20 Reasons To Take Parenting Lessons From Farrah Abraham

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There is no doubt that Farrah Abraham has received a fair amount of criticism since stepping into the spotlight. The 26-year-old business woman got her start on MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’ and later become one of the stars of their spinoff show ‘Teen Mom.’ Fans have watched Farrah’s ups and downs for years but unfortunately, her journey with MTV has come to an end. Due to Farrah’s decision to pursue a career in adult entertainment, the network decided to cut ties with the teen mom.

While most opinions of Farrah are usually pretty negative, there is no doubt that she has had a difficult life. Besides getting pregnant as a teenager, her daughter Sophia’s father did not survive a car accident before Sophia was even born. On top of that, Farrah has had a tumultuous childhood and has been through years of family counseling and therapy in order to work out these deeply rooted issues.

Despite all of this drama, Farrah continues to make her daughter Sophia a priority. Of course, there are many people who disagree with her parenting style, but there are some positives that should not be ignored. Sophia is Farrah’s world and although Farrah travels for business, her daughter Sophia is usually right beside her. Farrah clearly wants the best life possible for her daughter and she is working hard every single day to make that a reality. So here are 20 reasons to take parenting lessons from Farrah Abraham.

20 She Didn’t Bring Her Daughter To Coachella

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Farrah put her foot down when it came to bringing her daughter Sophia to Coachella this year. In an interview with Us Weekly, Farrah bragged about how fun her little girl is and even explained that they were having a little girl party with henna tattoos and braids. However, Farrah did combat her sweet sentiment with the fact that Sophia was not allowed to attend Coachella.

"I just have to say," she told the magazine,

"I'm sorry, the inner-mom and the critical parent in me is like, I'm at the Coachella festival and I have to say, when I see a newborn, I honestly don't think it's a safe place for children."

Farrah went on to explain that her daughter was at the resort with a pool, the country club, and a nanny. Farrah associates Coachella with illicit substances and stayed strong in her stance that it was not a safe place for children. Apparently, there were many other parents who said the event would be fun for kids and that parents should bring them. Surprisingly, many parents might agree with Farrah on this one and choose to keep their kids out of the party scene and attend Coachella solo.

19 Sophia Gets Awesome Birthday Parties

sophia abraham birthday party

Some parents don’t like the idea of spoiling their kids rotten. However, when we are truly honest with ourselves, most parents spoil their kids in their own way. If we had more money we would probably be more willing to give our kids more because seeing their happy faces brings us joy. And, birthday parties are the time to go all out anyway.

If you have the time and money to invest in a yearly celebration for your child, why wouldn’t you?

Sophia Abraham has been pretty lucky her whole life because she has always been able to have the exact birthday party that she dreams of.

For Sophia’s 9th birthday, she was living the sweet life in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel. According to the Daily Mail, Farrah captioned her Instagram picture by saying, “Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, loving, talented, smart and wonderful Sophia Laurent Abraham for her 9th Birthday, I had to be one of the firsts to share my love for this very special little lady!”

Farrah went on to explain how her life has been changed for the better because of her daughter and ended the caption by saying, “I love being apart of your journey as you do extraordinary things Happy 9th Birthday my shining star your explosive Cheers to the sweet life with you!” It’s pretty clear that Farrah would do anything to make her daughter feel special.

18 Farrah Takes Her Daughter To Dance Class

sophia abraham ballet

It is a very special moment when a mom gets to take her little girl to dance class for the first time. For a lot of us, we’ve been imagining that pink tutu and leotard for a long time. It is the little things in life like this that really matter in the long run. Many haters usually try to say that Farrah is so caught up in her own life and world that she misses out on these little moments with Sophia. However, this is simply not true. Farrah is very good at multitasking and she has managed to cherish these simple moments of Sophia’s childhood just like other parents do.

According to WetPaint.com,

Farrah did allow Sophia to do little kid activities such as taking dance class. She even posted on her Instagram when Sophia was at rehearsal and said that little Sophia was recital ready.

Most parents can relate to that feeling of watching your child on stage for the first time.

And, just because Farrah is who she is, it doesn’t mean that these little moments are not important to her as well. It’s unclear if Sophia enjoyed her time dancing, but at least her mama let her try it out.

