doctor thinks it is okay, it is important for new moms to start doing light exercises.

10 The Scar Can Take Some Getting Used To

Everyone has scars after surgery. Mothers who have C-sections are no exception here, as they, too, have a scar to care for when it is done.

Having this new scar on one’s body can definitely take a while to get used to. Sometimes it even makes mothers feel less confident in themselves, but there is no need for that.

Other than the physical appearance of the scar, there is another reason that it may be hard to get used to. There are quite a few things mom has to do to make sure it heals properly so that it does not get infected.

9 This Procedure Has Been Around A Long Time

Childbirth is something that has been around since the very beginning of time. Furthermore, a long time ago, it seemed that mothers were much more likely to have natural childbirth, which has led some to believe that c-sections are much more recent.

However, that is simply not the truth. While the origin of this method of birth has a lot of mystery that surrounds it, there are multiple mentions of C-sections in old folklore. So, while there is not much that is known about how this got started, we know it has been around for many, many years, and it is not new.

8 Anyone Can Have Them

It seems that the original intention behind a c-section was to help a mother give birth if she had a complicated pregnancy. There are a number of things that fall under this category. For example, when the baby is not in the right position, which is when the baby is breech, then a C-section is needed to help get the child out.

However, that is not the only thing that makes a mother a candidate for this procedure. These days, women will likely have to have this done if they have been in labor too long, or if they are carrying more than one baby.

7 You May Not Be Walking Around Right After

C-sections are considered surgery, and that means that recovering from one is not easy. Usually, when a mother has a natural birth, she might be able to walk around afterward, or wheel herself around the hospital.

However, moms who have had a c-section are not usually able to do that. They have to give their body time to recover, and they will need someone to help them do things such as sit up, and get out of bed because the pain can be pretty severe. After a few days have passed since the child was born, it is probable that the mother will be walking normally and without assistance by then.

6 The Procedure Was Named After Someone Famous

This procedure is very old, so it is no surprise that it has ties to a historical figure. The cesarean section was named after Julius Caesar.

There are some people who believe that he was the first baby to be delivered through a c-section. However, there is evidence to show that that might not be true, but no one knows for certain.

Some believe that the c-section existed long before Caesar did. A long time ago, these only happened if the birth seriously affected the health of the mother. The name of this surgical procedure came from a Latin word, caedare, which meant “to cut.”

5 It Can Be Risky

There are some downsides to having a c-section. One of them is the kind of risks that are involved due to the fact that it is technically a surgery. In fact, mothers who have a c-section are much more likely to have a health problem pop up for them than the ladies who choose to give birth the natural way.

Another risk that can be a pretty big deal is a bladder infection. When a woman has a c-section, a catheter is inserted before the surgery. During this time, it is possible that the catheter might scrape the tube.

4 Too Many C-Sections Can Cause Problems

There are multiple ways in which c-sections and natural births are similar. However, there are also some pretty big differences between the two of them as well.

For example, there are not any real rules on how many of these a mother can have. But after a few of them, doctors do not suggest having any more.

This is because the whole process gets harder for the mother each time. Furthermore, this also means that the recovery period gets longer every time as well. However, whether or not a woman has a c-section, whether it is her first or not, is ultimately up to her.

3 Moms Are Awake The Entire Time

When a mother is planning to have a c-section, there are a few things she needs to know beforehand in order to be as prepared as she can be. One of the facts moms definitely needs to be aware of is that they will be awake through the entire process. However, the lower parts of their body will be numb in order to keep them from feeling any pain.

For some people, this is not a big deal at all. However, others usually do not want to be awake when they are having any type of surgery performed, which is why this needs to be taken into consideration when a mom is trying to choose which birth method she wants to go with.

2 C-Sections Are Not Any Easier Than A Natural Birth

When it comes to the difficult parts of recovering after the birth of a child, there are plenty of experiences mothers share no matter whether they had a natural birth or a c-section. One of the things mothers in both situations tend to experience is a lot of is postpartum bleeding.

After a natural birth, mothers have to deal with having what is essentially a very heavy period for weeks. Well, that is still the case for those who choose to have a c-section. However, the amount of blood they lose is likely to be different, as no one is exactly the same.

1 Moms Can Still Have A Natural Birth Afterwards, If They Want

Not all mothers who have multiple children choose to stick with the same birth method with each child they have. Some moms either choose to try the other method, or they are forced to due to unexpected circumstances.

There are many moms who may want to give birth the natural way after they have already had a c-section. This is typically called a VBAC.

However, there are some risks involved. Moms who would like to have a natural birth after a c-section are at a higher risk for uterine rupture. However, it is very rare, as three to four women out of five can have a natural birth after a c-section with little to no serious issues.

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