20 Things About Jamie Lynn Spears' Family Life

Jamie Lynn Spears’ journey into motherhood was chaotic; she was a teenager who was filming a Nickelodeon show (aimed at teens), and she learned she was pregnant after taking a test in the bathroom of a BP gas station in her hometown. She hadn’t planned to be a mother then, but she rose to the challenge, convinced that age is not an excuse to not be a good mother. She disappeared from the limelight for almost a decade to focus on raising her daughter, Maddie, and to grow as a person.

And she is more than just a good mother now, she’s a great one, who has proven over the years just how dedicated she is to her daughter. But Spears doesn’t have just one daughter now, she has two, and the second time around she found motherhood to be a much more peaceful experience. In part, because she has the love and support of her husband, Jamie Watson, who she has praised for being a great dad and a partner who is willing to pick up the slack. Below are 20 things to know about Jamie Lynn Spears and her family life (and just how much she's changed in the last decade).

20 Jamie Lynn Is Completely Different From Her Older Sister, Britney

Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears are some of the sweetest celebrity siblings, and while their professional journeys have shared some similarities (they have both worked in the entertainment industry since childhood), they are also different in many ways.

One of the ways they are different is their personalities. In an old interview (via E! News), Britney explained that she loves her sister and is overprotective, but she also highlighted their differences. "My sister is a handful. We are so different," she said. "Actually, she would be a lot better in this business than I am. Her personality, she is Miss Diva. She is so full of herself, it's so cute."

19 She’s The Proud Mama Of Two Girls... (Brit Has Boys, BTW)

Jamie Lynn Spears is a mom to two daughters; her firstborn, Maddie Briann, arrived in 2008, when she was just 17. The father of her daughter was her then-boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, who People magazine notes she split from when their daughter was two.

Spears waited almost ten years before deciding to become a mom for a second time (falling pregnant in 2017). This time, she wasn’t a teen mom, she was a woman, and she was in a relationship with a different man, her husband, Jamie Watson. The couple welcomed their daughter, Ivey Joan, in 2018. The proud parents couldn't be happier.

18 She Understands How Important It Is Not To Compare Herself To Other Moms

As women, and as mothers, we should be celebrating and supporting each other, but all too often moms are quick to judge other moms for the way they parent (and for a number of other reasons). Jamie Lynn Spears is not one of those women who passes judgment, and instead, she has learned “not compare yourself as a mother to anyone else” because “each child is different, and therefore each mother is different.”

She shared this important lesson with Dopple (via People), adding, “Something that works for someone else, may not work for you and your baby and vice versa. Of course, take advice from others, but always trust your instincts and what YOUR gut is telling you more than anything.”

17 She Wants Her Daughters To Have The Same Relationship She Has With Britney

When you think of Jamie Lynn Spears, it’s hard not to link her to her famous older sister, Britney Spears. Many people would argue that Jamie Lynn has enjoyed fame and success because of this connection (they have even worked together on a few projects, like the film, Crossroads), but the thing that keeps these two women close is not their professional interests, but their bond as sisters.

They are very close, and Jamie Lynn hopes that her girls have the same relationship she has with her sister. “Me and my sister are 10 years apart, and Maddie and Ivey are 10 years apart, so I’m hoping they have the same kind of relationship where it was like a second mom, almost,” Jamie Lynn told People. “It’s gonna be a special relationship. Sisters are something special — especially when there’s that age gap there.”

16 She Feels Being A Competent Mother Has Nothing To Do With Age

Jamie Lynn Spears may have found it more challenging to become a mother when she was a teen, but she knew she wanted to be a good parent. She had gotten herself into an adult situation, and she would handle it like an adult, meaning, she was not going to let her age be an excuse. But still, becoming a parent at 17 was not easy.

“I use to be insecure at times, because I was always the youngest mom in the room,” she told Dopple (via People), adding, “I quickly learned that being a good and competent mother has nothing to do with age. I have met some of the most wonderful amazing moms who are anywhere from 20 years old to 50 years old, so young or old, love is all it’s really about.”

15 …But Her Journey Into Parenthood Started Much Earlier Than She Expected

As mentioned, Jamie Lynn Spears became a mom at a young age, and it wasn’t planned. But she rose to the challenge and has been dedicated to parenting her daughter from day one. She also believes that age is not an excuse to not be a great parent, and this is something she shared in an interview with People.