17 Farrah Celebrates Sophia’s Dad


Having a baby is usually the most magical time of your life. However, finding out you are pregnant when you are still in high school can definitely put a damper on the entire experience. However, for Farrah, that was not the only thing she had to worry about. When Farrah was about seven months pregnant with Sophia, she got news that her baby daddy Derek Underwood was tragically killed in a car accident. He was never going to be there to hold her hand in the hospital room while Farrah delivered their daughter, and he was never going to get to hold his baby. However, this pain that Farrah was feeling was only the beginning.

As Sophia got older, Farrah had the burden of having to explain why her father was not around. And, some of the sweetest and most heart-wrenching moments we’ve seen have been when Farrah and Sophia celebrate Derek’s life. May 8th would have been Derek’s 28th birthday, but Farrah and Sophia always do something special to celebrate, like letting go of a bunch of balloons with special notes to Derek on them. And, according to InTouchWeekly, Farrah recounted the events of Derek’s death in her 2012 best-selling novel My Teenage Dream Ended. It is said that the book might even be turned into a movie.

16 She Is An Involved Parent

farrah quality time sophia

Farrah goes above and beyond to show her daughter Sophia how much she loves and supports her. Although she travels a lot for work, Farrah is always thinking of Sophia, bringing her little souvenirs, and even getting involved in her life like most good parents do. According to WetPaint, Farrah shared a photo on her Instagram account that showed her and Sophia in Texas fighting for school choice. They were showing support for the Senate bill 276 and Farrah even captioned her Instagram picture, saying, “Every child should have the best!”

Even if some of us disagree with Farrah’s stance on the issue, it is clear that she was willing to fight for something she believed in and fight for it with her daughter.

This gives Sophia a strong role model to look up to and will teach her that if you want something you have to work hard for it. Standing up and fighting for what you believe in is not always easy, but when you have you mom involved while you grow up, it definitely makes it easier.

There have been other times when Farrah got involved in Sophia’s school in order to demand that they allow Sophia to wear makeup. Again, not every decision Farrah makes will be agreed with, but it’s clear that she is willing to get involved.

15 Sophia Is The “Baby Boss”


Farrah is raising her daughter to be an entrepreneur and go after her dreams. She is providing her with massive opportunities that could really set her up for an amazing future. While some people might argue that Sophia is too young for all of this responsibility and that Farrah should just let her be a kid, you can’t deny the value of the information that Sophia is getting.

Farrah created a children’s boutique and named it after Sophia, and in Instagram posts, she refers to Sophia as the “baby boss.”

Sophia is often given opportunities to be hands-on when it comes to her own projects.

There is even a perfume station inside of her Sophia Laurent boutique. According to WetPaint, Sophia loves the potion station and is even allowed to create her own perfumes and lotions.

Not only does this give Sophia a fun little activity to do, but it also allows her creativity to help support her growing business. Pretty soon Sophia won’t be a baby anymore but she will have more experience as a boss than most adults. It seems like Sophia enjoys most of the hands-on activities she gets to participate in so it’s a win-win.

14 Farrah Includes Her Daughter In Cool Events

farrah and sophia famous

At the age of nine, Sophia has already had the opportunity to do more than most people could even dream about. Her life is filled with cool events and awesome adventures. Farrah doesn’t have to include her daughter in all of her business ventures, but it is clear that Sophia is her favorite accessory.

Farrah has no shame in taking Sophia to red carpet events, premieres, or even grand openings. And, from the looks of things, Sophia enjoys being included in this life of glitz and glam. While some parents are hesitant to put their child in the spotlight, Farrah seems to be embracing this life for her and her daughter with full force.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Sophia even attended the MTV VMAs. While the lifestyle may be frowned upon by some, there are Hollywood celebrities that bring their kids to things all of the time. And, in the end, wouldn’t we rather Sophia get to spend quality time with her mom instead of being alone with a babysitter? Experiences are one of the most valuable things you can get in life and if Farrah is finding a way to provide them to her daughter at a young age, more power to her.

