20 Things About Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Post-Divorce

Channing Tatum is well known not only for his good looks but also his acting, appearing in movies such as the 21 Jump Street series as well as Magic Mike, Step Up and smaller ones such as Dear John and White House Down. His now ex-wife, Jenna Dewan is known for similar things, including the Step Up movies as well, which is here her and Channing first met.

The problem with celebrity couples is that they are often ripped apart by the public as a result of their popularity. Those in the public eye are the subject of gossip; sometimes the chatter is correct and at other times, it isn’t. The problem is—regardless of if they are true or not—these rumors can still take a toll on a person, in particular, their relationship. Not only is this a stressor in a relationship but actors and actresses have to travel all over the place for work depending on what they are filming, and both Channing and Jenna were always hard at work, which means they probably weren’t together as much as they maybe could have been.

This is a list that strings together some of the post-divorce facts for Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

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20 Jenna Doesn’t Use His Last Name Anymore

Reality TV World

When a woman marries a man, it is pretty standard for her to take his last name. On some occasions, they keep their maiden names, and there are even sometimes in which the man takes his wife’s last name.

For Jenna Dewan, she took Channing Tatum’s last name when the couple tied the knot. According to ET Online, Jenna featured her married last name on all of her social media accounts until the split occurred. Pretty quickly following, Jenna dropped Tatum from her name as if it had never happened. Although this seems controversial, both Channing and Jenna have admitted that they are on good terms.

19 How Do They Split Things Up?


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were not very well known when they first met and married. According to People Magazine, nobody is sure whether or not they signed a prenup when they were first married because they weren’t as popular. But now Channing Tatum is making a whole lot more money than Jenna, and the question is, will she be getting a ton of money out of him?

People are wondering what is going to happen with their estate and all of their stuff. The popular belief is that Tatum will be paying at least child support and possibly alimony.

18 Will There Be A Custody Battle?

Page Six

Adults can go into a divorce thinking they are going to work things out well and everything will end up being perfect. This is precisely what Channing and Jenna thought was going to come out of their separation, but as the days turn into weeks and months, they are finding agreeing on things difficult.

The significant disagreement that the couple is facing has to do with custody of their young daughter. Both parents only want what's best for their little girl but this can lead to heartbreak on both ends, which is what seems to be happening, according to In Touch Weekly.

17 Was Channing The Problem?

Us Weekly

According to Elle, Channing Tatum is a huge workaholic, and he was spending more time on the sets of all of his projects than at home with his growing family. Now, it’s hard to judge him on this because any dad would feel the need to be hard at work to provide for their family.

Apparently, though, his being away this much caused a rift between mom and dad. Jenna felt that Channing cared much more about his work than his family, which is one of the big reasons why their marriage ended.

16 Did He Go Too Far?


With the news of the split between Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the first thought on everybody's mind was whether or not Channing betrayed his wife of nine years. The couple made it clear that their break-up was entirely mutual and out of love. They are no longer working out as a couple, and instead of forcing it to work, they decided that moving on was a better idea.

This information doesn't entirely convince the fans, according to Newsweek. The couple had just been seen loving each other and posting sweet things—including professing their love—a few weeks earlier, which leads them to believe that somebody strayed.

15 Apart Too Often?

OK! Magazine

A couple that spends too much time apart is a couple that might find themselves having a lot of issues. A relationship thrives off of quality time, and this seems like something that the Dewan-Tatum relationship was not getting. Not only was Channing working way too much, but instead of spending time at home with his wife and daughter when he wasn’t shooting, he was going on trips with his friends.

According to Elle, this upset Jenna because these weren’t just day trips with the boys; he was gone for weeks at a time, leaving her alone with their young daughter.

14 He Still Follows Her On Social Media


Just because a couple separates doesn’t mean everything they had in their nine years of marriage is wholly lost. They didn’t work out as husband and wife, but they still have a connection. A few months ago, Channing took to social media to share the passing of one of his childhood best friends, which he admitted was a trepidatious and sad time. Jenna could have ignored this, but she knew how much the loss of his friend probably affected him, which caused her to reach out through social media. She left a sweet message for his late friend, ultimately sharing how she still cares for Channing, according to InStyle.

13 Green With Envy?

OK! Magazine

Over time, Channing Tatum has become more and more popular with his growing appearances on many TV shows and movies. When he met Jenna Dewan, he was just about as popular as she was; over the last nine years, though, he has grown a lot bigger than his now ex-wife.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Channing was turning down a lot of gigs specifically because Jenna wanted him home more, and this was causing the couple to fight. Some believe she not only wanted him home with her but that she was jealous of his career that was flourishing bigger and better than hers.

12 He Moved Out Immediately


There has been some back and forth over whether or not Channing Tatum is still living at home with his ex-wife and daughter since their split. According to People Magazine, they have been split up since before April, but this is when they decided to announce it and also when Channing moved out of their home.

The couple has reported that him moving out has not been negative for anyone in the family, especially their daughter. She still sees her dad just as much and he still hangs out with the family as much as possible, which is a good sign.

11 More Kids Or Not?

Today's Parent

Channing and Jenna announced their split in April of 2018; interestingly enough, InStyle talked with Jenna Dewan about the possibility of more kids just a few months before this. Could this be one of the reasons behind the split? One of them wanted more kids while the other didn't? Jenna told the reporter that she was not going to say no to more kids because she had no idea what was in the cards for her, but being that she and Channing are now divorced, there probably won’t be any more kids with him. She mentioned that having more kids seemed like a lot—is that it? Did Channing want more kids, and it was just too much?