“I would say that being a mom is being a mom: It doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens or not, there should be no excuse to not be a great mother," she explained. "It doesn’t matter what your age is."

14 As A Mom, When She Doesn’t Know How To Do Something, She Turns To The Internet

Some moms may look like they have everything figured out, and their household runs like a well-oiled machine, without any problems. But no parent knows everything, and when raising a child, moms are constantly learning on the job. Jamie Lynn Spears is the first to admit she doesn’t have everything figured out, and when she needs help, she uses the internet to expand her knowledge — although this can also be a bad thing.

Spears had Maddie in 2008 and then became a mom for the second time in 2018, and during this time, she found a lot had changed. She shared these thoughts with Dopple (via People), saying, “If you’re questioning anything you can google it, which is very helpful at times, but also can cause you to have a meltdown over a simple cough, because the internet said it could possibly be something [bad]."

13 Her Second Pregnancy Was A More ‘Peaceful’ Experience

“When I became pregnant my world came crashing down,” Jamie Lynn Spears explained in her reality TV special, Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out (via Daily Mail). She never complained about being a teen mother, and later detailed in an interview with People how age should not be a reflection on a person’s ability to parent. But she has also acknowledged that having her second daughter, ten years later, was a much less stressful experience.

“As we all know, there was a lot of chaos around my last pregnancy,” she told People. Later adding, “This time, it’s just been a really peaceful experience. I think the only difference is the support system I have around me.”

12 She Has A Strong Support System, Which She Credits For Helping Her To Be A Great Mom

Jamie Lynn Spears was worried about how her parents would react when she fell pregnant the first time, and she felt a responsibility to her fans, considering she was on a Nickelodeon show, People notes. But the second time around was vastly different. Jamie Lynn’s journey into motherhood for the second time has been effortless, and she is thankful to be raising her child with such a wonderful man, her husband, Jamie Watson.

“It’s important to have a partner who can pick up the slack where you can’t,” she told People of her husband. “If you don’t have a supportive partner, it would be a different story,” she added. “That’s been the biggest adjustment: finding that balance to where both kids have exactly what they need.”

11 She Disappeared From The Spotlight For Almost A Decade To Focus On Herself

When Jamie Lynn Spears first learned she was going to be a mother, it was in the ladies room at a BP in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, Daily Mail notes. She had just taken a pregnancy test, after returning from Los Angeles, where she had been filming a TV show for Nickelodeon.

She didn’t realize at the time just how much her life was going to change, and she made the decision to disappear from the limelight. “I needed to step away from the noise of the world and just focus on growing up and becoming the best mother,” she said on her reality TV special, Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out (via People).

10 She Feels Like A Bit Of A Seasoned Pro The Second Time Around

By the time Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her second child, she felt a lot more confident in her abilities as a parent. She had been through it all already and had realistic expectations about what was to come, which is why she now considers herself a bit of a seasoned pro.

“I’m much more sure of myself as a young mother [now]. As a new mother with your first child, you are questioning and guessing everything,” she told People. “And as you go into it the second time, you’re like, ‘I got this. I figured this out one time before; I can do it again.’ You have a little more confidence in yourself.”

9 Jamie Lynn Really Wants To Make Roots, And Have Her Children Connected To Their Home

When Jamie Lynn Spears was a teen she was willing to live in different cities to help further her professional ambitions, but since becoming a mom she has realized that there is only one place she wants to live. That place is her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, and she really loves her home because it’s where she has a support system, and she feels “it’s really important to have roots.”

“I’ve always loved my home,” Spears told People. “I just want my girls to grow up the same way, really appreciating where we’re from, and I want them to have their familiar upbringing, which is being at Grandma’s and having the same routine, the same school — I’ve created that here, and this is home.”

8 She’s Praised Her Husband (And The Father Of Her Second Daughter) For Being A Supportive Partner

Jamie Watson and Jamie Lynn Spears are perfect for each other (they even have the same name) and it seems they want the same things from their lives. They are dedicated to parenting their daughter, but also Spears’ daughter Maddie from a previous relationship. In fact, she told People that the way her husband initially treated Maddie, let her know that he would “just fit right in.”