13 Sophia Is Allowed To Be Herself


One of the best things about being your own boss is that you get to decide how you want to do things. You are in complete control of the direction that your life goes in and that power is something that so many people want. Farrah has given that to her daughter at a very young age. However, it shows how much Farrah appreciates and values her daughter’s opinions. If Sophia wants to wear makeup to school, she can because that is a way of expressing herself.

Often times parents try to mold their children into what they want them to be and while some people might think Farrah is doing that with Sophia, I would argue that she is simply providing Sophia with endless opportunities for the future.

Farrah is setting Sophia up to be her own boss one day and live whatever life she wants to live. For example, MTV explains how Farrah got Sophia a miniature pet horse for Christmas. Now, when most kids ask for an animal as a pet it is usually a dog or a cat. However, Farrah didn’t try to change Sophia’s mind. She appreciates and values her uniqueness which is why they now are proud owners of a little white horse named Starburst.

12 Farrah Actually Listens To Her Daughter

Often times parents will force their kids into doing things that they don’t want to do simply because they believe it’s the right thing to do. However, when it comes to Farrah, she values Sophia’s voice and opinions. When Sophia made it clear on multiple episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that she did not feel comfortable attending her grandma’s wedding, Farrah did not force her to go. Originally, Farrah and Sophia were not planning on attending because neither of them liked the guy that Farrah’s mom Deborah was marrying.

However, when push came to shove, Farrah decided to put the past aside and be at the wedding to support her mom because she knew how important this day was for her. But, Sophia ended up not attending. Sophia really didn’t feel comfortable and felt strongly about staying home.

Now, this really shows how much Farrah listens to her daughter and respects her feelings as a person. It would have been easy to drag Sophia to that wedding and force her to be there. But, Farrah values Sophia’s strong will and honors that. Not all parents know how to listen to their kids and actually implement what they are saying. Often times parents are too used to being the boss.

11 Sophia Gets To Be Hands-On

No matter what Farrah is doing, Sophia is usually doing it right next to her. This allows little Sophia to be extremely hands-on when it comes to starting and running businesses. Or, being a celebrity and using that platform to promote yourself and whatever you choose to endorse.

The way Farrah lives is definitely a certain kind of lifestyle. But, she is doing her best to give Sophia enough of a taste of it in order to allow her to make her own educated decision in the future on whether it would be something she would want to pursue.

According to Romper, Farrah stated,

“Never apologize for being an ambitious, confident, and strong-minded woman."

And, I would have to agree. These are the traits that Farrah is passing down to her daughter and Sophia is learning how to implement them in real life scenarios. Many parents are quick to do everything for their kids, but this ends up enabling them. It causes them to be less independent in the future. Farrah’s hands-on approach when it comes to Sophia is actually intended to benefit her in the long run. She will have so much experience and so many connections that the world will be her oyster.

10 Sophia Will Have The Best Work Ethic

debra-danielson sophia farrah

Like I mentioned earlier, if Sophia’s work ethic is anything like her mother’s, it will be unparalleled. Even if you completely disagree with all of Farrah Abraham’s decisions from becoming a teen mom, to being a reality television star, getting into the adult film industry, and the way she parents Sophia, you still have to admit that she works hard. Farrah works hard at what she does which is why she is so rich and successful. And, because Farrah has included Sophia along for the ride, her work ethic is being molded every day.

According to OK Magazine, Farrah developed her strong work ethic as a teenager who was struggling to provide for her daughter. She worked extra to pay the bills and simply “got it done.” Farrah learned from every mistake that she made and any other teen mom out there should be able to understand how hard it is to raise a baby when you are still a teenager.

This forces most people to develop a good work ethic, and Farrah is clearly not letting all her hard work go to waste on Sophia. Sophia is already working in the business and doing her own projects, which is sure to make her “momanager” happy.

9 Farrah Is Always Proud Of Her Daughter

I know what you are thinking, “aren’t all parents proud of their kids?” Well, unfortunately that is not the case. There are so many children who work hard and have nothing to show for it. Their parents don’t encourage them or support them. They definitely don’t go out of their way to make their dreams come true. There is no doubt that Farrah is beyond proud of everything Sophia has accomplished in just her nine years of life.