10 They Still See Each Other

Female First

Sometimes when it comes to splits, the couple never wants to lay eyes on each other ever again. This isn’t an option for Channing and Jenna because they have a little girl. People Magazine has reported that although the couple is no longer happy with each other, this doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be there for Everly.

She is number one for both of them, which means the ex-couple still spends a lot of time together to allow their daughter to have both mom and dad together, rather than just one or the other. The two have posted online selfies of themselves hanging out with their special girl, and according to them, that will never change.

9 Will Channing Regret This?

Heat Magazine

For anyone that is separating from someone they have been with for almost a decade, there will probably be some regret. According to Star Magazine, Channing Tatum might just be having those feelings. The magazine reports that Channing had initially been ready to be on his own after almost ten years of being tied down, but after being split for a bit, he is finding himself missing his wife a lot.

The 21 Jump Street star has been noticing his now-ex a whole lot more now that they are split up—could he be missing her enough to want to try again? Not long ago, he was still calling her pet names and professing his love for her on social media account—could this mean reconciliation is in the air?

8 Does Jenna Miss Him?

E! Online

There is no doubt that Channing Tatum is missing his wife of nine years, but is she missing him? Not only has she not shown any signs of wanting her ex-husband back in her life, she has seemingly been having the time of her life.

According to Extra, the mother of one has been posting appealing photos on social media that fans believe are a tease to Channing—the same day she posted this photo, “Tatum” was kicked from her social media tag. If that wasn’t a shot at Channing, who knows what would be. The couple hasn’t ever been open about their split since they announced it, so who knows what the future holds for this couple.

7 The Marriage Was Going For Years

EverAfter Guide

For most fans, it was a huge shock when Channing and Jenna announced they were splitting up, but as reported by the couple, things had been falling apart for quite a while. According to Daily Mail, there had been a lot of problems that were weighing on them for a long time between her jealousy of his career, his never being home and just never being able to spend quality time together.

Those factors would be enough to rip any couple apart, let alone one that has the stress of being in the public eye at the same time. Celebrity couples are just as vulnerable as we are.

6 His Message To Jenna On Mother’s Day


Although the couple had been split up for a bit by then, this didn’t stop the Magic Mike star from wishing his ex-wife a happy Mother’s Day. This wasn’t just your average Mother’s Day post from Channing. According to MSN, he took the time to carefully plot a post that included sweet words for both his mother and Jenna, but he also snuck in a pet name for Jenna that nobody saw coming.

Could this mean the couple is trying to rekindle, or maybe he misses the mother of his daughter? Breakups are usually messy, but nobody knows what is going on except Tatum and Dewan.

5 They’re Still In Love?


Even after their split announcement on social media, the Tatum-Dewan couple admitted that of course, they were still in love with each other and that they probably always would be. On her account, Jenna Dewan posted that she and Channing fell in love on the set of Step Up almost ten years ago and they have grown so much since then.

She made it clear that even though they were calling it quits, they had such a deep connection for so long that they would never not love each other. Her exact words were, “We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple.”

4 Jenna Filed For Divorce

Today Show

Divorce doesn’t just fall onto someone; one half of a partnership has to file for it to happen. In the Tatum-Dewan relationship, Jenna was the one to file for divorce. In the divorce paperwork, she asked for joint legal and physical custody of their little girl, which means the ex-couple would share her equally.

Those aren’t the only things she was worried about while filing, though—she made sure to ask for alimony and child support and to change her name from Tatum back to her maiden name of Dewan. At first, they weren’t sure how the divorce was going to go, but according to Glamour, the mother of one filed after Channing was seen with a new friend.

3 They Lovingly Shared The Sad News

Time Magazine

Divorces are usually very hectic. Sometimes they go well and other times they are disagreeable. There have been multiple articles that have surfaced reporting that their divorce is starting to get ugly, and although that might be the case now... when they first announced their split, it was out of love. Jenna admitted to Vogue that the separation from Channing—although sad—was a favorable decision for everyone involved. She says that too many people try to hold onto something that is no longer there, which makes it worse, and that she and Channing are doing the right thing by letting it go.

2 Work Was Coming Between Them


Channing Tatum has always been all about his work, according to ex-wife Jenna Dewan. Interestingly enough, it took an emphatic split for Tatum to take a break from work. According to People Magazine, the Magic Mike star was always working on multiple projects at once, but after the separation from Jenna, only one movie starring Channing Tatum was released in the entirety of 2018.

Apparently, the actor realized he was working too much and decided to take some much-needed time for himself and his family. He told a People reporter in September that he was finally ready to get back to work after being home for so long.

1 They Grew Up Together

Pure People

Channing Tatum was just 29 when he met and began to settle down with Jenna, while she was 28. Although these seem like old enough ages to be ready to start a life together for them, they still saw themselves as young, and their nine-year relationship was a growing point for them.

According to E! News, Dewan admitted that they grew together for a long while but, unfortunately, after they had their daughter and were getting into work, they grew apart instead of together like they had been doing before. Dewan admitted that she will always love Channing, but they were moving apart.

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