“He’s the kind of dad that every little girl deserves to have,” she continued. “When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the man I love.’ You fall in love with the people who fall in love with the people you love.”

7 But Maddie Has Also Been An Excellent Big Sister

Jamie Lynn Spears wants to make roots in her hometown because she has her family there, and even her older sister Britney Spears has established her home in Kentwood, she told People. But she is also thankful that her husband has been such a hands-on parent with Ivey, and so has her daughter, Maddie, who has welcomed the role of big sister.

“It’s definitely a big help, having one who’s a little older,” Spears told People. “I can say, ‘Let me grab the clothes out of the dryer.’ And she can sit there with her for a second.”

6 Her Daughter’s Middle Name Was Given To Her, In Honor Of Jamie Lynn's Aunt

Ivey Joan is a beautiful name, but when it came time for Jamie Lynn Spears and her husband Jamie Watson to name their daughter, they didn’t just want to give her a pretty name, they also wanted it to mean something.

When she was born, Spears gave an interview to People magazine about her daughter, in which she discussed how the inspiration for her name came about. “We are beyond excited to welcome this beautiful baby girl to our family!” She said, adding, “Her middle name, Joan, is to honor my Aunt Sandra, who passed away 10 years ago from ovarian [issues]. She was the most graceful woman I’ve ever known.”

5 Jamie Lynn Has Faced Challenges In Her Life, Both Professionally And Personally

You may think that Jamie Lynn Spears has an enviable life; she has fame, she has a job she loves, and she has a wonderful little family, but, like everyone, her life has had its up and its downs.

In 2017, her daughter Maddie was involved in an ATV accident. But this was also the year that Spears fell pregnant with her second child. She spoke about this year, and the experiences she had during it, in a social media post, writing, “2017 was filled with some of the biggest challenges of my life, as well as some of the biggest blessings, so I made a choice to lay low this year to focus on truly becoming my best self as a person and as an artist."

4 There May Be More Kids In Her Future (If Her Husband Gets His Way)

Jamie Lynn Spears has two daughters, but there’s a possibility she will be making a new pregnancy announcement in the future.

Even before the arrival of her second child (and first with husband Jamie Watson), Watson told Entertainment Tonight he would like to have a “bunch” of kids. “I’ve been wanting to have kids since the day we got married,” he said.

Spears also admitted that if her husband could decide, then they would “have kids, like, yesterday.” And although she said having children is all “about timing,” she also later admitted, “But, yeah, we want more babies, of course."

3 She Feels That Every Day Is Precious When Raising Children

Being a mother changed Jamie Lynn Spears’ life in many ways.

“When you have to be strong, not only for yourself but for someone else, you grow a whole other layer of skin,” she told People. “That strength comes from being a mother.” And she really had to draw on her strength in 2017, when her daughter, Maddie, was involved in an ATV accident. The moment made Spears realize “how precious every day is,” and this is something she discussed in a post on social media, which she used to thank the first responders, who she claims “literally saved Maddie’s life.”

2 Jamie Lynn Feels Being A Mom Means Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

Jamie Lynn Spears waited a long time before having a second daughter, because she wanted to be ready to have a child again, but also, because she felt she could not have a child if the timing was not right — despite her husband wanting children.

She explained her thoughts in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, expressing how she felt having children was all about “timing,” and she didn’t want to have a child when her work schedule was demanding. “I want to be able to do the same as what I have done with Maddie — really just be a mom for a little bit and have that time to focus on my next child,” she said.

1 Motherhood Has Provided Her With A Different Motivation Every Day She Wakes Up

Motherhood is a journey that is filled with ups and downs. There are good days, when you love being a parent, and there are days when it takes every ounce of energy you have just to get out of bed (and it’s even harder to put a smile on your face). Motherhood makes you take responsibility, it makes you accountable, and for Jamie Lynn Spears, it made her grow up fast.

She told Today that there were many unexpected things that happened once she became a mama, but the most unexpected was the motivation she feels every day. "The biggest thing for me is the sense of purpose I have every day when I get up…" she said, adding, “No matter what it is, whether it's taking her to school or doing something like this today, there's just a different motivation behind what I'm doing."

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