When we really think about it, Farrah has a lot to be proud of. Her daughter is already wildly successful in her own way and wise beyond her years.

This is obviously a result of Farrah’s parenting, but she still has every right to be proud of her daughter.

According to WetPaint, Farrah is constantly taking Sophia to extracurricular activities and always makes sure to mention how proud she is of Sophia. Whether it is a cheerleading camp, dance class, a photoshoot, or horseback riding, Farrah is almost always right there cheering her daughter on. And, if she has to be away for business, she makes sure to post about everything on social media and send her love and support to her daughter.

8 Sophia Always Looks Good


It does seem like being Farrah’s daughter comes with a few standards. Sophia almost always looks beautiful and perfectly presentable. She occasionally has her makeup done, all of her clothes look new and clean, and her hair is either styled or appears to be freshly washed. Now, some people use all this as a way to bash Farrah and claim that she is putting way too much pressure on her child. However, I would argue that Farrah only does all this stuff because she cares about Sophia and wants her to look good.

A Huffington Post article recounts the time Farrah decided to wax and pluck then-3-year-old Sophia’s unibrow. Many haters jumped down Farrah’s throat about this decision and were quick to call it bad parenting. However, when we live in a society that tells women that hair in certain areas needs to be removed in order for us to be beautiful, what is a young teen mom supposed to do. When it comes down to it, Farrah cares about her daughter. She wants her daughter to be beautiful and confident. Others might not agree with how she achieves this goal, but it is not a bad goal to have.

7 Farrah Chose To Homeschool Sophia


Homeschooling really seems like it has become a negative thing. People in society instantly frown on parents who decide to homeschool their kids, especially if they don’t think it’s a good enough reason. According to CafeMom, many people did not think that Farrah’s reasoning for homeschooling Sophia was good. Farrah claims that Sophia is homeschooled so that she can go to more press events.

She also mentioned in the past that the kids in school were starting to get jealous of Sophia’s life and so homeschooling was sounding like a good option.

"She's doing homeschooling, so she gets to come to more events and that's awesome. I decided to do that, because at school, I didn't really want to make it about the bullying, dating, those things. It's focusing more on her studies, while also traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is in school,” Farrah said in a statement.

Many people frown upon this way of thinking, but to have the opportunity to travel the world and be cultured is a privilege that Farrah is giving to her daughter. Many kids in school get bullied and there is also a possibility that Farrah is trying to prevent this from happening. Besides, focusing on just academics is not a bad thing, and it will free up more time for Sophia to do other things that she is actually interested in.

6 Sophia Gets To Travel The World

farrah sophia traveling the world

Due to the fact that Sophia is now homeschooled, she definitely has more time to travel around the world and experience new cultures. Just imagine being able to learn about Roman history while standing inside the Colosseum. Or, imagine learning about ancient Greek mythology while being in Greece.

Homeschooling really does free up a lot of time, but not all of that time is spent working as an adult. Traveling is an amazing way to learn in a very hands-on way. There are so many people who wait until they are in college before they study abroad. However, when you are Farrah Abraham’s daughter you can have that luxury when you are nine years old.

According to TheAshleysRealityRoundUp.com, Farrah believes that virtual school will allow Sophia to “be the better her.” Besides traveling the world for fun and education, Farrah also added that Sophia would be attending New York Fashion Week because Sophia has more runway coming up. In my personal opinion, traveling the world is a luxury that so many people wish they could do and afford. So, if that is something that Farrah wants to prioritize in her child’s life that seems like a positive not a negative.

5 She Lets Her Daughter Be A Model

Farrah not only allows her daughter to be a model but she appears to encourage it. Farrah has gotten a lot of heat from people in the past claiming that she was exploiting her daughter and that it was not appropriate for little kids to be modeling in a bathing suit. However, there are so many little kids who model in bathing suits. The hate seems to be coming because Farrah has a lot of haters who simply won’t like anything that she is doing.

But, Sophia is not stopping at just print. She is also walking in some pretty high-end fashion runway shows.

According to InTouch, Sophia completely killed it on the catwalk in New York City last year when she was only 8 years old. However, this should not come as a surprise since it is clear that Farrah is prioritizing this career path for her daughter.

While this might seem unconventional for some, there are so many kids out there who would kill to have a mom like Farrah and the ability to follow their dreams and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, or the fashion industry for that matter.

4 Farrah Practices Tough Love


For those of you who have seen Farrah’s parenting tactics on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ it is pretty clear that she practices tough love on Sophia. She can be very strict and forceful, but it is clear that it is all in order to benefit Sophia. While it is clear that Farrah spoils Sophia with hundreds of dollars from the tooth fairy and every single insanely expensive Christmas present on the list, you could argue that Sophia is living the good life. However, it is not all sunshine and roses.

Farrah clearly knows when to lay down the law. Sophia may be her weak point, but she still knows how to punish her and teach her right from wrong. She knows how to push her to be her best self and to strive for the things she wants in life.

TheRichest depicts one of the most controversial mommy moments that Farrah has had so far. Basically, Farrah said in a statement that it was important for her and her young daughter to have space and freedom, claiming it was good for both of them. While this absence may be interpreted as tough love, there is something to be said for prioritizing your own mental and emotional well-being. Farrah is the best mom she possibly can be by giving herself some needed time alone. This may be tough for Sophia but moms should not feel bad about investing in themselves once in a while.

3 She Believes In Family Counseling


Farrah has been attending family counseling for years now. According to Us Magazine, Farrah discusses her childhood abuse and even states that not everyone is a good parent. Farrah explained that therapy has helped her hash out all the damaging aspects of her past and that talking about it now even makes her parents sad because they are embarrassed and ashamed of some of the decisions they made in the past. However, therapy has shown Farrah that it is possible to heal these wounds and recover from a damaging past.

Because Farrah was so open to therapy, it truly has made her a more positive and happy person. She no longer has to carry around as much baggage from her past.

This also shows us that because Farrah values therapy and family counseling, that she truly values family. If her family wasn’t worth her time, she wouldn’t waste time, fighting for a relationship with them.

This is great news for Sophia because if anything ever happens in the future she will know that it is okay to seek help and talk about her issues. Some parents are really against therapy, but it’s good to see that Farrah is not letting her pride get in the way of this one.

2 Farrah Doesn’t Like To Argue In Front Of Sophia

For any fan of Teen Mom this might come as a shock to you because all we see on television is Farrah usually screaming at her mom or being in a bad mood about one thing or another. And, while everyone makes mistakes, Farrah tries not the fight or argue in front of Sophia. If Farrah becomes triggered or something is mentioned that sparks a conversation, there is very little that can be done to get Farrah to stop talking or fighting.

However, Farrah has said in multiple episodes of Teen mom that she doesn't like arguing in front of Sophia. This is a great goal because no child wants to grow up feeling like they are constantly in the middle of an argument. A lot of the motivation behind this goal comes from Farrah not wanting to recreate the damaging childhood that she had.

According to Us Magazine, Farrah revealed that both of her parents had been put in jail because things at home had gotten so bad. So, while Farrah might not seem like she is doing a good job of controlling her arguing, she is likely doing a tremendous job, given what she had to work through as a child.

1 Farrah’s Unconditional Love For Her Daughter Is Undeniable

sophia and farrah

Despite occasional fights and little disagreements, most of the time Farrah is either bragging about her daughter or taking her to cool events with her. Sophia is the most precious gift in the world to Farrah and nobody should doubt that. According to In Touch, Farrah basically said that she would be okay with her daughter Sophia doing a sex tape when she got older. Many people obviously freaked out about this odd statement, but it is important to understand the context and where Farrah was coming from.

The industry really got to Farrah and from her vague statements, it sounds like she may have been manipulated into situations that were bad.

And, Farrah being the loving and protecting mother that she is, wants to create an open dialogue with her daughter in order to protect her from any future pain.

Communication is the main key to unconditional love and acceptance and Farrah has that down. It takes a pretty dedicated parent to accept all of your child’s decisions and love them through each one. However, Farrah seems to be doing a pretty good job of it. No matter what Sophia decides to do or be in the future, her mother will support her. And, that is pretty amazing.

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